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kei Aug 1
naive : unaffected simplicity
desire : to long; hope for
temptation : act of appeal
greed : selfish, extravagant desire
pride : state of excessive self-esteem
arrogance : overbearing pride, personal superiority; contempt
sin : offense against the moral law

these are applicable to all humans.
what a nice sentence.
kei Aug 1
the honking of cars
the rumble of traffic
the patter of footsteps
the hum of pedestrians

these noises
my ears.

loud. too loud
soft. too soft
pitch. too high
hum. too low


Too Loud.


settling back
plugs in
a sigh.

sometimes everything gets too loud, don't you think?
kei Aug 1
sometimes, they say
love is blind
and then
you get left behind.
a short one
kei Aug 1
I love you, so I let you walk away.
I love you, so you can't really stay.
I love you, so you can never be mine.
I love you, but that's not for me to decide
isn't it?

once upon a time, it was just you and me
there was nothing else to be.
the perfect pair, the perfect partner
there was no space to barter.

maybe that's how the years have changed us
the pain, the suffering, it fuels us.
once upon a time, I'd be happy with just you
now its the terror that runs through you too.

back to the present, on opposite sides
cries of the battlefield never reside
only a painting of blood remains, maybe
once upon a time was a dream all this time.

I loved you, so I let you walk away.
I loved you, so you couldn't really stay.
I loved you, so you could never be mine.
I loved you, but that's not for me to decide
is it?

— The End —