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The puppet's second awakening is a knight of crusading, evils boots I bet are quaking, especially when his sword starts shaking.
Though made of wood he's hardly bored, he's killing all the little lords. Royalties high but he'll bring them low with one fell swoop and mighty blow.
Arrows cut but they don't dry, fires good but you just try. He's got a shield it's good for blocking, you better be ready when he comes knocking.
All in all he's quite the lad, made of wood and iron clad. And with his holy cross of might he'll slay all evil in his sight.
The deepest cave,. the most explored and yet most unknown place man has never been and yet owns a little part of.
A place that can be stolen, and yet often it is given to the thief by the owner.
Their are riches here, and garbage, and scars, and yes even evil but some good as well.
Who can know it's depths?
who can plunder it's riches?
Many have sought an answer, many have looked hard and asked many a question and yet for all it's effort; their own hearts failed them.
How can someone know such a cave if it changes course from day to day? And yet it is often harder to change it.
What contradictions it is, what conundrums, what beauty and terror and fire and passion and ice and wind and rain and fury!

What am I?
I am all these;
I am the still of the night, the bright of the day,
the fear of the fight, the fight of the fray.
I am the center of the mind,
I am one of a kind.

— The End —