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Nitika Small Oct 2015
You should know
You're just a temporary fix
She's a ****
An obscured partial eclipse
She runs and hides
Behind a mask of addictive scripts
She's the game
You just feel good against her melanin

You should know
She's incoherently captivating
She's a naked lady
Amaryllis Belladonna
Poisonous and pink
She'll hit a switch you can't describe
Concurrently splitting your spine
Yet enhancing the fruits of your mind

She's a ****
And you're just a temporary fix
Where she lives
Love does not exist
Nitika Small Oct 2015
When pain escalates, your mind excavates
It entertains and agitates the best of your worst thoughts
Thinking while you sink
Sinking while your mind attaches links to other links which create memories
Vile memories that participate in your habit to erase them
To remove them
By ripping them from your mind with force
Using the high of that blatant eight ball as your source

When pain escalates, your mind begins to deteriorate
As you ligate your mind frame with a plateau of mistakes
A gust of emptiness floats uninvited through derailed spaces
Generating issues on top of issues 
Imminently transforming you
Fabricating you as two addicts in one body
Two addicts in one mind
Two addicts in one soul

The mind excavates on the level of your thoughts
It digs deep
By means of unique technique
It leaves your heart weak
Like a fading light in the middle of the dark
It'll pull out your distress with raised instructions of defeat
Then attaches a link that involves a ghost that sets your mind a bit free

A bit free, a little empty 
The voices go quiet for a time
Your heart can now slow down as your mind continues to unwind
The high of it all makes your body want more
Reaching into your subconscious
Making you believe you need more to be cured

Sinking while you think, your mind provides solutions
Excavating while you sleep, your heart decaying from contortions
Contortions happening in your mind and soul
Contortions that have the ability to leave you body a bit sore
Masking the fears of this uneventful detour
Cause when pain escalates, the mind excavates
It entertains and agitates the best of your worst thoughts
Nitika Small Oct 2015
Lost in moments
Sitting and spinning still
Outraged at the speed around time
Dangerous stillness of emotions
Trying keys that don't exist
On a door that doesn't exist
Lost in a place of familiarity
Weeks, months, years
The cycle of deterioration
A mind blurry of joy, peace and understanding

Struggling in space
Everything is a maze
With zero pace
A cynical turbo race
A clear sky surrounded by thoughts
Anxiety and lust
Raining blood filled distrust
Weight from the chains
Trapped in a place
Uncertain of a new day

Lost in everything
Struggling in time
A blurry mind
A maze
Nitika Small Oct 2015
All this lifeless air created from migrated diverted array
Shot from wasted uneventful deep rooted motionless fatigue
Squeezed beneath a realm of misguided beliefs
Things mixed and shattered, confused mistaken repeats
Dug from a soul that never eats

All this lifeless air was created by total dismay
From thoughts that creep without light often in the calmest state
Shaking the essence of what purgatory seeks to infiltrate
With masks that always intolerably penetrate
The gateway to a subtle overactive mind grenade

It hits like a brick, it comes out of nowhere
Breathtakingly taking you into its mystical embrace
To another space in a place where nothing feels the same
Only discombobulation and facades of an erratic charade
Leaving your thoughts confused and in an melancholic state

Calmness in your spirit is a lantern burned from the light inside you
It seeps from your pours and glows intensely within your core
Unmasking horrific ramifications that you justified in the past
Leaving your mind free to disseminate thoughts that usually trespass

Recognizing feelings can be often obsolete
The lurking and self loathing of being stuck in between
a domain of migrated air and empathetic domains
Dragging your lifeless air into migrated array
Only erratic melancholy conceives and births total dismay
Nitika Small Oct 2015
Love is a craving
It's a desire that's already high from its complex high
Softly oozing and caressing parts of your emotions you never knew existed
Calming them, reassuring them with light and nectar so sweet it cripples you emotionally
Leaving you open to the darkness of life and its unimaginable pain

Love is a dangerous craving for untimely connection
An addiction controlled by the mouth of soulless self urges
Rooted from pain and the inability to understand direction
While trapped and losing the comprehension of life's journey

Love travels through a path in your world
Quiet and subconscious with an immense unconscious impact
With strings of DNA that compile your inner most fears
Love dances on the edge of your willingness to overcome anything
With a sharp pinch of no reality in a realm in which only the art of blooming exists

Love is a sound minded narcissist
Living silently inside the core of your thoughts
Locked away by its own hand, key and unexplained misconceptions
Its willingness to emerge is trapped by the many different stages of life
Fueled by the outside world's dangerous interaction with its sensitivity and grace
Hiding from the optimistic option of being hurt, misused and intolerably erased

Love is a craving
Love is a dangerous craving for untimely connection
Love travels through a path in your world
Love is a sound minded narcissist
Love is indescribable and never opinionated
Its just often hiding and avoiding the world's clueless interpretations

— The End —