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Hilldene Jan 2017
The glare of morning off crystalline shells
Suits wove endlessly from lobby to desk.
Minute hand towers over 8:45
Pungent smells of black coffee,
Stale air perspiration absorbed by sterile tiles,
Downtown, Jersey, Brooklyn gleam
as the crescent copper sun continues
Lady Liberty smiles.
Before you knew the ground beneath you
A blanket of black invaded the poorly ventilated
Panic took over the buried primal instincts.
Another statistic, another number on the ledger
that will never balance.

About to open a folder piled upon the rest.
In a flash all shook with momentous force.
Screams echoed in fear of the unknown,
Chilling how quickly the room became dark,
The blue sky faded behind an unbreakable
Unable to move pressed up against the cold
An attempt to escape the unforeseeable
My head was pounding and breaths became
Break the window, just break the window
For God's’ sake we need air.
Ravenous orange had broken through the floor
And the four walls.
Upon contact the glass broke - air flooded in.
We hung out of the windows, gulps of air.
Make a decision, hope for pure intervention, a
Safety net.

Light as a feather when you leap from the 94th
Floor window.
Escaping the smothering black cloud from within.
Close your eyes, breathe, in and out.
What thoughts were going through your head?
Were you hoping for a miracle angel.
A tumbling image stuck on replay.
Your death captured in history.
You had to jump.
It was a very public way of dying.
Onlookers witnessed the whole ten-second journey.
Death was your only option: swallowed by
Painful singing flames or
A courageous end to your life.
Evil that day determined fire would seal your fate.
In a last attempt you fought back and cheated
Death’s cruelty.

Stuck at the window frame fixated on salvation.
There’s no other way, the heat is too hard to face.
Just step out, let go.
Fly through the clouds.
Hands clenched by my side my ears still ringing.
I breathe in a heavy breath, felt the air filling my lungs.
Sorrowed breaths.
Debris to chaos.
Ash to souls.
In midst of death it was serene.
Closed my eyes and let go.
The way i flew would’ve made my parents proud,
For that day the only thing that saved me was the
Camera that caught my body in suspense.
By a stranger in the crowd.
  Apr 2016 Hilldene
Peter Cullen
Darkness hiding in the tree's.
A lonely crossroads.
No man's land.
Ancient rituals.
Ancient tortures.
upon the soil
and sand.

Through the hills,
a shadow seeker.
Seeking out somewhere to lie.
A lonely soul,
lost with the seasons.
a blood red sky.

And as the blood dries,
on the tarmac.
A winning smile, a wicked fate.
Gypsy ghosts,
no longer vocal.
Shadows waiting
at the gates.

Through the hills,
a shadow seeker.
Lost upon the darkness still
A lonely soul,
Lost with the seasons,
Forever lost
and wandering.
Hilldene Sep 2015
Roots softly entwined
like thoughts in the dark cold earth.
Woven in the loom of the mind.
How something so pure can grow from something so sinister.
Long hairs tinted yellow sprouting from your tips.  
Your soft white whispers drifting through the air,
catching the current in the skies.
I hold you in my hands, gently inhale your temporary beauty.
Caught in a trance as I exhale and watch you disappear.
Up to the skies I look to see you getting swept up.
My wish made was never granted.
You're gone now and I'm left with an unearthly empty shell.
I open my hands and all that remain of you fall effortlessly to the ground.
Your fall cushioned by long green fingers reaching to the sky.
There, you are reunited with other such as yourself.
Those empty promises echoed in the carcasses that lay next to yours.
Your brazen tips glazed in a shock of colour
Pregnant with joyful scents, bursting through your silky palms
Untouchable Ivory put on ostentatious display
Waxy green protection against jealous creatures allured by your bold skin
Spiked tongue lapping up soft powder
Palate tingling colours
Come now young one, let your hand out
Touch the rays of sun that break through the clouds
Unfurl your glossy arms let them reach to the skies
Embrace the copper halo of fresh dawn
Kaleidoscopic explosion of feathery pink from
frivolous lace of green
shooting from an abyss of fleshy undertones
chirping in a bloom of tenderness
Natural flirt laying delicious kisses on your diaphanous hands
Dashes of bittersweet morning yellow erupting from flaxen haired beings
Quotidian fever blushing your glossy cheeks
Exuberant vitality in the eyes of the beholder
Darling Delilah somersaults under the summer sky.
Tender yellow belly jade-inlaid silently teasing
Wistful white limbs under threat - recited childish game
Droplets of tears cried over lost lovers, gently caress your velvety skin
Loves me, loves me not.
Follow the trail of loved golden petals
Plucked from a field of menageries
The field of unspoken languages
Jovial melodies escape your white rib cage
Wolf-whistle hymns emanate from your progeny
Winter’s frost biting at your satin petals
Drawing your soft palms together in a synchronized motion
Awaiting the Sun's demise
Fading from fluorescent pink to a beige purple
accepting your fate as night crawls nearer
Tiny capsules cuddle your closed body, capturing the light of day
Bitter breezes sway your spirit sweetly as the moon shines over the sleeping
Midnight blue hung it's head low, gracefully dipping it's toes in the icy water
Exhaling soft whispers in the ears of the insomniac
under the blanket of tattered stars
Glitter embellished skies shatter into fragments of shadows
Picturesque luminous nebula sprayed across the abysmal crescent
Luminosity fades from your touch and lower you bow
Lullaby your fragile celestial glow into a deep sleep
Mourners tears fall
Staining your diminutive blue faces black
Remorseful mutters tremble your weary heart
Aching voices tearing your delicate edges
Myosotis silvatica engraved upon the headstone where they lay
Forget-me-not child as I am immortal, lost souls earnt divinity
Warm blooded fingertips clench your presence
Dark figures gently brush past
A ceremonial statement
For the grieving
H.E 4/9/15

— The End —