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 20h Donna
Everything I see now is like a dream
And as colors began to fade
Their souls started to merge
as what autumn and winter did
Slowly creating a wonderful moment
A beautiful image
Like a rainbow after the rain
Judging others
out of lack of reason
hurts the self more
the judge becomes his own prison.
 20h Donna
Believe in the good in people
Nothing productive comes out
Assuming the worst.
Lay me down upon the moss,
cover me with autumn leaves,
rest my body in the forest
to be swallowed by the trees,
and let the fleeting moments
whisper my name to the breeze,
as the cool earth welcomes me,
let me go with comfortable ease.

© Pagan Paul (27/10/19)
It’s the body that endures
The mind is free
This journey
The soul
Will complete
Without forming notions
I observe
Similarities in people
Coming from different walks of life
Different sensibilities
Similar inclinations
Yet alike
To be of someone’s help
Even when falling short of, self
Can be gratifying
We deal with the matter that is called life
So fickle and whimsical
Moments are constantly fleeting
Situations are totally unpredictable
With each day that passes
There are new lessons to learn
We embraces those challenges respectfully
In order to grow and earn
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