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Justise Rieves Feb 2017
It is unfortunate how time
can bring about so much change.
Within seconds and minutes,
I'm driving even more insane
because now -- no one can add
beauty to my never ending pain.
The worst place you could ever be is in your feelings. *sigh*
Justise Rieves Dec 2016
I never meant to love you.
I never meant to ransom my heart
for lies that'll linger long after
the ashes from these brittle bones
soil the earth.
I never meant to find myself in the
center of your storm: heartsick.
My mind a chamber
for me to rot, a kingdom for you
to thrive.
I never meant to confuse peonies
for roses. And you -- you
never meant to hurt me.
I think I'll never trust anyone again.
Justise Rieves Nov 2016
She always "despised"
your luminescent skin tone
-- your body's value
Often time, I get discouraged concerning the discrimination black people face in America. Maybe one day, we'll be enough.
  Sep 2016 Justise Rieves
In ancient meadow yonder
She frolics with butterflies
Wearing a halo of wildflowers
Written: August 25, 2016.
Dedicated to my three favorite poets:
My mom, Hilda, and my Dad, Timothy,
And also to my dear friend, Lena S!!! :) ~~~~~<3
After a long hiatus, I have returned!!!
Hopefully I can write more poetry soon!! :)
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