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Milwaukee Wisonsin    Hello, I am an amateur poet been doing it for 6 years. Hopefully, I can provide intricate and well-honed imagery when you read my poetry. ...
J Royal
Amy I Hughes
girl diffused
29/F/Earth    8.27.92. Virgo. I'm a current English major. Not much else to say. You'll surely find my story in my writing. I'm also enamored with all ...
kenny Diamond
NY    A heart of gold My thoughts so deep and complex a vibe master words that tore my heart apart A lost coconut looking for his ...
17/F/Canada    17 year old, I write random shtuff whenever it pops up in my head, not a poet, just a dreamer.
Shreya Sankrityayan
F/India    Love to write.
Susan Adele Wiggins
F/Los Angeles   
Broken Pieces
16/F/Up with the stars✨    "I'm still trying to forgive myself for all of the things I failed to become. I'm still trying to make peace with the broken pieces ...
25/F    I have myself scattered in my writings.
Jackie Mead
60/F/United Kingdom    I am a published Children's Author I have three children and five grandchildren, a sixth on the way. I love writing, reading, poetry, running Connect ...
18/F/England    Pickles
16/F    Short, adorable, funny, sweet.
Parker Vance
Baton Rouge    I write as much as I can.
Lucrezia M N
37/F/Italy    I couldn't help but writing since the age of 14, still keeping on... for better or worse... ( Ps: I apologize my English is not ...
Teresa Magaña
Chicago    Expressing myself through art, by paintbrush and pen.
Ali Poet Philosopher Programme
M    A Poet Lost In The Sea Of Wonder and Adventure of Madness. I Write And Narrate Philosophy Through My Poetry.
kitty hart
17/F    my heart is worth more to anyone than they realize
"There once was a beautiful young maiden who threw herself headlong into the river at dawn - in despair over her lost grandfather."
Bongani G-kay
18/M/I vory park    Rap n poetry
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