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In the meantime in the Állos kósmos or Ultramundi, Wonthelimar after hearing the speeches and paragraphs of the speakers, saw from paradise how Calypso Lepidoptera appeared, approaching in great magnitudes on the dry land on the banks of the blue and golden stones of Skalá. In torrents of rushing from the water-sky with wind-water, by geomorphological hydraulics of the collapse of the irresistible capacity to harass each other in the ears of Seleuco's dialogues, after they piled up in the sneaking curds of him on the island of his speech. Right there it settled from the koelum or sky of the Lepidoptera from the Orofí or ceiling, on the natural arches of aeolian erosion and its devastating plumage, appearing in the subaerial splendor of Chauvet and its gloomy darkness, changing the morphology of the bank of Skalá turned into enchanted turquoise light also with Calypso nuances. From here Wonthelimar obscures the circumflex arc or circumflexes, which pierced and eroded the surface, piling up the ex-generals of Alexander the Great, to skewer them on the stump that was languidly seen supporting them, after the tides of Lepidoptera that avalanche in destined per capitas towards the destined underworld of Wonthelimar.

Wonthelimar was separated from everyone by the moat that was separated from the gods of the surface, but now where the supporters of Seleucus were predestined by imbibing themselves in the bilocated kingdom of Chauvet and its darkness, where they were put into agreements of suitability and clarity of words discursive for the eagerness to persuade his major general. But they all fell into the middle of a dark Ultraworld, judging themselves to be dying in stockpiles of biosystems where no one helped them and gave them some indication or diagnosis of being separated from the canopy that drained them from spectral affairs, speaking as vivid visions of benefits and sovereignties that escaped from themselves without contemplation or quietism of the human race, which procreates xenophobia to kings without throne or nation. Under the Attic calendar were the months here were only eighth, Anthesterion, received them with the name directly of the main festival celebrated in this month, Anthesteria. In goods of name contests in the semester of Pyanepsia, Thargelia, and Skira where they were relatively significant, in some of the greatest celebrations in the life of a Polis, which is not recognized in the name of the month. Some sparkled in the sound of the Great Dionysia celebrated in Elaphebolion (ninth month), and the Panathenaia in which they are only indirectly recognized in Hekatombaion (month one), named after the hekatombe, of the sacrifice of "one hundred oxen" celebrated at night. End of the Panathenaia. This is where the suspicious fondness of both families of Seleucus and Alexander the Great differed in the accent that marks the written line of the infra Polis, where the leaders of Haides or Hades are lost, for the purposes of Aïdes, as not indivisible, but with the presence of Wonthelimar, who is invisible but epically static on his balustrade in all the rings that chorally wore them for each patronage of the diádocos generals, even so he had betrayed the Hellenic legacy, by a Hellenic-Orthodox one in the disappearance of Alexander the Great in Babylon without knowing that it had been rescued by Wonthelimar, surpassing the limits of the rings of stefánes ibix, or Aros de íbiz, as nano kvantikoí daktýlioi, quantum nano-ring that augured to sensitize the dermis of its carpal phalanges, from the eighth, Anthesterion to Elaphebolion (ninth month), minus the one hundred and twenty days of gestation in a month of the attic of imníbiz, that it was of wise advice to receive him in the new engend rivers of Wonthelimar in the depths and bundles of marrow with gestation forms of an Ibex goat, with their embedded bases of stalagmites, filing the meaning of each life that was lodged in the depths of the caves and its opacity. The Eygues of Valdaine was the Acheron, but with half the deceased who sat in rows and unleashed their laurels that possessed poor aids tormented by mandrake root hands.

The underworld was a swamp that covered the heels of the diádocos in the immense blackness of the cavern that wounded them one and the other with its Kopis, by more than a hundred blows and slashes that covered them with mud and moans in their buried half bodies. That they had been intruded from linear entrances to the underworld of Wonthelimar. In the thick musts of the quagmire where objects with ornaments of fear and cavalier materiality lay, such mangrove deserts satiated with gloomy fibromyalgia and amnesia, refiguring in the wandering bones, that sinned in lights and destinies that were adopted in the sub-world with incorporeal needs., more than the exhaustion that tore the skeletal muscle of each one behind the meager compromise openings, in the strong ligaments of the host Wonthelimar that took them at forced steps towards paradises where there will never be consciousness from a Theseus typology, but from a sub taxonomy - Verthian mythological, for purposes and among others that unleash it by propelling self-infernos that are not those born by a Macedonian force or Satrap into puny kings turned into a servile, mute and decayed.

It is necessary, that solitude of all the entrances from the abyss into which they fell, was titanic and of ultraphobic acquiescent inspiration, and in the acid gestures of search of Persephone or Aerse that in random gestures fled from their persecutors, like females who ended fleeing from themselves falling into the back room where the end of souls is never exceeded or Psyché re emigrating from the punishments of a satire or a static that resulted in a ghostly wandering, or in tendentious spinners that tribulated in belated bundles of repentance. From primitive times, subjugations have been longed for in kings who would never think of leaving their cracks and washing their hands behind the backs of others who stood by, leaving the courage to lose themselves in the perversity of a body deposited in the Tartars, having to give them their prehistoric debts and meadows of carpeted debts and caged rooms.

The generals commanded by Seleucus walked barefoot along with the stump that wounded them in seams for their plantar areas, and in extreme distress, they did not dare to ask mercy from the cave host who transported them through the deep pit of perpetuity, where the frigid bullet of angina of Wothelimar, filled them with memories that protected their survival. In unworthy caprice and watery *****,… it ran frivolously down their legs, even after each impulse to recover the flashes of estimating being scared of oneself, after finding dead fruits subsisted halfway, feeling voices from the origin of the abyss that I quoted them.

Etréstles says: "Mashiach allow me to enter this grave, I do not know if I should go to rescue them, because I know what will happen..., I only ask that if I enter with courage, help me to find the same light of the exit, with the same memory of not to waste arrests, and not to lose myself in my entrustment by those who I know will not return”

Behind some Sabine poplars, it is seen how the elytra of the Lepidoptera were opened for those who crossed from the darkness without the appearance of their fruitful eyes that tickled praises of surrender, and not of ibid in the ibid that surrounded them, as if they were violated that heal at the moment when their faces departed from the miracle of privacy, and from the solitude decreed of non-existent company, companionship calming any dogmatic symptoms and hypoxia that the glimpse of the Eygues and the Acheron left them, further behind in which Saint John the Apostle and Vernarth, Reader and Petrobus to bring Etréstles back.

Saint John the Apostle says: “Vernarth go for your brother,… he wants to protect the souls of Seleucus and his comrades, go soon because there is little left to fill them with darkness which will even besiege in their reasoning and anti homelands that will not be from the din of the campanile, out of tune with joy that runs on the graces of the gift that frees you from the worst virus by not being anti-viral… ”.

Vernarth replies: “Etréstles is the slogan of Erebus, perhaps of Bumodos…, I have to stop him for his profession, since the comrades of Seleuco will not return, the effigies of Wonthelimar have made them of his children in Ultramundi, and what is Solstice of the underworld, it is only a small Sun that fits in the buttonhole of the orthogonal slot that confines it”.

At that time Raeder paraded where he before they reached the omega of the gully pit, running swiftly over the eyelets of Wonthelimar, leaving both completely naked, to tear them away from the contrived spell and bring Etrestles back all the way together and running., but both stripped of lightness and acceleration escaped from the centripetal bodies. After the tortured walls of the pit, they no longer supported themselves in their Skotos or Erebo of Wothelimar in such a primordial deity of this theogonic and fantastic event in the bilocated cavern of Chauvet in Skalá. Here all the densities and units of physical genres, from above and below surrounded them in the thick sulfur atmosphere, Ananké in such a goddess of inevitability ran after all who tried to reverse the situation of the diádocos, for the purpose of consenting their paragraphs Hellenics and to save their lives, but the mother of the Moiras went behind Etréstles and Vernarth along with Rader and Petrobus who were basking in the glow of Persephone that imbued them as they stagnated drinking mead with the Canephores who followed him. From this cryptic moment or from the bombastic insignia of Crete, Kanti's trotting from his Cretan figure was felt united with the Lepidoptera Calypso, redeeming Demeter from her crying on the edge of some Bern olive trees, emptier now that the last gradients of the agonic and venous voices in the hilarious of some diádocos that were completely absorbed by the benevolent illusion of Wonthelimar, snowy in the harrowing tenuity of his gestures and of the great Iberian that took them towards the heights of the hillocks and towards the Ultramundi that It turned them into proles of the mountainous areas, and into super aquatic monsters with thousands of loose eyes in the arches of the generals bleating, which transposed ****** subjugations of primal deities, and philastics of phantasmagorical genres of Hellas that it plucked from the peritoneum of their stomachs, and that guttural eradicated them from the blue adrenaline of Apollo.

This odyssey dispelled the orthogonal lines of the poetic affliction of those who could see the sunset and the Spyché ***** that antagonized Ananké's numinous efforts to extubate them, and perhaps exile them to the Theban plains to graze Achaeans of the first degree alongside Shamash. Lamenting of young afternoons and of the abysmal with beautiful hair of the generous of effects, swampy and of feverish Hadesian or Hade's rounds that crippled their districts, they emanated from some Marie Curie junk and vapors radiating this Parapsychological Quantum to them from their own holy final body., for a virtuous and rout of the Ultramundis of Wonthelimar.
Wonthelimar Ultramundi
Having arrived at Patmos, on the southeastern ***** of Skalá, Wonthelimar observed that the Seleucid ships were there. Already knowing of the myth of Seleucus and of his Divinity, since her mother Laodice, according to Vernarth's parapsychology parallel account, and aligned with Wonthelimar, that she had presumed that her son Seleucus had been conceived by carnal union with Apollo. These oracular dreams separated them from Vernarth, for a certain Antigone of the imperial Seleucid with the anchor of the ring that Apollo had captivated from the gematological extract, now wading in the quantum of Chauvet, which had been identified from Gaul.

Wonthelimar says: “from such a thigh such as a Vas Auric you will be anchored at your anchor, in a proud fallacy if you have been engendered by Apollo if it is that your mother temporizes in a hallway idyll or Antigone, and not of someone wearing a ring that smells like broken neo-Hellenic dreams in one that anyone believed, born of one being or another like me from a mythological Iberian, but being carried from a very young age on the haunches of a Bucephalus. Here I believe where Laodice would be or would be caught by knowing that creatures like me, spawned in the darkness of a cave, should wear that ring, but in the seventh ring of the horns of my paternal Ibez with its antlers constantly growing, and in my forehead having one of them in the antlers of the female that fed me in the reign of darkness and in the heights of the mountains. Upon leaving Chauvet I embraced her suspended antlers, and when I separated from the sixth ring, my female nurse with her pale neck offered me the seventh so that I would do it with brown illusions to be like her in the maternal ***** of the Rhone that in altitudes Thousands leveled out over seven hundred meters, with each ring being the power of a reign of darkness filled with light and undeserved talent. In the autumn, my female mother would get involved when I timidly approached from my cavern full of aldehyde, eliminating it through my mouth and eyes, creating from them the brave fear of misunderstood symbols..., if you saw it, your Seleucus...? You would abandon your divinity with a single breeze of the elements when you would recover your anchor rings on the roads. On the other hand, I wake up in his ring because of the meager light that intimidates the converted mountain beings, who interpose me in their combats, if an antler was or is torn from one of my attempts of frustration, after not seeing what it is not noticed even in thousands of distant blushes, and not even in the emission of the eyes of a hypothetical Apollo "

Behind the philastic zoomorphic of the exalting from Seleuco's mouth, the bilocated Epidaurus on Patmos was lowered by the steps of an amphitheater, bossed around in the conclusive closing of his story behind bars or horns that splintered his revoked mention of aspiring to a ring, which is not and will be nothing more than a synonym of despair, more than an immortal that is now abbreviated from the stigma of co-founding itself in meaning as a temporary truth of Hellenism, deducing to qualify its origin as a plus part and ascendant servant, but not descendant in shirts that have to transvestite him on the Epidaurus proscenium. Seleucus began to doubt his converted eagerness to lash out the mythological divine lineage for a sanction, in which the lightning bolts of the stunning sky themselves demystified their annoying gales of submission, by dynasties of the proverbial Kleos for the purposes of fame, and politics that open the loaded winds with cots of gold to marry with diligent nebulosity in transliterated and linked tripods in cumulus universes, where the first two abuse the fulcrum of the obverse that falls by gravity on no man's land..., here is the myth of anchoring and not of to aspire to a ring or earring that will drag us to heights where the icy cold wind crowns you on legs of bronze and not of gold "

These coins were carefully observed by those who observed them from a gorge, capturing the humility and infallibility of a being that came from the entrails of Chauvet, interpreting courses that awaited Seleucus. The appendages were detached from the koilones and tiers that jumped over it, to press and narrow the diazomas or corridors that were already deployed like a laser in the cubations of the consciousness of Megarón and the Vas Auric of the Hexagonal Primogeniture, which already was made ubiquitous. It was released from an Alexandrian Greek fire on the jaws of the hecatomb of the ex-generals of Alexander the Great. Here in funeral periphrasis, few prostitutes rusted behind his inheritance, each with their bronze panoplies and banners in favor of Leonatus in the hands of the Satrap Antigonus, Ptolemy, and the most outstanding applicant of his divine inheritance, Seleucus. They all meet outside the Eurydice ship in Skalá to settle decisions and franchises of ancestry, for the purpose of divinizing the destinies of their tasks and interests, to sink them into the first stone under a base of faith, and of those who will come from the return of the Anastásis like Greek resurrection of bread and wine, Psomí kai krasí…; "The Mashiach for being of whoever and whatever"

Seleuco says: "Psomí kai krasí, Bread and Wine for all." We have revived our leader, who in good time should resurrect us all for his mentions of the new future of fallen leaders and heroes. We are not oblivious to your expiration and perhaps your negligence in Babylon, but the steps of a king require other Seleucid measures and their oriental legitimating, being oligarchies that should morally do what is known. Antigonus, Ptolemy, and I appear here with me, preserving periods that leave us of mediumistic notions of the grim, who does not allow us to close our eyes. We confer the denounced ambiguity of previous riches that do not fit in any silo that can contain it, nor what happens to the secondary after diving early in the morning mounted on your Bucephalus, full of its manes swollen with the posterity of a Roman emperor besieging it, without advancing by requirements or where he rides now in steel wastelands, and not through upholstered steppes of the cautious ensign on your guard and in the solemn light of life that the **** leaves behind in your symbolic sarcophagus! We want you to join us, and to be able to banish our distinctions from where Apollo has given his eternal sleeper in the sense of an ephemeral truth, which makes light of flesh colors in the fiery figure of your coat of arms.
We have stolen the traced areas of Judea and from there Maccabees have donated us inscriptions back to my threat to you and Antigonus,... to my enemy debtor, but even so, I come to repair unevenness and want to repair idylls more remote from the Euphrates to settle in the ranks of Ptolemy. We have all sinned to look for you in our slogans, gaining fleeting territory, but we have lost your lux, already well said in my sanctuary in Didyma, but in seconds that continue from the first, already raising flags and heralds that increase your vox, more than a David that defeats a colossus; that from his own death resurrects...! "

All perceptibly dismayed looked at Alexander the Great who was behind a canopy listening to everything with his ear attached to the canvas that separates him from a presumed truth. He draws the curtain and pounces before everyone with stealth and courtesy, incontinenti he speaks to them after inhuman efforts to move away from the stagnant sub-understanding of his former commander.

Alexander the Great says: “The aureoles of sanctity have dislocated my Beelzebub, and the brambles brush against the Scabious flowers like widows that sing in the cenotic lines of my hands from a purgative cathartic in its graceful subfamily that makes my eyes heterochromatic de facto, between the thistles that are spiced between the aromatherapy of the Scabiosa cretica. In their oblong shape with pincushion flowers, they make the basting their nailed pins waiting to be used so that my desolations are not lost even after being just reborn. After the annual Attic calendar in Elaphebolion where they walked on me to resist the deer of Artemis, in attempts to get up and ***** me in the sessile voices of Scabiosa dispelled by Vernarth that have raised me in the involved species, like a chalice of unstitched shreds in seven holes, leaning back to the Aquenio in his fruit tree that is stained with lavender-blue, and the Lepidoptera bringing Vernarth from Gethsemane and the anti-Sarnic clothing that makes him exalted. Now from here, I harangue you, like immaterial troops that do not move their courage, with enemies that are left open to the fear of my walk on them, on rams of the imminent danger of warbling victory with steely Falangists. What a nationalist Faskéloma attribute as obscene fuss and Pashkien that reorders the armies that invade its headless stadiums, in raised nightingales that chirped the sadness of seeing myself fallen on the nose of the common soldiers and full of scabies in Arbela. I have to fly with you my lost flocks ready of Apollo surrendering twilight fire, and of moon-sun between the legs of a colossus forged by greater fires, speaking to me of Macedonian triumph, under the yoke of the crackle of a people that lies taciturn with the satraps in Hercules's cunning conquering in the cheers only after three laps they made debits from my left, while I saw the light of Uriel coming towards me in the Lepidoptera with his sheathing, and entirely of a horse placed Beelzebub, to transmigrate him with me from Cinnabar chains and honor what serves the world also that dies with me in Thrace or Alexandria Bucephalus, after the south of Corinth, regardless of me, who already sensed that he was anti-diadoco..., being at that time a leader of the Sacred League of Delphic Amphibian, after feeling so much pain immediately from dying..., I still had life left in the Scabiosa flask and in bronze vessels that I removed from the swirling wind of the s Thermopylae, leaving me stranded with nothing but chimeras of winning the world, but losing a Life that had just begun "

Meanwhile, at the dawn of Vas Auric was projected at relative height, Syrmus's light and resounding fall were shown when he attacked the back of Macedonia -... here Alexander makes a gesture of modest resilient power... -, after he glimpsed to Saint John the Apostle how he moved with his staff the tricolor clouds transmitted by the troops of the Tribalios and that was crushed by the carnal battery of Macedonian cavalry that immolated them before their knowledge, and then after their three thousand victims..., which according to some outstanding Hypaspists also rushed them far beyond the Danube where they were engulfed in the confinement of the Getas in thousands, and in greater proportion but with leather rafts, the Hellenic troops crossed this same river and with a few thousand they conquered them filling their saddlebags..., not gold... !, but brandy that burned all the pastures where no Bucephalus crossed by fire.
Wonthelimar Dismissed Diadocos
Wonthelimar, in the last transmigration that he planned from Nyons in the cavern on the eastern side of the Rhone, surrounded himself with mountains that dwarfed them with promiscuous caves of the Eygues. From these buckets as a margin of power and go referring to the nocturnal wind of the Pontias; created his fundamental tool of attraction of the Mementos de Cartography of the Seleucids, decomplexing the logistical notions of the Diadocos after having resuscitated and liberating Alexander the Great from a Cartesian Underworld in the manner of apocryphal late Aristotelianism, mechanizing existential dualisms of Hades with formulas and psychotropic and geometric tricks, licensing them theologies of habeas corpus, coexisting in the first instance with Etréstles de Kalavrita who would establish the term of definitive transmigration of Alexander the Great, so that between the Diadocos and Wonthelimar they would contend the final and disciplinary action to revoke the high arrest, transhuming the sovereign as Macedonian next to the Hexagonal Birthright finally very close to Saint John the Apostle and Vernarth in the vicinity of the Megaron Spilaion Apokalypseos.

The generals of Alexander the Great shared his legitimate Ark without royal titles, they were Perdiccas, Antipater, Craterus, Eumenes de Cardia, and others like the satraps who came to be proclaimed as kings; Antigonus, Ptolemy, and Seleucus. Residing the most substantial in this parapsychological saga in Vernarth; his brother Etrestles de Kalavrita who seconded and predestined his monolithic and constituent sovereignty of Polis, for the purpose of ruling and raising his Kopis and Xifos in the independence of aldehyde and alcoholic carbonyl residues emanated from the ferment of the Backhoi and Nepente, depositing LSD in substantial amounts. to align himself with Seleucus, and materially present himself in the sphere of Patmos as two representatives of both empires, one ancient Christian and the other Panhellenic, placing himself in that totalitarianism of Seleucus over that of Alexander the Great who was splendid in the cosmogony of a king similar to David of Judea, solvent and illustrious in the conception of Apological dynasty and identity, of Zeusian roots and of eternal numeral politics. In the quantitative of the champion of Alexander the Great revived on Patmos, the Mashiach of Gethsemane will continue to be deified with such a signature of both in ****** skies in two absolutist emperors and of dogmatic differential Pythagorean, propagandizing both dynasties with domains in regencies and different latitudes of the conceptual decision. Base, to refute proposals to follow them in part of anti-Alexandrian perplexities or opposed to marginalizing himself from following them after they abandoned him in Babylon. This was sensed in the confrontation between both forces of univocal polarization, for the good of one and the bad of the other of having to distract them from the proposal to enlist and harass dethroned kings on purpose from their deaths and revive them in others than in their own court of observers and bosses, they will only exist in the empty temples and idols without dates to know to avoid and in prevailing dates that will not happen.

Seleucus says: “Khaire my Commander…, unite the divine sanctuaries of Apollo, and take up the harangue of Tel Gomel with us disunited and lost by you. This dating will remain in the offices of reforming Macedonian armies and we will both command our generals in the Panhellenic dynasty, overall the heavenly armies that you will ever have here with fragile oracles confusing your divine blood! "

Wonthelimar, already manifesting from Nyons, lightened his Bucephalus bases, having a great somatic affinity with the bridles of Alexander the Great's steed, unraveling here a great mystery in his parapsychological regression directed from the cavern of Chauvet.

Wonthelimar says: “I have been confined with early Neolithic alloys, here I have dwelt livid among all your intrepid adventures channeling the axons and sketches of manifestations of superior cause and effect of correspondence of the ages and their Aeon and paleo-uncrossing precessions of you and your new death, from the Ardeche river together with Medea and Hypnos, among all of them being aerial, visionaries and northern lights who traveled to my redoubt to spray them in river waters, on the night of Agios San Ioannis. The gorges that swallow the seal of the Pontias, make rivers form with their name since the bulk of their waves of gusts are grandiloquent and robust like a gaseous river that becomes hydrological in larynxes where the wind is astonished when entering the concavity that it is wasted in its nature of time and qualitative content. Unusually I have been the progeny of organisms of rapture and cytological drama, in each one that is represented in these walls in which they are trapped next to me as tricks, and radiocarbon tricks by these vicissitudes, and of their actions that have dated my radiation of radioactive carbon in these caverns and so-called fourteen carbon spaces, for more than fifty million radiometric years. I lived here with my parents until as a child I stayed with my godmother, but one day my father did not return. From that moment on I became after the anticipated axial carbon, to keep myself as a torch in the caverns to see where no one was light but me, only of someone who was more than a dawn to illuminate what they wanted to know in my organic depressions, my trident of dating and carbon, by my parents and I in incisive philanthropy staining all the walls detesting the otherness that made me move towards a Wonthelimar; with dated apparitions and curtains that behind them always like gargoyles appeared before Hypnos, and then Medea, taking me as a child with her hands. When they left, I was left alone and patiently waited for them, when they did not return in the harsh winters they would send me Gerakis Falcons, to deal with your pain my lord Vernarth. In this field, I live, but now I am on my way to grasp the horns of the ibex, which took me to their lair with their goat colonies to give me milk and ursid ***** herbs that shielded me from a lethal genre, although not every day. Remain so. The lord that you will be now is the reflection of the bodyguard along with his ibex that will cordon off your rebirth after leaving the traces and rods of your bone marrow, spleen, and glandular that now belongs to me, to take you to the coldest waters that run inside me since the last ice age. The interference of the Diádocos tried to convince Alexander the Great, this is already a new rock piece to represent him in numismatics, walls, and ceramics in a predominant and complacent way of historical, shamanic record and of astonishing parapsychological fold that I have projected on the walls of Chauvet without your consent "

The new turn from Nyons to Patmos was one of the seizures and ecstatic agonies, for a former little prodigy boy and son of an Íbez and a Bucephalus named Wonthelmar, who comes to rescue the entelechies of someone who was an ignorant man who carried in his arms his divine death, without knowing that before she was eternal life waiting for her in the Katapausis, after building the Megaron and negotiating with Seleucus the evolutionary stylistics of the resurrected Alexander the Great in the flames of the candle enlisted in the night lanterns and united with Saint John the Theologian. Seleucus' talks will be one of the stubborn and ****** visits to persuade and catechize his major general, in periods that do not elapse in real-time, and that will be the fatal fate of his obstinacies because Vernarth was already a prodigal son of the Duoverso-Universe., whose basal was unparalleled in attacking their ideals and hegemonic settlements of the material of minimal cause and effect, a wonder of worthy to lean on invisible gods who at a great speed never seen before..., trafficked in front of every gap or shoulder of their destiny, wandering under a pendulum of a sword and under the support of the farmer, who held prey and meat between a lightning bolt and an elder that supports him, cushioning all earthly sufferings, even more coming out from the silence and the most hidden isolation of those who dare to release from the vaporous darkness of Chauvet, Wonthelimar, already forging paths and ups and downs from where no one comes or goes.
Metaphysic • Quamtum • Parapsychology • Regression
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Wonthelimar I
From the physiognomy that bruises the vertical from Gaul; axiomatic metempsychosis elements were transferred from corporate primaries to third parties after the incipient expiration of Vernarth. This orphistic or mystical enchantment was brought by Wontelimar from Valdaine, emerging from insane drunkenness on the Ardeche Mountains, transmigrating euphony and medical justifications that were united with the reincarnated Helminth reminiscent of Vernarth. Such was a verme or worm that classified itself in his arm, munching in his elder veins elongated by parasites of commendable colonies and idiomatic, retro-emotional, and lyrical heights. Knowing that its baluster made capital letters in steps and life-giving questions by means of beads, and the oratic chain of Luccica's godmother that awakened in him translating expirative and presumptive psychophysical Zionisms of the eloquent millionth perspectivism of re-trance, when his putrid upright arm was recorded. and landing in his Abrahamic physical departure, dissociating his body, separating and alternating with his dexterous spiral Aorion tri-bracelet between the arm of Sagittarius and the arm of Perseus, liquefying into indissoluble modular stratagems for three bodies, plus the one that accompanied occupying triplets in posthumous individualities. Unconscious metempsychosis singularities brought the right-arm picking him up several times from the discursive hive of Wonthelimar, to convince him and tell him that he had not been with the Hexagonal Progeny for some time, without hindrance it brought him from Ardeche in lasting and concerting sets, gray senses looking at the valleys of Valdaine in pilgrimages towards the expectant Patmian plains. His expiration was reborn from the appendages of the water lilies that were grasped by the recessed lumbar powers and were trans-mentalized into related memories that subsist reincarnationist and degressive in plausive longing when re-advancing with revived intelligence, to indoctrinate themselves when raised from an emetic absolutist consciousness, and free from the greatest breaths of judgment is constant waste and reciprocity on shelves that started from an initial discipline already transmigrated, on skinned ardors eroding from astral ellipses in decayed individualities expiring in the Ego-Xifos (Ego-Sharps), that transpose the gorges that even through Hellenic geography that has not been shed by the blood of a Hetairoi.

Wonthelimar says: “hold on to my lazy arm and embrace Lazarus and his decayed fierceness! in different bodies I have seen your blood hang itself on banners with different super-life monarchies, in the germs of the Valdaine valley avoiding their retreat into fatuous materials that vilified the acrotera of your descended Megaron. Remarking on the genetic tricuspid, and emanating lineages of surviving to invigorate in the dexterous appendage of Aorion, which has to wail from the armpit of Betelgeuse with insensitive patches that mock to see him bleed for more than two thousand years without coagulating in possible anarchies more than nothing, before speculating from where the meager blindness of compassionate triple restraints has germinated, like a split Psychí or soul three times before predicting about the valleys and a castle, in infamous beatifies that do not bleed with me…, Wonthelimar ”. It is possible that they have sublimated us from the apathetic and brief radiance...?, Only in some moor or headland before tearing us from the banners or Vexillum of the inaugural that stuffs its already subsisted vehemence in spaces that are already acroteral, resting on peduncles in floral capitulars. And the immobile ones mold the support pustules…, the sap that runs horribly towards you and behind you! Incontinent to your dehydrated past lives redeeming subsistence and rubbing it, then excluding themselves healed properly from their wounds settled in muddy dreams of reviving them expired. Resulting from its origins from the Mysterium or Musterium as an enclave exacerbated in civil disproportions that were established since the Neolithic, without having sealed the doors of all the species that were trapped in the mysterious ice ages, based on ritualistic doctrines, through eager entities to obstruct lapses in the open air of the Spilaion Apokalypseo, having to be returned in possession of physiognomies and of all the enclosed species of the Neolithic Age ”. The bumblebees loaded with spherical honey in their legs, flew by the assembly of the warriors, crops, pastoral assemblages, and sharp stones that cut the wind that disturb the infants who fear the night sleep in the rough quarries that made them sedentary of venerable thermoregulated and climatic seats. Making of them and us revolutionary discoveries, for the interconnection of cooled flints in forests of Memento or Vademecun, to be erected on the megalithic plains, from where I come, rolling like a circular stone that moves the rocks of the World away from a near east, making some timorous and Asian oratics, I was able to get close to you Vernarth, who since the Neolithic I appear following you without giving up in the horticultural and in bovine frights. In this way, the water lilies and peduncles cordoned off the semoviente, full of thrones to conquer them, almost after having lost the calculations of the plasma that were being innovated from a Hetairoi by being reformulated from its incendiary essence, with such spasm being pardoned in the orbits of those who it the sustain themselves and wait for them bringing elaborate anonymous spare parts. Thus Wonthelimar spreads Greek fire over his golden breastplate, entering his transmigrated soul there, as fiduciaries of naphtha, sulfur, and ammonia in treats of previous and speculated oxygenated suitability that was transmitted in suffocating atmospheres by his deltoid when he detonated hatred in his eyelids.. His ***** inhibited signs of fear and hissing of freedom in fields of glory from a mythologized go diving between desolate flames of excretion, and throwing fuel that was not conceived of the same troubadour in the final redemption. (Among waters, minerals and ureas from the Hephaestus braze where dead proteins of cell warheads were stained, nitrogenizing acids that were from the common verb of Wonthelimar) ”.

The double V merged and intertwined forming an inverted double V, being the metric bulbar of Wonthelimar raising awareness of the upper and lower Vernarthian blocks, night falling towards a density of the same that moved raised on the north deck of the Eurydice ship, while everyone slept in the understand the "V" residing and originating from the annihilating biological duo of the immemorial of Vernarth and the Bumodos river, contemplating the suggestive salvage of sap after overcoming lymphomas in the battle of Gaugamela. Wonthelimar in tender loves misrepresented what he would achieve with his ****** healings next to the bold tributary, leaving in the vanguard and in starts from all the gigs that had condemned to Halicarnassus to be truncated next to infallible Canephores in disgrace to their executioners, branching all the branches of holm oaks of the articular of Wonthelimar that had been sheltering from the head, girdling itself in old debt collector and of souls in pain on the sleeping Nyons. The carriage perennially transshipped hesitant and unconscious individuals that the Falangists invited them to order, and spend the night shining in their Xifos in the bow with the inverted "V" to open up to the abundant exciting sea and find it in some Eden, being assembled in the primary kicks of an anonymous withdrawn, among all the cattle cooked with herbs that did not manage to sprout between one and the other.

The brawl is the symbiosis of the Megaron that exhibited the “M” united with the two inverted “Vs”, conceptualizing in Wonthelimar the vigil of early properties and phobias fragmenting in numerous odes in Thessaly, which were already re-agglutinating attracted from a patriarchal image from Hellas, under the pretext of Hellenistic consummations as a vocational institute race in primitives of Alexandrina Magnus, derived a few nautical miles to approach Patmos. The ship sailed across the sea, pre-conceptualizing the very universal being that revived in the Tracontero, looming out of all the waters like a nubile breaker that spoke to each other with words from Mageireméno Kefáli Votánon, "head cooked with herbs." Speaking in primitive alternate erudition and in tidal waves with more than twelve meters of territorial Argonauts making similar corvettes as the Gulf of Tarnetino, possessing distant and comparative sixty miles of the base that colonized Wonthelimar for new sources when encrypting in the Megaron. They persevere, captaining the Immature Polis that would be documented in Patmos, and in the town councils of the assemblage with ****** ceased battles, climbing towards a great cogitation height of the Megaron temple and the Theater of the Epidaurus, under the three darkness of the lilies bordering the Spilaion Apokalypseos.

In the hemicycle Theater of the Epidaurus, the stars worked for the nations of Asclepius together with Wonthelimar, thus healing emigrated musical sessions in palmistry and Parapsychology, where burdensome marks of interveners expectorated in vast impellers on the Koilones and in their softened and purged bleachers, from where each one was shouting towards all the winds and the advent of all the auditoriums absent by past and future generations, cheering lives in salvific voices, for those who cheer them with additional sheltered and attentive spectators from ultra-semicircular bleachers, not being on stage, better absent more than the actors of a drama to stay alive when they prowled towards the Diazoma, or corridor where all the spectators suffered from the same ordeal of Vernath's right arm and pectoral in decreasing lymphomas, in a greater capacity of incentive and saving grace. After this incident, Wonthelimar became a cause and effect of the Vernarth saga, but of transmigrated formality for the purpose of corresponding survival and of cellular restitution of what had died in him..., thus, everything would begin to be reborn towards a prop in a double aspect. The former commanders who were once his faithful servants would appear before this affront, to antagonize him and make him desist from joining as a Proceriato and Gigantum Form of the heroes of Gaugamela on Patmos.
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Gleam of Lochnith III
The politics after the remnants in the ragged serpents of Aerse flowed through the Cefiso, by way of a section of linking of clear and effulgence before an evident flash that enveloped him of being a cardinal priest of bucolic policies of all the nearby Athenian regions, towards vertiginous regressive parapsychology, like flahsback Elusino or Anadromí sto Parelthón Eleusia, where the visualizations between Aerse and Lochnith, happen by omniscent geopolitical induction of biofeedback that re-agency the inclinations of both, for the purpose of their geomorphological foundation and for the purpose of instituting them as evocation backbones of millennia, providing feedback and settling on prophecies from the 8th century BC. ., stop of the ends and interprocesses of eternality of the incognito mystery that began to be clarified with the reinvented personality of Aerse in amendment of Life and Expiration experienced with Lochnith in the month of Boedromión, fleeing from a federated Re-Polis that would unify dimensionality of substance and sacred space Eleusinian with lochnith nascent warmongering for the purpose of recruiting in the Hexagonal Primogeniture, for assistance and indissoluble ephemeris of edification and hegemony of the Megaron in Patmos. This thanks to the ragged serpents, but nesting hopes of gold in the nests that give priority to the dimensionalities of peers, which will be consolidated as a reality of rite and E-cloud flashback space, for the convenience of retro-future parapsychological memory, In economy of two blocks of resignation of the Sacred Space repealed, but in geomorphological consensus, for Military command jambs towards Vernarth, as a forged pulsing ***** of the sacred cult, in the mysterious nature and territorial domesticity to come from Aerse, for the purposes of the Agoras re-nucleating the metaphysical messengers that reinstitute the re-polis; but in a field of worship of E-Cloud, in civic and cyber-organic action, for those who virtually recognize the Ablution in the multidimensional of hands calling the unknown, but with ardent passion to receive him even while guarding against further vibrational mutations with the Faskéloma or exasperation of hands that move the indigo in occasional sub-vibrations, in the tendency of a parity of the Sacred Space of Gethsemane, in disaster of passing the aqueous levels of the Cephysus, in ordinal of presumptive of unreal and sub-unreal worlds.

The parapsychology of the Space of quadrilateral teas of absorption and of oratic emotional meditation lies here enshrined in Aerse molecules, which were still received by the substances intra-exposed and extra-gates of the body, experiencing an absolutely unprecedented phenomenon, towards an immune-spiritual transit, preserving eccentric radii of concentration of refurbished chromatic rays, in a field of mental daring towards another of unprecedented and electrogenic mental force that dissipated between Aerse and Eurydice, who came near the Coasts of Patmos, coming from theoretical planes between both metaphysically flowed for unions and restraint. The ebbs of their statics jumped, for simultaneity and bilocation, endo electro-Eleusines who went exorbitant to other rollers uncrossing in body margins that concelebrated the quantum crankshaft and fiber kindness in arresting inter-women, such as teleportation and rescue of rituals in scheduling and seasonal astrological forecasts.

Lochnith says: “in the proximity of mortuary reality, there will be no repair outside of our body of geography and of our losses and harvests or of lives in sub or supra quantum transit, blinding the eyes of unknown erudition, while our contraption is self- it obstructs in our interactions and electromagnetic sensory ones, paraphrasing itself in the remote-near wired of residuals and related electros-metaphysical, which becomes the nothingness of a post-ritual pre-sense whole "

The ligation of the arteries of the Cephysus, carried the emanations of Lochnith, to love him in a medicinal act, for beings devoid of physicality, on the way to spectra of healing, in a reparative pain of extra-corporal and bi-localized pain, among which they conform polarity in androecium and gynoecium as a unit of superior physical mental gender, towards an ectoplasmic regulated nervous world, by means of Vernarth's regression, lowering their blood pressure and increasing stationary red blood cells, and with secondary effects intertwining with Eurydice and Aerse, for outcomes in Vernarth, who came in the prow of the super wet ship, and with some fabrics from the stowage of the ship directing the relaxed but autonomous cerebral advance, which already dispersed dead cells from the right pectoral, for the military and syncretic affair with Lochnith, reinstalling targets globules that arose when it was dawn on the shores of Skalá in independent, peaceful and surrounded cohorts of phalanxes that accompanied him in minutes that seemed millennia, all succumbed to mind-body pessimism and telepathic prayer, which took place by glistening in trances of self-healing parapsychology that descended on them, in pure membrane novels in acts of merciful that made them thick in the flashes of falling weightless ultraviolet rays, separating between body and opinion, joining in psychosomatic networks, as chemical messengers in undefined subsequent receptor bodies of the bachkoi chemicals, which were already deficient for a compensatory universe of genres emerging in a disintegrated emotional quantum world, with a body increasingly reintegrated into a body made of unknown subjective material, but of physical material linked in the network to each other as a real whole, transforming into the greatest passionate refectory of flashes between the their own reinstalling themselves in their Super Egos.

In the Latest Minute Dogmate according to the rictus mortis thesis, the globules would move like a big explosion, interacting with everything, as starting everything from the beginning of nothing to the indivisible, in numbers of coincidence options for a whole, as a phenomenon of domesticity to align times, but with the probability of finding them in the vestige of real anomalous presences that occurred millions of light-years ago.

Aerse replies: "My admired one, the flash has a measure of the astral body, in the consciousness of spirit that underlies purgation in repeated souls measurable in the perfection of semblance and providential ****** questioned, re-transforming, distant and with disaffection, but contiguous healing. The smallest coherence in the fabulous Griffins that joined my imaginative component and in the ballast of his final departure, not aware of another unique being that can measure and augur him for an undivided trans-personal being. But I am already here, and I am your creation and I no longer know of other illusions of separating myself from this life, of what Eleusis is from a cosmic material that is and was in all time that speculatively passes, for the flash that you reflect if you it pales visible and not, but compact on our intertwined hearts"

As living organisms, various methods of life were postulated as an option in the right hand of Bing Bang, for the goods of those who are real close to real neuroscience puzzles, by way of resonant daring that will influence consanguinity, for volumes of blood releases, carriers of experiences and trans-evolutionary life of the emitter on the outskirts of a Parthenon, as well as in the genre of the world that associates ambiguities from anode to cathode, positive and negative for Hellenic parallelism and life adorned with roots and forage of everlasting vernacular inheritances. All electro-dermal from the Lochnith conglomerate was in total congruence with regressive Eleusian parapsychology propagating from the Vernarth portal, which was vaguely teleported by the river Cephysus, into living organisms that asserted Vernarth's native species originality and currents super life in euphemistic underworld of mysterious protocols.

As a reaction of mind-matter, the reluctance and support of entrainment in all perceptions, precognitions, telepathies, and forebodings, between this intrepid parapsychological adventure as cloister perpetuity in sensory interferences of the reality of the body and the reality of the omnipotent world, as menthe-matter explosive. Lochnith, was already the possessor of the hypnotic mental reincarnation formula, in the form of a neuroscience ship close to the apparitions of death using the later shoes in life purely in the baggage of sleepy ethereal meats and oracular meditation.
The more we learn about the laws that explain parapsychological phenomena, the more our vision of reality and fiction of something that begins to be the laurel of a psychokinetic true world will grow. Within the curvature and scarce light that already remained in the places of the Lochtian day, normality returned to them after this long journey of the parapsychological biosphere and intriguing contemplation, and even of tenuity and the frisky idea that can die suddenly, after self incubate in the invisible passage of coexistence and rupture of mystery in the medication of art lived with alien beings, for a prototype of a character who only knows that harvesting is consuming capital from the upheaval of a loss and non-profit of the incontrovertible paranormal-normal. What is paranormal and parapsychological in the plane of the posterity of life, is an act of calm coexistence in playful spirits compensating in the seclusion in the vaults of the dramatic and involutionary psychological past, if the material or cute (spiritual) is not dissected the train cosmic perception of duality and the concept of purging the spirit of living…, he lives in his seventh heaven.

The hypnosis of death and purgation for those who require a convoy of conscience continues to be a tiny space that physically transports and reverts to minimums that are neutralized in foreign bodies and foundlings as well, from a corporal depositary aedicule that is not his or the owner that He claims it (Vg aedicule of Joseph of Arimathea). The voices of people officiating the Eleusinian ritual were heard far beyond those who could merely hear them in memorable spaced therapies and recorded in interspersed layers of electro-acoustic sounds of the complex frequency serial of alarming regenerative life, in a moving celestial body. Continuous. Everything is transfused in the meditation of curved that revive in those who promote the perfection of marigolds, like buttercups that dress the clothes of Canephore like Aerse, but of psychic and ephemeral latent of the psychoactive psychic and ******-spiritual alchemical in ethereal entities that become more alchemical in unknown molecules.
Gleam  of Lochnith  III
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Lochnith Gleam II
Northwest of Athens, once lost in the polis of religiosity and pagan worship, Lochnith followed the shoulder to find her on the cliffs of the Acropolis, where they had lost each other, after two thousand years since Theodosius would repeal by decree the Eleusinian rituals. Of rejection and unprecedented glimpse, Aerse was reclusive in her excessive desire to eliminate herself, being for both an unreality because he had possessed her by the neck devoid of the omphalos, causing the avalanche of their bodies and souls towards where they would supposedly perch on him. divine and Dionysian eschatological path leading to the Diokitís of Vernarth, supposedly going to the derivation of a catastrophe in existential decline but immortal Vernarthian, being a rhythmic hemlock with his Aquenio, who carried him from his right chest, for any pretense of being triggered to the encounter of Persephone, without her or he knowing why Eleusinus festering with Lochnith and Aerse as a single concentric whole in quantum beings of the dodecahedron and octagonal by straight or transversal line, which slipped away in the hypotenuse where the serpents were implicitly conceived, leading to relapses when they went to Aerse and wound up in his Hypomorphic spelling and Magna Mater conclave Mistérica, under the organizational power of his ministerial redemptive slogan and bordering on the intricacies that arose in sub-genres of himself procreating exultation in Vernarth's analogues, which were prolonged in eschatological purges and disagreements of the cult objective that must twist from the gender womb, but in magnetism of positive polarization and in a plethora of tendency that would eternalize after the cessation of assets decreed by Theodosius.

Aerse eminently half-dead with Vernarth, was after the compromise of repolarizing what was semi-human splendid into semi-gods from a bi-gender, which coalesced in a retrograde regenerative cult, to achieve reflorals in all the springs of the world, where they could be seen with Persephone in a Finnis that distanced himself from the ultra-earthly towards a dowry of profusion and disproportionate wealth, but not categorized as a mystery, rather as an unknown of a super method when poking the lanterns where no luminescent reflection of Aerse could be found by Lochnith, after getting lost in the polychrome figures of the acrotera, lying in the watery nitrosities of their rift and steepness of the acro cliff.

Biotics will influence Systematic Eleusis, of supernaturalness for all hydrogenated active elements, as prebiotics of the unknown remnants of the great sepulcher of humanity, where the true hecatomb of July has to be raised and a hundred oxen arranged in the new beings of the transitional oasis. The meager will of the annals will multiply in millennia of obscurantism, leading Lochnith towards a late, but exciting management of harassing in the search for Aerse, in a clear exo-mystery, already in the jaws of a night shouted by the reefs of Demeter for those who know about Persephone...?, even though it is an inventive fallacy of the addicted spirit in the correlation of rite and lineage. Every night that he convalesces, he will look insomniac in the servile promise of divinity in a visage that is undressed in his winepress and the festival of Boedromion, towards the born corporal position of a hierophant who dies from this mold and in which he does not renew Boedromion himself.

The iconography of Aerse was reflected in majolica transfused in the Eleusinian streams when Aerse was seen walking from afar floating in the meadows of the knoll, where he set himself up as cryptography of the lost cycle of the cliff when he separated from Lochnith, being able to expose his treachery mythologically and truly transcending epic, relating to the treaty between Zeus, Hades, and Demeter, for the rescue of Persephone, and after being dented on the beginning of the arcane that arose from that amorphous symptomatology. Aerse carried the stripped-down serpents still on her body as if a divine wind had to seek her out so that they would come out by themselves and unguarded, through lost eyes and secret testimonies resting from anarchy from where there is and will not be an Archon or governor, who in rapt trouble improvise a second after the third parties that cause amazement to see you in a process that could not have it of cursed detection.

Aerse, beginning as a Canephore intruder, came to meet her Adonis Lochnith, after the excesses of the self-inferred hypotheses by following him at the command of the gnosis consciousness in her detailing the Kikeon that made her psychotropic ally pale, from the closure of mineral light that was devoured by the numinous portent of the Mashiach, in the presence of herself on dominical or relative to the numen manifesting in eternal powers, before the numinous presence in the hieratic, from a man who looked at her fatherly or in the crass profile of Damien Hessiano, plotting in colossal and fascinating stealth. Here she surrounds him but does not come close and falls out of love, as a dilemma and granting herself an initiation towards a portal of twelve lunar months in Eleusis, for cyclical years and births where they bounce back to meet in the childhood of pre-pubescent that made them known as Aerse and Lochnitt. Here in the greatest trance of life in both beginning, it surpassed all the twists of the gestated penumbra that separated them by shaking of pain and confusion, still being divergent remains of leftover and uncooked serpents of the escarpment of the acropolis, until a meeting of the astonishing divine fire, and libertarian in two martyrs' tenderness that is purely re-propelling them back towards a new end, and muddy shine in a found paradise where the sea unfolds by masculine conscience, and pious is ratified in each flash of a striate, and of rediscovered calculometry in pairs of loves divided by the pendulum of the one who will only unmask the one who drives him away in his dominant ******, and in the misguided space of hieratic seducing in molecules of celestial structures, and urban public and private lawsuits that have never been crude, nor in ablution of simile sacraments of pagan gods, nor everywhere or whatever their dismembered remains parading I know through the creeks of Cefiso.
Lochnith Gleam II
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Lochnith Gleam
In a lost paradise where the sea shrinks by feminine consciousness, compassionate re-election in each flash in a striated calculometry, before which it attracts magnanimously to represent them in each speaking light and lightning when represented where the queen judges the king in Consummatum Est, with little difference in culinary artis and the extremely dense genre that generates and does not degenerate. Here is the coriaceous aspect of bluish faskéloma or exasperation of hands that move the indigo in occasional sub-vibrations, melting into the lustrous mark of the sessile columns inconsistency of their flimsy receptive spread and the unexposed masculine consciousness, lacking in what subconsciously thrives in regular damp sparkles cooling imbibition... creeping by thousandths of enchanted parasitic and superior ego.

I wonder after a long way and from a sacrilegious Para-celestial science in Lochnith, who, what and where could have supported him in such a ****** and in such cervices rising in gravels and beams that make a whole for all Menthe ?, where the mystery goes when breaking into the seventh external love..., in glades of magenta lights, on ultraviolet relief rounding out..., here is where everything lulls from Eleusis adverb, where a consonant fires that suffocates in spite of Pseudo Vernarthiano, in what and where it will go without exception disrupting threads of hesitation, not leaving us in hybridization, more if returning from loaded Cibatus or barley in the northeast that flattened in ultra winter, blinded until its pouring glacial azuloid water in arrhythmic thickening of fast secrets, in thirds of vox to call you borderline in a pair of trios and symbols of the subsoil reborn and flashed from a lifetime sheathed in its plain course and ministerial concealment that departs like a shadow from the himself and the end of the world.

Striking where nothing germinates from dreams, I waited for thousands of those like Me with senses of Anthesterion or March, leading me towards an enigma not posed even if it is not clarified, even not resigning to love or stinking in the singular aborted and desolate uni-lunar, in venerable fulminations of his annoyance and the branch of the bakchoi, whistling for an Aulos that is remade generic when restarting from a day fasted, rebuked and rewarded in the emaciated hands of the Cibatus, like grasses lights polarizing and outgrown when recovering in resounding beginnings of the rhizomatous hue an aroma in super-machined life, and of the metallic oscillation of the ****** with fires and hyper-navigated rites in his aromatic and of the psychoactive fireworks in Lochnith, nauseating him at night in flowing enigma and rictus, glimpsing as he yearned to ritualize his graceful plumes in feasts that honored their Canephore by pouring mead into the psychic adept Bakchoi, revealing themselves as masculine on e the aquous feminine in a positive bed and of supra negative redemption, fading into sharp matter and its cared for, while the world in which it would live for more than forty-one stratagems of love was created, its eminent Truth being praised before me.

I myself... being your own tyranny..., who re-establishes who classifies him sacramental, is fixed in the palustrious lack of control of the barbarism of flashing, when I still pursue the darkness of my purging, still falling and not having where to do it, however falling into his final and in thunderous guilty glances... but..., what more public decree do I wish? for more rituals near you when feeling sharp minorities of the aftertaste, although in double life and in double shadow, your memory continues to spy on whoever denatures the paganism of Lochnith, more than a proselyte, more than a lien conceived in dethroned galleys of homeland and a dark haze. Meanwhile, of so many Omphalos of the micro center and of the micro ego distanced from mine, a lost and tarnished throne that hallucinates lost, knowing that it is a plausible sculpted flash subject to the gleaning of the Cibatus in a fraction of cereal and sacred ritual to illuminate in tables that have of dwelling all the times that they revive in the bright red and purple sky of the clairvoyant mystery debtor, seeing itself in revealed luminescence, which casts itself in ornate nickels and acid rales at midnight that falls on a positive particle devoid of yours returning towards mine, preparing himself in praise to flash that makes him pigeonhole in lame theory, fallacious and previously suggested after favors by not being reconverted. Lochnitt's capitulation and enchantment suffer in radiance towards his beloved, placing his phalanxes on the circle of angular waves on the milky virtual river of Eleusis caressing her face and her radiance.

Me Lochnitt, I was on the cliff with my Canephore Aerse, near his agrarian fatherly Athenian, I was going to say goodbye to the carelessness of myself, not being able to see myself in the reflection of the water separated from the ego and myself, knowing that Aerse would not choose to Me of Me, less to my Superior Ego. In Keri on the Island of Zakynthos, I synchronized the fall of Aeschylus in Léucade, which perhaps without my district that would insult me with reputation and snoop on suicides, on cliffs that only see nascent effigies of the bakchoi as a potion in life serials and cities of the incongruous space in dramas where an anti-drama does not fit in the hamper that carries my priestess Aerse, flying over acropolis structures, and not yielding as a deity that prophesies where the world in which she and I can inhabit does not fit.

Lochnith, jumped behind her when she was falling through the Frontispiece of the Acrotera..., She looked at him as he fell..., forbidding him to skew gestures to approach her, so as not to fall where the wind is softer and more virginal, intervening in saurian thought Pashkein, and entangling them with snakes in their hair in a heroic way and in the evanescent reckless temptation of their suitor, catching the Onpahlo that he wore tied to his neck, transferred and shining with didactics, before childish confinement of the adventures and flower shops of spring next to Persephone's ragged serpents in the Kashmar and floating lilies of Aerse, on cliffs and cliffs, possessing sedimentary dolomites that emanated through her veins before falling on the side of the escarpment, over waterfalls of prayers for her knowing that he would always love her in her arms, on a singular excavation and enchantment base, as she looked at him smiling before falling. In the last forty-one seconds in which he fell..., Lochnith passes from one end to the other the Onphalo of his neck, by a plume of lofty winged love imagining in the mediocrity of a positive bleeding love of the mystery flashing Eleusino, by the ***** game that took them as they fell from the outrage of a sovereign world, in series of images of Aerse and the prehensile sacrifice of Lochnitt's cold hand as they fell together among themselves, polarized and vivid as they plunged one another and towards them, Lochnith knowing that he was going to survive him..
Lochnith  Gleam  Methaphysic Alchemy
Parable Fourteen Donítikos: “fourteen vibrations were polarized in the dethronement of Vernarth towards his brother Etréstles, making filial gradation in the possible anti-filial conception of cult and death in whom one is suspended from one to the other under the condemning rhythm of past lives. It is typical of the facsimile of their own Cain-Abel genetic shadow, but of geographical and time-space gradation, which finally brings them together as consanguineous of the same Orbis Alius trunk. Dismissing the no and accessing them to a vibrational anti-Asur (as a healthy and creative mind in Genesis) as energy that manages to restructure itself in any homologation and way in the world of Asur as a son of Shem in Genesis..., as compared mythology and inter-generational, enlivening socio-parental metaphors, pronouncing in cohesion and enchantment of what happens in another similarity of gender or Mental field, staging the probability of a mental Sun that dies in a Super Man and this comes to free us from the bonds of existence and of the earthly plane not reflected in immanent and instance of Aeon, in geological and sidereal lives. The scrolls of this semi-myth, it is subsequent of pendulous scrolls in the arbitrations of our existence for thousands of years, linked to links and human characteristics of knowledge through meta-senses of emotionality and their comparative feeling. The intemperance compensation of matter between the anti-pivot and the life between the two refers to the simultaneous undividedness of each individualization, as a phenomenon lacking in hearing in winter and inclement periods. Here the roar of the retro involutions becomes cloistered in Menatira, daughter of Cránae Queen of Eleusis, Pro Eleusis like the fluff of respite burning both through the steppe of silence. Between them, dodecahedron on an octagon in each one, for each one interpolated in each area when Demeter was looking for his daughter Persephone.

“Etréstles metamorphosed so that Metanira would reunite them with the sub-mythology of their destinies and pre-conception of the elucubration of an abstract spell-breaking ending, which mingled with the element of fire in its irascibility, to await the next season in fourteen toasts followed by Ouzo, goods with intact and distant deities in the life-maturity oscillation, making it after the eleventh Ouzo, in determinism of life and autonomous substances of eternity, under the rude power of the one who has to compensate whoever it is. has Everything and he who will never have it. (Eternal life spell) "

a) Abundance of rain of erythrocytes, to quote the legacy of Bios as any deprivation of self-life, rather for those who yearn for it among a physical trifle alibi...

b) Psujé for Vernarth, "Because whoever wants to save the life of his soul, he will lose it." But he will restore her if he is saved by the muscle of his divine psychology. "

c) Zoé, “radiosity and refraction of etherization and taxation, more than a biological physical body, re-transformed into purging of the higher to the lower, multi-created, but in a Jesuit adjective and a consequent sphere of concatenation towards the plane of the Mashiach as holistic of the human cave ecstasy, in perennial marriage between heaven and earth Ad Aeternum "

(Procorus, self-irrigated with erythrocytes, to deliver them between both, and re-level the levels of erythrocytes of divine blood of the Mashiach, which expected to be re-founded in both brothers of the Vibrational in Fourteen Donítikos or Hellenic Vibrations, with the initial D in the lower ear left and the S in the upper right of the vibrational field of God's Tinnitus with his ears placed in his hands, and lead them by his ossicle and theirs, in the curvilinear snow that vibrates in what He only wants to make them Auscultate)
Parable Fourteen Donítikos
Parable Megaron Dodeká Spathiá: “Procorus perceptibly saw how the sky of Patmos was crossed by heavy metalloids of bronze, tin, and acrobalistics; for the cavalry of Kanti and his six Para Sinuses appeared who used to ride on the roof of the Megarons belling in the sounds of the acroteras. In these episodes, in twelve Swords that multiplied in advance by thousands, before the Megaron began to be built. In relevant and virtual dimensions, foundation lines, acrostics of Thessalian steeds on their palfrey, mounted Polish Winged Hussars, carrying twelve armor wings with twelve horsemen, adjoining the halo of heavy cavalry in Katyn, being abducted by a circum-regressive parapsychological Ellipsis of the 1939 event in Poland. Each rider was skewered in blood with golden wing feathers. In each of their hands, they carried the curved sword Szabla, to conceal the tacit target of oppressors and musketeer intruders from the armory hearth of the hypothetical-unknown enemy but if outsider, assaulting the flanks of the rooftops in the Virtual Megaron of Patmos, using Kopias or pikes that schemed on the impulses of deadly resistance and betrayed ancestry. On the roof that pointed to the southwest, the light of Orion was reflected by aerial forms of the Orpheum in the Aegean, riding on the high seas with the Exvotos or offerings of Cyclamen and Red Poppies, looming in majesty and in their nomadic obtuse compass of the Rapsodas Orpheming epic elegies, of those venerable and revived triumphs that were stretched out on the banner of glory and on the bed of epiphany.

Rapsoda proclaims like this: “In Katyn Wings of Golden Wood and Red Poppy, they adorned themselves with Bellis Perennis in twelve thousand rags, in our steppes harassing their wailing in blood wars, framed in large sections on the thresholds of the threshold of their mounted war. There were twelve thousand red poppies burning on the executory pilaster near Smolensk"

How much there is to be fed up in the Polish cavalry of the seventeenth century, that, upon glimpsing of barbarous sounds, the temple approached the altar of the Virtual Megaron, shining in acquiescent ceremoniality and counter-revolution of bloodless aristocracy in needy portals-living and mortals- living creatures, who posed in the rear of twelve thousand slain officers in Katyn Forest, like gentle medieval men in the contemporary untimely invasion. Here, in this place, the winged horsemen, snorted were by fate when they were sacrificed, like steel cushions galloping on their heads and sheltered by brotherhoods of Hussars that protected them with their lion and tiger breastplates with deterred claws.

Procorus, observed in the virtuous imaginography as medieval winged specimens, protected the frontispiece of the Megaron, in a battered super existence and trance of historical architectural pavement. Here on Patmian soil, each of the officers who was assisted by each Polish cuirassier of the 17th century with fierce wings, they were making them agonize with honor and glory, with those similar twice right there in their likeness, with interwoven discrepant blood fogging and executing apocryphal witnesses who covered their faces, overflowing evasion and delays of bodies stained with mourning and grief, in quilts of red poppies scattered and bordering a naive disarmed forest. On exalted memorandums and with secret cries of Adrastea procreating with the nymphs of her kind, they drowned the cry of cuirassiers like Didaskein, before sobbing on their topic, but of Pashkein in the foliage of the putrid hopes, of those who beat them for the back, in analogous vexation to Katyn's heroes. Here neither Crones nor Mother Rea heard them, only Adrastea prevented the cries of the men-children who were atoned for their backs; unburden them of the foliage of the Didaskein-Pashkien, in tears of solid mercury. Kanti's steeds rise up, carrying them the curved Zsabla sabers, before each is shot in the head, in the manner of twelve thousand Winged Horsemen caught in each Zsabla. These sacrificed them before they were killed at the waist of their head, not being expired by bullets, rather by sabers of honor and glory of their own winged protectors that would lead them by sharp weapons towards the holocaust of the Mashiach surrounded by red poppies.

“The red and fiery mist of the forest led the souls of the Hussars to pass through the sabers of their compatriots before they were slain by the Soviets, so their apostolate souls will be catechized by Zsablas of air stained of Red Poppies turned into the air of respite from the heroes of Katyn Forest, redeemed by the Golden-Winged Horsemen of the 17th Century ”

(Procorus in the immensity of the voices and epithets that were heard and differed in the volatile and explosive sabers metals, at present they were extinguished in their crooked breastplates and in their Polish beings, in the rear that finally Procorus settled them in warps of immaculate habit, suspended in twelve thousand Red Poppies crossed by their forehead, before being shot in the cortex and occipital lobe, forging themselves in the golden sabers and of transvestite cenobites who received them in their arms in the sublime stench of the effluvium of their blood and their hosts, never left and desisted of the bubbling by the figures of the acroteras near the Megaron, idem in the same Katyn Forest, surrounded in a string of the Rosary that was splendid in Procorus prohibiting them)
Parable Megarón Dodeka Spathiá
Parable Ad Libitum Ex Varna: “In the lower and higher, a certain anti-demonological air carried a Keri towards the sails of the Procorus rituals, extending the Eurydice ship that came from Rhodes. He had on the floor of his cell some branches of Tamarisks, like Tarayes that vanished due to their quality when they expired in his own monk's feet and became perennial in his Oikodomeo, to raise with the Taray the re-transformation essences of the lexeme of greenness conventional in Patmos, being very deflowered in periods with high tempers, only with some secretions in which Procorus felt adventitious of its reflowering, from there and then in the anemophilous advantages of the winds released from the belly in sedimentary veins of Rhodes. In its alchemical anemophilia or movement of the inseminating winds, the subtle soil vanished with the force of the Lion of Sulfur that derived from the Cinnabar, and with the Anemoi wind that was impregnated in the capsules of the Tamarisk, under the feet of the acolyte. In the aquifer of the groundwater phreatic layer on Patmos, remnants were scattered so that in Pro Nobis they lay their demonologies, sponsoring Persian magics of the Post-Gaugamela Lid, I get in the Ex Varna with re-transfigured iridescence on Mount Tabor.

Procorus says: “This Tamarix or Tamarisk, has poured the limits of our Oikodomeo, to retain the surface plate and reuse it in absorbing the fire under my feet, compelling them to readjust under the igneous soil concentrated in the cinnabar residue, carrying the dermal prototype towards the saturated bottom of the salt larvae, which imposed themselves on the bruised beam of their skill, in some bundles of Tamarisks, showing themselves innocuous in the cloister imagination and right here asphyxiated by some Chaldean tribes, who felt themselves from the stand of illusionism of the Ex Varna ”.

In the compaction of this epic hyper fantasy in that instant, the dedication of the Gift was born to interpret the subtlety of two-dimensional variety that would seem until now, under the layers that were contaminated out of nowhere, by the mere fact of the whim of the augur momentum, which is finally restricted in the morphism of the Katapausis and the chamber of San Juan Apostle, being finally supported by layers and shawls of subterranean aqueous filters, towards a restructuring of the Euclidean plane and towards the vicinity of the plantar pedestrian zones of Procorus that were three-dimensional already in the construction of the Oikodomeo, for the foundation of the Náos or temple, which would be triggered when the Hexagonal Progeny arrived to build the Vernarthian temple with gifts of multi-purgatory construction, for the Oikos in Abode of the social unit of Aquarian spirits or Aqua that is terminated at the end of Capricorn dehorned. In mutual edifying peace and between both zodiacal proximities of the Oikodom, here every day spectra purged and rubbed each other in the archetype of the Megaron, which was intended to give in oblations and votive connections in the massages that the spirits of the Vernarthian universe gave them in their spiritual mortar, reconverted in their eternal fight to live in friction and in the brown partitions of the Megaron bloodless to inaugurate it as a solid bulwark, in the weak regions of the Hetairoi that cellularly snatches vitality co-energized in their extremities, of total imbalance and of bumpy patrons maneuvered on their feet crawling towards the karmic Saetas of Velos Toxeumas and Dorus unscathed. But feverish and threatening their integrity, when they fell and stepped on the Euclidean edge, opening from the designs of the Hellenic palfrey, becoming parametric in the paranasal of Kanti and their neighborhood spatiality in the Parthenon of Fidas, with Ikríomas or scaffolding that made them collapse of its coordinates with Mamdilaria and Agiogitiko wine baths on the Vernarthian body between the columnar of its Sabines and of the Greek colonies of Lacedaemonians of the 4th century BC. C., already entering into borders of synchronicity from the Erechtheion, falling from the Caelum, near all his teachers who helped him install the final tiles of the temple, next to them drunk with Nepenthe, by nozzles of intense rain of vine in the silent afternoon of the Inter-Cosmos of Athena, Handing them the poison of Velos Toxeumas, a priori... and before attacking any skin that wants to revive itself in the inoculated Vernarthian dreams.

(Procorus, manifested himself solidly in his solitude when he saw that Lacedaemonians and beings of the night accompanied him, in contrast to the dark light that allowed him with a single chandelier to expand more inaccessible in the semiglyphs and in the grooves of the Megaron, which glowed synarchically. in the plans of the new Monastery of Saint John the Theologian)
Parable Ad Libitum Ex Varna
Parable Hippeis above the eared: “Kanti; Hussar of aristocratic steeds, being from Crete, he was broken down from the servants as a possession of the globalized high lineage of Thessaly and Argolis. In the front Paraseno of him; He ruminated on the psychic frontality of not being defeated by the mere fact of being defeated as an extension of his defenselessness as if stating what he was not capable of winning in what he defeats a Hippeis when he has greater stoicism than I love him of the owner. Therefore he was destined from the Krepis or Crepidorma to the number of Gold or Golden. Dividing from all the other paranasal sinuses, by less than the base of the skull of it by the length and factorized by Pi ()

In the sphenopalatine Paraseno of him; the outer colonnade, in equilibrium and eurythmy or harmony, was provided in the order, optical correction and rational geometric construction, with the parameters of the Parthenon as the spheno ganglion of the ribs of the Peripteral Octásyle, which surround the colonnades of the expiration frieze, exhaling Zeus for vibrational anti-seismic integuments and neighs of the Hippeis, like Kanti exorbitant and convulsed.

In his Maxillary Paradise; subdued in the architrave of the lower part of the entablature that rests directly on the columns. Its structure functioned in its serving lintel, to transmit the weight of the roof towards the columns, and duplicate the basalities of the pontificate of the Samarians horsemen of Orondel

In the parasene dorsal turbinate; in a Metope, it occupies part of the frieze where the Doric entablature of its classical building would rest, located between two triglyphs. As a metope decorated with bas-reliefs, on the taboo cliffs of Samaria and its horses in the neatness of Hippeis blood.

Middle Paraseno; in the Stylobate, towards the upper step on which the temple rests, it will be part of the Crepidoma: on a stepped platform that raises the building above the ground level to give it enhancement and greater presence. As a middle echelon to the majors of the final grand echelon towards the Koelum, which unites them in its golden horsetails like blood-green horsetails.

Of the Ventral Paraseno; In the Opisthodomos, as a distinct space located at the back of the temple, the special vestal element is attached together with the Pronaos (or portico) and the Naos (or sanctuary). Here they take refuge for the snout and their cheeks, full of Pleiades evading the hunter of Oarion, each one decreed steeds of Crete and Samaria, which shine the transition of the oceanic foam that runs naturally in high tides, and in the exalted pause and erogenous, tempting an Aphroditism.

And finally, the super Paraseno or Chamber of the Canephore, ruling and ruling the priestesses of Baal with the steeds of Orondel, for the purpose of sacrificing the sacred courtesans with their hooves that were sacred in Stylobate, which was esoterically diffused. Pro the Canephores reigned alongside the Vestals, for dichotomous bustle with Hestia between fires and bonfires, which will pour out the mysteries of Eleusis.

They had their six Parasenos separated from their septum, de numen that in other castes they gifted the hubbub that came from Samaria in the reign of Israel, being a Hippeis of the Elite Greek cavalry. Of the farms of this region, one hundred years after the Syrian ******* in this same analog, Kanti was destined in the drafts in the pastures for agricultural work, attached to all the Philistine plains. A plethora of exuberance with liters of the pinkish vine, which, in the face of the long-awaited of some, plucked from branches by the snouts and sulfur of the Cinnabar, already entrenched in the presses and in combat of implicit rows of vines burnished by the thickness of its sulfurous secretion, opting for the lush, grassy tapestry.

In Thessaly, Kanti stood out with his supremacy of water seed, which raised surplus rain when the Mediterranean droughts rocked them from the gargoyles on their similar steeds. In the sagittal of his hoof, under the "U" all the Hippeis of Thessaly were marked with the Vox of ππεῖς, but not those of Samaria, they planted their fourth ends on the ground in the Deuteronomium; “He became passionate about the lovers of him, whose meat is like the meat of donkeys and whose flow is like the flow of horses. Thus you longed for the lust of your youth, when the Egyptians felt your breast, caressing the ******* of your youth”. Following this way Kanti with his chronicles warned that in their limitations and privileges, they did not excavate the selected strings of vines when he had to loosen their hooves, which were made of fire and steel from the bars of Hephaestus, by order of Etréstles, who relaxed from the agrazones, letting the sweet potatoes of their grafted plants levitate towards the clouds, which burst those esplanades in hydrometeors of tested sweat on their thick legs browsed by the song of their prayers and their thorns that broke their spiky washdown, fighting a duel in the cumulonimbus, which lavished care in which they settled before the eyes of the Hippeis foeman’s, where the vines did not ferment like the wine that does not have a vent and that makes them burst in new wineskins. This is how he triggers the patience of the gifted steeds of Samaria, towards new winemakers who would receive him for a grape harvester, who would carry other species of olives for a new millennium.

The credibility deposits did everything on their millennial steeds and genetics, to be more efficient and fruitful, for all the things that Kanti did not step on at the same time in all the Cyclades, Dodecanese and Messolonghi as Hippeis of Thessaly, but if from the Orondel perspective; which was the duplicate of Kanti Samaritan, holding in times the weight that it will bear together, in tons and in more than a thousand oil presses that exceed what his body mechanizes as horsepower, thus being able to lighten in the prunings of other regencies, which do not shake or shake the branches above Zeus's cups and his grind that does not expectorate or pulverize the best without its terrace.

Here where the trees used to grow, they grow in the orchard on the outskirts of the town, Kanti frees all the steeds of Samaria with their gravel on their rubberized hoof, mining the lands of the kings and digging the valuable napas more than all the heritage of the fruit trees, more than in a fifth year together with all the seas, to make them those that are in other uncircumcised ones, for the reward of those who hide from early taming and their spiky work. The gleaned in Thessaly were of forks that in the same cereals were gleaned from those that stopped feeding and mounted on a fable of grass of a rustic sewer and in the fallow farm laborers. The spikes did not fall, the Hippeis with Kanti gathered them with their limbs, legs, in the provinces of harvests dragged in sheaves of the Corsicans and their censers of Epha, like a gold rope and incense of Sheba, who thus brought expansion to Judah and praise to Yahweh. Epha describes the land where the dromedaries come to Israel: "A multitude of camels will cover you, the young camels of Midian and Epha." Kanti lashes out with the Hippeis imprisoned in Midianite lands, before being subdued and not released as new leaders of the Incense Route in the spurge beds of Bethlehem, with delicious practices inherited from Ruth, reaping barley, oats, and wheat in the same stampede of the Hippeis commanded by Kanti, beating barley, in which an Epha cultivated the Firstborn of Grasses of Thessaly "

(Procorus said: “in the defeat of the Persians by the Greeks, in the naval battle of Salamis, in 480 BC, marked the beginning of the decline of the Phoenicians' maritime trade, here the East was totally extinguished when Alexander the Great took Tire in 332 BC, incorporating Phenicia into the Hellenistic Greek world. All the knights that were from Thessaly were the entire lineage of Hippeis de Kanti, with Samaria germs from Chambers of Canephores)
Parable Hippeis above the Eared
Feb 3 · 425
Christoúgenna Parable
Christoúgenna parable: “from the third tusk that remained behind the underside of the Bedouin of the seventh dream, Mariah's nativity path is touched, hearing in the sieve ears of the dried fruit of the Achenium in the hemlock, near her mother Hanna who always tease the bird visions feeding Mariah's fertility. Hanna's progenitor slipped into the third parchment, being a fruit of infertile destiny not being a dried fruit, but rather of his lord that in a female a male will be born and that he will resurrect healing adjacent patients in the neo-testamentary and in his biblical canon, in seventy-three keys of the old testament that will be used to open a new crown ”. The Bedouin wrote with the drops of the sea that exuded from the compendium of Stella Maris, while this nomad brought them closer to a son in their fellow men and in the plurality of individuals, expanding on the announcement of an unborn son acclaimed Jesus.

They ran the lines of the nativity and in it would rest the arms of his father of Mariah; Yhoyaqim in memory of predecessor Imram as Hanna's father. He had wine for two in their wineskins, and in the nuptiality of carnality, for more siblings of a betrothal and of only one unpolluted and not carnal, full of Gratia Plena, as a factual verb in the Vulgate or Hebrew Bible for the purpose of whom He writes like Jerome of Stridon or just like a Bedouin with the tooth of a viper in a holy narrative of the matzo and its annunciation in its sixth month.

The Bedouin continues: “Mariah was born to engender the grace that nothing disturbs in the majesty of her heart…, it will take me a while to reach your nativity, but here I have to be before the reactions of going where my desires that cut through the impulsiveness of arriving now more than ever to Mariah's birth of the only child. Here in the foggy Judean night with the fathoms of the bush and stone substitutes, clay with mother-metal on the vegetable fibers that I carry in my donkeys. I will come to finish and rub the planks and crossbars that will support our new home in conifers of cypress and fir, up to the beams and balustrades of his coming. Cedar antisepsis and its aromatics will fill you up on arrival with cypress resin to caulk the Capernaum vessels that will ship you by the Aramaic word. Do not die waiting for me with the door open, where I will wash your feet with the gold of Ophir, which on the laden ***** of my donkeys I will carry natron to whiten the fabrics of its dressing, among any scented and refined lyes of light. With beryl, topaz, and ruby I will also seal the footsteps that reach her as far as her mother Hanna, I will continue to happen among the mystery of Simún that includes me in her life project, I am Imram, Hanna's father, and grandfather of this precious gem, who between acts they stand in the concession of his body-soul and mother-son as a venerable spirit, as anticipation more than a life of pain, joy, and martyrdom, piercing the soul to whoever disintegrates the desert of silica with blood in the prophecies of Simeon "

While the immaculate is adorned with flowers and oracles of ovation, Imram's shepherding bequeaths us in the vicinity of Nazareth, in all things that have their order and more than others must be prescribed for the births of those who fly the spiritual cities, which in itself brings us with its placenta. Mariah in her nature constitutes the first fractal of light of the One-Dimensional Beams, where she is born doubly into a body of peace and a prized winged spirit. Knowing that her sacred breaths do not become full or in twentieth dawn of the topaz nor less of the ruby, in which no sunset dies of all the venerable benefits that are born with God, nor before the visit to her cousin Elizabeth and in her Magnificat, nor less in a resentment in twelve years of his son already put on a tree, from the very dialogues of a son with a father, leaving them as patriarchs, before the convenience of engaging in the tasks of his father, being the son of his chosen Mariah, and that in the womb of his mother Hanna there was no one to whom it would not be, not even when his son Jesus told him in units of his father that he did not understand, in the naivety of the flesh made of the divine verb and in the existence of the mediate mystery.

The Bedouin continues: “as gospel, I have transcended my paternity beyond the ministry of the relief of virginity of the maternal conscience of a divine son, but of resolution of the word from mother to son, still not understanding him…, but speaking for generations that they will never remove the word of God and his mystery from my soul. I will always be a Bedouin of Galilee, as in the amount of Simún and in the values of the disciples who are also my children of the fertility of a woman in all living beings, as a family line that is born from the ruins of Eve, to be reborn in the beginning of the clamorous genesis of Mariah "

Imram, visibly exhausted, traveled in the row of Simún, which was endowed with a being that creator of everything, as a spirit that engenders family love to reunite them at the nativity of his descendant, always with the existence that embodies the infinite ***** of the star. that skewed and guided him, taking out the entrails of the universe that did not fit in the world, to lead them in the exploits of an orthodox nihilism, to protect with their heralds and sustain them from such motherhood, in the de facto conception and mother-granddaughter, preceded by the archangels who guard everything until their appendages are lost in the confines that have no consummation. Before the holy dormancy of the fire of love, ramshackle yielded by the rosary and the Simun, where promontory praises are noticed about the good adventure of a perennial nativity, from those hours that continue to be subjects for the times of time as the immortal reign of the centuries, and the apostolates sponsoring their worthy catechesis in their filial course, from reverend mother in evident assumption taking him away from his sufferings.

Imram continues: “Wine for servants and kings, in a chalice for one, in a family that does not skimp on glasses to include, for more brothers to offer to have them closer than writing with other literary legions warned, rather alive in canon lines from the bible, in perpetuity as an existential ****** of an advent community, which is nothing more than a Christmas sermon, for it came in two being born into a mother and child, in the seventh dream and in its Christmas tirade. I will run closer to where I will be able to fall outside the walls of his holy house, to bring him all my offerings, for a very purified mother, who smells of roses and lilies adorning herself with cousin gifts from God, in the dispute of venerating him without time or saves opportune works of formerly bad deeds, but because of an urgent visit that I compensate at the end of intention and murmur, like his Messiah, only twelve years old, rising from the cliffs and also from the Apsid, avoiding the discursive center in the masses of his assumption, lining traces and returns from a crown like a dying star king, with a fearful stain in the vicinity of perihelion and as proximity to its orbital of Faith. "

His aphelion is more distant from a greater lost lot, always luminous in the night to reach the lap of the nativity of Nazareth, in an eternal dream that makes us be welcomed and transfigured by Mariah, in cosmopolitan frequency, in the liberations from herself. apotheosis, and those that deprivatize the internal idylls of a son and his wasted mother, only leaving us in the middle of a desert and their gifts separated, between points where it is intended to arrive by offering the doctrine in its sacramental figure, and manifesting its supernatural presence in melted nascent sheets and eternity that flees down from its equivalent marquee, becoming carved from the One-dimensional Beams..., being first-born, mother and multi-believer in the same hope and in the halo of Holiness of John within his wood and within his Nazarene halo.
Christoúgenna Parable
Feb 1 · 423
Parable Gerákipolis
Parable Gerákipolis: “Some Athenian Falcons streaked the harps of King David that had to be triangulated with Patmos from some evening buntings, to assign them to a Gerákis that flew ready from Athens to Patmos. Before leaving the temple of his maiden nurse; she muttered apothegms of some Tetraktys to her, combining the sums and values ​​of the first four goods of her entrusted bird, relating to the identical values ​​of her Adonis, who always muttered at her and clumsily delayed words that she wanted to mention to her before going to the campaign. war saying: "Three campaigns, plus two relays and a short stay outside the courts, I will dare desecrate the six times that I swore to tell Athena that no more than once I would regret receiving her entourages, but only two will be fruitful in the third day I went repeatedly to look for him, without profit, only forming doubts in the return and return in the clutches of my Gerákis that smelled of harps with essences and fables of fortune, that incomings and goings formed plasmas of the Tetraktys, doing the Venusian geometry in the magnitude of the face of my Gerákipolis, becoming a landowner between two straight lines, and then with more points to offer it between the solid forms of its Falangist Hetairoi, right there, there solidifying, defenseless and willful in his inventive poetry "

The pretensions exuded in femininity flew, still with her bephos ruby ​​lips cracked from so much uttering fearful lines, which made her diligent sirens and cyclamen emerge, in contiguous instinctive premonitions of falconry and of her supported Gerákis. The hawk arrived at the buttress shutter with his ungainly temper, leaving his missive on his marble stool, he withdrew and when he was just about to go to his almería to stalk, he observed that another glowing Gerákis was coming in the opposite direction, with his red claws, and on his neck, he wore a missive for the beloved maiden. Then he observes that the hawk rises against the dive, emitting happy yells to the sky that was filled with celestial bouquets of cyclamen swooping down to leave the court, in whose defiance it finely said "it will not be easy to leave you, I am Hetairoi and I bring the stigma of Xyston and his left arm, billing the other tusk of the viper, with the signs of two apothegmatic wastelands that say that nothing will ever separate us ”. The other Gerákis watched everything from afar, seeing that his, another alien to him, fell from great elevation and plummeting, with great prosperity spreading in his Falconiade gene catalog, missioning as an angel so that his yelling would never end.

(Procorus, understood from afar that in his hands they still followed the marks of the Gerákis, which gave him more stories of snakes' fangs, from which two stories emanated from the same one, but from a secondary protagonist for potions of whoever wants to end up adorning themselves in his floating love, and in the hemlock of a vile antagonist, with his dried fruit Aquenio of neology and love that opens even if it is inflated in the bladder of all the loves that lose the filtered blood of the bleeding gods)
Parable Gerákipolis
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Parable Dying with God
Parable Dying with God: “In the seventh year BC, a Bedouin was going through the desert of the rabbinical princes, this man was going with his beard of a scribe or rabbi hurrying him, consequently and obtaining a doctorate in the law of the flock with camel hair that strangled by the neck and marked him with a thick and contoured baldric, for the first manly minutes of his vocal settlement that invited him to fully insert himself in Judea, in the Holy Spirit and in the fire of two Glasses of Vine, before two heralds and Masters who carried in their hands a silver dressing table, with kites of Abraham's vines, and which also hung from his back in gutted viper hides, shaking with proselytes that unclamped more life from a root and from the angelic tree. When he approached with a ceremonial formalism, the Bedouin focused between them, in the universe that separated them from the fangs of the vipers that surrounded him from the outburst of their fangs that he smeared with ink and litmus to write again to his family that in the vicinity awaited him. In case he did not arrive before the sixth day of the birth of Mariah of Nazareth, saying in his epistle: “Pretended and worthy tree of my family, I reveal to you a few days after my arrival in Nazareth, that I carry with me a good flock and vines that they are scattered in his Phylakterion, in two wineskins that supported following my epistle - continue with a pistol…; “Between the offense of my past lives and how not to separate myself from the water that still flows under it, I manifest miracles before my disciples, breaths, and before the rite of writing to them between two sitting next to me in the middle of the desert, to toast in two wineskins with wine and sticky fats drained from the Mezuzá, to then sit in front of you, in the distance of my arm that is not greater than the hand that separates from my wrist, and she herself from my elbow, telling them that in the saddlebags in my pantry, I carry the custody of two heads of crows that flee from the prejudiced pitchfork of my flock, separating the litter that splashes in my mouth with sieves and appropriates, with grains and wines that the fire will never extinguish "

Knowing that the heralds who accompanied him saw how they were exalted from the rancor of overseas and their designs, they became monarchical in their adherence by protecting them from where they were, without knowing if they were with their family, but if they were paralyzed by an idolatry of the sun and his fever in the ordinance of the Bedouin genre.

It continues: “with an irregular viper's tooth I write my feelings to you, as in daring baptismal purification of water that runs through the grains of the sands without evaporating, only in the cushion of Wine between Two, which I support with my heralds and their intricate gargles, with humility among them, shouting the ardor of the dove that will come from heaven with its holy solitude, individualized in the beings of the straying of the truth... "

Impelled by his epistle, the Bedouin absorbed himself from the beasts of the sunset and his communal patronage in other Bedouins who sat in their alleys through the desert, from other quarantines of wine and prayer, that tormented their thirst and hunger, before the surviving limb of devouring children who will never die for others who will satisfy their appetite, to control thirst and hunger, in bodies that will never feel it.

The Bedouin continues; "As the birthright of food in the bread and wine, during long episodes, I have separated from you. Today I proclaim myself in eternal patriarchy for the kinship of purging in this life, and their abstinence from death, mother and children will be seated on my right and my flock on the left, merging with the remains of the right hand...; in the anguish of my flesh, which cannot shine in yours, to supply them with miracles, isolation, and constraints of the attribute of a God-Man in the hoarse opening of the night "

After gathering the ink from the viper's fang…, he raised his arm that dripped the same other sooty serum, which differed from the smiling night to warm him with sweetness from what remained to write. Perhaps it would be Dying with God, prevented by himself that he did not do it in a hundred or a millennium where he declared the independence of a spirit, or in another faculty that provides extra-personal satisfaction of flushing on the battlements that awaited him to make crows and doves rest, and in all the lapses that do not speak of another chance that is not his own figure of breath, knocking on the gates of heaven to extend his prayers in existence and his sacred appointment with the most illustrious mystique.

The Bedouin continues “neither hunger nor thirst I will entrust to whoever does not know how to guide my flock, less the guardian who does not pick me up from stumbling from the empty desert that hurts and cuts more to whoever wants to be rescued from the pillars of the chandelier. I cannot resist your opinion, but I know that they are far from doing it, as father and son in golden graves with doctrines of name, before my superiors desire to catch on from some capes in Jordan, prompting the temptation to run between fires and mists of black prodigy and to die with God in the dry grass of the Lily "

Before the sophistry of probabilities from a quantum of the desert, this same one contracted and invigorated his ring finger to finish the lines that separated him from oblivion by his divine wine, which remained in his wineskin and then finished it together with his heralds, which They solemnly outsourced themselves to take them with the strength of the Simun that evaporated from the sweat and the suspension of the silica that suffocated them, rising swiftly for a third Wine proposal between two, inciting themselves in the power of their plenaries and the herds that they carried to their children minors.

The insolence of the person who called himself or named himself did not possess the incarnate verb that made him release the viper's tusk from his right hand, pre-existing elegies that held him in servitude, suffocating in the dark clouds, pointed out by the lamps that held him. from Aorion, as part of a gaunt progeny of immortal spirit. In this unthinkable way, the Simun withdrew absorbed, taking the viper and its inked tusk of speculation and triumphant apocalypse, to some corners of some prostitutes who were undermined in the keys of the redeemer's free will, depriving themselves before all who remained in the shin guards of man, and what is vulnerable from head to toe. The Bedouin, forcing himself to reconcile, jumps on the little blade of the Simun and climbs on it, to go after the viper's tusk, burning with courage in the ministry of temptation and the epistle that sinned before his eyes wanting to rewrite himself, to revive in it and leave aside the razors that circumcise the urgency and disobedience, on the hair of the camels that went with him, the honey that was in his head next to his hands that had stowed it, with some bees full of holy water feeding on temptations in which they have to flourish and in the hives of derision that were hung saying to him save yourself "

(Procorus was forced to deal with the battlements of the Bedouin station that wanted to continue in him, but determined to take the place of his consort, to finish drinking the wine of two and to help him Die with God)
Parable Dying with God
Parable of the Seventh Dream: "Dreaming of Procorus in one night, in seven dreams from which he had risen, escorted by corporate forms to his entity and dichotomy, delirium between dreams that supported him from some naive cords in their candles, when they were almost extinguished in submission majolica. Thus inaugurated the flow of the Oneiro Greek dream, in a sanctuary of scope that refrained from rooting it from ballasts of human practices that were transmitted from Delphi, the birds flew ringed from their legs with the traverse of the sailors of Skalá, and with sacrificed deities in forms of prophetic reparations. More than seventh desires and tears to verify, more than an eager ardor to let him enter with the birds and insects that wanted to discard the subsisted dreams, each night like the one who sustained them under three-winged beings on the deck of the Iustitia and Eunomia, "Justice and Economy", in which they were accentuated more extensively in the places of those nights of converted hallucinated visions..., that compiled sexuality of words that lavished cells in their own appeal, for advances of obfuscation and between-dreams that were fertilized between yes, retro feeding on unwanted daydreams.

Raeder, appears covered in washed-out colored amphibians with his pelican Petrobus, right in the monastery's electrical discharges, they devoid and null in effect before their inter-cells, of which only compressed air entered them. They used to manifest fecundities of species without being pre-fertilized of the gamete gene, not loading them with empty chromosomes, neither in the previous hymn, nor joyful dirge by the temple of Aphrodite in Megara. With the first two dreams (Peithó), the persuasion of the Mashiach was magnified primitively among all, with the wheels of existence turning in their garlands with the (Paregoron) of undivided consolations for preconceived territories, of (Himeros) in ******-neophyte anxieties that they were refounded with the trio-reveries of the foothills of Mount Latmos, divided into three segments, to finally rush into the longings (Pothós) that differed from their own names in each entelechy, in beneficial moral props and not, but in the face of a defining ploy, alongside Aphrodite and Megara's siege.

Of all the dreams that were transformed into other dreams, and that did not bloom stained or embryonated, they were absolutists in identical cloning and with the disdain of sleepiness that became guests of third parties, such as early development and parasitic mysticism, creating sixty-four instars. unfertilized in the bundle of their ethics results, to be delivered to Raeder, to be transferred to Vernarth's receptacle. Having in their interior amphibians and resident birds of the new auroras, they opened towards the sky in sixty-four calls from the new vital assistance. Procorus awake after seven dreams, each time he went with more splendor and temperance in pro-art ogival devices, which were lightened in the tips of his semi-awake fingers, and in the recondite count that was presented with clovers of maximum sublimated power between healed rales lacones, from a nucleus and its greatest pleas over-cloning one after another in quantum rhythm, after the dreamlike and somatic fantasies of the cycloid thirds of normality, protected by illusions of animal consciousness that were perfected by ultra harmony..., attached to Procorus.

(Procorus awoke when he saw that the birds forgot to fly and the animals to walk, running strongly to the north side of the magnetized monastery, to dream them of other delays that awaited him for gifts of creation not consummated, bringing on him all the surfaces of the humanity, in sordid fossilized sedimentations with one hand reaching for everything and poking around everything, bringing back the seven dreams again to dream them again, leaving all the doors and senses of creation wide open)
Parable of the Seventh Dream
Procorus was going back to his cell by the path of stairs, through configurations of Spiritual Intelligence, revealing his anti-material genetic funeral to him, thus opening himself to his evolutionary expiration charisma. It is conceived in the speed of fusion of the material gene with that of its anti-material, and with the speed disambiguation of Gen with its ancestry information, being closer than the portions that distanced it from its unquantifiable differences, which only lay insubordination in the block of his Faith forbidding him. The linkage of its endogenous source and of the speed of its genetics, evolved into inclusive after its unknown steps of its immaterial ascending obstacle, which appeared in its bed, as a physiological and living conscious-attractive macro between what is of balance and not le is an organic analog. Molecularly its streets among atmospheres of devotional transgenetic, became regressive, where Procurus walked resigning desecrated immaculate footsteps, with lines that merged into navel genomes in the cups of Hydrias and Stamnos with defined characteristics to transship his spiritual micro substance as Procurus water, and in aquatic debris with torn remains inherited from heaven and earth, dispensed along the way and fitting him in his cacles, where each piece of his will was housed in an intermediate material fraction, characterized by linear pieces that brought him closer to his room waiting for Saint John The Theologian. When he continued walking, his evolution followed him, distributing itself accompanied by his ideo-tendencies and his changing degenerative emotionality between the reaches of his insurmountable conchained recapitulation, in conjunctural codons that differed from transformed enzymatic modalities, capturing the alignment from a careful apocalyptic event of gene, in speed and hyper propulsion. Coexisting in silent locution that arrived at the dawn of his third ear, invaded by phono-auditory and pro-organic regions that began from a general temptation of his empty clairvoyant memorial, which appeased the pseudo traffic of dysfunctional structures and channeling traced in its origin and of its cloistered final destination, with the precision of this temporal space that was of extreme physical exactitude but of extreme and erratic physical laterality. Procorus was imminently traveling in the tunnel of the Apocalypse at high speed between disinherited non-physical genes, traveling through Eucharistic bases in lower universes, nitrogenous among unborn beings, and turning green in one hundred and fifteen pulsations on the underside of other equal pairs, but with non-biological reading frames that They passed in materiality and immaterialized uncertainties, which were linked by their intangible prayers, of frame materiality and irrational reading in the same distance between the elements that were rapidly approaching from their nascent aerial, spun and immaterial state, which was moving in the human contradiction. , in irreconcilable liturgical union and in apocalyptic passages to be rewritten certainly under a eucharistic dogmatic polymorphism, and cybernetic savagery, for those who try to disconnect from Vernarth's parapsychological regression.

The maladjustment is a reclusive source of the speed gene, which argues erroneous genetic routes, reimplantations, and mutants of spaces of matter and transience, causing dogmatic vocational asphyxia and of its faith, therefore in its grasp and vague cellular existentialism, tons of disorders they flow in pernicious comparative pro-genetic precocities, before new ****** species of the neural-emotional, already three-dimensional, erecting itself in its physics, also with the projection of Procorus reaching the boundary of a provisional irresolution, under an image of a future ancestor that shared its vigor of future ancestors who centrally ran out of outraged genomes, which were intrinsically dwarfed upon entering the monastery. Being neutralist in its sequence of speciation, its arboreal genus split into its great molecular caste that was already conferred in a few steps before arriving from the leafy unconscious phylogenetics and reissuing from its componence. Procorus emphasizes its procedural human sequence, scrutinizing its rest in itself, rather than self-seclusion from all the keys of its differentiated, anatomical and psychic numeral duplicate, in more common expectations equations and results in it ..., to exile itself from its analog diversity and Christian bite, taking him where no duplication of the same can continue with another, without regretting going backward neither in symmetrical pairs nor in its parallel biological base, the key to obscurantism and the subconscious that flees by deserting, even achieving successful orderings in falls decoding, showing him the creation of his entity and an anti-Procurus anchoring behind the hominid world, in millions of sequences that are interviewed in dissonant bundles of knowledge by thousands in which it is not contained.

(Procorus, undoubtedly by numbers of thousands of combinations, becomes greater in the encodings of all the compositions that are going to be reproduced from the distance of their matter, with immemorial and portentous that align the authority of its vital activity, as instantaneous reproductive matter and antimaterial entity, as causal and recessive sequence commutations, creating Procurus personalities that exceed their cell, not first… but a few minutes before…, and in their future ancestors a little later…)
Parable  Gen-Resolution:
Sibifus parable of the Light: “in a dark box was Sibufus, under a vile phoneme of resistance as the Hellenic soldiers prepared to attack and redouble the efforts of a final counterattack. Sibufus was enraptured by a maiden named Artemis in whom he took refuge, she molded with her hands the lanterns of the night with the lamps of lychnos that pierced the soul of Sibifus and her gaze when Artemis was exasperated listening to her exclaim in the thickest darkness, in a hiss in the form of words, images and strict shadows, which he romanticized in all those who wandered with Lychnos at night, concealing his offspring and finding hemispheres of day and night in a plane of darkness. Artemis not being sleepy at night, became angry with the goddess Nix, snatching a dream with mead from her and depositing him in the palace at night, but in darkness, confusing the dream with creative and fantasy death with Sibifus, of which he is locked in a box near the visions that hit Artemis's window. In the hinges that glistened when he tried to open them, shades of gloom shared in the native darkness making little chance of being close to each other, Sibifus was always condemned to a romanticism presided over by the imprisonment of his voice, but if he could whistle, Artemis enjoyed his freedom when he went out to observe him through the window of every spring. Sometimes the Thuellai would stop flowing, she being able to bring her eardrums closer to the tones, when he whistled with splendor, magnifying himself many times to reach his court, when he often told him to feel sad because the world was aging him, remaining within his whistles cast on a young night. When Artemis listened to him, believing that she felt him ..., sometimes she answered him with the sighs of an infant running through the Aristotelian teachings, of which they were always late, but with great courage from his high spirit that awaited him from his rose window, knowing very well little that awaited him, although the darkness of the night was hidden behind the messages of his phonemes and whistles, frequently in his poor heart that was encouraged in locution for something better, to see the new face and voice of Sibifus, but nowhere Capitol fire that made him understand his words crossed with uncrossed whistles. Until from the underworld the voice of Sibifus emerged making everything reality together with his real voice, whistling and singing as many times as necessary, so that his seduced could hear him and no evil would extend a lost whistle, less to a voice exonerated from crying by the darkness of the night. Something of littleness in his neuroanatomy automated him from a loving language through the streets of discernment that he learned with melodic frequency between monodies of hemispheres cut by the edge of his voice, but not from a hiss, denouncing in him capacities of cortical dysplasia that diagnosed him of maleficent gray substance of his cortex, leaving him at the mercy of an epilepsy, which always and in all the will of the ceremonial in Sibifus recurred. In dualities they bathed in the ceremonial of ablution and holy water, known as loutra, always prowling all the skies and lavender fields of Patmos, with Minoans whistling in the distance of Darkness and in a night of devotion, in a Lutrophor that from a vessel that circulated from hand to hand and that brought them water for their nuptial bath, Sibufus making a mistake, taking it through the orbit of the funerals and the regional area, instead of going for their nuptial trousseau, being imprisoned one of the other in his celibacy, which later was transferred into the Loutra with his hands, and Sibufus as well, but fertilizing himself in the sounds of a whistle beyond the light and the first layer of the earth, not being able to hear them in a low voice, or in full darkness that from afar seems to call them "

(Prócoro, takes their hands one with another and begins to return to his cell, letting the monosyllables of the night be silenced and carry him beyond the darkness, losing himself in the sounds that were moving away from him. The night is silent, but emits whistles that speak of love that nothing and no one understands, and less remotely from where the light will come)
Sibifus parable of the Light:
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Thuellai's Parable:
“appearing to be pre-drawn from the largest opening of an aerographic continent and coming from the Anemoi compound; The cessation of the ancient winds was approaching today from a watchtower. On an unknown date of the year I a. C., in a unique zone in the northeast fringe of a Euro Anemoi, which adjacent and scattered thundered in the Mediterranean corridors, distancing one from another by no more than a thousand miles of a mole per hectare of air towards the southeast of the Anemoi Apeliotes, both rows of air confronted each other to eradicate windy days as the cessation of movement of the currents of the Mediterranean towards the world that saw them born. Being a day only dominated by the other Anemoi, establishing the day of the intermission of the winds, only leaving the faint breaths of autumn partially covered in all nations with blankets of stillness and the deafening silence of their absence. About the nautical ones that missed him, they always saw that grains and species flew over their ships that only floated from the air after being absorbed by the absent silence, which was rather the solicitous static dynamics, which swirled in the air encapsulated between the undaunted winds Anemoi Thuellai, Euro and Apeliotes. Being light and appressed of zero gravity, on the grains that have been attached to them for thousands of years behind their heels, falling weightless but with a shape never seen before, on a day when the wind stopped turning and moving in just a full day, bringing dynamic air of white marble that came from the north pole supporting itself on the porches and the dials of the Sun that revived him like a silent wind before its Omni-absence. Being almost a boycott of paralyzed energy, ****** ebbed restlessly as an omnipresent God, reconciling the water of the sea in the visions of the winds that structurally would simulate being compasses of the wind cloaked like mirrors, which did not exist momentarily paralyzed at all, not remaining immaterial, but Yes, when it is converted into water and wind from the direct vertical towards the zenith north of the Solar Universe. In the iconography of vertical glacial bars, they could be seen from the north and from the vertical astral major, how they were dressed transferred with their gold covers reinstalled in each silo, inaugurating from a new millennium blast burning in particles of restless wind kinetics Thuellai over the new thousandth.

(Procoro knowing that the wind never stopped since the world is the world, threw wonders of quartz towards a cliff, being able to notice that the particles were more subtle and lighter when rising on his gaze since the wind was now not of gaseous component, rather solid-Gaseous emanating from the condensed Sea)
Thuellai's parable:
Parable Simadiris: “in some pieces sheltered in the chest of a visitor, would be the precious and brilliant fractions of this resident Simadiris. He said the one who came from far away and that all the treasures were kept in his breastplate and not in his memory. A day that was actually several years of darkness, where he did not know anything about the gift of walking, Mykonos being his goal as a traveler, walking through the streets that besieged him around him and that melted before his sight too, he could continue to see them all turned into buttery chocolate, which was exhibited by the windows of the houses for more than five hundred years. Since he was a child Simadiris wanted to taste a bite with all the value of the truffle or rather want to decorate it with his hands and lips, to tell everyone that he had achieved it. However, one day he made a mistake, wanting to return the truffle bite to the melted walls that were in front of his gaze, being able to verify that they were tours of his memory that he snatched it away for a low and high price, then asking Helios for the option from renting a piece of Light to him, to observing the quadri-cycles that came to leave him more options, they were four portions of his consciousness of the flavor turned into transits of his reminiscence. Being very narrow the space that remained of his chest, he made more space in his memory and what he ate of the remaining piece of chocolate truffle, then he regurgitated it on the panoramic of his hands, seeing that everyone left their houses eating the same as he"

Parable Koumadoro: “almost a thousand years it took a resident of a small temple house in the Koumaro Forests to refer to the destruction of other forests that were with phosphorescent roots of the imaginary Arcadia, thus seeing other trees reborn from other tree roots under stubborn physical laws, leading to other pilgrim shrubs to their patron Koumadoro, who in coeternal clarions of voices enchanted in the ear of the gentle Koumadoro. Once hearing from the greatest sages that his forest would suffer a great flood and that it was going to devastate the forest of his ancestors, he then approached from a consumed ford towards the yawn of Zeus, to wield his vanity and enjoy the presence of Astrea asking him for one of his converting rays for the inter-pause of a natural yellow-ray and so that it should not be obscured by victorious borders and radiosities from the constellation Virgo. Then the feminine defense factor of the creation of the world, he reconverted the hectares of Koumaro Forest in divine masculinity, condemning and freezing the flow of water that threatened to invade them. Then Koumadoro cut off his beard and hair to look different, thus seeing that the goddess Astrea sponsored the lush gallant possessing the true frenzy of a warrior figure, she snatches him by pronouncing…: “your face and silhouette will moan with joy from the streams and hair of the cypress, turning you into the forest on the forest, like undulations and beards that split from them ”. Koumadoro noticing that all this exaltation turned him into dawn and that he hugged him on the heterogeneous trees, he falls like a volumetric torrent of water that dared to pass over himself, baptizing him in small streams of water, but of unequal volume and swollen shyness with almost nothing nor anyone being able to make a stream in his sight, only making water of equal volume flow, but volatilized by the glasses of Koumadoro "

(Procoro sweated through his hands, remembering that he lived in this moment. While the hours passed by his tunic like carriers that rotate through the interstices of Simadiris, a small spring rain fell on his face, through the desolate alleys and that uncertainly rained truffles on his investiture chambers, in places that always rains hope of rebirth)
Parables Simadiris / Koumadoro
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Mikeas´s Parables
Parable of Mikeas: “Once upon a time, the donkey Mikeas, where he lived with a villager near Profitis Ilias, walking near this promontory, m always called his attention to the water layers that tickled him because of the orogeny where he rested his feet. In the low degree of donkey evolved from him, with his friable adventures of the animal groom, he continued west towards Salakos, near Mount Profistis Ilias. He went every day for that route, but one day he twisted his ankle, being able to continue walking with his fingers. His heel was similar to that of Achilles, therefore he feared he would not be able to return home from Molokos, the Nymph was trying to get out of the spring, trying to be able to bear his capricious load on the underside of his ribs, but the cobblestones made him overly tired. way, therefore he had to drink fresh water near the spring. When Achilles suddenly appears saying: “I wounded King Telephus. The wounds did not heal, and Telephus asked for an oracle, which said "he who hurt will heal. From this same stones full of twisted earth I will do the same with you, Micah ”. He missed the donkey when he saw that his wounds were adorned in pale blue, letting his foot mold into the curvatures of the floor, contracting Mikeas's tendon. After Achilles vanished near the mute donkey, he saw how orchids in the shape of bees came out, thus being branches that moved horizontally from the horn of a fawn Lady Platonis, who was holding on to the humid forest to affirm Mikeas of the stirrup of Achilles, indicating with his right horn that he could go back home, to Profitis Ilias "

Greek-Orthodox parable: “in the sacramental, Jesus and his Apostles, continued with their faithful apostolic icons in Salakos, from the same source of the roar of the source of the Lion and the Nymph, each claiming to be the separate component divided into its half exact of those who moan of Catholicism, when one more apostolate extended further from the Mediterranean of Christian primitivism on the side of the Lion and Rabbinic Judaism, in the conciliation of the Mashiach, and their Abrahamic legacy even being separated from each other, Mikeas he joined again after the birth of his scab, re-emerged from his ribs, such as that of Jesus on the binominal shoulder of Golgotha ​​and Gethsemane, as a Templar after the temple of King Solomon was destroyed. The Lion stretched out his leg and the Nymph received in her hands the reality of conciliation, under a species unification that will contain dominance near the springs that will act as a nativity between Rhodes and Patmos, transforming the viaducts into anti-heresy or heresiology from the same binominal spring, for all the priests who never understood that it was the Division of the World into two unknown parts, if only a donkey-like Mikeas would unite them so easily.

(Procoro takes a similar image of Vas Auric and reflected it with the twilight sun on the plans of the temple of Omega that are going to be built, reflecting his heraldic prose image in that of the Lion and the Nymph being fed by the Good Dew adventure in the landscapes that continued to be traveled by the remaining parts of Mikeas)
Parables´ s Mikeas
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Procorus´s Parables
Parable of Torvisco: “branched among the thickets of ignorance, their foliated stems speak of the white blood that has fallen from the souls that resiliently endured the solitude of their limbs and who enjoyed their ruddy bark and the pubescence of the Daphnes that gawked at over them turned into Laurel, she being a spatulate flower of Vernarth, like Apollo elliptically adoring her with the underside, and something fuzzy hiccuping over the teachings of someone who is not loved. Being the Daphniform Torvisco, of appressed retractable sepals that are pronounced on the laurels in Dafnomancia of the pubescent Torvisco on the first ******* of Daphne, leaving the ovoid crusts near the foliate stolon of the grayish spurs on the fins of the Pelecaniformes Petrobusjos, leaving the Malloga the lice. of their plumage that they are eaten by laurels, as a carminative antispasmodic digestive degassing, in the flora of the intestinal Torvisco engulfed by their pride and eagerness of nobility.

Parable of Sacred Bud: “first the animals and the buds that emanated from the inflorescences were venerated, as gods of the occult sprouting from the long-lived saps being miscellaneous family taxonomies that were consecrated to gods trapped by the mists of their foliage, over the colonies of other species with outbreaks of bud expiration in the distant buds of the leaves, towards non-renewable woody plants, for critical tempering to germinate on the dogma of woody herbaceous plants, as sacred shoots of ferns without their cell walls. Here is the tree of evil and good, sprouting one of each but as hyper-sprouting, which deceived the eyes of those who wanted to cut it because of the human snooping in bloom, on the shores of Medea's hands, growing on the shore of a headless river deity, who was not yet poisoned by an Olympian gesture, agreeing to have long fragrant and rosy hair on the pubescent teenagers who dared to call themselves Medea "

(Prócoro redoubling his sinister imagination of the Rosé of the Witches and grotesques, he was still ecstatic at the expectation of the extensions of the Rosary of the Evangelista San Juan simulated in the crowned Torvisco, for purposes of the genetics of the world in the hands of pubescent bodies that were embodied in the bodies and their stolons, like retrograde shoots going towards the spheres of the pelecaniform Petrobus and its little lice that resided in it as vital alarms. Structuring thus, the grazing that ran from its wings with vigorous fine pediculosis, which was abstracted from the scalps Medea decked out in megalomania in the sprouts of the Enchanted Torvisco)
Procorus´s Parables
Breaking down the barriers of exaltation after passion due to the fragmentations of the pointed Sarissas that rose from the dome of the monastery in an unknown vertical direction on the, as advocacy of propositional logic, to surpass the truth values on the crawling positions of the annelids and the alabaster elementals reformulating when detaching themselves from the monastery of Tsambika, as they engender contracted truth from the false truth that had been anticipated. Making from the tautological truth, going back all the memory and physics actions of the Hexagonal Progeny, deriving to atomic spaces, which are known to lock in the absolute truth of combinations of accessibility of exit and entered Patmos, as resulting from Omeganimias or links of spiritual polynomials that were dissipating to complement the departure to Patmos from Mandraki up to Skala, and on the other hand simultaneous Etréstles from Dekas; Kimolos for the remission of the Duoverse communion in the width of the celestial space. The tassels of the Vexillum of Vernarth and Saint John the Apostle, Eurydice, flamed, forming the triangle of the shape of Tsambika, with the triangle of the hexagonal that parliamentary of the stays, before heading to the navigation towards Patmos.
The Vexillum, carried by the wind itself Anemoi, was only carried by these golden gusts of earthworks towards the border of Rhodes, which until now was ancient Greece with its landmarks that the loyal spirits of Alexander the Great resisted accepting his death. Dazzling himself with this noble personification of the Anemoi, he re-establishes himself as part of Vernarth's prophetic and company to the island of the Apocalypse, which after the journey of Saint John the Apostle in Judah, the Cyclades, and the Dodecanese, would begin to relive the apocalypse. written under the mandate of the trinity, as a theological Tautology, running through the same originality and devotion of the heavenly mandate, but reencausing with the Hexagonal Progeny, as if it were rewriting it for the second Time, but from the Omega Point the completion of the Omega Temple on Patmos, to the areas of settlement of democracy and establishment of the Cycle of the Duoverse, as a transition to the rank of Hegemon of Patmos, to lead the spiritual military forces that raged, from the last vestiges from Pentecontecia in the Second Medical War in Plataea in 480 a. C., until the beginning of the Peloponnesian War in 433 a. C. towards the Athenian polis as a thread of their leadership of the nation, retracted by the reinforcement of their military supremacy, by the dominion of Spiritual Judaic, coming from the Hellenic existential inspiration, which spread with total expansion with the confederation of Alexander the Great, Vernarth and San Juan Apostle, as exclusivities that would increase the conclusive campaign of Tautological Omeganymy, shadow after shadow of the naval journey that awaited them with the Tracontero Eurydice, emerging from losses of democratic pacification, conventionally finite with the division and absolutist denial of Alexander the Great, reinstating itself in the Hexagonal Progeny, in accordance with the physiognomic materiality of the restructured Map of Cinnabar bound for Patmos.

The classicism of this operation will rise to the re-establishment of its Commander Hetairoi as the bearer of the Vexillum, under the acronym of IAV, meaning the Trinitarian Hellenistic-Vernarthian existentialism, for all Macedonian Christian children, servants of Jesus Christ, like the Mashiach. The reigns will rise to the last step and then they will fall into the crisis of entropic existentialism, with launching new languages beyond all known vocabulary, with speculative and adaptive pearls of wisdom of Hellenism that is reborn on Patmos, in the elaboration of the Temple of Omeganimia and the academicism of San Juan Apostle. Alexander the Great carries with him the upstart lines of the peripatetic school, walking through Phrygana, almost stepping on the low thicket and soft leaves and that, to the rhythm of the invaders' footsteps, reverberate them towards the dreaded ears of Vernarth, imaginary plant community in the Mediterranean forests, forests and shrubs that exist, but are lacking on Patmos, are only part of the creative imaginary, which are successful in limestone soils around the Mediterranean Basin, generally near the coast, where the climate is improved, but where the conditions annual drought in summer, suggestive of the resinous flavors of a scrub becoming a dressing for transplanted trees before they arrive to meet the Katapausis, the emblem of the Parables of Procorus.

Parables of Procorus

Petrobus the Pelican in one of his wanderings was distracted by some colonial migratory birds from Rhodes, while the Cinnabar was energized. He flew exceedingly, reaching the shores of Patmos, saving himself from returning to the ship with the others of the Birthright. Here he himself met Procorus, where after brushing against the Phrygana with his wings, he was inspired in praise of the Skalá sightings. Procorus in the understanding that he was inspired by this magical bird, I narrate to him from his cranial zone, the parables of his company as a servant bird of Raeder, together now with Procorus, to welcome the ship Eurydice that was already sailing to Patmos. This assertion by Petrobus was of the Hellenic existential time, therefore before they occurred it would reach real-time synchronization, after three hundred and sixty-nine oscillations of the Anemoi under its golden wings.

Parable of Phrygana: (says Procorus by vox from Petrobus)

On the banks of, lived some seeds that were admired by the lights of the cell of San Juan, feeling that it can only be a seed if it is not recognized by another that is the same. Knowing that it is not from the Phrygana genome, they will know that they will never be able to choose a larger size. For this reason, if a Kashmar could be a branch Daughter of Zeus and the titanic Metis: Athena (the Olive Tree) (Minerva). Aspiring to greater trees, greater than the skies of comparable to the wings of Petrobus brushing against the allegories of winter when Procorus becomes a seed that flows from the envelope of the thicket, turning from its own shadow into a monumental tree by day, but at night like Phrygana goblin.

Parable of the Alnus:

The consequence of the Alnus took them out of the oratory persistence towards the heights of a tree that begged its minorities. The raceme's inflorescence, with its leaf blades on a leaf blade, invited them to follow reactivation paths due to the axils of its largest branches. When a lost sheep was lost in the Alnus Glutinous, the smallest plants that decrease or expire would approach, ready for the twigs that are carried by the legs of the lost sheep. But not when winter arrived, still very green with the olive tree that is found again in the mountains of other glutinous that co-merge like lights that dazzle the lesser leagues of Alnus, losing itself in its habitat Alder, in mixed forests with green and black sheep, among Phrygana in God's soil with tame sheep and soil with poor nutrients, but full of green shadows.

Before these two parables, Prócoro says: “It must be maintained that each one speaks with its own language, and they never take long to amaze us, first of all, the color change from green to more green, if its shape, color, and corpulence as a species with the same shadow, regardless of the hue of the size of its species”
Tautological Omeganymy on Patmos
He talks about how compassionate creation is and its factotum, that it will be better that way. At the entrance to the Vernarth mouth, within its buccal cubic meters, the Zig Zag Universe, the promoter that caused the Duoverse, broke out. Here are born the thoughts of the eternity of him; not of the brain and discernment of it, psyche or mind. It exists in a present that will be distributed without end or beginning, in the holistic of the anticipated existence of the being itself, so that everything holistically arises from the mouth of Vernarth, becoming the light of its ejector and luminance thought, being of some In this way, the Zigzag Universe that emerges from the protruding access of its mouth and that manifests itself in some change of quantum physics in a state of hyper-connectivity and always present. The Zig Zag, coexists in the eclectic of the variability of its angles, creating regularities in its time and displacement. For the good of the results and the parallelism of its translation as a promoter of the Duoverse, based on the holistic that brings together the effect of the word-fact, but eminently aimed at an extra-language morphology of its intellect, rather in the kinetics of language of the human and physical material zigzag, typical in various line segments of lightning and space storms, resembling his lost and bleeding soul in full battle at the site of Gaugamela. The other is his salvation to the Council of Patmos, being already Installed in the Eclectic and invisible portal of the Evangelist of Saint John, levitating in his sacred Katapausis basaltic cavern, in the Patmos archipelago (Koumeterium Messolonghi, Chapter 16 / page 114. Editorial Palibrio -  USES). They would find themselves in communion with the archeo clan, which would resemble his appropriate ectoplasm; thus each one forming a unique part in the masonry dictated to redirect them towards their messianic labors at this stage of the ascension. Vernarth; being aware that he will have to enter the cave, after having ceased his work on hold for three months. He continues to be fleshed out in the myriad wars and parasychological regressions, he will remain in a daze to dedicate himself to the beautiful open spaces towards a horizon…, a neighbor to Palaeolithic and astronomical painting. In the colors of his mathematical sentence, he will capture the spiritual intensity that inspired Saint John to build the temple near his cave of the Apocalypse on the island of Patmos. The saint appears only on certain days looking at him from afar to encourage him in his progress ..., he is seen as a beautiful young man dressed in a tunic of delicate pink tones, in whose delicacy he repeats psalms of the angel that normally accompany this Evangelist around him, with the green and blue colors of the quadrinomial landscape of the sky that appears in redemption beyond the glory of a resurrection, rather super in spiritual intelligence.

The eclectic and invisible portal is the facet of the face of light, after the invisible that manages to be appreciated with the principle of transferring its connectivity of the immaterial with the material, but made in the finished quality of "Merciful", deriving everything in what supports the splendor of the facts and their objective analysis, by no means the same, since the Zigzag universe originates theory or thoughts from the perspective of external language and unites it holistically through the optimal results, always imponderable and categorical, to follow them and attract them to eternal spiritual good. Being restrictive in the fact of the action although it is subdivided in its executability ..., it will continue to be timeless, therefore eternal, in the hands of a universe of thick eternity and stationary death.
The final communion of Zig Zag with the Duoverse, will make of this key momentum to replace the Universe of the former Verthinian world, to inflect the continuous present, more in the distance of the limits that has to originate than by a simple gesturing cliché of the disbelief, abounding more than a universe that is created in eternity, and that will never resurface as a physical dimension. The successive potentiality of this holistic theory subtracts actions and not facts, as it always culminates at the threshold of infinity, always beginning and never ending, and then starting again in a present that is reintegrated into the access of the embouchure and not the brain, since it must be limited in its shock and subsequent confusion of language-emotion and feeling, for the change of all eternal emotion, always going hand in hand with the light of the unequivocal and assertive, even of the constant hyper cyclical of a present without a present, overcoming barriers even though it was considered tautological. perfect, however, of an existence of death, in the Verthian world, which considers the overcoming of death with Christian eternity, and with the vicissitudes of the Pneuna that drags breaths of life, although nothing exists inserted in the World of the existentialist Eclectic Portal in Patmos.
Eternal Existentialism
Vernarth passed his house, opening his skylight, he soon felt that his parents were fighting, being able to realize that those aggressive words came from generational hindrances that anticipated the luminous tubular Omega, in the global level split from its lower part, (ω) above and it happens at the beginning of a beginning based on the end of a beginning a thousand times more than a threshold based on hundreds, appropriate from the metric unit of the numeral Myriaz = ten thousand, three times more than the Falangists, one thousand less than the Peltasts and three thousand less than the horsemen, total thirty-seven thousand less than the fighting forces in Gaugamela out of a total of forty-seven thousand, under the myriad Myriaz of Falangists undermined by their Xifos in the area of the right instep of each man faithful under his command, before facing the Achaemenides. Being Omega and Micrón in the warlike primer of their cause, within the prophetic in all necropolis of tiny omega (ω), towards an Omega that reaffirmed the upright hand in Saint John the Apostle to rewrite the Apocalypse twice, being the same one but with the voice of Vernarth commanding the ten thousand Falangists, who made up the inter-generational gaps, but of camouflaged alien ancestors. For this purpose, he opened the windows with their pillars sheathed with tetrachloride chloride, at solid angles of Ω, in what was Virgo institutionum / Oarion-entity that was intruded by the projections and leaks that converged on the strut of the omphalos of his celestial father dealing in frequency and bleeding of immortality, becoming from a helper to the planes of subconscious reprogramming and perspective. With his arms raised, and in each hand a sword raised to pierce the vanishing point, between the spaces that were assigned, under the solid projection, from an observer that inhibits ad limit the biomass in all the masses of aqueous filter and lumens, towards the throne of the angelic guardian of avant-guard by the stereotype and the sclerosis of Zeus in dissociated physicality, even though it is an amorphous entity and with pulverized magnitudes, between Pi and Golden numbers, fading away without area or volume. Vernarth in his humanoid apocalypse transfigured from a solid point in Hyperdisis as a direct escape settlement to Oarion, towards a conical vestige surface in three-dimensionality towards Andromeda, the Milky Way, and the shoulder of Betelgeuse.

Vernarth distracted the emeritus stars in the corner of his room and in the convexality of the points of his celestial parents in conical spheres of perenniality, leaving only solid angles in each of the two parts of space-delimited by two semi-planes that start from his common edge, under the ideal geometric concept and that it is only possible to partially represent it as duplication in parallelograms with a common side, symbolizing two half-planes, making from all distances seclusion of visions as a culmination of imagination and apparent angles, viewed from any point the Celestial Vault in invisible counterpoint.

The decalcified cells of Vernarth sang with Sophocles in choruses after the victory of Salamis. Already being a tragedy in the next act of the prologue and their friendship bordering on his tragedy, he continues to exist in energetic arms to write, and Vernarth to dispute the characters from a regular prologue writing the hemo-verses with his own blood, which traveled meters and that shrunk from the anti-verses, scarring their declaimed intra-breath, in choruses that only the wind clarifies of what precedes and happens towards suffering, in the metrics of the Areimos chorus that lectured anti-verses, which they tried to ****** from his hands to Sophocles, in the immortality that refined him by abandoning him in sub-units. With masks and mythical cycles he mixed the metaphorical facsimile of the momentum of separation of friendship with him, seeing it in an episode of his works, and instead of Vernarth's transcript, sheltering origins of volatilization in his choirs, converted into physical waves of a dramatic order -oracular. Gods re-transformed into divination and futuristic germination, who hid asleep and forgotten in a time of subconsciousness of the Selenite heritage, felt in Colossi of signs of parliamentary, where the oracle leans on the lines of the vibrational words and how they cough their " páthis ”in the place that speaks the language dissociated from the heart nucleus. In misguided divination, the oracular mantic brought the cold of solitude and the heat of fire that divines the forests on laurels of oracular daphnomancy, towards the ironies that banish the degrading systematized of frantic nervous suffering, burning in defaults of neurasthenia, before an omega elixir and neuro-analysis, given the ontogenetic passions, before cutting the nasal protrusion that crosses the fallopian tube, for the healing by fragmenting with the smell the existence of other genetic amphibologies of myth-genia, and that bifurcate the challenge of anger and disappointment of taking him with him in this suffering, taken from smell to disenchantment after thousands of unfortunate lunations against the tósigo that fills with appetite and perfidious reptile, on who walks on our destiny without knowing who it is that creeps.
Vernarth omega sets himself up as a versatile column that temporalizes the threads of his organic brain, creating synaptic logos in Pashkein on the alert of abandoning the arm that rewrites his heroic Sophoclean and tragediographic biography of ancients traveling in disintegrated emotionality and ****** Hellenic neurotransmission, “Two men omega in omega speedometers, carrying neurons from ankylosed and frustrated herd of pleasure for tripartite meso-form and roughing of routine Alzheimer's losses, lost in routines of the sympathetic and para-sympathetic, with the probability of loss of Hellenic gray matter; that is to say, of all memory that does not sin of ignorance in the ancient world, in more than nineteen hours and hours of vehemence, with brightened dangers of reliving umpteenth times in the twilight of omega, transcript and biological bend towards the man heavy with anguish, and more distant in all the lacerated ones that have mutilated or almost mutilated the conversion of the sternocleidomastoid, crushing the shoulders and the magical healing on the nasal sinuses, which strangle the pains in the face of selective suffering, indicative of rational martyrdom and temporary unhappiness in " extreme combat of dissatisfaction ”, allowing to channel resilient neurons that transit towards the neck for reasons that not even the neck understands, lobbing as it is not foreshadowed, neither in oracle, nor in its frustrating focal matter.
Vernarth, was already narrowing on the tracóntero Eurídice, to save his pains, deposed in terms that would renew anti economies of supplying unsustainable liquefactions and synaptic melts, extra energized of molds of purely natural law of the eyebrows and lunation that rests in the inter millennium, beating with ecstasy in the Buddhist Suttas, and in the adaptation of the flesh in the hypersonic fissures of the Metelmi and in the attachments that still beat on the dermis of pain. Vernarth draws his sword Xifos of phenomenal structure and cuts it over the Sutta or sermon that imitated the lunation to the compass, making this a sabotage of redemption and anti-verse from the court of Sophocles, as a myth-saboteur and anti-value, overestimating the tricks of the same utilitarian tragedy, defeating itself in the curtain of mourning and sadness, unguarded and overcome by the stoic duel of joy.
From here Vernarth opens the gates of hell, eight hundred times going mad with omega value, which by reiterating omeganymy, creates the numbering of the anti-verse and the suffering that does not even sleep further from the departure of a soul and in a body-only Asleep of omega concavity, superimposed on golden transfinite chests, which rearrange the natural numerals with those of transfinite ordinal omega, but on frictionless wheels of other omegas that break the recirculation rules on Alpha, on supra Omega levels like Parados -Estásimos- Episode and paradigmatic Exodus Vernarth-Omega.

Prologue Omega I:

Once upon a time, amidst the rain of clouds full of drama, in a time that was of the oriented regime of the Subacal of Betelgeuse and Aorion, 334 BC, it was the penultimate breeze of Tsambika, in the spiritual devotion that hovered over the unison voice in the magnanimous Zeusian chorus, as an alternating event of imprisoning past and future in an episode of the present act. The expectant was curious about the retouched makeup and superlative consonant of the drama, in a disembodied place, but with a good narrative source to bring it to fruition. Here the myth is plausible, among everything mythical, more than all the super sums of expectations of the Isimous.

Párodo I: "For the submissive words in the proscenium of the trident fire, where I have to warm my hands with ashes of eternal fire"
(Directing the scenes through the coripheum, there is the master lord who, in flames by unequal numbers, peoned in the Aulos and piccolos, whose bare feet bordered the risk of the bellies of the Maenad damsels united in processions, between princes, powers
and Dionysian dances holding on to the Pufios; in Baquiana and ceremonial liturgy near Vernarth, taking every seven minutes a glass of animadversion, in the tasting of his little finger, which screamed of organic pimping, together with the dancers raising one arm and directing the palm towards the sky, while the other remained down with the palm facing the ground; in this position that was already like Vernarth buried by the tides of Patmos wandering him in times that marked the entrance from Mars to Jupiter and from autumn to winter in fifteen times agreed with Sophocles, hanging from the third to last towards the entrance with his trembling voice desalted..., swallowing in his own tragedy)

Esthasimo II: "Through the right half body, Vernarth intoned what his laterality exposed him in harsh gloom, as Hera brandished oats and sweets clouds over his existentialism, which in the homily liturgy personified the stasis, in between coral bearing his hands enraged with tragic passion in his frenzy, unleashing oratory of self-blame, unraveling drama-tragic, and in each pause the emotion that was accompanied in new episodes of stirring up "

(Vernarth says: “submitted to parts that are not its parts because my pain has blinded me, where it has embittered the conflict of ethical interest if the stars as an applauded public are invested, who sentence the opposition of other lesser stars than They cheer what does not shine. The principle of the voice violates the normal parenthesis, which is governed by the omega voice, mocked in a modal by four magistrates, in the martyrdom of an idea of the procession, each one wearing his toga of super deprivation, before me that I will not be the one who recognizes if I will be who I am, on the seventh judgment of my surviving ethics)

Episode I: "Vernarth extrapolates the values of the judgment, of him that they annul the first, the coryphaeus directs his promenade from the countryside on his Alikanto Horse"

(Vernarth says: “I have instantiated the steps that in the future my chestnut crossed with you if I am to sing with a sorrowful voice, no choir will be able to follow me when you are no longer there. However, I have to guide what personifies who more than a thousand miles carries with him the chandelier that opens the light of your gazapa gaze... "

Alikanto wailing says: "From the luster of your heartbeats, I dazzled the jailer from your ribs, for the preference of those who take you even further in stormy prose pro-agonist"

Exodus I: “Sometimes the endings smell like lavender fields, where the call of the almighty is heard, to take him over his loaded plantations, which are emerging from the afternoon dialogues with their twilight, as well as stanzas that smell of anointing of lavenders, separated into syllables and tonic that arch my charm, not to say that I was anointed with Lavender as a child "
(In fifteen times, and syllables and rakes, they are sterilized in the sentences of their paragraphs, leaving the audience speechless, without a gesture or word that emanates from a sacred paradise, rather from the stasis that never purged the omission of the syllable that is not proscenium or trident, but it is umlauts on Omega, between syllables of fire that burn from its proscenium)
Vernarth Omega (Ω) - Preface / Part 19
The Zig Zag Universe was and will be excluded between time and space, in a world adjusted to the senses that are driven within the contextual totality, the world and the biosphere framed in the phenomena of the Zig Zag Universe, being born on a stellar night when the earth touched our life, being able to see how the cordial matters of the cosmos caressed its cosmology, making it its magistracy and descendants of the Hellenic cosmos, in constant caresses of the universe already predisposed to the Bing Bang, emerging from the other taste of self-observing and seeing ourselves in the face of the Horcondising anti material And Universal Biomass. We preexist under science that models the energy and matter system in causes of the ancestors, with which their life and ours sneakily crashed. Gravity made us a great paternity in Vernarth Biomass, being in the Dodecanese, being the cosmos in the arcuate curvature that makes us screen with the moon in its romantic astrophysical swings and with the exaggerated geometry of a zigzag. We are the versatile and multi-dynamic mass that expands simultaneously in the head that pauses in the Nothofagus Obliqua of Vernarth's Horcondising and also the time2-space2 that has not been afflicted at the origin or in the abscess of the stars that move irregularly in zig zag, for the fractality of its component, which is clearly aramaic blue light, in circuits of cumulus movements brushing the air, attracting the attention of the entire order of the hypnotized universe and making the duplication of the universe itself appear before them; in Duoverso that is the Universe shaken and young with gratitude’s "

The distribution of the nearby galaxies are keys to the paleo universe already arranged in macrowaves, which are percentages of the spaces of the Trisolate energy fields, which interact with the Mashiach phylogeny in Gethsemane, now lying in a stagnant decomposed future, in a frozen present specific. Its final station is to stake the Zig Zag Universe on the re-expanding medieval crestomatia, in qualities of gregarious Sub-mythology, already settling here in Archangelos. The implosion of my gravity, has created worlds of visibility of great astronomical yearnings, in some fractions of time zigzagged by millions of fractured light years, as an irregularity that resembles the measurements of everything quantifiable, being omniscience or not, acquiring from the hexagonality the primogeniture of the passage, which from Jerusalem goes to Bethlehem, where the Davidian prism, of whose Original fractal is attributed in the two-dimensional shape of a line of the Mediterranean fractal flap, resembling the gems of the crown of the King David to that of the Messiah, appearing to be similes, but of irregular geometric formats, to build gems in landscape spines, basically sub dividing into equal conical funnels, and then being randomly displaced towards its central point shared with King David's crown, recursively repeating it in each square until the desired level of detail is reached, in the curve that joins the landscape to B ethlehem and then to the Church of the Shepherds in its fractured hexagonal base, figuring to be snow falling on the cusp of the roofs, where in the Kafersuseh manger, the Mashiach emerged and died in the abstraction of the One-dimensional Beams in the foreign eyes, eroding those who are mortal and do not see it with divine eyes in the self-likeness of our hypochondria and the failed plan to increase the size in the unknown analytic of this new implosive moving dimension of the Verthian Duoverse. The nature of the snowflakes in Bethlehem are natural fractals, detailing in their nature and in the natural infinity, here the new privileged world was envisioned for self-similarity in the speculative and cosmogony functions of Vertnarth, at intervals in each space of shadowy walls , bringing accelerated bombs of messaging from Gethsemane among mutated olive trees to other humans. "Its correlation is infinite fractal with reversible observable time, and with the patronal belonging of mobile echoes of a space, which is occupied by Vernarth as multi monograph and integers between the fractional integers”

Finite is the curvature, between the time that walks between the grove of the Duouniverse as an alternative of energy Zig Zag and Duoverso, which triggers our subconscious observable world, what is a great reflecting lantern eye, which ignores and prescribes extreme distant and focal parts of the Beams One-dimensional of Kafersuseh in Ein Karem, since the Duoverse is the trial Universe that the Mashiach had before coming to the Holy Land, provided by his form of Hyperdisis escorting him from Betelgeuse and in Orion. Change of arduous colors in gradient in Avant Garde, for its confines of perspectives of verbality, and of amendments of physical fields, interwoven by an external gravitational means. The macrowaves are exposed matter not contained in the abrupt changes of the optical selection of the Mashiach with the One-dimensional Beams, attracting selection crystals to atomize them, in the reaction disturbances and recreation of multiform plasmas of Christian cosmic savior. Examining the double of the macrowaves and the equation of them on the axial of the universe turned into Duoverse, already in millions of light years will continue in the Duoverse, for ectoplasmic reconversion with great margins of assertiveness. The cartography of hyperdiction, is the correction of error of the current universe losing itself, in the second thousandths of figures that separate us from the Universe,but all of them being more than time ...!, remaining at the expense of the wick of all electro-matter "

The sub-mythology having already been established, Hestia appears, after having taken a great nap. When she appeared before Vernarth in Tsambika, she was seen changing in size, when she was six meters away she looked dwarf and when she was already two meters away from him she looked monumentally huge, but with a versatile physiognomy, therefore it was already appreciated in recent years. Footsteps, with her domestic Goddess figure emanating light years from the chimneys of her habitable galaxies. The critical immanence that would happen would preexist the perfectible plan for the Zig Zag Universe and Hyperdisis, as Hyper-Hestia, bringing torn words for those who were approaching the main altar of Vas Auric, which was in a great ratio of proscenium in the vicinity to Tsambika, between Mind / Meditation for Wisdom / Meditant constant mechanism, according to the cosmological constant, taking them perhaps to the beginning of a decade and third universe called Triverse. The oscillations of all these fantasies, Vernarth observed, but he knew that he would have to collide with these worlds finally already precipitated and of temperature that acted on the average of the normal range; therefore it was imminent to mutate it to the provisional Christian Duoverse, which goes backwards advancing between the dizzying lights of creation. Immediately afterwards, the Universe is torn apart and lost among those around it, establishing itself in units of millions of years of light compressed in the piccolo Aulos, which Hestia carried in one of its golden hands, in her prytaneion, igniting with the flames of the heart of fire and of the passion of consanguineous love, “Prytaneum”, smoothing the light in the clarity of the faith of the owners of the hamlets that were founded when they arrived at Tsambika, in search of Vas Auric, cheering with the omphalos stone, that marks the navel of the world with the challenge of wandering towards the island of Delos in the daily warmth of a spring afternoon in Rhodes. She is a woman with veils over her face, always walking to and from her virginal abode, in the house of foolish or vestal virgins, there is no Hestia, only maybe there are some similar ones staying in the cold fire of her menopause, losing fertility afterwards. that his father swallowed it, and then it was expelled from himself, regurgitated in flames of love candles in a blessed house full of immunity, giving the Duoverse another geometric category with never contained angles, sliding vibratory between distances that discount minutes of the Hestian space, for such a corollary of approaching its finitude, and inaugurating the sub-finite, which will never be the source of a term in a disconcerting end of time that is not equationally physical. "This consolidates the Duoverse in Duouniverse, expressed in figures that moderate the length of a physical state before it is finished and restarted in a process that does not end (sub-finite)"
Zig Zag Universe / Part 19
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Hyperdisis / Part 18
Sitting on the edge of Andromeda, in his planetary chamber Zefián; Duoverso computer, separated the parasitic interchamber of the Duoverso, which would be born from the Charioteer and that in its gigs would unleash the senses of structures and luminosity between this colossal interplanetary chambers. Being between points that venture through the axon of infinite time longitude for light years, which even so, will intervene from the Duoverso, for purposes of thermicity and other changes of the remnants, when especially the luminosity will speak of the destruction of the darkness inherent in the eyes of the universe, which can only stabilize areas that have not been fused in the discs of the Universe-Duoverse spatiality, long before the initial explosion between the Orion Constellation and Andromeda. The central axis of time between both astral components, is in the dissonant nebula that contracted in the dark portion of the Universe, making the field of Andromeda and Orion, the ring that was spectra towards the lower consciousness of Betelgeuse, expropriating the Hunter's boast, for that of Commander Hetairoi, for his right chest invading semi-coagulated blood and liquid homeostatic body-mind with miscellanea, versus matter and energy, between the central nuclear circulators and the tangent, which caused changes but of a galaxy pierced by Hetairoi glebes, satirizing brick outlets for retracting galaxies from existentiality, under the precept of Soldier and his solar mass, under the super homeostasis of his distance on an astronomical scale of 2.5 million light years. Within the chins and phylastics that covers the greater proportional between the milky Galaxy and the peripheral spiral that outlines Andromeda, breaking out the twisted phylasticism of the Duoverse, along with the Spiral that rolls over the Betelgeuse sobalcal, postponing to telescope regions and spell, to execute its nocturnal translation, like the Hypersdisis Galaxy that collects the bubbles from the belt of minor star conjunctions, making star mechanics for exalted infra-luminosity and sky disorders, generating other higher atmospheres in the heads of the phylastic that they detached themselves from the Andromeda cordon, the Milky Way and Orion. Globular clusters will make up the perfect delay of transfusing the blood and not another, which makes the Hyper character calling pectoral hyper-blood, which flows from this tri-astral polynomial, compromising the method of area, shape and refinement of the sagittal profile of Hyperdisis in the Duoverse in the reversible intergalactic plane. Going from lenticular to irregular over the bludgeon of the trapezoid, towards the right arm of Orion, where its radius becomes hypocentric sequentially, but taking advantage of interstellar matter, to generate its own light. Some explicit explosive arms of Andromeda were expelled from its center towards the right arm of Orion, in order to implode in the effect of the Club or Clava, as a sublime hemorrhage on other stars, which lost essential stellar mass, to differ from one another. They carried nuclear energy, like wifi waves, for each gaseous region that multiplied its Solar speed towards Hyperdisis, causing hyper channeling with Patmos and its impetrations, even being empty in the establishment of Hyperdisis as dogmatic matter, towards the Omega Man prototype in Orion and in Vernarth.

Radio-Patmos, or galactic energies of Andromedian origin, would arrive as devout prayers to the confine of Skalá, as astro-omegas and Invisible Universes, which inhabit the flaccidity of the Universe of Conscience from the contact of the pole, with the Xifos or Kopis, when Andromeda contacts the spur of the club or Clava, inciting the Astro-Omegas space capos, which would begin to take the front and front, after having been the atrium of invisible stars, only visible in the spurs of the swords, which were only moistened with the viscous blood draining from Orion towards Hellenic land, as an Omega age, for Vernarth that is done early when he carries the keys of the Omega world, towards the protogalaxies that overshadow, knowing that the Milky Way and Andromeda come so close in their matting mass, being able to collide in a few million light years, as an anticipation since the Duoverse of Hyperdisis will be conformed as a Galaxy of change, to interact with each other by dismembering, but retransform ending in the new mental nucleus of the Duoverse, like A great Black Hole, embedded in the heart of Patmos.

Hyperdisis, navigates from the past confines, from the origin of nothingness itself to the origin of the Universe, but now it has become a Duoverse, reimplanted in the helical polarity and bifurcations of its luminosity, of colorful reincarnations or re-astralities, to allow the cessation of darkness and to value luminance, opening steps of collyrimetry and children's cuetosa chromatics in requests of inafant galaxies, which of all lives by Greece Vermart gave by their ancestors, articulated in the iconology of Orion, in candles per square meters, in vigils of :

LV is the luminance, measured in Nits or candela per square meter (cd / m²).
• F is the luminous flux, in lumens for the triad Andomeda, Milky Way and Hyperdisis in conjunction with Orion.
• dS is the surface element considered the triad Kímolos, Rhodes and Patmos.
• dΩ is the solid angle element, Vernarth Omega and origin of the Duoverse.
• θ is the angle between the diameter from Andromeda and the Milky Way (2.5 million light years)

The luminance can be defined from the radiometric magnitude and the radiance without more than weighting each wavelength by the sensitivity curve of the eye. Thus, if LV is the luminance, Lλ represents the spectral radiance and V (λ) symbolizes the sensitivity curve of the Vernath eye in the area of the Betelgeuse, with plasma and hematoms derived over the galaxies and the Orion Eyes.
Reaching the central memory of the Aegean Sea between the parallels 36-38 of latitude and meridians 24-26 of longitude, belonging to the periphery of the South Aegean, an abduction of the amnesic trace of the Alexandrian magnetic period occurs, which made them realize, of how they had deviated from the destination of Limassol-Cyprus, having to turn a few degrees to redirect to Limassol. This was exercised by the subjugated Alexandrian period, which in its immanent chronology sought to remake an existentialist caste, which lowered the chronological limits due to the depressive effect of the aura, after the death of its sister Cleopatra. This whitish and courteous barrier of Zeus, invaded them not auditing to govern the schizophrenic ship, having to retrace the course to retro of the Cyclades. Sovereignty Vernarth takes the helm with great Greek breath, creating shields of redemption in the arts and sciences of the Hetairoi aristocracy, under meso-urban science-politics, replaced by the Christian religion, making the Hellenic language a potential romance Aramaic, to overcome the existentialism of the hypnotizing dream; of a silly banquet served by the hordes on all the slopes that transported them between an enigmatic underworld, of panhellenic language, and with the reculturation of the ephemeral crossed lines that subtracted them from their dramas of troubled consciences, depriving them of the neuromotor, adjective of the main return value for the origin of the reconquest of the Tracóntero in Limassol.

This Hypnosis, brought consequences of the Sects called Diádocos ‘successors’, of the old generals of Alexander the Great and the children of the generals (called epigones) that to his unexpected death of Alexander the Great in 323 a. They divided their empire, disputing power and hegemony over their colleagues with various pacts and six wars that lasted twenty years. Then a political system was established that until the beginning of the Roman Empire in the eastern Mediterranean at the beginning of the second century BC. Before this contingency, Vernarth resorts to Hypnos and one of the thousand children he had with Pasitea, who urged them to the cohesion of this Hellenic Hypnosis, making quantitatively the immortality of the image of Alexander the Great, to bring him to each of the former faithful commanders, thus refounding Vernarth his Hellenistic encyclical, for the purpose of escorting them to Limassol, and protecting the families and infants who were in their puberty in sleeping Greece, after great war campaigns and abandoned conventions, as an example of the snowy lineage in their Mother Olimpia, and his Sister Thessalonica and children waiting for him passionately. And also in the Sudpichi Empire - Chile, Luccica with the court of her familiar stoic resistance, ingesting the opiates until her Vernarth takes her in his arms, of her own imaginative swamp lagoon.

The disintegration of Macedonia and Greece into sub regions, catapulted again the appearance of Clovis who says ..., the river Lethe in the underworld, dissolve your memories, and clean your mind permanently. That's the branch of a poplar tree from the underworld, from my father Hypnos. "Lethe is not the place you want to go swimming ... but if you change the helm for your proud mind." This achieves that one of the sons, among thousands of Pasitea, committed himself to Clovis, to dispel this existentialist contingency, vindicating the plea, of family reunion and imperishable Hellenic constituent prosapia, under the hypnotic and hegemonic phenomenon that made the banners and panoplies burnish in Greece, Macedonia and Asia Minor. As a subsidiary exception they will satisfy, which was reissued by Ptolemy, one of Alexander's childhood companions, of whom some authors venture to say that he was an illegitimate son of Philip II. With intelligence he quickly seized Egypt and hastened to create an enduring state, declining to imperial ambitions that he considered unrealistic. He was one of the main opponents of the imperial cause, thus becoming one of the founders of the Hellenistic world. Unusually, the commanders of Alexander before his excessive dipsomania of hierarchical power and glory, demystified Hetairoi's harangue, generating in it a Hypnotic counter conception, making these sedative efforts to delegate the religious north Dei ..., which had only known how to redirect itself later in the classical arching Gaugamela, of his great Hoplite Commander Vernarth.

This grayish super mass of uncontrolled winds and increased rays, spat out idolatrous proto forms in the same Hellenistic family, whose postulate was to multiply the family over its geopolitical dominations in other nations, unifying them as a family geo clan, rather than in the seas, in which they do not the waters-lands are divided, rather they unite the hydro-parental ethical and cultural resources of the world that are a concomitant part with "The devouring cyclone of mythological dignitary entities, and other lines that flee from the proper chronogram of historicity and its reconstructive past-present ”. Square meters of great Cyclops slaps that were floating in the air, inspired Vernarth to revive the green grass of the sea, like plankton that made a compulsive propensity to exalt Chloe’s presence; that being an Epi Phantom, it always sparkled among the nebulosity as a reservoir of Universal Consciousness, gaining the Hellenic consciousness with a black bandage over its eyes, so as not to stain more outbreaks of the chlorophyll and photochemical green mass of the phenomenon, accumulating only the electrogenic beasts of Cyclops that they had to burn on the rays and unbridled embers of dissident light, to leave in some memorable way, or beg some Sanctus, to do his will prowling in the acquisition of the square meters of the tiny, almost unidentifiable beasts, that appeared simulating to the slimy green water of the River Leto in the contracted underworld.

The existential holistic in the ship produced depressive lags, lack of self-esteem and factors of ego loss, therefore each one who pointed with his index, relaxed from some silos in the hands of opiates, which would denigrate the dream in those who tried to flee of his own collective weeds ..., shying away from himself, stagnating and freezing in stretches of dreams of great loneliness and permanent fantasy ..., and what the extravagant hypnosis sought to occupy in them with its decrees of mortality, in an adulterated afterlife, in some signs of benevolent and reactive psychic alertness. When the soft glow of the same flash was shown on the faces of Alexander the Great and Vernarth, in the six wars that took place with the Diádocos without sparkles, for twenty years ..., just in twenty seconds, would Alexander the Great appear, on the deck of the ship of Lepanto, dressed in a crimson red garment, covering his Hellenic silhouette, down to his figurative half torso. From here, he urged them to culminate their hypnosis in a deep world in an unbreathable statue of colloquial rhapsody ..., watch out for this ..., everything continues normally, and Vernarth leaves the helm to honor him with a hoplite Khaire and as a fellow Christian Shvil, as philanthropic and deferential as Ptolemy was, and Vernarth himself in TeL Gomel and Bumodos, herding the green glosses to open them towards the new magnotheological empire. Beyond the profile of the wise dervish, Limassol appeared, like a sapphire rosary entangling in the physiognomies of rises of hope, in the average Gen, when approaching the latent peninsula of the Eurydice's Gold medallion.

Judah was suspended in the Gigas Camels ruminating the bags of herbs that thickened in their Palestinian snouts, the sphinxes of the birds continued to grow with their wings to shelter the blasphemies of their prophets, and Judah wailing in the intrabony of those who traveled leaving of Judah, but never departing from the aramaic cells of Gethsemane, lost from Hellenic Existential Hypnosis. Investigating lost rings that would unite the dissolute stretch of the Cyclades, recomposing itself from expelled dramatic thicket and loss, in the foliage of the rocky jungle coastlines, where the Mariano gold medallion rests in the darkness of a moldy circular massif.
Hellenic Existential Hypnosis
Cosmogonic  Amphibology, Sub-Mythological root
The threshold, as a minimum rubric, must be in force from the Constellation of Orion, with barely a hundred millionths under the same eye as Oarion and his psychophysical space, sensitive to the falcado chariots and the water vessels on the backs of the probable Barnard Loop and its nebula presence. The icy impulsiveness brought him under his right shoulder and the lean hollow under his arm dissolving from a staircase, at the entrance point of Betelgeuse coming from the cosmogony of Eridanus and in tune with Ptolemaic astrality. In sibyl and with a bright metric triplet look, Betelgeuse Orionis, which is the scale of the Aulos and piccolos expelling hydrogen as an Ace in 240 scales of harmonies and in sounds of light, for cycles and years of Light. The binary of Oarion, is the pre-birth of the sub-mythological root, with binaries of Poetic Parapsychology, or Para-poetical; which is the trapezoid and the kinetics of the hunter Oarion arrowing towards the Pleiades and its nebulous plains, and with diametric diarthrosis in his synovial joints, with third militarizing joints already formed by hyaline cartilage, which join the two bones with synovial fluid, before reaching Hunter Oarion's deltoid, to awaken the Sleeping world.

Vernarth, in one of his adventures in Pela, escapulated with his arms the force of the friction discs of the Olympics and compensated his hands and shoulders, for this purpose, from Oarion and his dilettante Astro Betelgeuse, with giant arrows against matter towards the sky of its Constellation, encrusted with Odyssey beatings and turpentines in surly Hellenistic ones, being for May its amber trunk and arm trapezoid, in each hand a Xifos and Dorus, always with pathologies of dexterous hemispheres in their sagacious hands in Kopis swords, and in the memories of the wind that throws pain to the hiss of the combatant, when the meteorites decay in the Tyrrhenian Sea. With his brass-bronze club and Vernarth's corrosive breath, he proceeded to file the odysseys on Eos's ******* and peduncles; Goddess of the Dawn, in Dionysian beauty of granules, which brandished the granites from the bronze nail, watching her for large mega hectares, dissuade the Revenge of Enopion, turning her eyes that now shone in bronze and the lines of Hesiod, for whom it. against borderline stellar magnitude in the major and minor dogs, and in their a priori waves of misdeeds lending measurements in the eyes of Oarion, always henchmen over their Pleiades.

From this intricacy, Cosmo-is born the Vernarth Duoverso in incited towards the Horcondising, so that it is co-appropriated mythical in the origin of the universality of the Duoverse in the scapula of Vernarth, bleeding towards the cosmos that was born from her bronzes that twist on the necks of oxen that urinate on the officers of Barnard's Loop, and its polyphonic magnetic exciter, on Orion's ***** falling on the poles, like flagrant Amphibology.

The Kanti Steed and the Oarion Nebula, to the compass of a waltz ionizing prodigious electron-free ion chemicals, on the neutral molecules of Betelgeuse, to proclaim on the nerves of the shoulders and its bronze club, as musical praxis and net harmony , giving way to the nebula and the art of the Duoverso, which shows the pristine astral days, how in his alchemical arm gushing chemo-astralities from the chest and his armpit that sheltered him in his maximum stick, cutting down roots of Olivo Bernar, after the Barnard's loops, in the midst of runaway stars that are systematized in their ionized bleeding esplanade, like Stellae Novae, who retro brings astronomical rites in the cosmogony and her pretext of going at night to sleep near her parents Poseidon and Euríale, which they cheered near the grassy fields to paste explosive clay on the sheet of his drunken face with smiling Ionic wine, in advance of scattering across the new world you Duoverso.
Cosmogonic  Amphibology
When their ears fell in love with the Orthoptera or Grylloideas before Joshua, the night was restless, abandoning them from their shelters, they brushed the seeds of the thistle that trembled with the new millennium of the Duoverso.  Levitating their ailerons in the tenors of their birth and dilettante sounds, before an ovipositing  candor of the remains of the abdomen that remained in their jaws, always being from one of the Beams, for the largest Ensiferas that hung from their antennas in search of Joshua's telepathic messages in the manger. Sappho of Mytilene, also known as Sappho of ****** or simply Sappho, pretended to be a marigold proliferating in the twenty corridors of the Greek poet, and also as the tenth poet in the other ten that was reflected with transparent wings of the dew that stuck physical phenomena -Saphonic, and in the relent rain of wind and condensed air, in the form of drops due to the sudden decrease in temperature in contact with cold surfaces. Sappho dew was spoken of in Kafersesuh, usually when it comes to condensation on a Poetic Grylloidae surface, naturally on the ground cover or artificially on a dull foggy crystalline, in amount of supernatural tradition, heroes, superheroes and anti heroes conspiring with the territorialities of the hexagonality and the brutish wings of the Cricket that were preparing to take root in the manger to combat the demons of Ashera, sniffing with their antennae in trills of physical-ethereal bronze wings, under an intra-caudal grazing of the manger , under the aligned conjunction of the parapets and the Crickets that were preparing to take root in the dismembered arms, speaking with their trill antennas and physical-ethereal bronze wings, under an infra-caudal pastoral of Kafersesuh and under the aligned set of the barbcans.

The Aramaic message comes forward with vigor from the orthopterans and birds that piled up on the journey, going back and forth. The Beams shone from the celestial kingdom holding onto the Cherubim and the Archangels, through the paths of conversion and the support of the bizarre Christian time, in implacable hegemony for the propaedeutic of phylogeny, but more than a perfumerist chemistry and the same creation. carrying Lepidoptera winged tetra and Sand Crickets, on the interlocking and obfuscated pheromones from a nascent-elemental child, in his own evangelical philosophy, from a winged dimensionality and in the gloom of Manger shouted and aligned, before the compendiums of double pyramidal landmarks and of inflection, of his word in the Grylloids and panaceas created in the affinity of the world and of Animalia, stylizing muleteers carriers, phrasing acronyms and parabolizing the polygonic nomenclature of the child made territorial man on the wings of a Cricket, already being it! but depicting himself as a lifeless man in the fullness of a canon advantageous child, from a sudden two-dimensional grillionality. A great Zohar light was gathered all towards a whole in those errors of advantageous terrestrial columns and orthopterans that Joshua felt in advance in his resined ears, as irreversible entropy giving back his wise existence to prepare them for the day of his holocaust. Pre Existing in catharsis and substantive busilis of divinity connected with the Grylloid phylogenetic species, classifying until the Aramaic crackle, pontifying pheromones settled in the lithosphere site of Gethsemane, in a biological sense and in close coincidence in the fording of a big book period, or in the phenomenological simultaneity of Eukaryota and Glaucophyta until late Animalia, giving parental relationship in the characters of the vibrational timbre of the Beams and the atavistic pedestal, readjusting themselves in the evolutionary elliptical of winged tetra species, allowing to change the ancestral linguistic accoutrements in processes of redesign of the genetic historical tree ..., divine and increasing.

Inter-duoverse, in the demography of space it has been frequented since today in a nuptiality between the Sun and the Earth, wrapping the inter-generational homes that have prostrated themselves to the One-Dimensional Beams, evolving millions of years with between links of northern angels and the south, for each year between the years and lustrums that the ancestors are passionate about, unleashing their youths and eternal ideals as they aged, as an atom not guaranteed in families that did not get to know their Duoverse. When they walk through the urbanized farm of their parents they go in their shoes and from parental sun to interparental barefoot. The children travel far from the monographic patriarchy, declaring themselves among psychic families in unstable networks of trunk conformity and procreation, dismissing family industrialism towards industrial cemeteries highly emanating from dioxides.

The strains of supra  healthy cerebral, born from Beams of deforested family trees and treasured in the Trunk of the seventh ascending generation, towards a nefarious tribal of industrious and vegetating regressive parapsychology, bringing zombie societies, to great lethargy that disorganizes the parallel emotion of the Being a descendant of a Messiah, with prophetic organization. There in the Koumeterium of Messolonghi, in past generations the "I-O" were omitted limiting them from the paragraphies as Ghost Cemetery lost in other lost sacramental ancestors. The inappropriate location of our ancestral duties has oriented us in the axis of the pabulum, before the second coming of the Messiah to continue the re-sprouting foliage of the Universal theological tree. The children of the seven intergenerated generations will be those of the beloved of a patriarchal family, and those of the exo family lineage that will be outside the non-generational family, where everything flourishes according to the requirements of ******-domestic economies, and in the new Chimera from new shudders and reconcomments, the Sun and the Earth being spouses after being divorced from a deluge of immolations and inter-millennia and rotations, further than those of any prophet wandering without advancing or rotating, enrolling and expiring in generations succumbed and prehistoric from other prehistoric ones. Pre and post Flood; not presenting itself as an object to link a thousand decades where not even a holy chirp from the Thrush, praises on the windows of the world bringing us babies that are born without past or future quantum generations. Ready at the glimpse of Duality and its nuptiality with the Sun and the Earth, they will make us magical and creditors of increasing demographics and unions that will marry in inter generations, not seeing passions in exhaustion, under the lawn of the allegory of love defeated. Giving ourselves conjugal virtuosity, but of immanent dogma for the purpose of multi-figurative coexistence, under the Yoke of an individualized Faith, in the passing of millennia, we continue to crawl on the floor of the nebulae, and we do not rise to establish ourselves as masters of the ecstasy of the pendulum of the stars, creating us more egalitarian and orthogonal in the cosmos and its Verthian architecture, of poly productivity, of Sun-Earth and its post-genetics, of high-grade clay, expanding with halberds on the highly caloriferous self-insolated and inherited Suns, towards a rupture of Solar freedom, abandoning us in the horizontal, adapting to pluralism and plutocratic sunsets.

Here is the classic verse-parental liberation from stripping oneself from the rows of the socio-political womb, re-institutionalizing archaic and pro-archaic forms of life and the cessation of intergenerational trepanations, in the residence of the breath that feeds the others, living together in the evolved transformation that does not ascribe the morality and presumption of a thinking individuality, rather destitute of the link of its uninhabited corporality, from the beginning umbraloid in the One-dimensional Beam of Kafersesuh and beyond the framework of pollution that does not configure settlements of super families nomads, without scented crowns, not of feminine conjunctural and ontological presences in the new world of an awakening of an Adam, censured for being chosen and sentenced to be a Human rickety from his descendants, not having ascendants of sin and of illicit chromosomal enrichment.  Made beast, from the inertia of a paradise full of hidden public and private exchanges, but not secular, for those who pay tributes of ecstasy in a reborn and weakened state. Here is how Diogiversality is verticalized (Diogenes's anthological action), concluding the variants that weaken the nexus of denatured society of its atavistic social nuclear concomitant, extending eco-life gaps, but eco-destructured and of intergenerational cruciality, being of arbitrary passion and of seismological doctrines, of haughty morality and of woven sociologies without body or motor, with an intersection of castes and generations evolved in a retrograde and elemental psychic sense, but biologically and reversibly to its boomerang lineage. Everything that depends on a third life is verticalized homologous to the third age of the ascending seventh generation and all cyclical third life separated from other evolutions, greening one-dimensional in time, for times of past polyarchic potential and abdicated beings, but with spirits and bodies of young people uniting between generations that twist into pivots that are reorganized in intra-human relationships, renewing themselves from the trunk, with a mechanism of sepulchral silence and resilient behavior in the unbreakable tri-generational spike of “ Beam and Dimension, for three who advance in their integers, and not in their fractions ..., born of three and four generations in between "
One-dimensional Beams II
In this environment of preservation of links and communication with each other, there were Raeder, Petrobus the Pelican and Alikanto, in a state of maximum calm and complacency, they were enjoying the reality that was experienced with the child. Raeder unexpectedly walks Petrobus out of the barn and begins an exploration of the rolling nativity event. Here he takes the gold-jade rings and takes flight towards the upper part of the stable, he can see from above that it did not look like an ordinary stable, rather it looked like a headquarters of the Faith, where he observed that on the roof there were some cherubs, they leaped and crossed imitating the same gestures that Joshua did in his manger. An impressed Raeder approached them, and began to share with them flying over where they and so could their new friends. After a while, Alikanto joined them, who also enjoyed precisely these games, but not seeing the cherubs. He only saw the two of them jumping, but surrounded by a great concentration of flying Lepidoptera.

At the end of the night, when dawn begins, they all leave and go to their stores, not knowing what to decide for the next day. The weary Apostle with VernarteH, went glorious with joy, after having, remembered this episode of the arrival of a Messiah. But that would transport them from this stable to Gethsemane where their native Aramaic language had to enable it, to generate synergy between the areas of the Gardens of Olives and Gethsemane, to concatenate all the phylogeny, as the new link relationship between species that were appropriate and endemic to the region near the stable at Bethelem, to be inter-inseminated on the banks of the Gethsemani slopes, in such a way that the linguistics would begin to absorb Joshua, and he would go for a closer shortcut to classification, of the traditional and omnipotent variants, which migrated through the Olives, to renew and preserve the Aramaic or Aramaic languages, of a shared origin now, for the omnipotent and salvific languages ​​that were to be redirected in Gethsemane. Once leaving for the city of eight gates, and from such interference, involve the lepidoptera taxon, inseminating the populations of organisms related to lexicons to shed life and language, among the shadows and trees, revealing their mystery with those who they know how to decipher the messages of the Master.

Raeder was still swaying on the roof next to the cherubs, rather they were already inseparable, until he received an order from Alikanto that they should hurry, to go back to the shops. They leave, but playful cherubs follow them and escort them to the store. The next day, at dawn, they lay out in front of them, serenely, as though in Kafersesuh. They prepare the camels and their belongings, to resume the return to the final grand opening of Judah; to start the services of reintegration of Saint John the Apostle, to a surrealism, which predicted him to split the poles of his exile and reintegration, under an early departure to revive the cathedrals of constant ringing, and of constant vibrating in the bells in Jerusalem and Gethsemane. They all ride, the Hexagonal Birthright and King David, clench the camels' teeth as they head towards the new gate that they took turns opening once they reached Jerusalem. Raeder and Petrobus, arrived late and flew from the top of the caravan, along with the cherubs that now accompanied them.

While the Crickets ate all the laws that were immeasurable with the litanies of angels that waited unwinding in In dextro qui non ad altare. "In the wing of those who did not have to reach the altar"
Kafersuseh One-Dimensional Beams II
The hemispheres become out of proportion, one to another modified in the air, leaving the horizon exorbitant and the poles out of square.  Coastal the lengths of the sun around areas that some Hellenika countrymen had never put on the crowns of their consciousness. Certain pressure changes dislocated other modules in the filaments that rudimentary inaccuracies, creating reflection space failures in the installation of the Duoverso, by default of calculation. The observations of Hyperdisis generated superposition’s of the Zigzag Universe, before the crescent moon, after the full moon, again decalculating the sphere of Hyperdisis in relation to the ecstatic length of itself in the hands of a third of a second a day, to overflow in impositions that exposed Dekas Cove in Kímolos. Axiomatic hyperbolism postulated the parallels in the seas of Greece, in longitudinal planes of Consciousness, inside and outside the lines, until reaching the axiom of the infinite numbers, up to the pendulum over the nuances of the ninety degrees of the quadrant and twice the radius of pi (π).

The value of the opinion of reflections will be the originality of breaking of statics, of the motors of the verb and the conscience of being flushed and of erudition of the naive contrast when decanting the perceived morality. They concur of the moral value in every sub-mythology of an ambivalent being, and of human and supernatural co-belonging, not depending on gnoselogical reflections, but rather spontaneous and under the rampart of reason. The latter and the shadow of its shadow being absent, no reflection can grasp the anti-values, self-valued, in contingencies under the effects of the drug of lies or truth, in a difficult equation to refer to in gnosis treatises, declaring absence of consciousness to species without reflection or length of their molecular evolution, in evidence of mythological humans, who still insist on outperforming non-humans in evidence of neurological bad adjustment in the Biosphere network, in swearing of adaptability and Intelligence of Animalia, under the predominance of matters that are not yet crystallized in their domains and powers of the living animal kingdom, algorithmically computing our guidelines of unveiled tonality, between body and non-physical-rational mind, nor in the simulation and retrospective weighting of animal reflection, over human rationality with Artificial Intelligence auto pigments, for artificial routers dying in packers or Data graveyards Center.

The triangle Patmos, Rhodes and Kímolos, form a Venusian adonis, of stimuli in the nostrils of Aion, which sneezed on the integrity of the reflex arc at high speed, superseded in the tremors of Athens to Hyperdisis, flashing anatomical and pejorative on the optic nerve of the Rodino Colossus and the twisting of the multipersonal muscles ..., but already depersonalized ..., with little telluric reaction in the core of the symmetry of its legs, avoiding the thunder on its frowned arms, behind the legs of the  lycaons..., burying his jaws in reflex arches, for ages that only an immemorial person enraptured him and be it the throbbing of the earth in the crust and seams of the calcined Colossus. Existing like this, and with their reflection of attenuated light, they shook through the sea full of sinewy pieces of precise length. Frequently in the hydronium cations undermining the temporality of Tsambika in ramdonic  stones in the humid and dark narrowness of the anthropic reflection, having lived in the heavenly paradise that formed them by the volcanic tube and its syngenetics, by the erosion of the subsoil of Rhodes. In Hellenika, everything that is expected, flows with the Meltemi tubularly, so that they are polyps of fluctuating desolation or put before all the zephyr or anti-wind, in ammonoids or ammonites; reviving from the seas from the Devonian to the Cretaceous, escaped the ferocities of the Aethesians and the Etesians escaping the roars of Vernarth.
Reflection space length (π) / part 15
Given its ethnikos factor and contributing towards a common origin of multiethnic and languages, in values and traditions, its morphological factors of Verthian sub-mythology, are provided with content, traits, colors and neutrality, focused towards a biosphere ecosystem, where the air conditioning, flora-fauna will make Sub-mythological Biodiversity, where the beings that inhabit it and will be in the range of evolution of mythological living beings, in whose diversity of genetic seizure, they will adopt natural and compound patterns, but always predominant in the pattern biological and organic. Wandering around the world in desert places, in alloys and compounds of classified plants, emptying their species through the hollow of the atmosphere and through the green shoots of grasslands in the reviving surviving evolution of organisms and species that for the first time take a look as a biotype among rocks and plantations, reciprocally among themselves and extemporaneously generating heritages of mythological genetics.  Considering millions of years in evolution with explosions of multicellular and fossilized species extinct in massive and occlusive memories. Inert matter and geological strata will make millions of years converted into microseconds in the Verthian Biodiversity of the Duoverse, in a Psychic and spiritual Universe, emerging in all macroscopic perspectives and parapsychological regressions. Impact They will cause in the maturity of all the diversity of externality and sensations in new topologies of anonymous universes and species of biodiversity, under a pillar of culture based on the Sub-Mythological biosphere process, encompassing all mythological species where the hope of Life and Super life. Transforming systems of functionality under the protection of spontaneous generation and in matter that is available underlined in the mountainous tissues of the mechanics of the subset of air mass, water, climatic biospheres and biogeochemistry, that in the unreal juncture of and inter procedural reality of carbon, factor the species key and specimen disclosure, in collection and in sinks, water drains but without carbon.
Hyperdisis, the galaxy connected to the Duoverso, in its biotic diversity, reinsert thick clumps of Nothofagus Obliqua forests, in waste processes, to domesticate the Leiak ethno-forest species, as balance nutrients and repair of the disgraceful disgrace of unnatural toxicity and fragile of the agrosystem, maturing cultures and preventive pollination in succulent transfers for purposes of food webs and the environment. Making the appearance of species more effective and perceptible, reunited in community chains of coherence, to amortize low-resource needs and distance economic-political impacts, in view of new base resources and the sustainability of balance of allopathic crops, for the good of driving extinction of plagues or flagrant excesses not reconverted, for compliance with the exercise of light beings as a parallel systematic contribution and ******-transmission of applicable inputs of quality of life and deflation of risk of biological cyclical deterioration.

Hyperdisis, has a mass of inert matter that creates accesses of resilience, for salinity, rainfall and human adaptive mythological innovation, given its versatile opening of complement and generation of substances, for the convenience of living beings and No.  Having adopted in the context of mythological Galaxy, related to beings of light comparable to distant elements, by means of Psychic Trisomies and teleportation, for energy sources and soil and water mechanics with Leiak, constituting molecules for the simplification of phenomena of exacerbation of chronic and endogenous diseases. Forests and parks of Hyperdisis in the open and symbiotic, for more airs in microbiological space, in the intimate portion from highest to lowest challenge of proprietary elements and antinomies of hieratic human bioculturation in a showcase of communities with interest in technologies and empirical usability and renewable, each part doing its scientific and biodiversity role in the portico of its home. As a hieratic quality, presenting amendments that are glimpsed and more existent, although it passes before our eyes without the Carbon Footprint, figuring logical mathematics by sponsoring its count more than a shadowy synthetic body, anticipating super valuation measures, averaging them in tiny theological portions, with varied and dissimilar levels of genetic habitats and alleles or heterozygous in the taxonomic functionality of reproductive and biological approval elements. The richness and abundance of this item is delegated to Leiak, in all the revolutionary processes of the oak forests and of the high mountains, where Vernarth directs him and is condescending of his dynamics, from countless temporary revolutions of other species.

Within the gasifications of Cinnabar, there was Carbon in its Life cycle, being Zefián; the curator of the Duoverse, destined for a lifetime, under Universal and intergalactic effects.  Claiming innocent living beings with higher attributes of predation survival in the ecological chain, with the mix of Tsambika and Theoskepatis, granting multidirectional dynamic residual matter for green energy emissions. The feedback quantifies carbon circulation offset options, offsetting the multipurpose CO₂ inventory. At night Zefián and Vernarth roamed the streets of Rhodes, in Tsambika, looking for the distilled portions of the carbon and sulfur emanated by Cinnabar. In the same way Etréstles in Theoskepatis initiating with the Archpriest by virtue of the honors and the rubies of accumulations of water mass and of sulfur and carbonated air, which hung over the low sky of Rhodes and Kimolos. They were going to the Necropolis of Hellenika, when the gnostic rampages were glimpsed in the surrounding slab, minting half of the gold bars for the great goldsmith who erects the conventionality of having the physis imperturbably established, as a matter of patriarchal character. They entered Hellenika and the souls that were hanging around were ringed under the encrusted crescents, lavishing the independence of the night in the hands of Borker, which was reflected in the capitals of a mausoleum. Borker is consistent in saying that he is free in Hellenika, in the myth of the woodworm of the dustbin of the frieze where Etréstles perched next to the strap that Zefián, who would manipulate the gold and alabaster chain, to pull it and its ruby ascetics approaching a final night in the astronomical autumn, in the last parapsychological regression of the god Vertumnus, which would embody the expiration of the Hellenika friezes by Kashmar branches decayed from vegetation and the tears of the Etruscan god Vertumnus. Making the branches of the Kashmar the epithet of heraldry in the noble metals and woods of the autumn and mountainous temple of the one that follows the equinox in the meridian of seven days to the southern and northern hemisphere.

They enter the Hellenika Necropolis, through the upper and lower trays, cordoned off by obelisks in series of petrified ebels, in the square sections of the convergent ones and the linearity of the central pyramid, where they sponsored all the sectors of the stones of the prismatic geometric body , next to some piloneos that flanked the third of those that were in the figurative memory of funerary monuments of Vernarth. In harmony with the radiosities of the Cinnabar, they purged the carbon emanations in the intrabodies of petrified breaths, expanding in the segments of trepidating life of the behavior of the inert matter, crushed by the organic, polishing the degrading character of the excavated prayers, under a superfluous shadow. It was already dawn; Etréstles and the Archpriest were breaking the loaves to deposit them in the bowl of the Day, stretched out in the arms of heaven under the gargle of the god Vertumnus that he forged from the materiality of Jupiter. Vernarth nodded his head to the movement of the winds that cut the profile of a Yawning Citarist in the frieze that raises all the crowns of the princes of the living-dead, making them part of the royal occasion, preparing petty spaces and tyrannies for devour vassals in Hellenika, Diogenes of Sinope is seen coming out from the lair of his rib, splitting with his doctrinal staff all the isthmic paroxysms, which declared the cell of his life as Diogiversity.

"There were murmurs of astonishment at the surprising response of the wise man because no one dared to speak like that to the king. Alexander asked: "Why do they call you Diogenes, the dog?", To which Diogenes replied: "Because I praise those who give me, I bark at those who don't give me and I bite the bad guys." Again, more murmurs, but Alejandro was undaunted by those responses and said: "Ask me what you want." So Diogenes, undeterred, replied: "Get away from where you are, you cover the sun for me" ..., Vernarth replied: "Look for him in the bones of those who refused to die and fear beyond expiration who rejoices in the cold of the dean skeleton seed, without heat or memory here in Corinth and its Diogiversity ”. Everyone is silent and fear takes hold of everyone in the sybarite contemplation of Alexander the Great ..., expropriating his speed more than a contempt for the cranium that is advocated for Vernarth "
Ethno-spirit and Biodiversity (Diogiversity) / part 14
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Psychic Trisomy / Part 13
The species and their somatic acquired deposits of DNA spirals, given their characteristics, they will make transformations in more than one taxon of cells for a homologous pair. Here Kaitelka the whale down from Sub-Mythology, will circle in the Baltic Sea, compromising neuralgia in it as a shallow essence due to its trisomy, making a comparison with psychic trisomies that Vernarth suffered at least four times a month, from the first and. Kaitelka individualized her cellular regressions, becoming a prehistoric cetacean and when she lagged beyond or before her creation, she transferred psychic trisomies due to her twenty-one chromosome. Kaitelka's karyotype was directed towards the crease of her eyes, due to an infection in the area of her basal inter fins that disturbed her heart rate in a short interval in which Poseidon magnified her coefficient in high amplitude, after being inseminated in her temperate state and gifted as a Super Goddess. Kaitelka in her nativity in the transversal valleys sailed in the air atmospheres of Hyperdisis and was always seen in the company of Leiak; omnipresent vague spirit of the watery ductile dancer, living on the liquefied element with her astringent slimy Chin ..., and seeing her with her grotesque back breaking lines and swamps between knuckles and edges of tricks inferred before the First station and in one of the

At seven hundred meters high she becomes Kaitelka Down godmother, adding the psychic chromosome twenty-two that contracts in connection with Vernarth in the paradoxical mountains when in the autumn afternoons they collect Ceratocystis fagacearum Mushrooms and irradiate insects such as borers. Kaitelka, when recovering her chromosome by detraction in the natural selection of Trisomy, expresses itself by spilling on the gelatinous dry leaves of all its dead cells and soon seeping into its retracted and frank adhesion membranes, causing recovery of its condition. After wandering and ringed symptoms of warning in the atmosphere of Horcondising, the vile of magnanimous effect and of challenge of the chromosome shed in the emulsion, the alpha proteins are contained in the entire transverted Vernarth genome, as a whole admonished and abundant diploid collection , before reaching the lethal processes of reciprocal adversity, both as zoo-anthropoid or triple zoo-anthropoid-botanical effect. Pre-Existing Kaitelka Down with forty-two chromosomes (22 pairs) and the Lepidoptera Agrodiaetus (134 pairs), in its haploid, that is, half and vitalizing between two species of the sub-mythological world, being in its psychic cellular compound, and later implant it in germ cells for the effect of psychic transmission in Venarthian ambivalence and vice versa. By discard, there are four fewer chromosomes than the hommo sapiens and 222 less than the Lepidoptera Agrodiaetus, for the goal of flourishing with the power of Poseidon, brother of Zeus, restoring the cardinals of the Earth and the Sea concomitant with the seventh portion of the sea. With Poseidon, above all psychic fluctuation and the powers of Kaitelka, in cognitive common that compresses the perception of its ultra-oceanic methodological current, analogous to this super cetacean, making it structural and semi-human in the super archeo volume and its kinetics, surpassing all neuro-mental state.

Meta sense and discernment, they will be cogitated brain by the conscious ones where their sensory cognitive is interrupted, towards an unconscious by means of photons of hypocaloric temperature, to define in their prehistoric psychological and psychic memory, more than random brain, coexisting with habeas corpus content and remote cerebral energy, before the magistracy and power of Poseidon, graduated and insurmountable in the southern seclusion of his memory asilated in his E-Cloud.  That is to say; stored in electromagnetic and electrophysiological stimuli, as weighted in square miles and in floating Poseidon starts, in super cetacean categories down, with only four meager chromosomes from the remnants of the human procedural genome. The trisomy field was now flaunted in anti-psychic fields, given the store cloud and self-grabbing, endowed by the square miles of Poseidon, attributing intrinsic substantiality defined by kinetic anthropo-morpho zoo hyper-readings, in profusion of totemic overflows that illustrated his complex individual base, knowing of atmospheric levitations in Kaitelka and of other magnanimous ones typical of his unknown skills of parapsychology suspended in waves of levitation and interbody Vernarthian descent, perceiving retractable surfaces of predominance of extra-sensory augural time and teleportation of identity, mind-brain and hyper-sensory as an established non-mental, physical or organic function, rather techno-organic and sub-mythological.

On the fourth of August of the year of the Lord, 1617, when Klaus Rittke was cleaning the main stained glass window of the Cathedral of Avignon, he heard heated dialogues between a Friar and a Gentleman, who was once an assistant to the clergy. Klauss could come closer and listen to their conversation more clearly, until Friar Andrés Panguiette, babbling, demanded from Raymond Bragasse indulgence or one or the other (Marielle Quentinnais compendium).  Relating in its narrative evolution, about some Albigenses of this work set in Avignon, time of the Antipopes, crossing with the psychic waves and of prophecies of who precisely Guillaume Bélibaste was born into a Cathar family.

Having noted that 1321 is 296 years different from Marielle Quentinnais, and takes place in Carcassonne on the same day as Bélibaste's execution, given his licentious life breaking Cathar dogmas, incriminating himself with civilians from the region, marrying women in exile, etc. , was condemned by the Holy Inquisition, where many were purged for the mere fact of holding biblical books in their abode. Among the flames of his bonfire the prophecy of the laurel will be homologated, whose shadow will fall on the centuries to come. Note the coincidence 3,700 years ago, where the first signs of life were appreciated on our planet and in the Hylates Forest in Cyprus (700,000 thousand souls), in the imprint that unifies the Christian scrolls, blowing gold dust on Walekiria's hair …, And being liberated, as a tartaric body of physicality. No one spoke, not even the 700,000 thousand souls who also claimed to be liberated (Vernarth, page 313 - paragraph 2). And finally seventh portion of the sea, with Poseidon. Here the Psychic numeral of Vernarth and Kaitelka coincide, who appear with the laurel of Guillaume de Bélibaste after almost seven years, preparing for the unification of the prophecy of the Laurel, whose shadow will hover over the centuries to come. Templars, perfect  bons homes and Cathars meet, in this historical feat, through the secret path safe from traitors and conspirators thanks to the most surprising allies. Bélibaste's fast-paced story will allow us to approach both the most unknown ceremonies and rituals of his confession, showing us his revelations in the flames and turning green in the Laurel of 1321 in sync with 2021, with a resurgence of liberation from creation and change. of spiritual consciousness, for the sake of a Belibaste with continue its current pre-existing history.

Given the little and nothing that exists in our revealing and psychic environmental enthronement, it should be noted that historical events fly like pollen and waves in their same wind vibrations. This entails the physical vibration material that is in every corner of our existentiality, without beginning or end, only spinning through the infinite axon of our karma and samskara, for convulsed and physical-ecological means and intermediates in the revealing countenance of the primitive psychic field before us, like the Aspis Koilé, as a shield or as a parabolic or omnidirectional antenna, bringing us in event after event that strangely interchange phases and processes intertwined with time in quantum physics and its subsequent biophysical changes in the genome chain and especially in his Psychic Trisomy.
Psychic Trisomy / Part 13
The pecuniary prerogative of sportula, makes the Vas Auric and the Mandylion its residence, tending towards an algebraic sense of the two diametric  in a cross by the perpendicular, towards the tension of the shortest segment by the long one, tracing a circumference of radius and a half. Homologating in the interposed eclipse of the golden or golden number, for the divine proportion in consequence of irrational fractioning numbers. Shortening the passage of algebraic numbers with the infinite decimal towards Cinnabar with seven arches in parentheses reflecting in the septum of the apse in both temples of the homily, making the ancient period, files registered in mega center of the quantum memory of cinnabar , before disrupting the genesis of the Duoverso. The length of the rational period is eternal and it will err due to the hyper climatic sensation of distemperance that will be enclosed between the vaults of both temples in Rhodes and Kímolos, making the infinite decimals, a profit of the world in this Theory of the Verthian Duoverse, which is it will resemble with the ribs of the cathedral ceilings, the vegetative world and the inorganic world, up to the golden ratio, as an art or stereo-optical skill of the Vas Auric.

The First Treatise of the Vas Auric fell into the hands of Vernarth, one day of heavy plutonium sheets en masse of the golden number. The vertical avalanche was segmented when the dichotomy of the other line collided with the segments not altered, or rather omitted by some temporary blindness of the world of the Duoverso that just boasted. The compositions of number Z are made, and subdivision in its optical cinematography, divided into two slowed shots of small elements that were part of the controversy of Vas Auric as a medallion and Auric as mystical Gold, with distribution laws of:

"Zeus wakes up shaky, full of headache saturated with Herbs pro headaches
Jophiel is speaking this time in Kabbalistic Torah language...
with golden commoner super zone of Organikon Sorousliston Papadikon….
secular music that supplies Zeus with protein albumin,
to make him more human ... Zeus accepts Jophiel placing his head
over the house of Jophiel; divine island to throw cards ...
bring the second ray to the Sahasrara on his crown,
pacifying love that is suspicious and risky loser of everything
risk in the head, especially when a feeling is born!

And the floristic, above the stolon of the veins that move synchronously with the prolongations of speeds and acceleration of the emancipated leaves of the first order of the upper crown, up to the lower ones, thickening the golden spirals of a certain type of inflorescence, confining the areas Vernarth umbilical’s  and the plantar area of their feet between three and more than a hundred steps that come from certain metamorphoses, creating peduncle areas, act as a support for Vernarth and its  elders areas, brought from the Bumodos River, after a therapy string, creating psychic supports to endorse globalized neuralgic. Understanding that in the line of his neuralgia, the greater analog of the Messiah in the cross pierced by the Hastae Praetorian oscillates, more remote from the elliptical of pain, reduplicated by the accumulated energy, almost like mystical sunstroke. Due to the growth of the tangent of growth of the evolution of the reflection, the attenuation of the opposite effect is unleashed, allowing convalescence zones in signs of helices around the Vas Auric, crossing vertical and horizontal light beams, in search of angled Solar Light and refractory, for the palfrey of the Kanti Steed, abstracted from excessive rain, that uncrossed the tempos of the aura of the organic and aerial burial, towards the duplicity of the curves of the multi-cloned numbers and angered by their industrious dynamics of movement skewed to the effective solar …, Tending for the purposes of successive tendencies towards the vaporous numeral of Vas Áuric Cinnabar
l) Vas Auric – Cinnabar (Φ)
In the black dark camera, certain connected blues made other dark holographic areas that were magnified super connected to the optical perspective, conceiving of infinity a luminescence that was fractalized, the black-blue pre-existing towards the pattern Z = Exp (Z / OB ^ 4 ), which is the equivalent of the Bernese Olive Tree Rapa, on the border of its Lipogenesis, which would appear in the veraison of the chromatic and final maturity of the olive tree, for the fractal exponential of Z =; where all the points of the complex plane Z = (OB, iy) are iterated in the corresponding function Olives Berna in set of IY, and in all the iterations where an arbitrary constant (Cx, iCy) is added Cinnabar in lines of orthogonal sets X and Y, in such a way that the choice of the constant "seed" will determine the unique shape of the profile and the color of the fractal, once the chromatic pattern has been defined. In the paradigms shown in this continuation, a constant has been chosen, insofar as it will only produce divergence and it will have been qualified with the escape velocity algorithm, to contract exact self-similarity stratagems in this, which is the most restrictive type of self-similarity; requiring the fractal to appear identical at different scales. Forging from the Olivo Berna species towards the Duoverse and in the broken geometric quality that will evolve iteratively with the Rapas of the olive tree and with the rational numbers separated by potential fractions, which will make the perfect concordance between the pollen, the light and the proportion between the olive tree Bernar and his geometric fractality in the projecting form and the variation of the Rapa fruit in a fractalized geometric cross, coming from the Taphoric Light towards Gethsemane.

The holistic sportula of the Cinnabar in some pecuniary exercises, is impelled for a tacit and absent society, on every night that begins at dawn, everyone retires and the cinnabar appears as a kaleidoscope apostolize in glorious joy, where the Aramaic synergy between the Garden of Olives and Gethsemane, is concatenated with the entire Phylogenetic species with the homily in Tsambika and Theoskepasti, as the new relationship of the link between species that were improper and endemic to the region near the stable in Bethlehem de Kafersesuh, to be inter-inseminated on the banks of the slopes of Gethsemane, in such a way that the linguistics would begin to be absorbed in Joshua and would go for a closer shortcut towards the classification, of the traditional and omnipotent variants, which migrated through the Olives, to renew and preserve the Aramaic or Aramaic languages, of a shared origin now, for the omnipotent and salvific languages that were to speak go to Gethsemane. Once leaving with splendor to the city of the eight gates, and from such interference, implicating the Lepidoptera taxon, inseminating the populations of organisms related to lexicons to shed life and language, among the shadows and trees, revealing their mystery with those who They know how to decipher the messages of the Master that the Door of Eternal Life prompted them in string and catechesis with their mother Mariah for more than twenty-four years in Judah, on their way to the Duoverse.
Fractality and Spirit-Cinnabar Dynamics / part 11
Vernarth was in Sardinia in the Nuraghe megalithic complexes when he conceived his apostolate as a messenger, biologically entrenched in the taxonomic stasis, with a merely profane and urban framework. In whose classification he would transmit to his relatives after long periods in Macedonia, sailing and doing his falconry and philosophical avant-garde tasks with Aristotle, from a laxity that invited, after long rejoices, to record and sculpt messages with the pigeons of his village. Near Pela, in the central region of Macedonia, where his general Alexander the Great resided, south of the Axio River, his abode was nomadic and was on a hill near the lakes and mountains surrounded by Greco-barbarian inhabitants, tracing the Chalcidian league , after the Peloponnesian War. He was in great campaigns in the former Pela, in which he watched arduously in urban and architectural plans, where he had the privilege of interacting with great artists, thinkers, historians and philosophers.

His testament as an artist is precisely to be an apostolate of a thought that would intersect with the Yahwist gift towards a mission of the Apostle Matías, whose connection would provide his transliteration of the post-mortuary link of the Jesus of Nazareth, in substitution of Judas Iscariot, due to his apostasy. . Vernarth, distressed by this episode, became Commander of Alexander the Great, lying already primitive in his Hetairoi ranks, transcending over the stain of Judas Iscariot, to face in the arena of Pela. In a reverie near the Thermaic Gulf, he genuflected under the sacrosanct trees near some illustrious Kashmar Cypresses, Channeling his spiritual raging and tramontano in the gulf, to take him out of a banal summer from his transition of an immolated soul and make him walk for thirty days to bare feet, without sweet potatoes in his hands to ego stone him, only naming him slavish stubble from the crops of the deleterious nesting grounds of the Kashmar Ravens, bidding him so that his blood is ****** from the heels of the rooted trees of Thor forest, usurping the " Don de Iahvé ”in dishonor of its Hebraic appellation, for rhetorical onomatopoeic, resulting from the whimsical roar of black lineage emanating from the mouth of Aulos centrally in the Cobra. In the aforementioned connection he was recomposed in the group of twelve, being in the gulf and in the incidences of the re-indoctrination of the twelve apostolates, he being with his prayer and sacrifice in the religious character for the community worshiping Kashmar; whose roots hardened towards the immolation portent of silence as it entered the black night of Judas, for excessive twists of its bifurcations, intertwining with the Beams of the Thermaic cliff, like a lynx observing the height and its prominence in that of Judas diminishing over the stained requeríos of hell ..., thus their remains were scattered by the synod of bustard birds in the sky sprinkled with globular creation, faded by the hordes of the conclusive of the late Neolithic Druid by the alternate deity Belinus, with ingots of sooty petrified poplar of Hecate boiling in  the Avernus.

We shoveled over the holm oak groves and their trees, sacralizing factotum after the ritual of the Dodona sanctuary, in uniformity towards a murmur in the leaves from an oak in the spell of a man towards an oracle, to consummate him with the mendicant count of the Ziziphus spina-christi ; hawthorn from the crown of Jesus but with Kashmar implants, on the crown of Judas already immolated.

Vernarth walked alone through the inlet of Skala, on Patmos, when he had to undertake a trip to Judah, even so he also walked in the inlet of Sardinia, after being in the megalithic complex Nugara, together with Etréstles and Walekiara, they are approaching the coincidence from Tuscany. Once they stayed in Sardinia, a coastal sailboat transported them in the middle of a stormy day, it was a great happy day to arrive in La Spezia. Here they parked at night following the Liturgy, highlighting those that coincided with Lent of Holy Week, where one day they were seen talking with Petrarch and Laura de Noves. The olive trees keep pietism with the phantasmagorical spectra of the Kashmar, conceived for them by the double murmur of the Duoversal man's spell. Always in Tuscany the slopes below the garden have been occupied, which has a distant view of the roofs and towers of Florence. The monumental fountain is set on a steep hill on a side flank of the garden terrace, where it has a seated god flanked by lions in relief of stucco from a niche decorated with pebble mosaics and padded masonry. "Here at the Verbena ..., one day of long feast, everyone together with Vernarth gets drunk with Corinth Wine and snakes crushed by their deformed feet, which brought and did not stop the swaying rhythm of the music that made them anticipate their multi existence beyond the grave than his limitless sensibilities, turning his apostolate close to his instigated destiny to Patmos in the hands of his original Duoverse with translation, rotation and Duoversal Theurgic orbit, for spell-dogmatic invoking ultra-sensory powers of angels and gods, in order to communicate with its compatriot land near Pela, in synonymy with Sardinia and Florence.
Verthian Apostolic Conception – Kashmar / part 10
Adhered to the ancient parallels of the cult, the mythology of Horcondising lashes out. Stale and axiomatic source of pragmatic and rational earth that emanates from this constricted fusion of the Universe in metamorphosis of the Duoverse-Horcondising. Social and genealogical plates date more than seven hundred years from Lombardy and northern Venice in Italy, Spain and France. The mission of Horcondising is the pastoral myth and Chaos of the ancestral family cenacle, in view of a family rule, succeeding in continuous litanies that consecrate rites beyond genetic archaeological death. The consolation of the souls will revive and will be under the edict of the Sub-mythology in repose landing and successive parapsychological regressions, which will speak of deaths suffered at the edge of their test tube lives, but of clinical rejoicing and not of victory under a rune that expires death from beyond in the "*******", approaching people from their helium’s and their functions constantly, as a goal of collective-suffering life, active and systematic helium genetics.

Under mythology, there is the sub-fable, prone and with boundaries where language innovates the entire structure of hermeneutics, as written notification and complacent verb, for the lords of the wheat fields and granaries, narrating myth-stories in trouble of revived verbality. Thus in Rhodes and Patmos, Andronicus from  Rhodes will once again guard the doorway of his hobbies, so that these disciplines are conducive to sponsorships of words under the reasons of nature concerning Saint John the Apostle resurrected carnal and spirit, in contrast to the conclusions of the reason to leave breathless fate that cheers the good and disapproval of diction of not certain science, under the ships that cover the commendable salvation in the exegetical storms that go from a liberated patronage, as well as in what differs from the et grammatica institutione arithmetica in which each one writes what she understands and adds what humanistically makes existence in a biblical alphanumeric dimension, of the imaginary in some of its leaders such as Zefián, Borker, Leiak, Kaitelka, Hyperdisis and the Zig Zag Universes.  Making the mythical an ensemble with the deities that rule the infinite, achieving more secular religiosities than in a religion radius, founded by characters that are already pagan mythology. This is the raison d'être of the sub-mythology, which springs from one already narrated and rationalized, but in the contradiction of what lies beneath the very observance that joins forging itself creditor of newest myths within others, with characters that have never been or have been parasitizing on another source of cognition. Thus becoming extensive and prolonged its passage in lies sumptuousness of other arcane myths within the same that inhabit the mythological lie, without blemish from a veracity belonging to the living-lie in pursuit of a dead-truth. Even if it is in this way or hermeneutical method, beating and going to meet the Imaginary Castle of Horcondising and the Camera Obscura, which always lives and revives in the sub-imagination, but from a mythical truth in a regime of multitudinous voice and of mythopoetics.

From the sooty Camera Obscura the spindle was obtained over the diameters of each edge, Vernarth of the same chaos, converged from the square but not spherical world, from this sooty box together with his butler Zefián, shooting vines of light over the projection of the same box and quantum ark on the acropolis of Leiak, pretending to be in its projection the ultraviolet light in light in similarity to the earth, but not square, rather appearing to be a square sphere. After repeated intervals, Vernarth opened the slits of his hands, also hollowed out, here other spheres appeared, but not spheroids, rather quadrilaterals at the end of the third phase in the last three serials that showed the full reflection of a tiny world that just cried out amnesty as a matter that had been beginning to form with another factor on a large scale, from this fractality that would appear as Verthian sub-mythology. Camera Obscura, in a combination of twelve atomic masses, stands out starting in the irradiation of the sexagesimal nomenclature; imagining fractionality between sixty microseconds to sixty in the hexagonal polygon of the Primogeniture and the Baptistry of Ein Kerem.  Being used in the elevations of the stars and the Heliac Ortho of dawn, which would find the black box that was nestled in its twelve apostolate angles. The whole times were divided into more exact numbers that surrounded him in his Camera Obscura doing trigonometry with the three equilateral rectangles, making multiples of twelve on the line of the hypotenuse of sixty, dividing by the hexagonal, which is the angular line of six Progression sides of the Duoverse becoming square spheroid, for an analogy of Hexagonal Birthright with the multiple of twelve for the sake of the Camels Gigas, leading them to obfuscate the Horcondising fused with the Duoverse, by means of Pi (π), in the diameter equidistant between the Universe and the Duoverso disintegrated in two by the concentric radius of both geometric units. So too, Vernarth multiplied the existence of his new sexagesimal world by sixty followed by infinite numbers of zeros, canceling the radical time of the masses of the anodyne particles. The corondels  or watermarks, overflowed with all the irregularities of the system, showing the decimal after the comma, to separate them from the definitively autonomous universe of quantum physics.
i) Sub - Verthian Mythology (Horcondising)
Organic taxonomy, as a pre-ordering order, classifies the harmlessness of language before the invasion of Alexander the Great. Although there were implosions of the Greek language, its transboundary taxonomy would shift towards Judea. Precited is its pharyngeal-laryngeal tracheo variant, which in this assertiveness and occasionally, predisposes emphasis on orthographic rather than phonetic incidents, citing Galilea as a precursor of the Aramaic and taxonomic thesis in Gethsemane, prior to its expansive conventionalism of enrapturing him in his differentiations. Any letter could be interpreted as a physiognomic form or as tools of manifest imperialism, execrable or blessed coexisting as languages or keys of communication in images and symbolisms of languages spoken in rituals of systematization and obfuscation of a metaphysical Messiah, always infant, for when it is like this, the water will speak to him of dialects and adults in the oriental language, attending inscribed in the appointments that are related to the language of a great Extra Universal heritage.

Vernarth's Aramaic is an ***** composed of a gradation of valuation and generational expansion, opening combinatorial evolutions with the matrix of "Ethereal Spatiality", towards a channel or rib with a common end in what is done on the margin of Faith and it is predestined on the basis of object and substance, as a systematized organism, for groupings of species within the biological language or not, as well as in the fissure of a clady of some lichen fungi, which would form the optics of language as a spelling and not as utilitarian concept. Amplifying what a camel is; This is how it is importunate being its **** consensus with the "S" backwards in a perfect camel, the "T" also being a perfect Cobra approaching the three S's of the Syriac Aramaic alphabet. The "Y with the L fused" a large elephant, and finally the "H" as a pelican simile, such as the pelagornithidae or Pelagornithidae, fossilized in the emotional collective of rock tribes, progressing from elephants, camels or pelicans in search of a letter language and consonant shapes attributed to their jaws and pharyngeal-laryngeal substrates…, observing long vowels, like the language of an organic universal alphabet. The matrix is timeless, branching out of the mechanics of natural and phenomenal selections, if it is metaphysical or is providing creation on the infinity of calcifications or depending on the size of its geo-referencing, it will provide energy exchanges for information predictive purposes. of orders and adaptations of the scientific calcification space, but with a test error subject to the random use of nucleic acids and viral states adaptable to the Duoverse  biosphere.

Vernarth, dives into the ponds of the Aegean and survives, just when network volcanoes were swallowing all the seas in the world. He swam being only part of the arms of the sea, tattooing with his gaze the chthonic nymphs, before envious and cheating ogres with gills, which multiplied more than any mythpoetic. Its power of convergence is inhibited by the poetic myths of primordiality and cosmology as a natural branch in nautical miles traveled by arms, without knowing who crossed them survivor in their advance, and treasured the brawling and plunging on and under the baked clay objects, perhaps as an implantation of muddy and hyper-flood language, empowering itself in its translation from Syria to Patmos, and linear B Mycenaean languages to Syriac Aramaic, in the will of multisystemic subjugations and Greek-Syrian and Greek-Aramaic imperial conquests, in their total autonomy and taxonomy, until the conforming thread in which its tissue and language denomination were lost as an organic species of the Duoverse, supplanting the Historical Universe, like fireballs igneous comets, which are discharging from the axons of a trident towards Castor and Pollux in an electric charge that would originate the wayward herds, towards the shores where nothing can be more than a human ..., but Better!
Expansion and Aramaic Taxonomy / Part 8
g) Reflection Temporality

In cavern series, the lava was converted into cations of hydronium, in subterranean sinkholes that softened in the timelessness of Tsambika when the homily was officiated.  Some pieces and calcareous boulders, rotated ramdonic  by the humid and dark narrowness of the anthropic reflection having lived in the heavenly paradise that formed them by the volcanic tube and its syngenetics, by the erosion of the subsoil of Rhodes. The mental rock icons expired of the symptoms, with albuminous cliffs in the genetics of the Theoskepasti chapel, Etréstles carried under her arm the contract of expiration of the Universe, to deliver it with her signature, for the will of dimensional transfer. Everything Bloomed with attractive mineralization systematizations, under an astral dosage, with trace elements from distant galaxies converted into particles of an end of evolution, condemned to gravitational spilling origins of Hera and her lactations in compound stellar analogues, towards the disdain and backlight of her own emission of the spiral, uniting the irregularity of its transit in revolutions and bars of filings, making the entire face of the earth undaunted but delivered to a temporality, with much sovereignty from a terrestrial planet ..., but not from a universe to another in fusion!

In the cognitive, Kanti memorized his wanderings in Crete, imagining his physical body united with his mind on the paths of the shoulder of his ascendancy, with batches of clockwork that went and passed through his physiognomics, bathing with the piece wind, but also with They yielded with epistemological globes, but levitating in excesses of the shoulder and the unknowns, for states of temporality that became mentalized in pursuit of a supra desire ..., ailment or long-standing typologies that used the supposed ontological formalization, diffusing the property of the body with advanced memory towards a new duality. The officialization of Ars Choralis, solemnize for processes of emotional property; In this way the cave of Being and its Temporality is lofty, isolating itself for intra-cave investigations, as corollaries of agility in those who yearn for identity, being able to attach themselves to deities in tens to epicene, which would be from tens to ten, thus being seventy tens and a half, which would be seventy-five of the seven tens and of the unconscious of the phrase that Etrestles carried away, separating the syntactic of the Vas Auric hypothesis, in order that they coexist ..., although the pestilential decants before the syntactic of Kanti's enrobed head. Untreated and conscious-unconscious to his instinct, resorting to and harassing the prodicedemental bars of the Ergo Sum parameter. The temporality of reflection, In momentum ac Diadem, shone from the third trumpets of the Seventh Seal to the potential of the twilight corrodes and its regions that made the hard shoulder the awareness of a temporality reflected in the required and dismayed collectivities, to transcribe exhorts to the behavioral pattern of temporality and love faust. Little remains immobile, little drive when two masses of consciousness withdraw to the warehouses of the Universe already advantageous from their exhaustion, but inheriting them in active emotions towards the preconscious factors, on the heights of the mountains of Crete and Kímolos.

Kanti the steed says: “Deus Nostri Pontificatus annis et ad eum, God is my pontificate and my way to Him…, Adonis in relative absence of credit, before Ephebe with absolute deafness, being surprised here in the Diospyros and his escape from neuro archetype. I ride farther than my physical-emotional, contributing in the micro-fusions of the tubules, in quantum and interacting with the fineness of the miniscule substance, within themselves. Almost injuring the storms that vibrate in mine from the risk prop of a steed, in pursuit of a trance that only ends up being the architect and augur of knowledge ..., of when and where I die more than once, but within the limit of the crushed Duoverse At his own risk, evaluating himself steadily from the transfer of a whole genetic force in solid steel hooves, but of ornamental and Reflected Temporality. I am a witness to the signing of the contract that everyone who did not look convinced and unanimous, but Hellenika awaits us ...”
g) Reflection Temporality
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Hexagonal Birthright part 6
Civilization has an arched inflection in its regency at the head of the favorable family caste in the blessing, in whose hiding place it will have to be entrusted to a clan, having to take inquiries from those that formerly only related to consanguinity minorities from the same family trunk, thus protecting the pantries and war accessories to consolidate the economy and invigorate its commercial coffers. The land would be and would be an essential partition insignia for the legitimate transmission of epochs and their inter-seasons, which only received them from their descendants to represent the geomorphological heraldry, given their regionality and condition. In the excitement of the seventh seal, heaven was silent for half an hour and the seven angels were standing before God, and they gave them seven trumpets, the other is to be recorded in front of the altar with a golden censer, to compile it in other prayers in all the saints, on the golden altar that was in front of and in front of the throne - And from the hand of the angel the smoke of the incense went up into the presence of God with the prayers of the saints - And the angel took the censer, and filled it from the fire of the altar, and cast it to the earth; and there was thunder, and voices, and lightning, and an earthquake - And the seven angels who had the seven trumpets got ready to blow them - The first angel sounded the trumpet, and there was hail and fire mixed with blood, which were thrown upon the earth ; and the third part of the trees were burned up, and all the green grass was burned up - The second angel sounded the trumpet, and like a great mountain burning with fire it was hurled into the sea; and a third of the sea was turned to blood - And a third of the living creatures that were in the sea died, and a third of the ships were destroyed - The third angel sounded the trumpet, and a great star fell from heaven , burning like a torch, and fell on the third part of the rivers, and on the sources of the waters - And the name of the star is Wormwood. And the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died because of those waters, because they became bitter - The fourth angel sounded the trumpet, and the third part of the sun, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars were smitten, so that a third of them would be dark, and there would be no light for a third of the day, and also at night - And I looked, and I heard an angel fly through the middle of heaven, saying with a loud voice: Oh, oh, woe, to those who dwell on earth, because of the other trumpet blasts that are to sound the three angels!

Being in six instants at the Golden Gate of Jerusalem with Saint John the Apostle, they reordered the majority for a protected subordination in the minor family descended from the eldest son, for the purpose of sustaining the possession of their theological morphology. In this door, being the only one that will remain closed ..., until the second coming of the Messiah. The camelids' scheme of their osteometry  tells us that their heads before Advent! Distorted their calypso lights on the surface of their skeletons, locking the jaws of other camelids, thus bypassing the Apostle's strap, which through the foramen of the supraorbital, thickened the strides that pretended immobile before the opening of the Golden Door. Of course, they were reclusive of their self-denial for the length of their footsteps to the rhythm of the sensitive skulls, leaving them the infra nasal root and the folds of felts, which rolled up like a tuberosity, leaving the dystonic dental alveolars, appearing contemporary consonance with those of Vernarth.

In the fourth camel Raeder, he cleared the margins that allowed them to increase their attempts to withdraw them from the golden doors, but the dislocation of the orbits of their ocher eyes, denoted them holes in the condylar fossa, distancing the vicinity of the Tehilim that he advocated  King David on the Seventh Seal of a stuck Giga Camel. The metric form innovated them of ubiquity, for an omnipresence in the camels before the gates and after the gates, thus leaving the site of the eighth gate, deserting the camels behind the gates and arcades pointing to the ancient cemetery of the prophecies that Elías holds and in procuring generational stoning of inter camelids, which would be channeled into twelve plus another dozen, but behind all of them, seeming to be six, later joining King David, would endow the homology of the Seventh Seal. This caravan was numbered from one to six, saving the vertices of the Golden Gate that joined modestly at the odd vertices, under the odd cross of the same vertex, which made the equilateral consistent with the three angles where Vernarth and Etrestles went, to later join other pairs of vertices in a crucified chain in the flat and secondary complementarity of the seventh angle, but with epilogue character of the Seventh Seal. Thus it would be numbered according to the Camels Gigas, the Golden Door, governing them for a family of six family angles and a seventh seal, for the performance of the family support of primogeniture, in the reinsertion of Saint John the Apostle, since he was exiled by the emperor Domitian.  Making themselves succulent of the gold of the Seventh Seal, on the collective unconscious of the first-born, for the good of the sub-genitor son. Here the indication goes for the purpose of populating the consecration of granting greater goods to those who support and could lead forces of abandonment and secular sedentarism, for the need to welcome sacrifices of goodness and preferences of lay annoyance and earthly secular strengthening. The kinetics would move the six numbered over the vertices of the Sun in three bevels, joining the pairs in vertices covered in the circumscribed mesh of vehemence, which is impacted with the solid Golden Gate of Jerusalem, depositing the concentric radii of the polarized magnet on the struts of the camel of the central ram, for the affinity of contraption of a trajectory for all Judah, in six predestined latitudes to Ein Karem, in the Hexagonal Baptistry of the Shepherds.

With the symmetrical scrupulousness of a certain out of time, the rounded bisector of the psychic lines of the peritoneum fold of the solitary flanks of the Camels Gigas, towards a vocal peritoneum set six times more than a seventh, was estimated, in the apothem of the two-dimensional figure of the hexagon ephebus Angel with a shorter centrality path, for the foundation of the Apostle and Vernarth, regulating them by points and sides, on the perpendicular bevels, prostrating towards a more orthodox and straight line, mutinying radial phases on the bisector ..., giving odd quotations , that cut the first round of anointing, among all those that were retained in the vagaries of being caught by involuntary deaths.

From Gaugamela's stratagem, three thousand muscular Hetairoi descended, towards the implantation of heart nuclei in the camelids, on the Susa Gate and the oblique break in March towards the war site, creating a gap between camels and the sphinx of Alexander the Great breaking into the wing left of The Golden Gate. This was the casuistry of Vernarth's psychic outpost momentum, who once was at the precise moment of stalking, hypnotizing the gap of the Achaemenides, but unaware of that mechanical moment, persists in pursuing the Giant Camels. He guided them with his right hand to both sides and equipped with heart irons that exaggerated the whisper of his pectoral channels, breaking the dawn of the Cinnabar, with the antigen, readjusting the door hinges before falling untimely. Vernarth, with his sinister, summons the Indian family who tried to open the gap of Alexander with his Macedonian baggage, thus preventing him from lying in the reliquary in contrition towards himself. The infamous moment must have passed through the swords of some who resisted when fleeing from the held Golden Gate, giving up the rear of Vernarth with the camels recovered and saved from the abandonment of their afflicted hearts, resigning themselves with empty hands and with outpourings of victory, but with two units confronted in his Portal of Imagination.
f) Hexagonal Birthright  part 6
From the hexagon, everything is dimensioned on the peaks that can be seen in the starry nights from the curved kilometers of Bethlehem. Everything goes on top of the Desert Mountains and valleys, above the vagueness of climatic heights and landslides of an entire believing community and its followers. In twelve camels they advance, of which the first six are exclusive to the Birthright, and then the seventh Giga camel is from King David of Bethlehem.

The beams are part of the architectural support of the physical-ethereal God and his ethereal-physical word, supposedly of advent and in grazing of the strengths and anomalies of secrets of a new Aramaic message advanced with the vigor of insects and birds that were grouped in the journey that goes back and forth. The Beams are stars of heaven sustained by the Cherubim and the Archangels, through the paths of conversion and the support of the Christian time; haughty and implacable hegemony for the propaedeutics of phylogeny, but more so, in the very chemistry of creation carrying its winged Lepidoptera tetra, the pheromones and obfuscations of a nascent and elemental child in his own evangelical philosophy from a dimensionality between swords and The gloom of a Kafersesuh shouted Manger, before the compendiums of two pyramidal landmarks of the inflection of his word in the animals created in the world and animalia, personalizing muleteers carriers of pollinations and all the generational language that is so concealed far, as are the turns in the musks and their legitimacies of the Baptistery of the Shepherds in Ein Karem, parabolizing the nomenclature and polygonia of a child made man, already being one!, but representing himself as a lifeless man in the fullness of a child of an advantageous canon.

The Kabbalistic engineering of the one-dimensionality of length and breadth adds slack to the rejoicing hours of Joshua's time in the manger, giving the auxiliary dimension perpendicular to the deck of the Kafersesuh, which appeared to be in a two-horse cart, ready to be transported. towards a predominant horizontal, making tension with the itchiness of the visual in perspective of pulled establishment and compression effort of the infant in the corral, observed the resultant of the cops, which varied the volume of their appreciations when moving away as animal feed, towards the same nourishing for men, characterizing bedroom body volumization and reducing their body stretching them by means of their eyes. Before the company of the shepherds, Mariah and Joseph, they supported him towards the superlative of the bending moments close to him, twisting and changing their squeezing pressure on the cords that forged his path towards the cornices and trusses of the upper celestial vault, where he was the shed of doubts next to the cherubs. Giving mechanics to the prism that arched the beams in the horizontal lines, taking them towards the amplitude of other lines, which remained solid before the variation, suspecting to mutate to one of sudden two-dimensionality. The sections of the timber framing looked fatigued before the primary classification, which demonstrated the attitude of the little Messiah by bringing out its beams and rolling in other pillars, postponing the tangential vectors, contributing bits of rhomboid specialties, which blurred the field amplitude cylinders vision of all who remained in his nativity. Making straight glances so as not to be distracted and adore him with a wide and rectilinear heart, which in its transversality made them visualize for all in the one-dimensional crossed wood, which in its geometry schematizes letters and numbers of kabbalahs, which differ in the dissimilar resistance of their ambivalence Christic, as anticipation of a martyrdom on the tree of Golgotha. This foreshadowed his abilities to read them in the Torah and Zohar, gathering everything into one whole of those vivid tormenting lapses that he felt in advance, as reversible entropy, giving back his life to prepare them for the day of his abolished martyrdom.

In a jiffy for a moment ..., the bending of the One-Dimensional Beam separated from the inertia in bending voids, specifying the exact spatiality of the beams selected one with the other millimetrically, making the vertical ones, of which carols were still chanting penetrating into the corners of the ponderous ears of the donkeys, like braces of Hebraic trusses in the last breath that was written with symbols of their Aramaic gaze and capricious matron hood, a comparison of Queen Apollonian reflected in Mariah, who appeared era and credibly identified in her typology, gifted in the clothing of the second century BC, having to be associated in the divinity of Aphrodite, for the usual lineage of Vernarth, pigeonholing him in a Hellenistic aspect, pre-existing in patronage characteristics as a representative figure of male and female of Ptolemaic Egypt, as a great icon of religiosity coexisting as a priestess of the female order in Greek rituals together or Him.  Making inseparable the preeminence of mother and child, as a unilateral gender, and as a substantial element for the social and political order that reigned in the ancient era. Lying here the unilateral gender indispensable for the social and political order, which is substantiated at the dawn of the empires of the time, and the patriarchal society. Symbolically Joshua in this cogitabundant providence, adds the feminine value in the social in the Kafersesuh tent of the Judah manger, dispensing mainly to women, taking her ties of demigod heroine in the powers of benevolence and of matriarchal fertile posterity, as the Eden of the Living Language ”.

A great Zohar light, gathered all towards a whole in those errors that Joshua felt in advance, as reversible entropy, giving back his wise existence to prepare them for the day of his sacrifice. Pre Existing in catharsis and substance of divinity connected with the phylogenetic species, classifying up to an Aramaic pontificate of pheromones settled in the lithospheric site of Gethsemane, in a biological sense and in close coincidence in the lapse wading, or in the phenomenological simultaneity of Eukaryote and from Glaucophyta to late animalia, giving parental relationship in the characters of the vibrational timbre of the Beams and the atavistic pedestal, readapting in the evolutionary elliptical of winged tetra species.  Allowing changing ancestral linguistic accoutrements in processes of redesigning the divine genetic historical tree and increasing anomalies in the human and non-human anthropomorphic earthly culture, in a reviving profanity of fruitive frequency amplitudes, for those who resort to it, monopolizing synchronicity in the diachronic of their specimens. The lights of Joshua's gazes are the Light of Life and Christian Time, in the entity of Joshua born and lifeless from the nature of Child-Man, but of mortal design in the same compulsion to see him in luminescence in a life of the Kafersesuh manger and only of ethereal unity. Being in exemption from Ego with his structure of a living child and a dead man, he rushes rebellious and ostentatious in the architecture of the One-dimensional Beams, giving up the glimpse of his aforementioned progenitor "Eye versus Eye", seeing himself like this ..., son hovering in the arteries of a Universal-Duoversal life, from a single dimension of cyclical unidimensional length, encompassing conjectures and biological, symbolic-allegorical conception of extreme co-divinity, as the exclusive precept of the delicate infinity of the Being of a Messiah, with paraphrases or glosses of exegetical affinity Aramaic, tracing from a linguistic period. Here are the contortionalities of the Olive Berna transfigured into everlasting orality and refractory syllable, to incubate eternal rabbinic gifts of perpetual reluctance, beyond the reach of the ego-annihilating will and of ultra-affections of inert apathy and miraculous phenomena, understanding that the language is born and dies being reborn empathic ..., idem as a neighbor of well revived and also in the same way, emitting himself alive and reborn in his anarchy, for the subsequent splendor and theological gibberish, with thunderous loans and phantasmagoric elixir, except for limited magnets on the Lemurs, with double codes of duplicity and bene-malignant spectra, adducing words in which to reside for languages to destroy and vice versa, in secure states of chrysalis in those Olives Berna fruits, as gastro-larvae of great living genus and their seasons in "Beams turned into tongues of magnetic iron"
Duoverse -Dimensional Beams part 5
From the bases of Theoskepasti, the physical system emerged in two sums after the movements of the pendular censers that surpass the elliptical of the Cinnabar and the potential of the ejectable force field, for ductility of its forces that emanated from the triad with the archpriest, helping him Etréstles and Kanti, who would take them to the Hellenika necropolis. They make of their golden bodies the ephemeral speed mechanized in the originality of the system of the homily, to break the guardian friction of the gravitational axial of the body of Light of the cinnabar, which received the sulfur kinetics and the defective organic matter that were wrapped in the bizarre alloy of sulfurous light and all the forces gathered, not rubbing against the cinnabar obelisk, already invaded by energy that made it superficial, between the casing of the roof of the Panagia Theoskepasti and the strange normality that made them physical-organic. No scrubbing would continue the movement of the fleeting angle of the anvil of Hephaestus, but the static on the surface, lay unchanged before the forces of the back and forth of the molecules that sank late, shooting out of the pendular area of ​​his bowl and then starting with full power for new angles that will take advantage of the mechanics of the forge and the friction clean and **** before the splice and the resistance of the reactivation of the second period of the movement, to forward them to Tsambika in response. Quantifying later between the inferiority and the intangible shock reaction in the radiosities of the cinnabar light reimposed towards Rhodes, forming resistance, but of immanent entropy, with a high degree of fineness, in such a way that once the conservation rays are fired, the response to Rhodes will come from Kímolos with the particles and combustion of sulfurous gas and mercury, generating entropy of two quantum and physical times between the Dodecanese and the Cyclades, knowing that the inert matter is inactivating the living, thus envisioning the contingent presence of iron in the geology of both islands, with more than eighty percent and gravitating oxygen for the Vas Auric and its materialization, as a ****** impression reducing its physical dimension and expanding its water content in pelagic beings of the Aegean. This would suggest that the homogeneity of both island territories would appease the concept of substitutions that jump from north to south, to break their normal equilibrium, depleting what is insular land towards oceanic land. Thus they will be entropically mixed for a new generation of fertile life to balance in chaos, already in the hands of Saint John the Apostle and Vernarth, in the main nave of the Monastery that seemed to be atomized and vanished, but then atomically restructured, sneakingly breaking the canons of the traditional entropy and making it disproportionate to the ordering of biodiversity of the sterile and the fertile, reordering itself as a mutable and excluding force of the reality of act-effect, to invest it in the integrity of life-death-life, as molecular entropy and goal in double unity physical dimensional, making the universe prospectable by splitting from any other format, to become another and another physical dimension. Universe-Duoverso, they shake like two spheres, almost joining each other, but separating heterogeneous classical ones, but as a homily, under the invocation effect of Conviction and Faith. The universes self-recompose and redistribute before our eyes, but before The consistent devotion of this homily makes them astonishing and phenomenal (everything that happens is recomposed - if the tree is fractured, but then it straightens fractured, before our eyes being recomposed). Thus the chaos of the Universe is resolved, appropriating a new sequence of continuous creation, starting from the same creative property, but of molecular entropy, almost defective or adverse, but of constriction of the yielded body, to be incorporated into the beams of lights of the dynamic cinnabar, generating combustion at the ends of each part of the obelisk of the structure, in order to release and stimulate on the absorbent ..., of entropy and of Tsambika Hexagonal Birthright and the Theoskepasti Triad, as conciliators of two magnitudes and members of a sub-group of physics, relativizing and rearranging its common origin, towards a phenomenal one of the same base, but of mystical devotional prodigy in the Vas Auric.
d) Physical energy (molecular entropy)
The Duoverse being thrown from its entrails from Vernarth's mouth, an objectual free fall is noticed after disengaging from the quantum Universe, rather than an illusive cacophony that unfolds separated from their bodies in all dimensions, except Verthian time, alluding to to stone him to ignore himself in agony and return to look for him to revive him as a Light-Space, in the presence of matter reflected from itself, which will unfold throughout the Hellenic chapels, from Kímolos to Tsambika, to make the curves the direct passage that it bends time again toward a divided dimensionality. Barefoot was the apostle next to Vernarth in the three quarters of axioms and mathematics, where the conceptuality would overcome the low calculation of what already ministered by them. Creating space for lapses in the dreamlike staircases, with Topaz steps, in this particular case of Saint John the Apostle, "seeing open heavens and angels of God going up and down on the son of man." Here are illuminated some sidereal Solar glitters that have nights for a sunny day, Vernarth resting on the side of the Monastery with a stone on its head and dozing to dream like Etréstles in the Hexagonal Baptistery of the Shepherds of Ein Karem, but of the compact sweet of the famous luminous Cinnabar ascending vertically where the Yahvic Being, who was presented to him as his Abrahamic patriarchate nexus. Endowing him with celestial dreams on stones that inherit west and east and noon to the north, in a space of dreams of Jacob's subconscious, which would make him materialize descendants but when he returned to the spaces of Yahweh again, but as a reflection and space, dominating the essence and leitmotif of Etréstles in the Cisterns fleeing from the Praetorians, but at the same time from the Hexagonal Primogeniture very close to them, perhaps in the fourth mounted giga camel ..., in another instance, returning to the site of the successive Yaveh, to anoint oil on the small stones that slept in his primitive remote consciousness, in whose hippocampus stones were propelled between Bethelem and Ein Karem for the office of residence of lineage and Hebrew-Aramaic, still in property of luminance of ascending and ascending transit stairs. descending lineage, in spaces that were born from others but from flat structured ideals, but with cubic tendencies towards a quantum linear metamorphism, in phases of alignment and synchronicity of existences and pastoral dreams, embodied in the paternal visceral of the evolutionary field of the Zigzag Universe, relating the chronology of Etréstles in the bell tower of the baptistery with his poisonous incompassionate dream that upsets the period of chemical nightmare and hallucinatory Jacobin fantasy, rather than rudiment of his nature ..., poured out to his Brother Esau of internal lineage and of curved change of psychic permutation.

The pointer of an autumn night showed conditions absorbed in the successive bars and bastions, bustling in cylindrical temporalities, with escapes of internality and vertical externality, detailing dynamics of ups and downs, but with empty hands, towards an expected magic that moves the span like a Laser maneuvered from origin to destination, external and internal, absorbed in its entirety by the uncoupled Universe in its entirety, delivering it to the Duoverse in metaphors of lights after others uncontrolled, boasting about Venetian ultraviolet lights over crystalline copper bite waters, and overwritten in the plates diluted from the canvas of graduated pigment, but with drops of sweat of light and white water that were reflected around the perimeter of the monastery, enveloping them in fragments and greenish fountains, to the satisfaction of the luminous pictorial ligament. It is thus detected as a timid but decisive reflection pointer of space and reflection, which includes fragments of spectrum and tonalities of machine unconscious to raise the Duoverse in a depressive day of scathing moment.
Reflection space (Light matter)
On Rhodes the auroras could be seen retreating, to attract the new luminances crossing between the atmospheres of the old worlds, with stars that were ordered among others, descending at high speed from the Universe fascinating all Greece, coming from celestial bodies that brought from great Relative distances, proximity between the Duoverse and its satellite widening, allowing to grant life and pathways to the nascent species of Verthian sub-mythology.

The Sabbath energy Light is over breathed repair; here Saint John the Apostle influences through the Cinnabar conduit towards the Light of the Mashiach, with the intemperance of life on drops of crystallized water as gifts of Taphoric Light, with synoptic signs of transformation of all the green herbage growing like a beard on the slopes of the Willows, where Saint John the Apostle goes back to prayers; as in repetitive sentences and prayers towards the Universe, which were falling as it was on Mount Tabor in the Transfiguration. All this in fervor of the willow chins that fell from the galaxies, with their cascades one after another in orderly colophons of the fervor of making the sky a great source of Moshaic and Eliaic voices. (Moses and Elijah) to Christianize the holy oils of the radiant glory of the Universe that was complemented by the Heliac Ortho that was appreciated in different coefficients according to this new position of the parameter of Greece, observed from the Constellation of Pisces, being a piece symbolized as SOS, since Eratosthenes tells us about a fish that saved Derceto (Goddess of Assyrian mythology), after plunging into a large lagoon. Seeing therefore in the sky as Fum al Samakah, Arabic for "snout of the fish" (or Formalhaut from the Greek translation). Pisces being bright and of great dimension to mold it as an entire iris, which was rooted from the formal pelagic accent, towards a spectral related to the Duoverse, like leaves of Willow temperatures, on the reflection of the Multi-evocation. For the referendum against the Pleiades between light years that diminish behind the stars of the magnetic field and its exo planet. It is necessary to consider that in the wisdom of God, there would be his ordering consciousness, on each constellation, and then detach itself before each other that guards each one in centuries of light years and in each one of them children as light years of millions, but of numerical present time quantum; that is to say, all translation on average over ups and downs of spatiality and at remote ages, for zero or null numerals in the integrality of millions of non-existent light years, but accumulated and equidistant between the Universal Being and Multi-evocation. An example of cartographic observation shows us Greece at Latitude 39.074208 and Longitude 21.824312, influencing the Duoverse as a complement to the ortho of Greece with the latitude of the Heliac Ortho, being Sirius eleven days after Ekadashi and eleven days before the other at 10 °, Maximizing the luminous herbalism of the unconscious, to systematize the rise of the Universe imbuing itself into Greece. Radiant and small electromagnetic systems, led by the Divinity, are freeing themselves from all the units that bind them into the minimum Units that can be expanded with apostolic energy, rather than a trans-human receptor, in units of wave circulation, related to a Defined spatiality, Divine and with its own opening energy of small worlds of provision of light and radiation emitted by the deleterious convex of the invisible essences and properties that are released from overflowing stagnations of creation and from the skylights that are more distant than the longitudes of waves, that from a breath of creation, in the chemistry of a hyper multidimensional whole, live between widely displaceable energy frequencies, by lines of how many ..., in static energy of rest. Ultra colors intensify on the coasts of Rhodes, as a photoelectric effect of Cinnabar, formalizing mechanics in those sedimentary particles, which undulate in anticipation of the precise amalgamation of both universes, evolving towards the matrix of origin of physical and non-biological state and period, but of eternal divine inspiration, from the mouths of Vernarth, as a resurrected Electro vigorous Being, dwelling spacious and sinuosities of curvature and psychic spiraling, to appear from the differentiated tangential towards the core axis of body and spirit in the time of its impacted Being.

Verthian nature will call this phenomenon the Son, since it is the similarity of the halo in the Taboric Light and in its effect of the baptism of this Christian Universe called Duoverse, in conformity with the presence of Saint John the Apostle light, among the attending raptor white strangers, in arrival-departure and between the twinning nebulae of the gaseous cloud nimbus of the fields that could be heard towards each other recognizing each other ..., leaving only Saint John the Apostle in the perfection of heaven as something universal and Duoversal, above all being of light being baptized, crucified and risen-ascended, in metaphysical transfer of his body, as a universal body, as a quantum point between earth and sky, between the universe and the Duoverse as a complement of gaseous and spiritual atmospheric earth. Ministering in the judicious and prophetic occlusion, being part of the jurisdiction among the myriad beams of Constellar Pisces that supported the transfigured and converted prophets, before a brand new universe, "Duoverso", witness of amazement at the proximity
Being Universal multi-evocation:
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Duoverse – Part One
Eternal Existentialism:

He talks about how compassionate creation is and its factotum, that it will be better that way. At the entrance to the Vernarth mouth, within its buccal cubic meters, the Zig Zag Universe, the promoter that caused the Duoverse, broke out. Here your thoughts of eternity are born; not from your brain and discernment, psyche or mind. It exists in a present that will be distributed without end or beginning, in the holistic of the anticipated existence of the being itself, so that everything holistically arises from the mouth of Vernarth, becoming the light of its ejector and luminance thought, being of some In this way, the Zigzag Universe that emerges from the protruding access of its mouth and that manifests itself in some change of quantum physics in a state of hyper connectivity and always present. The Zig Zag, coexists in the eclectic variability of its angles, creating regularities in its time and displacement. For the good of the results and the parallelism of its translation as a promoter of the Duoverse, based on the holistic that brings together the effect of the word-fact, but eminently aimed at an extra-language morphology of its intellect, rather in the kinetics of language of the human and physical material zigzag, typical in various line segments of lightning and space storms, resembling his lost and bleeding soul in full battle at the site of Gaugamela. The other is his salvation to the Council of Patmos, being already Installed in the Eclectic and invisible portal of the Evangelist of Saint John, levitating in his sacred basaltic Katapausis cavern, in the Patmos archipelago (Koumeterium Messolonghi, Chapter 16 / page 114. Editorial Palibrio -  USES). They would find themselves in communion with the archaean clan, which would resemble its proper ectoplasm; thus each one forming a unique part in the masonry dictated to redirect them towards their messianic labors in this stage of the ascension. Vernarth;  being aware that he will have to enter the cave, after having ceased his work on hold for three months. He continues to fester in the myriad wars and parasychological regressions; he will remain in a daze to dedicate himself to the beautiful open spaces towards a horizon ..., a neighbor to rock painting and astronomy. In the colors of your mathematical prayer, you will be capturing the spiritual intensity that inspired Saint John to build the temple near his cave of the Apocalypse on the island of Patmos. The saint appears only on certain days looking at him from afar to encourage him in his progress ..., he is seen as a beautiful young man dressed in a tunic of delicate pink tones, in whose delicacy he repeats psalms of the angel that normally accompany this Evangelist around him, with the green and blue colors of the quadrinomial landscape of the sky that appears in redemption beyond the glory of a resurrection, rather super in spiritual intelligence.

Eclectic and invisible portal is the facet of the face of light, after the invisible that manages to be appreciated with the principle of transferring its connectivity of the immaterial with the material, but made in the finished quality of "Merciful", deriving everything in what supports the splendor of the facts and their objective analysis, by no means the same, since the Zigzag universe originates theory or thoughts from the perspective of external language and unites it holistically through the optimal results, always imponderable and categorical, to follow them and attract them to eternal spiritual good. Being restrictive in the fact of the action although it is subdivided in its executability ..., it will continue to be timeless, therefore eternal, in the hands of a universe of thick eternity and stationary death.

The final communion of Zig Zag with the Duoverse, will make of this key momentum to replace the Universe of the former Verthinian world, to inflect the continuous present, more in the distance of the limits that has to originate than by a simple gesturing cliché of the disbelief, abounding more than a universe that is created in eternity, and that will never resurface as a physical dimension. The successive potentiality of this holistic theory subtracts actions and not facts, as it always culminates at the threshold of infinity, always beginning and never ending, and then starting again in a present that is reintegrated into the access of the embouchure and not the brain, since it must be limited in its shock and subsequent confusion of language-emotion and feeling, for the change of all eternal emotion, always going hand in hand with the light of the unequivocal and assertive, even of the constant hyper cyclical of a present without a present, overcoming barriers even though it was considered tautological. Perfect, however, of an existence of death, in the Verthian world, which considers the overcoming of death with Christian eternity, and with the vicissitudes of the Pneuna that drags breaths of life, although nothing exists inserted in the World of the existentialist Eclectic Portal in Patmos.
Duoverse – Part One
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Saint George and the Dragon
Tsambikas Monastery

In the metaphor of the ceremonial, Saint George appears crossing with the Dragon, but both enemies, one of each with different roles and distinctions, trying the dragon with another trick, so that they would banish him from the horror of his bad father, this being his first-born, already in his meekness must have been adopted by Saint George and his legend. This dragon-master is regularly represented by the persecution of the benefactor, who wanted in this first-born to amend the reputation of his father, believing that this was the opportunity; in addition to that he would ally himself with Saint George, this being half Greek by descent from his mother. Neither princesses nor maidens in the jaws of the ill-fated, rather to adhere outside the walls of the monastery, knowing that the Dragon needed water ..., his descendant son offered to take him to an imaginary lake in Asklepios. His first-born being unfaithful to his father, he collaborated with the transformation of the ill-achieved legend of his father, which he now kept in the ashes of his dragon father and in the armories that Saint George would donate to him after this mythological affront. All the inhabitants of Asklepios, attended to see the ashes of the original Dragon, identical to his son, but turned into an ally in sermons of a city, therefore not requiring to see for the second time that all were baptized and then killed the dragon. Not being this way, a banal victory to eliminate mythologies, the metaphor would be governed rather by the moral and incentive good, than by genealogy through or inheritance in between, they preach self-selective genetic alterations, to amend errors and vices by repairs and promotions thriving towards a posthumous tribute to the town, participating in a legend that, even though it was mythological, made it self-patrimonial to honor the Christian coffers.

Saint George, being victimized before the harsh reality of a merit and of a believer defending the defense of the principle and the alternation of faith, even in times of siege and castration of free thought, maintains his public immortal transmission, even after be executed and beheaded. For good, having the dragon heir his decapitated head and the ashes of the rest of the body, he would be able to bring him from a volatile royal dream, to Nicomedia, Turkey. In both lines of argument, he heard Vernarth and Saint John the Apostle, of his own image and erected, raising other legends of fabulous animals, perhaps as here in the chapel, as an eschatological union, of the ****** tortures that reality is exhibited with the line of fiction, in some real passages, but with the imagery of legends with metaphors, that are intricate in the plots and that go beyond their unique historiographical version. Saint George is benefactor and sanctified, Jewish Christian and secularly Orthodox, in Palestine, Lydda, his tomb "Hagio Georgioupolis" is venerated, mainly by Greek Orthodox.

Saint John the Apostle says: “he is a Saint Michael the Archangel, they both brought down demonic animals, but here in Tsambika their young have become under the metal of the spear Dorus and Xifos of Vernarth, contributing metals where souls fall prisoners, they go before history, until mythology reaches them, confusing them with the traced reality, under the crossing of the roofs of the Sarissas lances for a good tribute to the vertigo of peaceful combat, wrapping themselves in the flaming tassels of the Vexillum, acquired from abandoned blood spilled. Kanti the steed, delimits us from Hellenika, when he neighs with his Macedonian equus vox, feeling that behind the riles all the fallen dragons, still reborn in others and justifying apocryphal and mythological evils, in quasi awakening as a great silent reptile, with the clothes of Judas Iscariot, who seemed to be coiled in the dragon's tail turned into a serpent's big swallow "Being Polychrome the mother of Saint George, supposedly Greek, she will appear in the homily, with the Gordian knot not resolved by her or by no one, rather by leaving it lying behind the cinnabar gale, which would be unleashed only in the experience of Hellenic heritage, before two poles of the Aegean in Rhodes and Kímolos.
Saint George and the Dragon
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In the natural fatigue of everything created, the Duoverse presented its IHΣ, falling on the eighteenth letter of the Greek alphabet and on the duo hundred changes in physical memory. The PH (Hexagonal Primogenitor), is conceived in the presence of the Chrismon, but Hellenic with the Vexillum banner, to rescind the fatigued and depressed winds, since the quantum of memory was lost in its integrity of aerophobic to the earth, and therefore the subsequent one would be air-water, being for this reason, preceded the ceremonial that begins by stripping before the abenuz Diospyros, with its stamens usually in sixteen plus its hypogines or inserts at the base of the corolla; like those of the female flowers, being part of the gynoecium of the Tsambikas part, and of the androecium that will have to be of the Diospyros in Theoskepasti; with ovaries generally tetra ocular adapted, to be inseminated for the raids of the demigods of the Horcondising and El Duoverso, with the monogram HDD (Horcondising-Duoverso), for those who trace the bifurcations with Zefián; chaos computer, all the way to modulated Theoskepasti. Making the changes that have to be reborn in the stamen, being almost sterile, aborting in the memories of Galilee, signifying the pollination performance of the Diospyros and sprouting in the same stem of the whorl, even more in each hand of stigmatized Vernarth and Etréstles , bearing the IHS candles, the monogram and the Mandylion-Vas Auric, as a sign of the Olives Bern. Before the seams of the carved heels are erected and the one of the gutters of the annelids going up through the alabaster, to the chalice with the chrismon hat.

Filling the warehouse of Anemoi himself, and forgetting his deposit of the empyrean breath on the synaptic abbreviations, the argument of Saint John the Apostle continues in the network of Rhodes and Kímolos, for the cortex of the sensory past and the consequence of the gusts of falls by the trisomies, affecting to be regenerated on the oxygen-nitrogenous bases, from the activation of nemo-genetics, to specify the loss and egregious gain of channeling between the Cyclades and the Dodecanese. Carrying memories of Vernarth's cerebellum stuck and not trembling towards the lake of the hippocampus, where the Zoroaster carried the Magi, at the end of the span and first-last border in the vicinity of Ein Karem. On the evolutionary scale the weak air masses fluctuated, in the flood of the Meltelmi over the Aegean, taking them to the bay of Dekas, on the knees of the colossus that impregnated with its fennels so that some delirium could replace its articulation. Remaining like this, on a scale of emptiness reminiscent and tacit ..., it continues to be and not, occupying itself and not, but it does rise towards the colossus from the ground of Vernarth, which had split bipartite from Rhodes to kímolos, like Verthian neuroscience, whose prose they emanate submissive glaciers of Intuitive Hypermeditation (as a technique of knowledge and meditation, for functional links of inspiration, purgative insight and yogic memory). All the nonsense is alluded to, breaking the rationality of the Vas Auric ceremonial, in its phenomenology, making curvilinear pauses to re-captivate phraseological keys, diminished in condensed memories equivalent to approximately ten terabytes, from a homologous half, almost surrendering when exhausted before both scholars and their debts exchanged when driving ..., thus recovering wave dips before reaching the bay of Dekas, Kímolos and ending in the necropolis of Hellenika ..., and vice versa before re-climbing in the middle of Mandraki, Archangelos and Filerimos, to finish in Tsambika, Rhodes.  As a parallel response to the archpriest of not altering the  IHS homily monogram, and of the association in remembrance, which may affect the conduction of the mediumistic trance, almost prostrating him in the house of forgetfulness and frenzy, if he is to recover not stabilized. The sulfurous and mercurous component of Cinnabar proceeded by acidifying the essences of Vas Auric, already prospering in the hands of each auric conductor ..., Archpriest and Saint John the Apostle, each with the sulfur from the mountain and the arc of the Aegean Sea, as genesis volcanic for its diametrals towards a change of chemical prisms, to the multi-angle of the topaz that Saint John the Apostle wore in his air, close to the reliquary, hanging from some fringes of the Vexillum, that he had arranged near the Vernarth. Immediately on the banks of the monastery, Raeder was walking with a lantern looking for those who might try to enter, he believed that it was his father from Kalymnos, the ones who came on another mission, to be carried away by the energizing power of cinnabar, more than a breath for those who observe by the quarters, stationed in the sandy areas of Rodas.  Petrobus, the pelican…, circled around the heights of the monastery, delimiting the laxity of his body's memory, in prayers in case they ventured through Kalimnos for a good portent, in waters for the tenth seeds for all the Rodines.

From the monastery with one of its necessary dependencies, all were with exacerbated white candles between the steps of each cell and their attached friars, they made a room of the nave near the church on the hexagonal floor, this being screened through the center of the garden where everything was dominated by the limits of the alabaster arches, which only now pointed to the closet of the books, this time being fed up and sparing their voices with devotion. Chapter by chapter it expired ..., for each cell, identifying each portion of the world in creation to the scriptorium and the refectory, where in this ceremony books were swallowed for the infinite world of the Duoverso, near the parlor, to do the times when He was teaching Saint George and the Dragon, vinegar the presses for the wine of the missal. Even so, Eurydice, organized the fragrances of the cells and intermediations of the southern called in the voices of Proserpina, coming dressed in proclaimed black, but with the appearance of Persephone in reality wedged into her face as a goddess woman, but with a hemiplegic collapse.

Sequence shot at Kímolos, Panagia Theoskepasti

Etréstles says: “according to what has been said in this dimension, the word will be the world of the Duoverso. Synchronously, it lined up with the monastery in Tsambika, by the third hour after noon, reflecting off the undisclosed walls of the chapel. On if,  in the radiosities of cinnabar. Thus entering electromagnetic lassitude through the trusses of the pulpit anchored in the Vox of the mystical vortex, towards those who entered and left thousands of times through the counter shutters of the chapel, colliding and colliding many times, until by the iridescent Cinnabar, somewhat Sulfur rial, mixed with the radiosities of some novae, which also acted as a decoy of the chrismon, which Kanti carried the steed adjusted in the saddle on his back, as a mount of syntactic esotericism, speaking of intangible brown colors of cinnabar, almost human. I know that the scrolls will write themselves, and that no word will have to be written or pressed by a mortal who protects it, the Diospyros, will exert anticipated redemption from the imbalance of the proximity of the Universe that slowly fell on Greece, while in the hegemony of the abenuz, everything looked with its graceful synchronous stamens that were usually sixteen, plus its hypogines or inserts at the base of the corolla; that attracted the essences of the Androecium with ovaries generally tetra ocular adapted, but according to the word Ebreh Ke Dabra, for those who carry it under a state of extended ******* and under a possession of psychopathies, to delegate them in non-demonized existences, if not emerging from the syntax of the verb, close to the intellect that works for the grace of the subsequent. In this way, all demonization would remain in the distractions of the annelids, who travel the coast of Kimolos, from Dekas to Hellenika, where they will finish the alternation of the gifts of the Vas Auric, teleporting in the vessels; or vehicles rolled to the chapel, to later be forwarded to the necropolis.

At three o'clock, after midnight in its antipode of noon, the psalms will shield with the wings of Petrobus all the government of Theoskepasti, and with its golden, feathers ..., and the heraldry of Vernarth with its Aspis Koilé, lavishing it in those of Saint John the Apostle, in the Shaddai that acts as a temple, towards the lower funnel of the Hetairoi, confined to the elect devotion of being protected towards the gates of the Savior, in lands of sand removed over the naked and reddish bodies of Archangelos and of Psathi with mega gallons of papyrus, falling like the blooming chrysalis of Diospyros on the litanies of the archpriest, who was interrupted in his syntactic diction, when permeating the sequence shot Cyclades-Dodecanese, Tsambika-Theoskepasti, Anemoi-Meltemi, Vernarth- Etréstles , low the Vexillum or mercenary banner of the Peltasts that in legions gathered to assist together with Vernarth in both chapels for the chalices of the fish that welcomes the dead in battles and takes him from his nets and enables him with his gills…; "Tel Gomel, Gaugamela and the Gordian knot in the hands of Saint George and the Dragon"

In the aftermath of the memory loss of Vernarth's body, he already had his chest full of Cyclops, St. George appearing to venerate his litany and wide pain, common to the one who, even in that state, can sustain the world like Atlas, but like Epimetheus of afterthought. Being triumphant in his imaginography, appearing with the snowy horse, in total synchronization at the moment in which he is seen appreciating Etréstles, on the bulbous clouds that enveloped the chapel, and haughty and shrewd the knight Saint George of Anatolia, Roman and Christian was seen . With his mother; Polychrome, having already been trained here in the town of his mother's origin, in Lydda, he was trained as a military tribune knight, and was later appointed as a Diocesan personal guard.
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Vernarth says: "ideal of our consciences, we will open the channels in Kímolos, before our subtle bodies, in which they will be opened to us, and how we parabolize, before this pretense of Saint John the Apostle, in the head of mediumship to reach the longitude wave to Hellenika. The interactive vibrational ones will go with the expression of deep reasoning, to pontificate the Mandylion with the Vas Auric, for the effect of the iconification of the idiomatic monologues, for such edges of  Saint Jude Thaddeus and Veronica, and for such an event facing alien forces before the Messiah, that they are like a coherent gadget before the intermittence variants. Channeling to the Cyclades, they will go from east to west wading the waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean, through the channel of the Universe-Duoverse, for inter-consciousness between the Hexagonal Primogeniture in Tsambika, and the triad of Etréstles, Kanti and the Archpriest in Hellenika , with high degrees of awareness of light and the conclaves between both homilies synchronous. Of great drowsiness before the Anemoi winds, they will go through near the voyages of the Trojan chthonic ships, and before the ominous chthonic divinities, for such deities in the Mediterranean substrate, identifying themselves more obviously with Anatolia, which from prehistory has continued to the site of Troy, in a cheesy plan to unite loyalists of Agamemnon, to defeat Hector, between farmland and agricultural revolutions and Akkadian worlds BC, in peripheral outposts, to influence the central regions of Greece and its maritime trade. Hydros influences, for the cycles of the solstice and nature, with those of life and survival after death that is at the center of the concerns that are not translated. In Crete, the supposed cult of great Gods was transformed during the II millennium BC. C. as new actors appear: various animals, plants, etcetera. Given consciousness, the light will be channeled, in the three courtyards of alabaster and between the cinnabar by bending the re-fertilization of the retro channels of the Cyclades, which go from Rhodes and Kímolos, for the discernment. Sometimes it is more gratifying to listen to what you want to hear and not to the real message, the egoic mind that does not come from serials of daunted egos ..., prays with signs of technological shamanism, intervening artificial intelligences, from egomaniacal administered consciences, being strident and iconoclastic for worlds of appearances and illusions. I Vernarth with our own Khaire…, in my mind I go towards the vessels that navigate the andurriales of the elusive identity, trapping it in the totemic animal stratum, in its tracking psychology, but seer of its present ego. Today I will use my Leonatus cap, to separate the anger from the large shadow that clouds my sadness, and from my own victimhood of reduced meekness, which spews violence, blaming it for a ruthless sort of depressive shame and exclusive of everyone's own fear for everything . I will blindfold my eyes against illnesses that will heal in three days, to straighten the ecstasy that grows thicker towards the guillotine, staying on Golgotha without Golgotha, I will create the framework of cinnabar for the pain of the skull, which trembles in my hands, until the Dream becomes vaporous with anger and harmless destruction before your egos, which throb rozagant towards the host entity and the scarified madness. Awakening my nuanced, subtle and anthropomorphic subconscious dreams, with sorrows that hurt my worst self-destructive amorousities before the new memorial, on the veil of Theoskepasti, with his science sheltering itself when yielding over the defeated springs and inaugurating new miraculous courses where I will surrender, full of sorry and more distant from the veil that does not act as a viewer.

Duo time, Duo space, in one I get excited, in the other I retro project, in unreal worlds of epistemic and channeled images ignoring them, in free astrolabe when decrypting my Duoverse, between the Tsambika templets, with the decoded and mutated annelids in trisomy , in ancient trees of plain doors of the Bern Olive Trees. We look at what gratifies and weaves together what weaves the positioning of the approaching stars of the universe, like leaves in psalms, worthy of all-powerful serials, in redoubled humors on the encompassing intraterrestrial chthonic tridents, in tricks of intuition, before skewing my sword Xifos, as an original replica of a night's dream in Tel Gomel, full of alerts that make me laugh chew it in the middle of my mouth on the jerky and the strains of the bear, towards the counterweight of the message of light and lag of the high astral as a bear less. Bustard and angelic breath in withdrawal and in dissolution ... unfinished planet ..., now if I see you channeled and incarnate! Diva emotion, here I analyze my audacity and courage towards being fed up with my omniscient prosopon, such an omniscient telepathic. My soul lies, and my emotion also, because in this way I will treasure the courage of panic, by surrounding myself with the fears of carrying the universe that is resting on the underside of my back at a cost "
Harassment of psychological channeling, against the horns and sights of a peaceful energy confrontation, will make them in Rhodes and Kimolos channel with the stark human finitude of life and finite and non-eternal existence, ad portal with their Aspis Koilé. Unconscious they will continue halfway with their bouquets of flowers for Walekiria, without ever really taking the time to tell her, what time of eternity will make them more crowded for her and her reliquary poem, from deflagration in flame, to insidious break of commitment of fear by telling him that if they revive, they will be others, but if Hetairoi extra Hellenic towards the light of the incarnate vermilion ..., and in a state of loop as "Being of Light". Oh phantom phenomenon that does not scare me ..., rather it disenchants, clinging to my skins that die in the unexpected female muses in Gaia, with my burning and hypertensive ballast, still frequent in me ... As conjecture and presence of Greca life ..., having to promote the matter and atmosphere involved where the valuations, should be tempered in the pressure regulators and the contribution of biodiversity, of the species for the insular life and its chemical balance in the Aegean. The theorem will state in the image of Vas Auric, as sounds of homeostasis, in classrooms, properties of the intervened annelids are consistent, capable of keeping them in a certain internal and stable condition, compensating for the changes in the noise of the intervened patios, towards an environment through the regulated exchange of matter and energy with the outside towards your (metabolism), trying a form of dynamic balance with the sparkling properties of Cinnabar. As a self-regulating biosphere in the conditions of the planet to make its environment of physicality (especially temperature and atmospheric chemistry) more noble with the species that make up life in the compass of two islands unmanned by beings from Gaia, rather as an entropy in magnitude physics for a thermodynamic system in equilibrium, inhabited by intra-dynamic beings that nobly associate, for adaptations of worlds that are not born. It segregates them towards a departure, measuring them in numbers with Gold in their population, from high numbers in states of zero, compatible with the laws of external physicality, for the purposes of watchful guardians, if Gaia's engine is turned on, before this psychic and spiritual combustion?

The laws of this system of closed circuits and channeling will tend to maximize entropy, expiring inhibitory reactions, for the traces of oxygen and nitrogen from the worms, making an express signal of the levitant carbon dioxide, to carry it from Tsambika, in a sigh of two converged energies of Leviathan and Saint John the Apostle, for the clouds in mole of carbonate dioxide, battling over the surviving necromancers and their conditions of activity and reproduction, maintaining these habitable conditions for many and many, in classes that did not enjoy of the life-death-life cycle. Greece, as it will now look like a turbo generator and appropriate laws underlining the extensive fibers concerned, a mole of molecules, in said of equality, of said hypothesis of Vernarth as sub-mythology, rather resting on the growing ivy  to its setbacks, and strangling the signs of satiety of life with properties of open skylights, and properties in tune, with the severe penalties that hurt, even the tolling of the bells and their pain as the millennia pass! Fear, insecurity and frustration will not fit because in the cavity with them, they will cut the abenuz Diospyros, with its stamens usually in sixteen plus its hypogines or inserts at the base of the corolla; like those of female flowers, being greenish or being converted into staminodia. Diospyros with ovaries generally tetralocular, or with eight locules due to false divisions, will make us channel inseminating demigods, under the staff of sub-mythology with Zephian of Horcondising, before the vibrational migrations begin in Hellenika. Just as in this pact with silence and meditation and burning toxic flames, under vulnerable high frequency insolation ..., waking up in Gaia like a sleeping fairy, and invested with extra light shaman, with degrees of synergy and with the simple science of blizzard ... , with low puffs of air of bread and cinnabar burning in the first hosts of hummus, as the homily began.
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Panagia Theoskepasti
Etréstles parapsychological regression in Kímolos:

Theoskepasti church, due to its position, could easily be recognized by invaders during their raids. However, according to a legend, the church was veiled by dark clouds of fog and became invisible as soon as the raiders approached. Due to this legend, the church received the name "Theoskepasti" from the Greek words "Theos" and "skepazo" which mean "God" and "watch over" respectively. So the name is 'Veiled by God'. According to another tradition, when a stranger once managed to enter the church and tried to steal the golden candle, divine power cut off his hands. Also if it is veiled by God, so it is divine for Creation that will begin with the synchronization between both latitudes of the Cyclades and the Dodecanese.

After staying with Kanti, they went from Theoskepasti to Hellenika, located in Dekas Bay on the west coast of KÍmolos. Here in the necropolis and ruins of ancient tombs, they would make up part of the new humanity in the creation of the Duoverso, which will exist from Mycenae and Cyclades next to the small islet of Agiоs Andreas, also being part of the city. Many ruined tombs can be seen from the hill on the edge of Ellinika, with some ruins still in the sea between Kimol and Milil. In the proximity of Psathi, on this island located on the southeast coast. Kímolоs Chοrá is 1 km away on the hill above the Psathi port, from here you can see the foreign ships that try to come to the Bay towards Hellenika, for the advent of the Cinnabar and the scapulae that holds the Gates of the Necropolis, for effect of the avant-garde Trisomy, regenerating souls that will resurface with mutated more universal chromosome dyes, but with extreme longevity.

In the homily, an archpriest of the regional deanery will make pastoral criteria for this gesture, by virtue of the eminence of guiding them through the orthodoxy of the chapel to the Episcopal organization of the Vas Auric procession. It was already dusk and Etréstles was putting the homily utensils on Kanti's pony. Before incensing and lighting fires of laurel and rosemary from the fords of Leto and Koumeterium of Messolonghi, he would rotate in ellipses sprinkling crumbs of the most pure bread from Arcadia, on a gray Monday with hummus and bobota, to attract the vinegary souls that were in a state of catatonic, thus making it more esthetic or aesthesis to the reactionary reincorporation of the three courtyards in magnificent concordance with Rhodes. When the Archpriest begins the talk, you refer his prayers to the semi-inert matters that were made in communion with the chromosome dyes; with worms with forgetfulness of larger serpents that were planted waving, being in reality only worms that were astonished at the Archpriest exhortation in the ritual, that they circumnavigated universally with the destination of their elegies to celebrate from an ambo or pulpit, with classical Latin that uttered the archpriest the form was dies lunae, mutating it ****** to dies lunis by analogy with dies. On a dark Monday dies, but full of grace for the attendees, they would do the sermons, to interpret the alabaster courtyards that will lead to Tsambika.  The first worms that were chased by Kanti, believing that they were games that emerge from the ground. Of whose ecosystem the earth was beginning to ignore it due to its annelid metamorphoses, appearing in the increase of texture, further beyond the grave of the same remains of doubt without sarcophagus, turned into sharp intestinal curves that were depressed breathing autonomously over massive folds of the acquiescent dermis of the oldest caste of the Hellenika subsoil. Being of distant origin from the Arcadias and its dissection, which silently followed the hummus and bobota, not to digest them with its suction cups, rather to surround them and delegate them to explore the surroundings that would encapsulate the soil with the proximity of the universe transfigured to the Duoverse of Vernarth, to phosphorylate and emit the wispy nitrogen fires before the Archpriest, Etréstles and Kanti disturbing by an arcane movement. Being a full act of herbaceous phagocytosis, they continued to ascend in the curvilinear procession, with their traces weaving together a timeless moment, which added to the sub-mythology and a finite sub-time, like single-celled procreating others that accelerated their physiognomy detached from their immateriality, towards a longer intake of organic material on the hummus of the bobota bread. Dropping with only clears wrinkles of the digestive world, what no cell has tasted ******, but rather, directly when breathing from Hellinika's lung lobes, comprised mostly of alabaster sheepskin, which were suspended even the bottoms of other colony of worms that sailed, to peer out towards the surface of the altar, where they regenerated the flow of the annelids.

Archpriest says: “The framework of the Vas Auric, arises from the nuclei of the medallion, being pending of a high presence of isolation. With high mobility between the tissues of the annelid amino acids, as new basal cellular functions, even though they are visible to Etréstles, and not totally for everyone yet. The image of the medal, in the classified functionality offers concrete, but microscopic information in a chronological way, possibly being the first in the function of the icon in its justification with the religious symbols and the manifestations of the divine and in the semantic even of the self-iconification , reading it in the Vas Auric, "What two men do not see, a man sees who does not see ..., what the creeping animal sees, a prisoner of its lack of vanity." Being epistemic images that provide knowledge beyond the sub-divisible organic matter of finite mortality towards the eternal other, contributing to the neural complex of tremors, in the veiled sensation that is lost between itself and that of their own bodies, being able to take them with their own emotions”
Panagia Theoskepasti
Etréstles was suspended in a tomb in the necropolis. There was a great quantity of accumulated air enclosed in the moldy walls, with populations of specters that moved translucent by other populations that walked inconsistent and of proto masonry, that in some resembled pink marbles on some striated slabs, letting pale rhizomes slip away, under a oblique land that was manifested meager on an unstable pedestal. Adhered to this exteriorization were Kanti and Etréstles, who, in their hydrothermal paragenesis, lay as a petro form at a great range of heat, making periodic effluvia of their Devonian geology; peering into a carbonization of the sedimentary rocks, which they attributed their attention to when remaining in the favorable climatic zones that made episodes on their hydro-thermal sediments, leading to the carbonization of the surface of the necropolis with micas and serpentines, to cool down, in the fields of the natural self-sacrificers that resisted the effect of the heat generated by the Zig Zag Universe, etching each other on pyrites and graphites. With a purpose of compactness, which increases and extends the widening of the enclosure to the emanations of the channeling that in the traces, it will be on linens that will come in the first charges of the homily from Tsambika, and then from Mount Hymetus in Athens, follow proliferating in populated hives of bees ******* in its forest, towards fragrant necropolis, in causes of the vapor of its magnificent flowers and herbs; so much so, that from the honey-paved lipoids, some spectra will emerge from being toxic, longing for the strigilae or S-curved striae (reverse or straight), copied from pagan sarcophagi.

Thousands after miles, centuries after centuries, adorning themselves in the boxes on the outer fronts of the tombs, almost as in constant Constantine-Hellenic brilliance. With their flat covers, they poured over them the devastating trisomy, whose extra diploid organism chromosomes, however from that aberration, would be parity of all beings tripled in their homologous chromosomal hereditary complement. Generating disproportions that in their execrable variation, would be destined to the patio of falling over them, in three inverted marble patios, revealing only some in their extremities, appreciating them with semi-covered figures and in relief, filling again by genetic trisomy for gentile practices to take them to Vas Auric Cristiano. Faced with such famous empyrean and reliefs, the Universe that also agreed, with greater conferred the spiral, towards the locus of the sepulcher chromosome, predicting lights on capitals in Theoskepasti, for goods that collect centuries in a hundred collected lilies, go where the imperfections, but already cut from its liliorum, in unknown metacarpal hands.
Hellenika Necropolis
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