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The time is now
Why is it said so!
Time keeps moving
Now and forever
How does this now stays
When it keeps moving forever

The sky looks great
When the sun is up
And the clouds are late
Spilling bright threads
Doing crochet patterns along the vast blue
Slowly, curling back into a ball of white
Swathing the sun
In rose gold silks
We all have our beliefs
And we follow them
Wherever they take us
Sometimes they bring us luck
Sometimes we are stuck
By the same
Unable to move beyond
The mistakes
Unable to acknowledge
They bring us whatever we believe in
The beliefs
Allow us to live through
The mistakes
The luck
The success
All the experiences
And soon
We learn to live
Life is a stepping stone
In sun dappled lawns
Runs a golden rivulet
Copper-pod tree crowns
The leaves grew wings
And flew off the branches
Some along with the twigs
The breeze was gentle
And the leaves knew they could fly

 Mar 29 Donna
Pagan Paul
Someone is waiting behind an unlocked door,
peek around the frame and tell me what you saw.
I am a little bit too scared to take a look,
like turning a page in an old horror book.

You see it may be someone who likes me
and that is dangerous for stability.
The hands are motionless on a timeless clock,
it would be easier if they would just knock.

In theory there is nothing I want more
than someone waiting behind an unlocked door.
I've rehearsed this scene so many times before,
but here and now there is a storm at my core.

It ties up the insides like thick knotted hair,
the thought, the fear, that there is nobody there.
So the man in the corner whom most ignore
has someone waiting behind an unlocked door.

But the uncertainty has its own high cost,
as the door locks shut and the moment is lost.

© Pagan Paul (14/02/21)

We are like the four seasons of the earth, spring, summer ,fall and winter
First we are born like newborn babes springing into life by push of womb
then we are pulsing like heartbeats in a world that surrounds our battle cry  
Slowly we become summer letting our branches stretch strong and solid,
we still have spring in our step but we now got fires of July in our blood ;
Then falls arrives and places burnished reds and golds in our aging coat,
flecks of wisdom in our eyes and laughter lines around our aging mouth ;
Winter arrives and kisses us with her frozen dollops of snowflakes, it is
then that we first realize that our limbs are not as subtle as they used to be.
We are like the four seasons and for a good reason
one minute we are a lighthouse , a beacon
and the next we are like clothing, out of season
Time is everything and nothing in this journey of self discovery
we need to keep pace with ourselves and change accordingly
If we are to reach a ripe age of reason, then we must learn to love
each and every season of our life.
Do I Hear Amen to that ?
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