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J Royal Oct 2020
A gift
Lips pressed to neck
Your pitiful thirst
Bottomless pit of sad
Drink until heart is lifted
J Royal May 2020
Will you receive my touch
A loveless stranger's hand

Falling flightless carcass
Butterfly with no wings

Prove that you can revive
Gift a breath that propels

Both night and day shine grey
Yet lust burns bright as sun

Please run this way and fall
Let my call pierce your chest

Will you receive my touch
When I reach for your heart
J Royal Nov 2019
December fever again
Death bells are louder this time
Like two dozen eggs plus half
Has the last one hatched and lives
Big lucky number thirty
Birthday or victory cake

December fever again
My heart seems colder this time
Gentle night slowly sipping
Tears from its usual cup
At this fireplace I sit
Aching and needing your warmth

December fever again
I do need your love this time
Life is a struggle uphill
Now help me to make the climb
Bathe me in milk and honey
Sweet lovely who heals like nurse
J Royal Oct 2019
You're my everything
You're heaven sent
Let our bodies sing
Bright melodies
You're my everything
You're heaven sent
Let our love now ring
Bright melodies

You've done it now
I'm touched by god
I'm so hypnotized
By bright melodies
I can see it now
You're heaven sent
I'm so hypnotized
By these melodies
J Royal Oct 2019
Love songs from the darkness
Candles floating in black
Dracula's feast
I've come for healing dear tender woman

Surrender your kindness
Take your position here
I can feel it
Heaven knows it
Bodies interlocked like beast and prey

Such a beautiful corpse
Face barely poking the light
Floating candles
Desperate eating
Is it possible you've filled the hunger
J Royal Aug 2019
Taste of mother earth
Her burnt burgundy
In a sea of green and gold
The daisies are watching
Cocky entrance
I fell into a hole
That sweet darkness devoured
Body and soul

Blood diffused with bliss
Like a traveler
My fingers walk
These sunkissed hills
J Royal Aug 2019
In time with the pulse
My heart responds
Enslaved to the occasion
Spectrum of pleasure
Clear against dim light
Electronic conductor
Orchestrating the mood
I'm drawn to the edge of focus
Where demons are tamed
And sedation resonates

Dead grey soil
Purple blossomed buds
Fire ignites a fragrance that sticks
And lifts me from stone dreams
Senses are alive again
Silent smoke
Keeps the slugs sleeping in steel chambers
And the daisies starved

Lost in waterfalls
Guided by the angel on my neck
Rhythmic enthusiasm
Sensual entrainment
Nightlight wishes
Are granted over black sheets
The universe is in my lap
The moon and earth
On my chest
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