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The  truth is ugly sometimes. But that is why God gave us ears.
A horse fell and broke it's leg.
the end.
Everyone is gonna be happy / be happy
you're gonna make me so happy / so happy

My sins didn't hold
By sin I'm no more sold
you're poring into me
you're forgiving as can be
the line was formed with red
By your son who rose from the dead
you've taken sin away
i'm fine, so fine this day

your hands have warmed my soul
unlike the sin that was a part
the hole you fill so comfortably
but now i'm pouring out my heart
i will make room i'll empty out
i'll tell my sins to you about
i'll change my everything for you
just keep on doing what you do
Would be cool if they did a cover for this song.
Also I did not just write this. this has been sitting around for about a year.
Why does Sour Lemon shrug?

Sour Lemon thinks your sour lemons stink.
Why does Sour Lemon think your sour lemons stink?
Sour Lemon shrugs while Sour Lemon thinks.
cuz reasons >.>
Oatmale is guy with good taste. though some would call him mushy, I think he is rather hardy.

Cowliflower plays moosic, though some think she is a gas, I think she's milking it.
An experimental poem.
My swashbuckling heart, she lost her boot,
it fell in the ocean by old Port Toot.
My heart she does wander forever at sea,
never again a respite for me.
well ****. I'm just gonna post a bunch of poems and say the hell with it.
The puppet's second awakening is a knight of crusading, evils boots I bet are quaking, especially when his sword starts shaking.
Though made of wood he's hardly bored, he's killing all the little lords. Royalties high but he'll bring them low with one fell swoop and mighty blow.
Arrows cut but they don't dry, fires good but you just try. He's got a shield it's good for blocking, you better be ready when he comes knocking.
All in all he's quite the lad, made of wood and iron clad. And with his holy cross of might he'll slay all evil in his sight.
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