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JP Nov 2017
Is God
created island
to enjoy aloneness
JP Nov 2017
Followed Socrates
asked 'why' everywhere

Out of University
Out of Job
Out of Relationship
Decided to drink
to reach him
to ask
the meaning of "WHY"
an awareness
Is 'Why' means poison??
JP Nov 2017
Birds always believe
the one
stays in
the same nest are siblings
why don't human believe
other humans are siblings
in the shared Earth Nest..
JP Jul 2023
My first-time
in flight
Seeing land from
the sky
an awareness
It looks like
a vast Grave
all living things...
JP Jun 2023
in the morning
her new day
her new way....
JP May 2019
made error
in the door number
of my address
in her love letter
to receive
I changed to that address..
JP Dec 2017
a new year!!
want of calendar
to foresee
the movement of time
day, week, month….
we plan ahead
to invite disappoint
reducing weight
increase our earning
expecting good neighbor
goes as per...
If you are not checking.
JP Aug 2019
went smoothly
Both had wine
Wine the third
pushed them on the bed...
JP Mar 2017
when lovers
decided to continue relationship
to next level
Each of them
bring thier reservations
to reconcile and accommodate
for the third.
the birth of third in between them
called Marriage...
JP Oct 2018
Love never create
Dependence or Attachment
If so
Such person was
only feeling one-half
and searching for
other half in others..
JP Mar 2018
was an analogy
from birds
but it still to learn
how to fold the wings
after flight...
JP Nov 2018
It is a dangerous place
to stay in love
It can go either way!!
JP Sep 2016
In kiss
me and her lips

In organisation success
me and boss

In taxi travel
me and driver

In getting married
me and her

In giving birth
me and wife

In society
me and government

In accidents
me and other

In school grades
me and teachers

In dancing
me and dance

In affairs
me and other woman

In sailing
me and sea

In divorce
me and wife

In death
me and disease
JP Jun 2016
warned about
singing mermaid
her magnetic voice
move my boat towards
she took me
…...left in a cave
found a smell
of mine
only to see
am been eaten and
the soul left over..
JP Mar 2016
a warm feeling
kindle our childhood
to play legally in water
play with our *****
a passage of time which
society allow us to feel
like animal… nakedness
some animal mind took
an opportunity to take
this session to exploit
in the movie
call it…. "Adults only"
JP Dec 2017
another form of ****
this time
by physicians..
JP Jan 2017
For some
Home is hell
Office is hell
travel in between
was heaven..
JP Nov 2018
My new teenage neighbor
she is a single child
she always shout for
misplace of her key
talking to herself in gardens
suddenly runs as if she chasing..
Laugh a loud
are these Symptoms of
missing the shadow of sisters
JP Dec 2017
Live like
"Today is the last day
of your life.."
If you do
then in few day
You die by over doing
JP Dec 2015
Every time I see
a Buddha statue
his face…
something is missing
days went
The happiness is shallow
but pain goes very deep
So, he expresses the
happiness of enlightenment
with a pinch of sadness…
JP Dec 2017
a pain arise in
part of survival
to allow the body
misuse by provider..
JP Jun 2018
a refugee camp
unsuccessful people..
JP Jun 2018
To revenge
she was too close
her widow mother
JP Oct 2020
when in love
we are intimately naked
the dress are just like a dust on our body
when beloved came near to you
he removing the dust slowly..
you feel you are showered with ecstasy
an awesome movement was later came to know
the abused help the abuser
by tilting the body to his convenience
We always naked with our lover even though dressed and difficult to hide. a touch on her dress can feel the flesh and she allow him coz in intimacy of love the dress is dust.
JP Jul 2023
His soul
told his body
JP May 2016
at home
a reminder to the
family to extend their laziness

at office
a reminder to the
worker inching to go home

at park
a reminder to the
lover come back to real world

at restaurants
a reminder to the
guest the length of enjoyment

at gym
a reminder to the
workouts to measure the size

at vacation
a reminder to the
tourist to back to square one

at honey moon
a reminder to the
couples to count number of times
JP Dec 2017
he is
called Life
he is not
called Death
JP Feb 2019
He reach home after work
Wife in the kitchen
Mom watching serial
Dad reading book
Children doing homework
he frustrated
There is no place for him in family
one day
he decided
After coming from office
Went directly to kitchen helped wife,
Came to his dad discussed the day,
Wenr and sat with mom
watched serial,
After dinner
Went to bed with children
few bedtime stories
a complete day!!
JP Mar 2016
first love failure
broken my heart
other failures
just scratches….
JP Oct 2018
It's happened long back, the Moon was nothing but the planet fallen from the God Logistics. God never saw the one fallen from his and the planet later called Moon and it continue the programming of God instead of revolving around the Sun. It started revolving around where it got dropped i.e. Earth.

First time, when the tribe saw the Moon on the lake, thought it was real and the one in the sky was Shadow.

There always fun for the Children's bringing bowl to carry Moon from the lake to play. And, there the garden chairs around the lake for the poet to come and write poems. Once I was listening to the poet conversation..though they lie but not to this extent.
One Poet said, "Yesterday I was sleeping outside, Its a full moon and was so Bright. So, I took the moon and put it in my pocket and slept.
Another Poet replied, " Yes, I believe your statement.."

Once I attended a more strange debate about Sun Vs Moon and finally Moon was declared the best because it comes in Night as handy like a torchlight..

Long back, the invention of 'Well' brought unhappiness to the village, they felt bad because Moon has fallen into the well, and subsequently, bucket was invented to try to bring the Moon Out but they never succeeded. Finally they understood Moon multiplies.

a parable
Full Moon Night
The Dog Barks..
                                        You sleeping on the terrace and watching the Moon. You forget yourself, you stop thinking, you go to 'No Mind' state. What happens your mind never allow you to move away from.... Hence, like a Dog, it barks continuously, for you to come back.
JP Dec 2017
When am alone
I wanted to call my friend
then, I decided to listen
to my mind
Especially, about my loneliness
I run the whole episode
of her relationship
I wanted....
I strangely discovered
my words and my reaction
never coincided
I slowly aware that I loved aloneness to relationship
this how we fool ourselves
for want of relationship but
actually push other
outside our boundaries
JP Oct 2016
dancing car
more about lust
than love
JP Dec 2018
My girlfriends
use to comment that
am calm and cool
I behave like a duck
in the water be calm
but my heart paddle swiftly
inside my chest...
JP Dec 2016
an Actor was not acting
he was given
a single mask of character
to perform the entire play
Then, Who is acting??
It's we, people ........Right
JP Feb 2016
heroine show herself
when the scene
are dry..
JP May 2019
She came ****
in front of audience
for her ***** to see
thirsty male eyes..
JP Aug 2016
a confusion on quotes
Like a tree, you should grow and branch out
then another
You're not a tree. So move; make something happen
confusion cleared after marriage
former, you should practice before marriage
later, after marriage for your inner peace..
JP May 2016
she adjust her dress
a feel
Is she feel naked
in front of me..
JP Apr 2016
on bed,
her posture
an animal in me..
JP May 2016
She was so beautiful
like a grammar
to illiterate..
JP Apr 2016
a date
found a best place
arranged stars
and moon
she crossed her legs
……..a cautious lock to my desire
a honey lips
…….sipping my mind
ears covered by
…….her long hair, filtering incoming
time goes... she loosing herself
an intimation of love
by pinching me..
Came home in love
with loneliness..
JP May 2016
new colleague
she was scintillating
and gorgeous…
asked for a date
just one hour in Coffee shop
she agreed on one condition
not a second more,,,
she came…. was so beautiful dressed
took her in my space ship
to another faraway galaxy
the planet named 'Xejlouze'
where 26.8 yrs is equal to
one hour in earth
came back….
with a half dozen children
few of them studying college
Wow…..wat a date!!!
JP Feb 2016
coffee a drink
help me to sip her beauty
hide my fear
make me pleasing
love the time
royal sight, and
every sip, she wipe her shyness
she hide behind the cup
awesome moments
a drink take us
next level..
JP Jan 2016
a rooster on top
of my house
welcoming the SUN
telling the world
we born again…
JP Nov 2016
Only problem
with this world
**you never go back home
with the same mindset
What you went out with...
JP Feb 2017
an identity
of my connection
to this world..
JP Jun 2017
a new appointment
she was gorgeous
in the introduction meeting
she showed her ring
an understanding
Is it her Gateless Gate??
JP Apr 2016
a date
waited before her house
her dressing
a kind of equalizer
an art of adjusting her beauty
with so many modes
she came out…
a kind of perfection
an alignment of colors
an explosion of beauty
a beast in me
followed her shadow
like slave…
JP Sep 2016
Seeing poor children
coming to Hotel
just to taste
the aroma of foods
asking water
to quench the hunger
a pathetic scene
the sign of poverty.
JP May 2017
Me and my friend
both are consultants..
in same segment.
he says
"I grow better
than him and
can't compete with me"
I revealed my secret
"You compete with me
I compete with my clients!!"
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