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 Feb 2017 Jeffrey Pua
I feel numb and cold. I
feel isolated and bored.
My hands have sinned
again. This body is no
longer holy without you
by its side. Without your
hands caressing my
arms and thighs.

I painted a map on the
wall. Planned to build a
raft to float across the
ocean hoping to land
on your shores.

I can't sleep alone
anymore. I have to
move next to you. I
forgot what is it like to
feel. Lost my appetitive
and will to survive. I
need you badly in my
bed sheets tonight. I
stained the walls
with geography.

Paint splattered on my
shirt. And now I'm left
with nothing to do but
to write you a love note
and head out to build
that boat.

I'll be kicking these
waves soon. By dawn
i'll be wrapped up in
your arms. And we'll
be kissing again under
the moon light. But now ,
i have these feral
waves to
fight ~
 Feb 2017 Jeffrey Pua
 Feb 2017 Jeffrey Pua
Will you stand with me at the water's edge?

As my beats quicken and intensify
Likened to the pounding of war drums
Fuelling the skirmishes within

As my lungs remain obstinate and insatiable
Voraciously consuming every breath till they overlap...
As if the abundant air wasn't enough

As my mind races out in a million different directions
Crestfallen thoughts layered upon angry ideals
Violated principles versus tattered resolutions

Will you stand with me at the water's edge?
And watch me as I choose between
extinguishing the raging fire
that burns in my heart and mind

Or drown.
I have heard of people
tasting stars

and I wonder how their mouths
never filled with ash

I have cradled dying stars and
rocked them

as if they came from
my body

dipping my toe into the
waters of the universe

I am a child of flames
no cooler than the


but I cannot taste myself
without surrending to

becoming that ash
 Jul 2016 Jeffrey Pua
Sarah Spang
Were you a summer citrus fruit?
I'm unsure.
You struck me with a sweetness
So demanding it curled my tongue;
Flooded my mouth with hours of sunlight
And warmth.
I peeled you eagerly down
Knowing each sliver as I handled it
Consumed with the simple scent
Of something so pure and clean.
Eagerly cast aside, I exposed
The sweetest secret
And felt your balmy flesh with my fingers
Learning each groove and plain
As if you'd never wither.
Silken skin brushed my lips
And I felt the hours of  sun,
The showers of rain that resonated
In each pace of time that shaped you
Into the gentle perfection before me.
Tasting all of that, I swore you were a flavor
Somewhere between citrus
Summer grass and lilac.

Were you a citrus fruit?
Who knows,
But in your absence
Any sweetness has been a
Vague reproduction
An echo of a necessity
That tasted of luxury.

Winter has settled in
And paley, I am deficient.
 Dec 2015 Jeffrey Pua
Sarah Spang
I am
Nothing more
Than a bag of bones.
My rib cage
Is a prison you rend
In twain, tear the mesh,
And sift fruitlessly through.
I am
An empty shell
You discarded;
All unraveled ends
And frayed edges.
I am
Orange peels
Carrying the essence
Of something sweet
As an echo of scent
And color-
-I will
Return to the earth
And start again.
Sorry for the long hiatus, been busting my **** to make a dent in some school loans, but I promise to post a bit more consistently. Thank you to the people who emailed and asked me to continue.

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You dipped into me like a pool
you hadn't swam in all summer, a hole
in the back of your mind you almost forgot
was still there. It was as if you predicted
the big splash, the droplets like crystals
I could see through to your heart, reading
your feelings like a bestseller on a lounge chair,
basking in the sun on the side. You broke
through my surface with your hands, those hands
that strip me down to just my tan
and hold my ribs like a steering wheel, driving
our bodies together as I kiss the chlorine
from your lips. I'd wrap you up in a towel
just to trace the ***** of it from hip to hip,
use that momentum to tell you
how much I love the way your smile looks
when you think my eyes are closed
as we lay on top of the sheets with a fan
circulating in the limited space we leave between
my baby sundress and your khaki shorts,
our bare feet playing with each others toes.
I like the way your hands feel in my hair,
pulling it down the line drawn on my back
with your knuckles, landing in the dimples
of my back like a raft, floating
on the feeling suspended in this moment
where I bite your lip and you sigh into another kiss.
I like how it doesn't get dark until eight,
how you make little circles around my hipbones,
the sound of your laugh as it bounces off my own,
smiling into another push as you pull
my heart over yours into the shade to cool.
 Dec 2015 Jeffrey Pua
 Dec 2015 Jeffrey Pua

against the
canvas of night
•your efforts would
reach but it's just too far•you twinkle the hardest...despite•
being crowded by the other stars•at times i see you
faltering dim•you fight to conserve what
fuel you've left to burn•as you
feel the encroaching void from uni-
verse's rim•keep    twinkling for only
time...will                                  tell what's
left t-                                                  o learn•
•                                                         ­               •

You're all stars in my eyes...

Concrete Poem 25 of 30

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 Dec 2015 Jeffrey Pua
•not all
of us were born
with the gift of health
•not all were born into a
bassinet  fashioned out of
gold•but all of us here, be-
stowed with a treasure tro-
ve of literary wealth•an e-
ndowment to last a life-
time, that never gets
old•one must
take it
and s-
oar to
er hei-
such  a
boon •
let  the
ness of
our ink
the  em-
ptiest of
nights •
let the p-
ce   in  our
words over-

of the
silver spoon
Concrete Poem 24 of 30

Tap on the hashtag "30daysofconcrete" below to view more offerings in the series. :)
You said, I believed
we were free
to cloak the universe around our shoulders
and blend it with the one you built for me
in just four days

You said, I believed
that every kiss of mine
unlocked the stars and moon that light the sky
and each of yours would bring the sun
on golden strings to me

I believed, leaving my life
atop the palm of your right hand
where I was strong enough to leap
onto a second being
a second me, one without fault
one without flaw

We were supposed to see night’s fall
and save the day from what tomorrow brings

You said and I believed
night fell only for me
tomorrow brought the sun
too close to see
No strings attached. On the palm of your hand, I stepped into the better side of me, but it was always through your eyes.
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