Oct 2016 JP

Brilliance of Sun
       When touches the innocence
                                  Of a leaf, it rejuvenates
            And the world breathe..

 Dec 2015 JP

Have you ever felt like you were going to have a heart attack,
But then you realize you were just experiencing Love.

 Dec 2015 JP
Your Smile
 Dec 2015 JP

All it takes
To make me say yes.

All it takes
To make me yours.

 Dec 2015 JP
His Smile
 Dec 2015 JP

His smile
My wish
Her reality

 Dec 2015 JP
 Dec 2015 JP

For loving you
For leaving you

 Nov 2015 JP
Asim Javid

I woke up this morning and my name flashed on T.V.
They said i blew up places , they said i killed masses .
Men , women & children I murdered them all.
Who am I ?
I am a muslim and i am taking this fall.
They used my name and spread the terror.
I am not them , it surely is an error.
We, muslims, are the holders of peace , we spread love.
Why am I being  represented by their false actions.
I am a person, with different notions.
World will now brand me a terrorist.
Don't judge me by their actions , I insist.
I am not them, they pilfered my name.
They inflicted libel , and my religion to defame .
I have been robbed , robbed of my name.
I am a muslim , human like you , all the same.
My name has been robbed , my identity stolen
I deprecate the terror and mourn for fallen.
There are millions like me and humanity lies in our depths.
But we are all victims of Identity Theft

We Muslims condemn  the Paris attack.
 Nov 2015 JP
Sumina Thapaliya

I can take a breath
but can't live my life
I am confused I am dead or alive

I have lots of things to do
will you please give some rest
I am now too tired
will you please clean up my bed

I want to see the moon
the clouds are dark
now its going to rain
can I now see it clear

I have lots of dream
will you please give me prefect night
I need to see my dreams
will you please make me alive

— The End —