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 Dec 2020 jackie
pretty girl
 Dec 2020 jackie
pretty girl,
the boys are out to get you
they'll take away your flower
they want what's only yours

pretty girl,
blossom slowly,
stay in your cocoon for now
for summer can only last so long
and soon it will be over
 Nov 2020 jackie
i’m sorry to my future lover.

i think i’ve broken a heart that doesn’t belong to me.

a heart trapped by the ivory bars of my own rib cage.
i’m trapped under an unshakable cloud, with loneliness as an old dog beside me.
 Sep 2020 jackie
the aeipthy feeling of this devil who devoured my heart last summer grows every morning and night. i can see still the pieces of my flesh in between his teeth when he smiles, and i never felt so empty.
 Sep 2020 jackie
he had a moon tattooed on his arm because he loved the night

he told me i reminded him of the sun and he was ready to burn

but i don’t think he meant it because when my flames ignited, he was the first to run

or maybe those ashes on the floor were his.
 Sep 2020 jackie
they told me i'd be signing the DNR papers
if i fell in love with you
and i remember putting down my signature
i’m going to be posting some shorter poems because they need some love too
Walking toward success,
Sacrificing sleep, dream, and peace.
Ants aligned together.
Trying to write haiku for the first time, hoping for the best.
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