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shima 7d
i won't hear you over the airplanes
the ones that fly overhead and leave me riddled with scars
i can't hear you over the screams
the silence that cries out for mercy, just mercy
i don't want to hear you, hands covering my ears
my eyes squeezed shut, praying to a god that doesn't exist
you speak but i don't want to hear it
i don't want your answer
i'll end up the same either way
i wish you'd said no; then i could end it without regrets. but you chose yes, so i'll suffer. for you.
shima Feb 26
peel the potatoes and prepare the vegetables
dash my hopes against the wall
boil in yesterday's snow, freshly gathered from the sidewalk outside
sprinkle in contempt as a garnish
slip on ice and nearly get a concussion
shima Feb 22
today is friday
it doesn't feel like a friday
it never does

yesterday was a tuesday
it felt like a tuesday
but it wasn't

tomorrow will be saturday
it won't be
if i extend my friday night

the weeks blur together in monochrome
the days are never distinct
somehow last april has disappeared from memory
shima Feb 22
a bold outline
in a sea of thin brushstrokes
brown fading to pink like flowers on a tree
transient and translucent
floating away with a harsh blow
water slipping through fingers
sunlight passing through branches
and we were there, the two of us, we were there.
shima Feb 19
words are never enough so
do i try?
you'll never see
them; i'll never show
them. staring at these letters, my mirror
it's only a cheap imitation of that which must be conveyed.

and then it'll be copied into bleached wood
to be delivered one day,
if not today.
to be read with a mildly bitter tone
shima Feb 11
You were throwing apples
Off the cliff

I pick up the splattered apple guts off the ground
and eat them desperately

They're sneering, disappointed eyes
from every direction staring.

Don't look at the me who is forced into this.
Don't ignore the you who is causing this.
i know what i'm doing. you're just creating a detour even though you want me to get there faster.
shima Feb 8
if you decide i am nothing
then let me become nothing
so mote it be
if you decide i am no longer yours
then i am no longer yours
so mote it be

i am but one
yours and only yours
and rightfully so
mote it be
i wonder why i named it rightfully instead of so mote it be..... it fits more, i guess. letting someone else dictate what you do is something you shouldn't do, but i guess it happened anyways.
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