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India Sep 2015
She told me I was a ‘*****’,
exposing my little secrets
to everyone who’s listening.

I ran to my room, locked the door
hearing murmurs in the hallway,
my whole body is shaking.
India Aug 2015
I wanna smoke a lot,
and forget about
everything that hurts.

I wanna smoke a lot,
so I won't hear
those hurtful words.

I wanna smoke a lot,
and let you taste  
the nicotine on my lips.

I wanna smoke a lot,
right after we made love
under the sheets.
For Vlad.
India Dec 2014
And so,
            I painted my nails
            the black lacquer,
            'cos they'll remind me
            you are always here.

            "Just like a rockstar",
            you whispered softly,
            leaving melancholia,
            I live life in solitary.
You shouldn't have left.
  Nov 2014 India
A spare wind swaying somewhere afar;
a lone tulip dancing under the midnight stars;
your electric glance and warm embrace;
my racing heart and blushing face.
  Nov 2014 India
Lexi Dvorak
He looks down at his bruises,
The bullies they do this.

She looks down at her scars,
The bullying went way to far.

He smiles,
But the bullying has broken his heart.

The bruises, scars, and broken hearts,
Show nothing in comparison,
To the mental scars.

Why can't they like me,
Why do they hurt me.

These questions come to them,

Have you heard these wretched names?
Or even,
Clinically Insane

Have you ever stopped to think,
The pain has made them this way?

No they are not,
Ugly .

No they are not,
Fake .

Never have they been,
Clinically Insane .

But this pain,
Is more potent ,
Then red wine,
On white sheets.

Causing them not to,
Or wish to breath.

Don't you see what you have done?

This pain,
Cannot be undone.
India Nov 2014
i bruised my knees
and inflicted scars
upon my skin

but nothing can compare
to the pain
caused by him.

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