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Each contain seven pictures
Each drawn and quartered
Third easel'd and painted
The fourth merely this world
and if you add together the dis
continents and containments
The Field
lies unplowed beyond each square of pavement
Black hardwood and rainments
Bishoprics and taints
Elementary you say, we'll ain't it quaint
Four Sevens is enough to turn my year ago
Enough is how much they say can fill up just one
well add pluralities of empathy
and subtract my ego thats hurting for wealth
and you'd have some Thing like an object which could represent
Health is just environments inside shelves of disorder
They rarely start me in winter fold fall back to summer
and Spring
A gracious step across lilypads
Strafe not for air covers ground patrols sweep
Submariners are the only kind I know not who they are these
Cheats I take for honest
Honest men I could count on my *******
Me and you
One is just a Drawer
On a cabinet
Which I no longer own
and it contains the air inside it
and whatever you put in it
Well I own that too.
Certain certainties needed elaborating to justify my creating
Smash smashitalism
We never knew it

If you called
the phone was ringing
on a line that led nowhere

The pain didn't shake itself
to frothing fury

We merely spilled
an accidental ant

Could be ordered
by dripping maple syrup
out of pocket

Certificate On Demand
<>< <>< <><
Well they are also being trawled
Trolled, rolled, and hashed
Backwards into oblivion

Forwards we march to the void
With no uniform but the one
you made us pay for

With every ability but the one to accept
a bit of discipline
A lashing of the tongue
A rolling of the eyes

These we claim as ekstatic
and lofty

Base and

We have never had much of a chance
or survived

Making time is the one operation that
computers are incapable of doing accurately

The slow movements of tektonik
A bit of spatial dejazz
Combines slyruping away at our self-gnawing

There are Bacchantic poems
Earth is playing slower
and heavier with us

Then then there them
We decided deicide was old
hats and new sweaters
Llavanderias and futbol
gols for 2016

never score again
if winning tastes like the defeat
of all desire
than massage me back into a fashion

I need a sauna
and 3 bathing attendants

The stars need less light from us
and more humble pie

The pour poor por que por que no?
A simple note to someone who will never read it

I have given up

on America

ever having been

a place

an emplacement

or even on ideas

being worth

publicly defending

There is only

my old cretinous


life and extinction.
**** ideas and the indefensible actions of the academy
it is wonderful

just by existing

to be implicated

in a vast system

that delivers

my tax dollars

in the form of

bullets to brown

children here and


merry death

& no taxes

black masses arise!
communism > capitalism
I've got eight words with you
for you
and each describes a way we were

just kidding
is not the way to hold
a coupled self
This poem is a mirror
even though paper
and pen and ink
and reading and
writing are not
only a mirror
morirr a
I wrote that
backwards and
****** it up
**** symmetry
and mirrors

They invented
mirrors so they
could invent
the self

by they I mean
we, I, you
who look in mirrors
our gaze and self
trapped and freed
from mirrors
and screens
shifting and refracting
like the ripples of
the stone skipped
across water
I do not like mirrors
I cannot always
see my
in a pond
but now I reflect
in like and like
from a mirror

I am a mirror
You are a mirror

We is mirrors
mirror rorrim
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