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Sweeping away the stars afar
Putting aside moon and sun apar
Brushing  away the branches
Moving in the ranches
Wiping the green grass
Erasing the moss
I create a space for my love
If I were a child again
I would have played more
Made friends lot more
Read and drew more

If I were a child again
I would have got wet in the rain
I would have played in the muddy puddles
Without the fear of getting my dress *****

If I were a child again
I would have played with my siblings more
Would have loved my elders and parents more
Would have cherished every second I spend with them.

If I were a child again
I would love to climb up the trees
Jumped into the ponds and stayed there
Till I got bored with playing in the water.

If I were a child again,
I would have loved to learn music
Learned all the beautiful languages
Paint all the beautiful times of my childhood.

If I were a child again
I would have roamed free
Hiking the mountains
Walking the forest trails

If I were a child again
I will never want to grow up
And away from the childhood memories
Thanks to my parents, brothers, sister, and relatives
Who made it so beautiful
I would love to relive it again and again.
Inspired by Dr.Kiran Bedi IPS
He felt humiliated
When asked not to read
The poem he wrote
That described his pain,
He need not have.
He forgot each one of us
Had a tale to tell
Of unique torture and pain.
His pain they knew to be
Of the deprived.
They had seen him,
His head bent low,
Languish on the beach
Picking and rejecting seashells
And then
Draw patterns with his toes
On the wet sand.
To be of someone’s help
Even when falling short of, self
Can be gratifying
Hearts are not crystals
But still they shatter.
A heart has no brains
But tears it often rains.
Hearts have no eyes
But still detect lies.
So what exactly are hearts?
The Cardiac Paradox.
My HP Poem #1809
©Atul Kaushal
Whispered softly
Heard clearly
By the loved ones
Silence unspoken
Familial or familiar
It’s the beating hearts
Over the distance
Together In silence
After a long time spoke with my  friend,
she and I were closest friends:)
We live in different time zones now,
and conversations sometimes can get limited!!
Life they say is deceptive
Maybe it's true...
Peak of success gives view so seductive..
& failure arrives without clue.

Happiness now seems so elusive
Yet falls in your hands from the blue.
Pain which then  was  so passive..
sticks to you  like glue.

Ignorant you were of fear, now is active...
recovering  all its pending dues.
Yes  truly  life is deceptive......
can't predict its rainbow hues!!
East or West, oriental or occidental
whether a cowboy, an English bobby or Indian Sadu....
If science fictions come true,( usually
they do) we are just stupid earthly aliens with internal conflicts..
Hope the human race awakens to this
truth some day
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