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I Am Nov 2014
They'll Hate You If You're Pretty
They'll Hate You If You're Not
They'll Hate You For What You Lack
They'll Hate You For What You Got
I Am Nov 2014
Forgivness Is Not A Matter Of Whether Or Not You Deserve It
- It Is A Question Of Whether Or Not I Wan't **Peace
I Am Nov 2014
I Am Broken In Ways That Makes A Good Story
I Am Nov 2014
He Was Hardworking
A Real Hardworking Man
But Even Hardworking Men Come Home
A Man Need A Home

Poor Loving Unstable Mother
Never Noticing A Thing
Just Loving Her Hardworking Man
Just Loving Her Child

First Time Fist's Flying
The Hardworking Man Loving The Mother
Never Loving The Child
No Love For Another Mans Spawn

Second Time Fist's Flying
I Know -  I Will Tell Mother
Mother Will Make Things Right
Mother Is Loving

Third Time Fist's Flying
Stop Or I Will Tell Mother
Tell Mother And She Will Die
You Really Wan't To **** A Loving Mother?

Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh
Losing Count
Day And Night Fist's Flying
Tell Mother And She Will Die

Back, Chest, Arms, Legs
Blue, Yellow And Black
But Never The Face
Otherwise Mothers Love Will **** Her

Always Locked Up
Hidden Away From Mothers Love
Do I Deserve This?
Is This My Fault?

Suddenly No More
The Hardworking Man
No More Love From Mother
No One Left To Blame

But Where Is Mothers Love
Mother Is Right Here
Disappeared With A Man
Mother Destroyed By Love

I Sure Miss My Loving Mother
I Am Nov 2014
Two Paths
Two Opportunities
Maybe Five

A Simplified Lie
The Complex Truth
My World
My Reality

Controlled Chaos
Chaotic Control
Much Like Home
They'll Never Find It

I Am Nov 2014
Time Is Alway's Tikking And Tokking
Never Ever ******* Stopping
Hear The Clock
Tik Tok
Tok Tik
Stop Time's Figting
Get Up And Start Realizing
Look Around You Ungrateful *****
I Am Nov 2014
I Hate Everything
And I really ******* Love it

So Sad thinking about it
No! Never Sad
Just really ******* *******

Now, dont think that it's You I Hate
You're Not that Special

My Hate is Exclusive
Never to be Shared

My Hate is only for Me to Love
I'm not usually a very hatefull person at all, but every now and again I get a little bit moody, and a little bit of poetic exaggeration always seems to be the perfect cure.
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