Sep 7 John Reilly
the sleek
cool marble
chills run
the stone
and curvatures
of fine hands
and legs
white and pure

her eyes
a fountain of youth
i wish i could bathe in it

her blank gaze
from vacant
rolling ball
falls dreamlessly
into the oblivion

tinkles of music
hum and drone
like spoons
clattering to
the unforgiving ground

her cold heart
as she reclines,
back arched
ever so slightly

she is without
her soul and mind
the marble
her master
keeps her confined-
her own timeless paradigm
a late night release...
 Jun 24 John Reilly
my body is a crime scene
snaked up from behind me, a man slits my tongue
tells me *** knows i sinned
tells me *** made him sin

but there are no coroners here
the detectives sit by the sidewalk
they don't dare cross over to me
they pace over my lungs and tell me to breathe

he's gone now
but i'm still here
i'm still here
i'm still here
 Dec 2017 John Reilly
As to take my hands
And break every single bone
If you'd only be so kind
Take my heart and leave me alone
But don't touch my mind
My body is yours to harm
But if you'd be so kind
Please, leave me my mind.

My age may harm me in eighty years
And you may still peel my skin from muscle
But if you would show me a kindness
I swear I wouldn't struggle.
Death doesn't scare me
Neither does pain
I can take on the world
With little more than my brain.

I'm liable to survive
Through what I'm put through
Then come back with a vengance
And rip the heart out of you.
So you may hurt me now
Go ahead, be my guest
But if you leave me alive
I'll have your last breath.
Written in 2014 and rotting in my drafts since.
 Aug 2017 John Reilly
shout out
****** a brush right straight down
the elemental throat
take all the things that make white
and paint the suburbs the city streets
the acres of corn fields variously
neon ***** ladies
the truck stop babes
the pimps in black
the red and green lights yellow
what is this canvas
if not the stew brewed now unfrozen
a big silver spoon
slid into
a commotion
a shotgun blast in a robbery
a bank
making false accounts for profit
the last ounce of street cred
blood leaking on the pavements black
they have power
those archangels those who preach
make America great again
I wanna go to a rally for
four years
have a maniac
speak dichotomies
like a psychotic
one day sane the next neurotic
I take the brush and whitewash all of us and maybe
the nazis and imbeciles might pass  us by
Suffering from depression is like:

biting your nails
when they're already too short

picking at your wounds,
and not allowing them to heal

living in your past,
because you're afraid of the future

feeling lonely,
yet being afraid
to burden other people
with your presence

wanting to get things done,
but being too unsure of yourself
to even try

you want to be happy,
but being sad is what you're most familiar with

you're afraid to live,
and afraid to die,
but you never know which option is worse
 Aug 2017 John Reilly
This is first and last time I’ll write something for you
Remember the time wherein you promised to be with me?
Or the time when you told me you’d be there when I need you
I was so confident and assured that you won’t leave.

Still you left with no clues left behind
Wondering what might be the reason why
I thoughts I was blind
Blinded by the emptiness of anxiety

Never have I thought you’d leave me hanging
In the middle of nowhere
Confused, Scared and with the feeling of Longing
Walking and waiting alongshore.

A thought came rushing, telling me to stop
Cuz the person I’ve been looking for
Will never ever drop–
Even a single hint of indicator

But after all those things that happened
I’ll never forget the love you showed
The effort you gave,
And the sacrifices you made

I am here – still waiting for you to comeback
Wanting to know if you’re alright
As the girl you used to cherish, I want you to know I’m fine and well
And I’ll always be your ‘Best’
It’s those memories you forgot,
The moments that caused despair.

Times when tragedies lived,
Events that your brain doesn’t remember.

Incidents which inflicted scars,
Provoking trauma in the current day.

Those misfortunes must be healed,
For a positive present and future.

Recovery could take months or years,
But blissfulness occurs once peace of mind happens.
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