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Father God
The world has provoked my heart into anger
My people happily marrying
Drinking their affairs asunder

Slavery never ends as masters of Earth continue to be Earthly
Working on the eyes, people-pleasing
While hiding their hearts in the dust and the dreadfully *****

I pray the dust of the Earth seek Your purging
See through the fangs of night,
Love illuminating

Let me be home, into your peace; a nourishing swarm
Rest my head against You like a babe, nestled in your arms

Rescued my hand to hold
Place my heart in Your hands
Pierce through heart and soul
Love Incorruptible

I opened a book today
and then it opened me
 Jun 2014 Jacob Daniel Ellinger
Lying here rewinding us
while you sleep
Reflecting on where we've been
and where we are
Pausing here and there
feeling for effect
I look at you and wonder
just how much more
I could  ever hope to have-
to hope to live-
that's more than this.

Fast-forward to last night
and there we were
loving like there'll be
no tomorrow
Loving away all of those angry  
Now it's 2 a.m. and my heart
is wide awake
hoping you'll dream us
back again
Rewind us back to where
our love began.

r ~ 6/8/14
  / \
Farther God, I lift up my hands,
today is that the day, you show your love,
when I was just a girl, I call you friend,
as of today I call you farther,
show me your love,
show me your love,
I need you guidance though out my life,
Show your love,
Show your love
you die on the Cross for us
Show me your love
Show me your love
That is my farther  YO
Believe in the word, trust in him, He got your back,
don't worry  what tomorrow bring, trust in the farther
Oh how my spirit longs to go to the oft remembered hills
to listen to the tinkling brook a dancing down the rills,
where Curlews soar majestically on high,
and soft green folds hold up a golden sky.
There in dusty lanes and scent filled air
the weary spirit flies oblivious to care,
where nature spreads her bounty over all,
and summer rains like blessings gently fall.
Come with me and we will fly
to the land of golden sky
and  tread the lanes to climb the stile
and there know sweet contentment
for awhile.
Dusty the miller sits on the sill
And idly waits for a turn of the mill,
but the wind is fickle and will not blow
so the sails won’t turn and the mill won’t go,
and Dusty the miller his wage can’t earn
for his blooming wife and his little bairn.
So he sends for Toby from down the lane
who sailed the seas of the Spanish Main,
and fought aboard The Prince of Wales
to whistle a wind up to drive the sails.
So Toby raised the pipe to his lips
and began to blow like they do on ships
and the notes went soaring into the sky,
to the home of the north wind bye and bye.
On hearing them the north wind draws
a mighty breath, and then he roars
and the sails of the mill begin to fill
and the last I heard they were turning still…
Breath of life, it is a wild ocean
always a tide coming and going
in this place, it does not linger long
never holding on, only drifts quietly into night
into stars, into fleeting sparks of fire flies
or in the night waters, a ghostly glow
of phosphorescence, a transient trail
of luminescence that soon
fades and reappears to light
the deepest depths
of sea
to all who stop by here to read this poem, I thank you
to all poets, here and everywhere, I thank you
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