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clysh 4d
Pebbles pelting
the window, melting.
I opened to see who
was knocking.

Illuminated by lamp-eye,
Through the black
mesh, was no body.

It was cold.

Chills clutching at
my chest, slithering
around my spine, rampaging
in the lungs.

a stilled heart, heavy
eyelids. Sleeping.
clysh May 10
when you first tiptoed in
lighter than spider silk, stepping
onto the hollowed-out tree trunk, kneeling, blessed,

the berries bruised under your knees.
your dress dyed dull purples and reds.
i reached for your hand,

grasping tightly.
we danced in the contusions of day
and flourished in the confusions of night
clysh Apr 18
picking up pieces of peeled citrus
with chopsticks
biting down on syrupy sunbeams
bursting through your mouth
your cheek, a gaping hole.
acidity wearing away at exposed bone,
wood dyed orange, then red,
bone dyed orange, then red.
clysh Mar 31
Naturally, this cycle
repeats. Again.
Once more, without
oblivion approaches
clysh Mar 20
Lingering lachrymose regrets,
I drown them.

Where the sun meets the water,
Where the dreams meet reality,
Where the water meets the sand,

As so to escape, far away. Go.
I flee.
clysh Mar 17
crisp pure snow broken
by black lace burning.
moonlight illuminating.

tainted by char, ash, blood,
and the imprinted footsteps
drawing nearer.

you can smell it, too. plucked
like flower or harpstring,
the long wait for morning.

it tasted like twilight.
an indistinct mass of emotions welling up like a sentient gob and bursting out of my chest
clysh Mar 5
I was undoubtedly
Playing in your paradigm.
How angelic, more, give me peace,
Wishes and crystalline candy wrappers
Ensnare your heart, dust crumbling, fin.

If only. Glassy ideals can't hold up (.)
To the rough sediment of reality,
I am nothing.
Euphorapathetic - a made-up word. Meaning "pertaining to: joyful nihilism and/or the sense of euphoria that comes with a certain degree of apathy"
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