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12.8k · Apr 2017
JP Apr 2017
My Woman
the more
I try to understand,
the more
she fall into myth..
a tiredness in understanding
a clear confirmation
You never going to
hear the bell... that
you have understood her..
7.6k · Dec 2017
JP Dec 2017
An introvert
become an extrovert
called Scientists

an  extrovert
becomes an introvert
called Saint

an introvert
always an introvert
in marriage

an extrovert
always an extrovert
in Politics

an introvert
become an extrovert
during ***

an extrovert
become an introvert
during affairs
JP Apr 2016
hero means original
villain means fake

hero kisses neighbor wife means Romantic
villain kisses neighbor wife means abuse

hero rash driving ….talent
villain rash driving …..careless

hero escape from prison….heroism
villain escape from prison….Criminal

hero accumulate money….legal
villain accumulate money….illegal

hero sees woman scream on bed…….  Creating family
villain sees woman scream on bed……. ******
3.1k · Jun 2016
Son wisdom...
JP Jun 2016
Father thinking
about a missed call
from new number
Son said, save the number
and check in whatsapp...
2.8k · Oct 2018
Puppy Love
JP Oct 2018
I meet
women on
my eyes are bucket to
collect their staring
and pour into my memory
but soon forgot
on the birth of next day
it carry's on and on..
2.7k · May 2017
True Love
JP May 2017
She left.....
am depressed for
few days
I understood  
I have enough memory
of her
to live
rest of my life....
2.3k · Jan 2016
JP Jan 2016
Shopping was the world first invitation to women,
a freedom to move out of her house. Initially,
Woman practiced shopping for vegetables and slowly
extended to garments/jewelry/white goods etc. Today,
the world has experiencing a better market due to
window shopping. The concept innovated by women,
the women who started window shopping has helped
the awareness of the market, The more the window shopping,
more the sales. The concept of window shopping  
helped the textile industries to understand about their products.
The textile industries has developed in terms of marketing
say readymade, exchangeable, trial rooms, gifts coupons
are coz of women. Its encouraged the women to do
shopping effectively.

Facts about shopping. Customer who shop with their friends
tend to buy more costly products than when they shop alone.
Next, In terms of clothing, General advises is to buy
one garment at a time coz If you buy few dresses, You tend the use
the first selected dress more than the others. Buying 'Take Away'
in (costly) restaurant was the blinder coz restaurant charge more
for the ambience less for the food. Using cash on shopping,
you tend to spend less and you bargain more. Don't increase
your buying to eligible for discount coupon.  A survey says
that 90% of the issued discount coupons are never redeemed.
Never shop on Discount Sale coz the best collection will be
taken off the shelf by the shopkeeper. The amazing fact,
If any one buy the best and costly clothes one size less than
the one normally uses, has brought down the weight
of that person.
2.3k · Oct 2016
JP Oct 2016
an intimacy
the joy to compensate
seeing sperms travelling out
to meet her egg
an understanding
Is we are just a medium
used by nature for reproduction
to continue Evolution?? or
Is this process continuing
to achieve bigger goal,
where we are used as employees
in reproduction till........
2.2k · Mar 2016
Holi...(an Indian Festival)
2.1k · Dec 2015
Monk as a Maths Teacher....
JP Dec 2015
In school
calculus comes to
you in 10'th std
Life is same as
If you live a lower
form of life
like 1'st standard
you get small problem
like addition and
the more you move
to higher form of life,
you get
problem like calculus
understand the problem,
it say, where you stand
in the world.
2.1k · Sep 2018
JP Sep 2018
Rich people
are not greedy on money.
have you watched closely
any RichMan
a businessman knows
he could make profit only after
he met all expenses
his business income
Should pay Salaries
And other Expensss...First
then the remaining will
go to his pocket..
It's the salary of employee
come prior to his profit
Who is greed?
Employee or Employer
have you watched employees
want more salary based on experience..
More experience means
More aged.
So, Employee want more salary
inverse proportionate to his energy
Hence, employee was more
greedy than employer..
2.1k · Aug 2016
JP Aug 2016
wide open
was like a lotus
inviting  bees
to taste the nectar...
2.1k · Feb 2016
JP Feb 2016
her new dress
up and down
she understood
I loved her dress..
JP Dec 2015
I choose you coz
I look better compared to you, so you won’t leave me

I choose you coz
you are more into earning hard way than easy way

I choose you coz
you respect your mom, that's the evidence you love and respect woman.

I choose you coz
you attached to your father, It means you still want to learn discipline

I choose you coz
you do small act of help to others, it says that you are fit to live in rational world

I choose you coz
you are utmost silence in front of the priest, it say you are more religious and prefer contented life.

I choose you coz
I love to bear a child in your face

I choose you coz
If you hurt me, Its hurt you too..

I choose you coz
your display of love was similar to my father's.

I choose you coz
when we are together, you gentle touch that gives coziness of my mother

I choose you coz
your taste somewhat differ from me

I choose you coz
your innocence will make me to take care at your old age as my child
1.9k · Jan 2016
JP Jan 2016
Competition is nothing, but looking for some external
factor to drive you, People who has strong self will not depend
on competition to raise. Generally, people who
practice competition has reached the top of the world,
stayed as rich, but also carried enormous amount of guilt
and finally, some of them taken refuge in Donating
their earning to the charities.

The competition lover, find their life miserable,
once they became old. They all experienced a kind of
big hole inside of them coz their nature of movement of
life was depended on external factor. Initially, the competition,
which has given special kind of energy to reach their goal
and the same has made them to feel weak and empty.
If you create an illusion of competition in every walk of life,
then the net result will be disappointment. So instead of
depending on external factor, Better to develop our self in
small phases.

To develop Self, we can use competition in the beginning and
once the 'Flow' is created then we can switch over to
strengthening the SELF.
1.8k · Sep 2017
Advantages of being villains
JP Sep 2017
Villain are always
Heroes are always

Villains being
Heroes being

Villains are emotional
Heroes are calm and dead

Villains live longer
Hero life are always tragedy

Villains moves faster in life
Heroes moves slower calling mindful

Villains live in glamourise bungalow
Heroes live in so called pathetic hut

Villains death is injury
Heroes injury is death

Villains buys on full cash
Heroes buys on instalment

Villains enjoy beautiful girls calling him flirt
Heroes enjoy the impotency called gentleman

At last
Villains killed by heroes
Heroes are killed by villains kins
1.7k · Jan 2017
JP Jan 2017
A failure to understand
the pattern of working
and working with body
giving absent to his brain
a proud of an idiot..,.
1.7k · May 2017
JP May 2017
A journey
Via a village
got down to spend
a little time on petty shop
There I found real humans
all are retired people
On the way
a posh city
got down to coffee shop
full of youth
Latest Electronic Gadgets
then came out
sat on the concrete bench
People moving from
Village to city
becoming human to super human
after retirement
Move from city to village
to sign off
the life as human....
JP Dec 2015
Starting my career
took the blessing from Monk
and asked, " Is there any
line divide happiness and
Monk replied, " Happiness
stays till
earning takes care
of you..
And unhappiness
starts when vice versa…
he left
I understood,
earning more money than
the survival may lead
to worries in protecting
and safeguarding….
1.7k · May 2016
JP May 2016
an analogy
mobile manufacturer
to add vibrating mode..
1.6k · May 2016
JP May 2016
only instance
firing bring
happiness to the target..
1.6k · Apr 2016
JP Apr 2016
she was like a swan
came out to play badminton
jumping and moving
a kind of feather touch on earth
the earth would have enjoyed
her presence
a coincidence of her movement
on the net………..something
happening in my heart..
her eyes listening my gaze
though, am a stranger
she came and sat next to me
a sweet vibration
to both…my eyes revealed
resume to her…..
a sign of appointment….she
left her racquet….
1.4k · Dec 2018
JP Dec 2018
a beautiful word
dual behaviour
suppress anger and
express peace
In family
One who tolerate
are the architect
for the happiness of that family
1.3k · May 2017
JP May 2017
by heart way
moves the love
a little forward
Every time
I near to the goal post
to convey my heart
She moves
her love post
little farther...
1.3k · May 2016
JP May 2016
he step out of
depressed men
like a spider
out of his web..
1.3k · Apr 2016
JP Apr 2016
once upon a time
there was no SUN
first date with her
went for a few days..
1.3k · Apr 2017
North Korea
JP Apr 2017
What I learned
from this country..
"You isolate,
      World looks on.."
1.2k · Aug 2016
experiencing change
JP Aug 2016
at home
I move often
heaven to hell and
hell to heaven
of her change in mask
wife to daughter in law
daughter in law to wife
1.2k · Nov 2015
JP Nov 2015
Enemy is a beautiful concept. You never say he is an enemy,
but you always refer, he is MY ENEMY coz he is a part
of your EGO, coz when he dies, you never be the same person
as before. We spend most of time thinking about our enemies.
That's why its easy to miss your friend but not your enemy
on the road.

If you observe, you treat even beggar as your enemy,
you never see a beggar an eye to eye coz if you, then
he will become you friend and his problem become your problem. Generally, people with whom you grow... brother/cousins/neighbor,
they are the one, who carry a small jealous about you and
your growth. coz they know your capacity and often compare you
and your growth,  and they are the one always compete with you.

In Mahabharata,  Arjuna refuse to fight against his own cousins
Kauravas, The reason, he knows very well he can
defeat Kauravas and retrieve his kingdom. But what FUN you
have, once, all your are enemies are dead, there is no fun in ruling
the kingdom. We need enemies to move our life, we need people
around us to feel jealous, that's why we buy a big house,
costly interiors, a luxury Cars,.. etc  less for us and more for
our Circle. We want every one to feel small when they
enter our house.

The Box office hit movie are successful not because of the Hero
but coz of villain, the most cruel the villain,  then, he help the
movie more interesting and also to the success of the film.
In Short,  Its your enemy determine your success. The more enemy
you have, the more drive you have towards your success.
1.2k · Nov 2015
Inviting to cheat..
JP Nov 2015
If someone
cheats you
don't grumble
check your pattern
of behavior
you would have
with your gesture or
cheat and
get away easy!!
1.2k · Nov 2016
Sexual harassment
JP Nov 2016
Its not
born out of beauty.
its just an irritation
expressed by men
seeing productive woman..
1.2k · May 2017
JP May 2017
watching them
they sit close together
the chirping sounds
a vibration of love
never tired in loving
hmm..... the secret
may be
they listen to each other..
1.2k · Oct 2015
Less is More..
JP Oct 2015
My experience of love

I joined as an  Associate Manager in a firm,
We used to have parties in a year.
I used to make arrangement in Luxury way,
but one of my associate (she was beautiful and diplomatic)
always suggested me to spend
less on decoration, food, gifts..etc.
Her advice is 'Less is More'. I got irritated and
told her to mind her business.
Years went through,
I moved out of the branch.
I still invited for the parties and the problem
is whenever I been in the party,
she comes and tease me like talking to
everyone (except me) and sometimes hug them.
She never look into my eyes and
she avoided me particularly.
Its hurts a lot and also made me to
feel small in the party. So I said to my friends not
to call me for the party and explained
my inability to them. They agreed and
stopped calling me.

Few months before, one of my client called about
his daughter's wedding and likely to spend 2 million.
He can only mobilize 1.3 million and wanted me
to arrange loan for the rest. I told him to send the
details on Excel sheet. After going through,
I discussed with him about reducing the expenses and
advicing him about 'Less is More'. After the marriage,
the client invited me to his house gave a warm reception,
hugged me and praised the concept of 'Less is More'.
And that day onwards, I started passing the
concept of advice 'Less is More' to every client
and got appreciated. Then one fine day,
I started thinking, Why the same advice brought me
bad memory and when it worked nicely for others.
And it also costed me a relationship. I started respecting her
and its grown day by day and started loving her.

A few weeks back, there was a call from my
old office to join the party and assured she was not
participating in it.  I went to the party all went smooth.
Suddenly, she entered the party with well groomed Saree
and started to steal the attraction. Now, I am
even more disturbed coz I started loving her
and cannot take any more insult. and
I had no other choice decided to leave the party
but my friend explained that her presence is surprising
to them. then I had an another choice, to join another female
colleague to whom she doesn't have a proper terms.
This time, she never came close to me but that
female colleague said she is staring at us as if
she going to burn both. The party ended and I was waiting
alone at the office entrance for my friends to drop me.
Suddenly someone pushed me a little and left.  
I found it was her, she wiping her tears and
going to the car park. I went behind her and to ask what happened?.
She never responded and got into her car.
And, she almost banged me with her car and left.
I almost collapsed of her behavior and started to
walk alone to my home (its few kilometer away).
Thinking, thinking about the incident and
my perception slowly changed that…. 'LESS LOVE MEANS MORE'.
1.2k · Feb 2016
a truth about Himalayas…
JP Feb 2016
a silence
range of mountains
a kind of peace
the soul crave
a meditate in utmost silence
an inner experience
try to blow through words

Came home
a frustration.
help me to understand
the silence belong to Himalaya
started meditating
sitting in
middle of the market
now, experienced
a true silence……….
1.1k · Feb 2016
Poor villager…
JP Feb 2016
on retirement
back to village
told them
he was a driver
not done
single accident
the whole village
they don't know
was a Road Engine driver..
1.1k · Apr 2019
JP Apr 2019
She allowed him
to kindle her fire
with his stick..
1.1k · Aug 2019
JP Aug 2019
Street dog
to my ears
"The trust in people
grow back
when they stone me.."
1.1k · May 2016 understanding
JP May 2016
dust has its
own significant
all living and non living
came out of dust

when you leave a thing
few months untouched
dust try to form…only
to take back to original form

dust is insignificant to man
it stays under his feet
but he unaware
its in his mind
its in his heart
his very body made out of dust
hence, when he die
he is not become liquid
but become dust.

he came out of it
he will go into it..
1.1k · Nov 2018
JP Nov 2018
I have seen
my depressed girlfriend
always embrace the dark
may be, she is becoming
a Persephone
1.1k · Dec 2015
JP Dec 2015
Mom trapped
in kitchen

Dad trapped
in business

grandpa trapped
in politics

grandma trapped
in religion

sister trapped
in mobile

brother trapped
in net

home trapped
in loan

happiness trapped
in health

life trapped
in commitment

love trapped
in eyes

words trapped
in poets…
1.1k · Dec 2015
JP Dec 2015
Relaxing on the park bench
seeing people exercise
should have controlled the input
not the output....
1.0k · Jan 2016
JP Jan 2016
only find her
in white shoepolish..
994 · Dec 2016
JP Dec 2016
Will relationship bring noise??
On my first date
she handled crockery  and
cutlery very gently...
she tossing everything
into my wash basin..
992 · Mar 2016
Park bench…
JP Mar 2016
sitting on park bench
she jogs
a smile
a burn in my brain
a strong breathe
little giddiness
took doctor appointment
he appreciated
for burning so much energy
why people sit on....
991 · Nov 2015
Vegetarian is a myth…
JP Nov 2015
She always wanted me
to be a vegetarian
I never believe in such
concept veg or non-veg.
when she insisted,
I took her into
my garden
dropped a piece of meat
and a vegetable.
few day later, a
sprout on vegetable
So, she forced to agree
eating vegetable
also means
you are
977 · Apr 2016
JP Apr 2016
a dream
not able to
move my body
her lips came close
my mouth connected
to lungs outside
a forceful *******
of my breath
a rhythm spread
throughout my body
my hormones firing
in all cylinders
got up
to see me
near the pool
she was giving First Aid
to me..
967 · Nov 2018
JP Nov 2018
Why economics
is confusing??
If you implement a plan
to bring the
"Have not to Haves"
Somethings happens behind
"Haves become Have not"
due to business failures and
bad vices..
the structure of the society..
JP Jun 2016
mind gave evidence
for loving her
under the construction of illusion

boss looked intelligent
a great respect
under the construction of salary

Parent looked caring
a great *******
under the construction of biological

friends are entertaining
a great attachment
under the construction of loneliness

Enemies are threatening
a disturbance
under the construction of fear

neighbor look beautiful
mesmerizing to make love
under the construction of animal mind

father love daughter
more than anything in the world
under the construction of true love...
950 · Mar 2016
am regular customer…
JP Mar 2016
I strongly believe
an admiration of lake
belong to lonely mind

sat near the lake
thought runs about
which one to chew

a woman taking order
for coffee
she came to me
her eyes more of sugar
her voice sound so mild
like a milk added more water
her dress was black
resembles coffee syrup
an aroma of ecstasy
from her
kindles my new energy
asked her to sit
watched her and
the best coffee
ever had………..
923 · Oct 2015
A Dream Date..
JP Oct 2015
Yesterday evening,  I picked her from her office. 
It was my dream date 
She was very beautiful and diplomatic…. 
No words to describe that moments, 
I am just floating….. 
She said: I am hungry… 
yes, we are going to the restaurant. 
take me to Italian. 
yes, I will… 
She ordered pasta 
I asked, you like it 
yes, its sticky.... love to be like this with you
loved her expression, and
your eyes…..
yes, my eyes reflect you more than any thing. she said
 Is it,..      your eyes looks watery… 
yes, when I see you, your enter in my eyes and dip in my heart.. Excess comes out 
I am almost touching the Heaven….. And continued
you look more romantic today.
Hmm, you are the culprit 
we somewhat finished our dinner.. 
I looked at her lovely eyes 
She said. "I am pregnant with your food and love." 
that's great.... now, you even more beautiful with little belly.. I said.
So, the day come to an end,  
she said. why don’t you hug me 
yes waiting for it, I hugged her … 
Please hug me little tighter …
Yes, I did… then... 
she left with a sweet kiss on my cheek.
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