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 Dec 2019 John Hawkins
Alone but not
when others fail to treat you well
and when you suffer from demons within

You rely on those demons
to come and save you
all over again
a concept I believe
others without demons 
can ever comprehend

Because people can't be trusted
because I'm too ingenuous to see
overly kind and take their side
instead of my own

In my hearts eyes
it's crystal clear 
that I can't always be accepted
who would
but my demons do
so why seek love

Anyone would see me as insane
but I chose to be this way
because I'm done 
burdening others that fall for me
I should be fine on my own
ghost-like, the song of syrinx,
seven hollow reeds plucked
to make a flute, a star-wish
where the dark waters ride,
(the horned god laughs and plays),

shrunk to a dusk, the river mute,
her voice trickles over stone
and leaf, branches reflected, pools and
caves where otters breathe, where
drinks the evening dew -

her voice fades like a star as pan
awakes, his pipe brushes her lips,
sings of the infinity of night of
a moon white-layered like stone,
dancing like a woodland breeze.
With crying seagulls, salt tears of spraying seas
this rugged coast of obelisk ancient stones
black blowing reign of squall and fury
the swallowing of sand and shore
tonight a ghost, a murmur of moon
the pitch grows ever darker
fretful wrath of wild ocean
awaits the calm to come,
the bright startle of

unwrap me tenderly,
pour your love
like water from a jug,
please me and
harness me,
bring me to life,
beneath your touch.


tonight the puddles
whisper to a wandering moon,
reflections like onyx in
dreamy pools, the
water’s soft breeze,
a stream of stars,
your love also, the song of a star.


the last heartbeat
of summer in the
honey light,

after the rain
everything feels
ink pressed to
the water.


the breeze
whispers to the
dark-eyed, its
leaves a rose
on my pillow,
beats an ashy drum.


you pull me to you,
i’m brought to life
by the sound of your voice,
caressing me with
your lips, my back
arched back, my ribs
a dream of you,
in the night and in your
 Oct 2017 John Hawkins
Kara Jean
I sat there in pain waiting for my little being
I heard you scream
My heart couldn't breathe
The moment your blues locked with mine you were my everything
My crazy baby,
strong and full of love
I knew you could do anything
Jumping off of what you could find,
you make my anxiety climb
Yet I only see my sweet baby
You grow nightly
I know it's the routine
Yet I cry
I cry because I know one day you won't need me
I know you will grow,
becoming something
I only hope to water your dreams so they to will grow, being;
sweet and
Mommy loves you
To my sweet little man
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