7.3k · Apr 20
JP Apr 20

My Woman
the more
I try to understand,
the more
she fall into myth..
a tiredness in understanding
a clear confirmation
You never going to
hear the bell... that
you have understood her..

2.6k · May 14
True Love
JP May 14

She left.....
am depressed for
few days
I understood  
I have enough memory
of her
to live
rest of my life....

1.7k · Jun 2016
Son wisdom...
JP Jun 2016

Father thinking
about a missed call
from new number
Son said, save the number
and check in whatsapp...

1.2k · Apr 2016
JP Apr 2016

once upon a time
there was no SUN
first date with her
went for few days..

1.1k · Aug 2016
experiencing change
JP Aug 2016

at home
I move often
heaven to hell and
hell to heaven
of her change in mask
wife to daughter in law
daughter in law to wife

JP Dec 2015

Starting my career
took the blessing from Monk
and asked, " Is there any
line divide happiness and
Monk replied, " Happiness
stays till
earning takes care
of you..
And unhappiness
starts when vice versa…
he left
I understood,
earning more money than
the survival may lead
to worries in protecting
and safeguarding….

949 · May 2016
Dust....an understanding
JP May 2016

dust has its
own significant
all living and non living
came out of dust

when you leave a thing
few months untouched
dust try to form…only
to take back to original form

dust is insignificant to man
it stays under his feet
but he unaware
its in his mind
its in his heart
his very body made out of dust
hence, when he die
he is not become liquid
but become dust.

he came out of it
he will go into it..

910 · Feb 2016
Poor villager…
JP Feb 2016

on retirement
back to village
told them
he was a driver
not done
single accident
the whole village
they don't know
was a Road Engine driver..

854 · May 6
JP May 6

A journey
Via a village
got down to spend
a little time on petty shop
There I found real humans
all are retired people
On the way
a posh city
got down to coffee shop
full of youth
Latest Electronic Gadgets
then came out
sat on the concrete bench
People moving from
Village to city
becoming human to super human
after retirement
Move from city to village
to sign off
the life as human....

842 · Apr 2016
JP Apr 2016

a dream
not able to
move my body
her lips came close
my mouth connected
to lungs outside
a forceful sucking
of my breath
a rhythm spread
throughout my body
my hormones firing
in all cylinders
got up
to see me
near the pool
she was giving First Aid
to me..

814 · Dec 2015
Monk as a Maths Teacher....
JP Dec 2015

In school
calculus comes to
you in 10'th std
Life is same as
If you live a lower
form of life
like 1'st standard
you get small problem
like addition and
the more you move
to higher form of life,
you get
problem like calculus
understand the problem,
it say, where you stand
in the world.

799 · Nov 2015
Inviting to cheat..
JP Nov 2015

If someone
cheats you
don't grumble
check your pattern
of behavior
you would have
with your gesture or
cheat and
get away easy!!

789 · Apr 2016
JP Apr 2016

she was like a swan
came out to play badminton
jumping and moving
a kind of feather touch on earth
the earth would have enjoyed
her presence
a coincidence of her movement
on the net………..something
happening in my heart..
her eyes listening my gaze
though, am a stranger
she came and sat next to me
a sweet vibration
to both…my eyes revealed
resume to her…..
a sign of appointment….she
left her racquet….

783 · Dec 2015
JP Dec 2015

She always grumble
about my ex-girlfriend
that I love her more
days passed
after 10 years
one fine day
she did the same
talking about her
I replied, "Your problem
is… I left her 10 yrs back
but you still carrying."

763 · May 2016
JP May 2016

only instance
firing bring
happiness to the target..

739 · Dec 2016
JP Dec 2016

Will relationship bring noise??
On my first date
she handled crockery  and
cutlery very gently...
she tossing everything
into my wash basin..

726 · May 2016
JP May 2016

an analogy
mobile manufacturer
to add vibrating mode..

725 · Nov 2016
JP Nov 2016

a universal problem
a strange happens
when mother-in-law dies
a fear grips
a kind of loneliness
an emptiness in heart
no one  holding the other side
of your thread..
life become uninteresting
and you think about her
more than your husband
That's the beauty of relationship...

690 · Mar 2016
JP Mar 2016

a bad act
her big hate
next day
she was normal
asked, How?
a new day
a new beginning
forgiven me..

647 · Feb 2016
JP Feb 2016

Sitting on pavement
she passed with her friend
a fear grips,
as if
am going to steal something
the beauty of smoke
clouded my eyes
she got all the colors
every time I see her
my mind colored her beautifully
eyes tend to open in anxiety
Its an illusion or real??
checked with my friends
they ready to help me
took me to ophthalmologist..

647 · Apr 30
JP Apr 30

Middle class family
being Son
listening to Dad
After retirement
It's reverse
Being Dad
listening to son..

622 · Feb 25
One day
JP Feb 25

God decided
to evacuate human from Earth
a confusion??
how to differentiate
Good people from bad
An idea
He send
Two spaceships  
One is heaven and another hell
A costly ticked for heaven
all rich and Evil somewhat
got an entry in it...
remaining entered in other..
before taking off
God changed the name
of the ships..

618 · Jan 2016
The Tortoise and the Hare..
JP Jan 2016

long long ago
a story about
match fixing…

618 · May 11
JP May 11

by heart way
moves the love
a little forward
Every time
I near to the goal post
to convey my heart
She moves
her love post
little farther...

603 · Nov 2015
Too much Love is crime?
JP Nov 2015

She called. "I need a break
at least for a year."
I asked, "why?"
She told, you are
pampered me to the
extend of losing my identity,
I have lost myself in me
there is no me in me
its only you..
too much of your love
became burden and
the Cross
become too heavy to carry
In a way, I don't know
where you end
I begin in me..
she left after saying this
and never called..

Is too much love means
caging someone?

600 · Jan 2016
ugly duckling..
JP Jan 2016

cosmetics company found
a country on the map
full of ugly ducklings
made one Miss World..

599 · Aug 2016
JP Aug 2016

Alexander has
a thirst of land

Cleopatra has
a thirst of eyes

Socrates has
a thirst of understanding

Antony has
a thirst of love

Genghis Khan has
a thirst of terror

Napoleon has
a thirst of power

Hitler has
a thirst of leadership

585 · Oct 2015
JP Oct 2015

I love to move like a virus
inside her body,
balancing the wish to be killed
with the need to be spread.

JP Apr 2016

hero means original
villain means fake

hero kisses neighbor wife means Romantic
villain kisses neighbor wife means abuse

hero rash driving ….talent
villain rash driving …..careless

hero escape from prison….heroism
villain escape from prison….Criminal

hero accumulate money….legal
villain accumulate money….illegal

hero sees woman scream on bed…….  Creating family
villain sees woman scream on bed……. Raping

575 · Apr 9
JP Apr 9

a holiday for
to breathe some

JP Jun 2016

mind gave evidence
for loving her
under the construction of illusion

boss looked intelligent
a great respect
under the construction of salary

Parent looked caring
a great bondage
under the construction of biological

friends are entertaining
a great attachment
under the construction of loneliness

Enemies are threatening
a disturbance
under the construction of fear

neighbor look beautiful
mesmerizing to make love
under the construction of animal mind

father love daughter
more than anything in the world
under the construction of true love...

571 · Apr 28
JP Apr 28

I carry
hurt as my companion
to kill loneliness

561 · Nov 2015
First real pain...
JP Nov 2015

She was my first love
I met her after 20 yrs
on the railway station
her hair almost white
looked very old
and more pain was
when she introduced
her teenage daughter..

555 · Jan 2016
JP Jan 2016

Every day
walked pass the
huge lovebirds cage
find difficult to
identify the pair
once identified
you never miss
watching that pair
in human
once you got identified
world watch your

553 · Feb 2016
JP Feb 2016

eyes met
a chemical reaction
true love

eyes met
dated, few meeting
fixed love

eyes met
entered bed
body love

eyes met
parents arranged
conditioned love

eyes met
helped each other
office love

eyes met
lovely neighbor
casual love

552 · May 2016
something robbing us….
JP May 2016

ancient man travel
as hunters and gathers
for the food
then came Agriculture
made human settle in one place
then came computer
to reduced him to
one desk..
In future
will human carry a chip on his body
to do work
and die as non-human??

546 · May 2016
JP May 2016

he step out of
depressed men
like a spider
out of his web..

526 · Jan 2016
Lost and found..
JP Jan 2016

the music
was nothing
but an enzymes
in our brain
that runs freshness..Rejuvenate
that runs to
put out fire.. Anger
that runs our
dream boat floats.. Creativity
that stimulate…Romance
evolution dried
that enzymes..
when I
hear her voice
the nostalgic..

515 · Dec 2015
JP Dec 2015

two ways
either kill him
or worship him..

515 · Apr 2016
Thinking about you..
JP Apr 2016

an idea
an electrician
to fix a tiny speaker
on the front door
press the buzzer
will activate
the speaker
sing our favourite song
now onwards
a delay

495 · Nov 2015
Vegetarian is a myth…
JP Nov 2015

She always wanted me
to be a vegetarian
I never believe in such
concept veg or non-veg.
when she insisted,
I took her into
my garden
dropped a piece of meat
and a vegetable.
few day later, a
sprout on vegetable
So, she forced to agree
eating vegetable
also means
you are

486 · Jan 2016
Do not disturb..
JP Jan 2016

disturbed by
unread books..

479 · Nov 2016
Sexual harassment
JP Nov 2016

Its not
born out of beauty.
its just an irritation
expressed by men
seeing productive woman..

478 · Oct 2015
Voice of Tree
JP Oct 2015

I'm valuable coz
anything not created by man
is valuable.

Like me  each should
find a place
to grow and branch out.

I can behave like human,
sent roots upto 30 meters
to reach my food
like men travel abroad
for jobs

Like humble men, I
allow carpenter to use
and make furniture

During rain, people love
to take my shelter
and one such person
loved me more and made
umbrella in my shape.

477 · May 2016
Soul vs body
JP May 2016

our body is like

you can go on  transplant organ
like replacing spare parts
once the chassis rusted
you need to change the body

death is  
soul changing its vehicle..

476 · Jan 2016
fox and the grapes..
JP Jan 2016

saw fox
in fruit shop
buying vintage grapes..

474 · Nov 2015
JP Nov 2015

Walking down the valley
with a monk
come across a tall tree.
I said, "This one is very tall."
He replied, " Its neither tall,
nor short."
and he left,
I was confused with
his statement and walked
further,.. then I saw
another tree much taller.
Now, I understood the
meaning of his……..

474 · Mar 2016
Park bench…
JP Mar 2016

sitting on park bench
she jogs
a smile
a burn in my brain
a strong breathe
little giddiness
took doctor appointment
he appreciated
for burning so much energy
why people sit on....

471 · Feb 2016
JP Feb 2016

Your live real in nick name
not in formal

Your live real driving in mad
not in happy

Your live real while bathing
not when dressed

Your live real in hug
during night not in day

Your live real in sex
during orgasm not in lust

Your live real in chewing
food not in swallowing

Your  live real in saving
watching bees not in advice

your live real  in surprise
reserving emotion for loss not in gain..

471 · Mar 2016
My wonders of the world…
JP Mar 2016

am a poor south Indian
travelled to Europe
came home with picture
of beautiful girls
so white, like an egg shell
so tall, like an Arabian horse
there mannerism was gorgeous
friends came and saw
the images I took on travel
What happen to you??
I said, what for I went
these are the wonders
of the world… ever green
in my heart..

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