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Ignatius Hosiana Nov 2018
It's crazy but her smile is the shine I crave
when the mellow orb of dawn hits the sky
her voice the melody I wish was weaved in her chorus
am no gambler yet if she were a risky bet I swear my luck I'd try
since she's a solace that can't be found even in the Pacific waters.
I long for her like a despondent refugee aches for home
her absence is ****, heaven is her presence, she's my calm and storm
the white canvas upon which I want to paint my love
and redefine the plot of my life story, she could be my wife
the missing piece to the puzzle of my 'turmoiled' heart
and definitely an incision deeper than my first cut.
she's the star I look for when the night swallows the sun
when it gets cold the only flames I want to burn
as nothing compares to the warmth she radiates
I treasure her like a baby loves its mother,
I fear losing her like a little child afraid of the dark
she's faith that gets me through, the reason I survive
for in a world flooded with melancholy she's my Ark
I was dead to the world, she came and made me feel alive
she pulled me out of deep doldrums, from a despair so grave...
she must be the one, my infinite sleepover
a purpose for the rest of my life, maybe I was born to love her.
Ignatius Hosiana Oct 2018
Am broken until am out of shards
and spoken until am out of words
Ignatius Hosiana Oct 2018
You'll give me the skies but I'll still crave her eyes
enchant me with charms, I'll ache for her in my arms
you'll point me to the right track and I'll still be lost
for I can't be found unless it's in the curvature of her smile...
forever's so long, she makes it a quarter a mile
bless me void of her and I'll be cursed
without her am a living dead , am my worst.
You'll hand me diamonds and I'll still dig her,
as she's the treasure am seeking to find...
am entangled in a maze no spell can unbind.
Forget sunshine, she's my most memorable dawn
for she's a midnight sun, a glowing moon at noon...
I'll travel the world but she'll remain the place I crave to see
the adventure I long to take, an absence that sets me in ecstasy
the hardest wave that ever hit my sails even after I cross every Sea...
Ignatius Hosiana Sep 2018
Thank you for
the Heartbreak
It's the greatest
gift you ever
gave me.
Ignatius Hosiana Sep 2018
Did something a thousand
poems had failed to do,
you healed me
Ignatius Hosiana Jul 2018
I always wish we met before your first love
so that I'd have been your deepest incision and your easiest decision
and often hope you learn to love me as much as you loved him
which is half as much as I love you, for I love you to Venus and back...
My affection for you is cosmic, I've seen the universe because I've seen you
you're something of a galactic existence, an extraterrestrial
in a terrestrial world of mice and men, why's and when, nows and then
I'd tripped into the past and you've walked me back to the future...
I'd failed to learn what love really meant, I've finally met my teacher
It's my prayer you be on the final page of my lifestory,
on mother Earth you would be a once upon a time of a happy ending
and even if they say happy endings are stories that aren't finished yet
I think they're a point the twist is beyond the understanding
of the mind behind the canvas and the quill,
beyond the reach of the perilous vivisection of the pen,
am going to love you until that unfathomable point, until half past forever
a quarter a mile beyond eternity, just ahead of happily ever after.
you're the ultimate treasure, this' the hunt that counts, am never saying never...
You're my motivation, you understand what I feel, and that's something
yet it all starts from something and builds to a tale to remember
it all starts from a January and before you know it it's December
it all starts from a spark and makes Ash of what was once an enormous ember...
you're a war I'd fight the universe to win,
a journey of a million miles and ain't about to surrender...
My only regret is I didn't know you when you were younger
so that I would have Loved you longer
in this lifetime, and this bond we share could be stronger...
and my biggest worry's the rest of my life might not be enough
for me to love you in the million ways I believe I can...
My deepest pain is even these words don't really say what I feel...
they're merely a construct my hopeless mind could make
of the turmoil in my heart and soul, for what I feel is more than what my mind can take
Ignatius Hosiana Apr 2018
it's real and true,
even the ink of
imagination fades
and poems are
beautiful even
it's true
the stories
are amazing
even if you read
them a thousand
times for when
the allegories
twists and tales
appease the heart
and the soul is at
peace, the mind
never tires of
reciting the
same play.
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