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Hidden May 2019
the rain mimics my tears
as i lay in my bed
i want to rest my mind
but the relentless sky
blurs my thoughts
and the windows

the dull tv light
shines off the mirror i’m looking into
it makes my damp cheeks glimmer
and glorifies my sorrow
forcing me to recognize
the face staring back at me

the deep thunder
drowns my gasping moans
my breath is shortened
with every crash in the sky
it makes me invisible to anyone
who was truly listening
hey everyone, long time no see.
Hidden Dec 2018
at first you were sweet
but then you left a scowl on my face
because baby all the honey in the world couldn’t mask your sour taste
Hidden Oct 2018
making sure you could hear me
was never the problem
the problem

was being listened to

i needed to think less about
whether i’m being too

and start thinking more about
what i can do to be

i was born to leave
a big crater wherever i stand
a sign that i am just as thundering as you

i construct my words
to be deafening
to make your ears ring and your eyes water

i was taught to make my ideas
the thoughts you lust after
the kind that are both confident and emphatic

because its always better to be

than to be
I decided because this page started off with such a sad note, some positivity was in order
Hidden Sep 2018
me and my friend isolation
go on long romantic walks
through the deep chasms of my brain
and each repeated path we take
deepens that beaten matter beneath our feet

we stop at each mile marker
and she tells me all the reasons
i should doubt myself
and i believe her
and i stay

me and my honey isolation
send love letters through the mirrors
i lay my hand on the glass while she beams a smile
but she slithers her fingers
around my wrist and quickly pulls me through

she traps me in a place
that i find too much comfort in
she tells me i’m alone out there
and i believe her
and i stay

me and my lover isolation
hide behind a locked door
a somber light flutters inside of her eyes
it illuminates my hands
revealing their connection to the pencil

i draw a picture of my heart
that she rips to shreds
and tells me she loves me

and i believed her

and I stayed

— The End —