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7.1k · Jul 2014
Generation Motivation
Kim E Williams Jul 2014
If you are looking at
Me and My Generation
Shaking your head
Grumbling ***?!
Walk away and do something
I'm good with that
because we all need to
5.0k · Sep 2014
Kim E Williams Sep 2014
One of those words that turns you
Grabs likes and causes comments
Lingering upon lust
Requires courage for we can be trapped
Inside her endless taunting and tasting
Saltiness of you while waves crashing
Cause us to linger...lost
In the luscious luxury of you
We dare not speak your other names
Self satisfaction
Sultry sensuous
Luxurious lust...
So, did you linger here long enough?..
4.2k · Aug 2014
Kim E Williams Aug 2014
Heard a hip-hop anthem today


“Michelle Obama… purse so heavy… getting Oprah dollars…”

A rhythmic dance beat spelling out




A baller banner of pride

Flung to the ceiling, waving

Women’s independence

Black women’s power

I see it…


Is an album adorned with 5 sultry females

Clad only in a man’s shirt and high heels

Singing show me the money

Sold to the club scene to inspire ***** shaking

And Yeager bomb throwing

So we forget the work week challenges

Relationship pains


Embrace vicariously our entitlements

sometimes, i don't get the way we sedate ourselves into mediocrity
3.7k · Jul 2014
The Voice of the Irises
Kim E Williams Jul 2014
This morning
Damp with it all
The purple tongues
Of the Irises
Threaten to speak of painful memories

She always loved the spring
That the Irises announced
Arriving on palates
Of green and violet
Promises of tender possibilities

But, the spring never really changed
Anything of substance and
Colors run in summer rains
Pooling into charcoal swirls

And the Irises died
With a vain promise
Whispered into tomorrow’s
2.6k · Sep 2014
Kim E Williams Sep 2014
I tried to write about abuse
How the hitting makes the
Hurting ease
The shame and fear rage out and strike
Bleeding, pulsing crimson shrieks and shouts
Curling fists and guts
Determined to be done
To be finished with the fear and frustration
Cursing, blaming, hating another person
And yourself is somehow easier
More natural
When loving isn't easily
There, anywhere
Absent from awareness like
Light in the darkness jumping shadows

But then, I wasn't sure if I was writing about him or her...

The cycle of abuse is insidious.
2.4k · Jul 2014
Digitally Intimate
Kim E Williams Jul 2014
Screen time
We need to have
Moments of mandatory misery
Grasping, tugging emotions
Un-liked, ignored emoticons
The puffed-green faces of ourselves
The landscape and portraits of
Screaming at, about, into
The refined, together
Socially happy selves
That we would be, should be
If we abide broadcast expectations
Joyful, complete, happy, helpful
We are not
Not always
Precisely completed
Or so
These moments
Remind us
With beautiful
the selves we project and receive are often not the selves we know in the darkness
1.8k · Jul 2014
Kim E Williams Jul 2014
It’s in the eyes
Her plan and schemes

The tilt of the head
Her smile and tease

Light strokes of finger-tips
Her attentive caress

we are powerless against her
1.4k · Aug 2014
Spanish Moss
Kim E Williams Aug 2014
Clinging to gnarled branches
Timeless observer of time's
You sway through breezes and revolutions
Directing humanity's passage

There our prayers and air feed you
A hint of sea salt to spice your tasting
Of our adventures and chaos
You, drape and linger
Delicate as a lover's kiss

With nothing but a wisp holding you
To lofty vantages
Observing us, coy and frantic
Your slight presence fans our dreams
While winter winds stirs embers and lovers stroll
there is nothing like a moment among ancient oaks and Spanish moss... in the coastal South
1.3k · Aug 2014
Kim E Williams Aug 2014
Just before dawn
The moon looms
Bright, bold
Shining through the skin
Of clouds
Sliding across her
Like the lace gliding off your
Last night…
oh the passing of our passions...
1.2k · Jul 2014
Kim E Williams Jul 2014
There is contemplation to be done
That will be left undone, again
Screens scream for my adoration
Demanding pixel friends await my liking
And a cute cat video and a political meme
Mimic my ideas into me
Providing for me
My thoughts and views
In screen time
And time again
Lapses through box and frame
Search to query
Filling the blanks of inquiry
Finding me glancing between profiles and bios
Building walls of windows
Leaving no space
For me to wander quietly
Among my heart…beat
And breath…taken
986 · Apr 2015
My Poems Know Your Secrets
Kim E Williams Apr 2015
See them hiding there…behind
The ***-umptions
Peeking within the cheeks of clauses
Phantoms daring to pronounce
Your memories
Best forgotten and sullen
Pole dancing impressions on the axis of
Sliding silently along the line
From hip to ****
A cocked look from the slit ‘tween
Consonant on vowel
Know the no-nos
Whispering around conjunctions
Reminding you of other _unts
Too old or too young for sanctified hosts
Oh God…please don’t tell anyone
God knows and my poems…
My poems know your secrets
This one is a bit naughty...and more true that any of us want to tell. Yes?
Kim E Williams Aug 2014
I want to write
About you
Your laughter, maniacal antics, wit
Witticism, whimsy
The way you made me think deep
Through the belly rolling, stomach cramping “please stop”
But not really…so much fun laughter…sent
To ponder the silliness of my existence
The absurdity of my serious self
Your fantastical smile and that particular sadness
In your eyes just beyond reach, casting a spell of

I want to write about
The innumerable truths you spoke
Written in lines, given to you…owned by you
Known through you
“Words and ideas can change the world”
My world…
Why not your world?
**** it.

I want to write about you
Can’t…it hurts too much
It hurts too much.
**** addiction, **** depression, **** it
938 · Jul 2014
Moon Shine
Kim E Williams Jul 2014
She is Moonshine...

Harvest moon, radiant blast across the horizon
diminishing anything near the sound of her light
taunting us with the threat of reverting to a simple, normal
part of our world if we look too late or move too close.

She is Moonshine

Full moon, raising werewolves and iconic myths
making day of the darkness and drawing
florescent strokes across every able bodied pond
waving boldly coming too in due cycle

She is Moonshine...

Shiva moon, a promise and goodbye
deadly waxing and waning of war and peace
the confidently ignored reminder of our mortality
veiled carelessly by translucent clouds

She is Moonshine...

Day time moon, pale and out of place
whimsically demanding to be seen
unafraid of the brightest sun or the bluest mood
a broad daylight

She is Moonshine...

To drink, clear, forbidden and dangerous
Intoxicating, even in small portions
Promising to burn you from throat to belly
And warm your bowels through the coldest doubts

She is Moonshine.
sometimes people make an impact.
916 · Sep 2014
Digital Exhale
Kim E Williams Sep 2014
The digital exhale
Pushing out
Content creation and idea regurgitation
Outfacing ideas, concepts
These things become the shell, the defined exterior of us
The fodder for perceptions
Of others
About us
We update, share, ideate and create
We post, pronounce and proclaim
We share with trite exclamations
Cute cats
And clever #hashtags
We spray forth our digital exhale
Believing that we will be, become this feed
Of me
Until we are
Of breath
And then
We must, gasping
Pause. Stop.
In the momentary emptiness of ourselves
The frightening hollow
Of our millisecond of solitude
Touches of singularity
Haunting, taunting us
With ourselves
Too much screen time makes me want to scream
865 · Aug 2014
On Having Lunch At Panera
Kim E Williams Aug 2014
The din resonates
Countless voices frantically
Proclaim facades and personas

Below the cascade
Simplistic souls stand
Wall flowers in waiting

Perhaps a voice will ask
Shall we dance?
can we find a commonality in the din of our behavior?
850 · Jul 2014
Poetic Death
Kim E Williams Jul 2014
If I ever were to scribe

Verse and rhyme

Upon a broken line

Calling up metaphor

And trite analogy

To describe to thee

My Poetry

Shoot me

Poetry about writing poetry amuses me
825 · Aug 2014
Yard Work
Kim E Williams Aug 2014
Cooling down from Summer
The air brushes, feather light
Eager leaves are already dancing to the ground
Life's boldness is waning
Comes now the stillness of our change
The season rests on my skin
iPod on shuffle
Mind on drift
Finds you in every line and melody
My mind wanders when mowing...and so do I
822 · Jul 2014
Snowed In Anyway
Kim E Williams Jul 2014
We were told to expect snow
Snow, again.
Greeted by crisp hope and freezing air
We waited…
Dogs sniffed the air and each other
Hawks sat and wrapped themselves in feathered shawls
Discreet expectations
Anticipations of broken routines that might
Hold us captive to our homes
Caressed by comforting teas and naughty cakes

It didn’t snow.
Still, we stayed
Held the dogs
Surrendered to self-imposed captivity
don't you love things that make you stay home...sometimes?
792 · Sep 2014
Eagles Weep
Kim E Williams Sep 2014
Eagles weep the dust of fury
            Glory hangs in a breeze filled sky
Trumpets howl forth silence
            Empty eyes gaze on debris and cry

Paradox rains upon sweltering souls
            Discordant melodies find no harmonic tone
Sleeping giants fail to wake
           Dreams of horror in daylight come

Restrained talons seek to rip
            Flesh and bone. Retribution wails
Bridled shouts from viper lips          
             Broken tongues speechless, still

Such foreign chaos, grief born questions
            Here rests doubt, fear rooting
Anger to pain beget rage
            Tearing fabric, destroying the shoot

A blast through heart’s cage
            Cries, screams and eternal rage
Why! Demands our soul
            Why? Defiant voices entreat

Into this realm of despair
            Touching sinew of exposed hope
Lifting corpse-like remains
            Our Hope stands, lifted hands

In a speechless voice the whisper comes
            Gentle words rock our perilous stance
Words carefully spoken, deeply heard
            Faith, Hope, Love the memory calls

Again, glorious birds will find their songs
            Heavy banners will lift in a gentle breeze
Clarion call of brass sounds, proclaims
            Life has come and still remains
785 · Jul 2014
Being Skinned
Kim E Williams Jul 2014
The layers peel
With a severe ease
Sub-dermal lament rides


Cracking drafts of promises
Too familiar, too simple
Latent memory unveiled

Peeling, peeling

Like dead skin from a sunburned thigh.
the thing we do to ourselves when we feel deeply...
781 · Aug 2014
The Puppet Man
Kim E Williams Aug 2014
see my marionettes take your stage
hear your laughter, feel your rage
safely sitting
program in hand
three cheers for the puppet man

pull the string, watch the dolls dance
blood runs from my finger tips
maybe this time it will change
calm my fears, ease my pain

i see your faces, swoons and frowns
watching puppet take puppet down
they 're not real, your thoughts remind
while silently I die standing behind

pull the string, watch the dolls dance
blood runs from my finger tips
maybe this time it will change
calm my fears, ease my pain

with human hate they dance for you
showing the worst that we can do
superb! delight! encore' you shout
so once more the toys come out

pull the string, watch the dolls dance
blood runs from my finger tips
maybe this time it will change
calm my fears, ease my pain

the lights are gone, empty isles now
i fall broken wondering how
these hands will heal, gather strength again
so, you can live through my gift, friend

pull the string, watch the dolls dance
blood runs from my finger tips
maybe this time it will change
calm my fears, ease my pain

see my marionettes take your stage
watch your laughter, feel your rage
safely sitting program in hand
three cheers for the puppet man
much of my life was spent performing for others...pleasing, appeasing. it takes it's toll.
734 · Jul 2014
An Idol Life?
Kim E Williams Jul 2014
Idol Life

When you've read the holy scriptures of countless wise fanatics
When you've pondered the tallied tales of positive thinkers
When you've sailed the seas of helpful suggestions and poignant promises
When you've chosen choices cast in caring coy iterations
When you've jumped up and down embracing the enthusiasm of enthusiasts
When you've done years upon years of carefully crafted…eating…praying...loving
When you've walked down endless miles of isles to alluring altars
When you've run, climbed and stood in search of joy
When you have nothing more to show for it than a collection of geometric idols and savvy souvenirs
Cast in cried out salt and stripped marrow…
Are you done?
664 · Nov 2014
On Being Sick
Kim E Williams Nov 2014
Pain in the back
Mucus and head aches
Laryngitis and miscellaneous fears

Stopped. Stilled. Silenced.

Filtered sun through mid-day blinds
Distilled thoughts of shallow mind
Little light or clarity

Sheets damp with familiar musk
Covers twisted into a personal husk
Into loathing and disdain

Stopped. Stilled. Revealed.

In sickness and in health
The union within of lies to self
Sometimes, my body refuses to continue the charade of ok-ness...of self sufficiency... and so slaps me flat to remember my self.
645 · Feb 2015
When The Snow Comes
Kim E Williams Feb 2015
When the snow comes

It's fur cloak of white
Muffling and blending plans
Cardinals become red birds
Sophisticated adult schemes
Fall to childhood dreams
In the American South, snow is an oddity. It interrupts our living. I'm glad.
534 · Aug 2014
Separated Blend
Kim E Williams Aug 2014
Time and familiarity
Stirred us gently
Into one
Now without you
I ponder
How does one remove
The cream from the coffee?
It hurts when they go
517 · Jul 2014
Wanning Man
Kim E Williams Jul 2014
Youth breaks in him

An inaudible scream

Like the soliloquy

Of a season

The last cicada's

Cry into the night

A muted announcement of

Unwanted waning
Getting Older...
479 · Jul 2014
Head Trash
Kim E Williams Jul 2014
Trembling hands hold
Dog-eared photos

Warped eyes search
Among lost silhouettes

Recollection yields
Touching memories

Piercing shards threaten
Self worth
Sometimes, we find things we wish had remained lost
478 · Sep 2014
Senility Me
Kim E Williams Sep 2014
Gnarled fingers hold
The dog-eared photos of youth
Shingled eyes search repeatedly
Among shades of white and ash
Wavering hope yields
Regret for memories lost, trampled
Rote recollections
This snap shot is…this…me?
observations of growing dementia
425 · Jul 2014
Kim E Williams Jul 2014
With a word
Like the stroke from hip to her
you know that place...
423 · Dec 2015
Tilted Off
Kim E Williams Dec 2015




you seem so earth bound, so in place

all of you...well...many of you

no matter

for my restless and my peculiar sprite


muffled into whispers

by convention and intentional

limitations...imposed on me...embraced

by me



is comfort in the arms of not doing...of shifting upon

the pea in the mattress...limping away from the stone in the shoe...enduring the unpleasant

incessant prodding

of ... of... you


too long


i give up what?

tell me what to do! **** you.


i need a translator for this constant, loud, chattering white noise...
397 · Jul 2014
Amusing Awareness
Kim E Williams Jul 2014
Why do you remain
A brush against me
Passion inside my senses
Me longing for more?

Your voice sang today
Lyrics of loss and hope
Tones of fluttering invitation
Gently within my moments

The artist's muse has always been such a bothersome flirt with me...
387 · Dec 2014
Kim E Williams Dec 2014
Crisp cotton sheets
Wrapped in layers of down and doubt
Silken shifts and daring dreams
Wandering arms, hands and schemes
In this sunrise, season, shaping
We meet

Waking up can be nice
351 · Jul 2014
Revealing Tear...
Kim E Williams Jul 2014
Before she quickly brushed it aside
her single tear drop traced a line-
like a silver scalpel slicing so quickly
through flesh
that bright bone is revealed before blood appears
- such was this tear
a momentary revealing that she cared too much
that her need was too great
that her hope for recognition, salvation actually, would not come
Not tonight
She had said no…
294 · Aug 2014
Releasing You
Kim E Williams Aug 2014
My finger tips
Hold the thread of you
Dangling precariously

We had passion…

You linger at my touch
Hovering above the abyss

We had the future…

It’s simple, a little flit, easy
Releasing the rest of you
To fall…fall

The last inches to go
Infinitely gone
There is a moment when we are willing to let go
282 · Jul 2014
I Want to Bleed
Kim E Williams Jul 2014
i want to bleed
let the ruby stream flow
from self inflicted wounds
rush forth with all life, zest and hope
pulsing screams into despair
velvet waves overflowing proper boundaries

i want to bleed
a river
washing out decaying debris
rotting carcasses swept away
foul orgnaic rot lifted from the land
of now remembered errors
move on, ever away to another place

i want to bleed
until the last drops fall silently
tears of mute agony upon parched land
leaving only dust, lifeless casts
unseen by all but a few
of the flood that once flowed
they too … long to bleed
sometimes...i imagine the sweet relief...
273 · Aug 2014
Those Days
Kim E Williams Aug 2014
You know those days
When summer is giving way to autumn

When the day begins on crisp promises
Finding us
In layers of comfortable clothes
And gentle expectations

When both are ready to be stripped off
Cast aside along the path
To a beautiful day?

Today is one.
Life needs to be embraced sometimes
265 · Jul 2014
Kim E Williams Jul 2014
who are you,
this creature with my face and eyes,
small and fleet running rampant here?
what quest brings you
to devour my joy or chase away my ease
ever cackling as you go, flinging scorn and disdain?
come, troubler of spirits
rest here on my lap and tell me what fuels your frenzy
how comes your recent troubled flight?
sit with me
let us wait together for the rain
waterfalls often bring sprites in drops of tears and sweet dew
my familiar.
another muse piece

— The End —