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  Sep 2016 Gregorius Evyrian
I have never stuttered in pen
misspoken in ink
or choked in my writing
the way I do
whenever I speak
my fingertips always know
the right words to say
my tongue is still learning
As I woke up
I saw your face.
A glow, resplendant,
that made my heart race.
But sure enough
I was out of time...
And staying in bed
felt like a crime.
The scene of which,
a hurricane of clothes,
burst forth like myself
From a deep repose.
One last longing look
at the time we've spent
Turns icy, and scathing,
and on my way I'm sent.

Now all of this really
might make you smirk.
The face was a clock...
I'm running late for work!
Will you wear a mask for them? A painted plastic shell for them? The ones that bid you no farewell and sent you sugar while you fell, so far. Deeper than Yggdrasil's roots, farther than forever. Wear your Other proudly now, no man is your brother.
Just a little thingymabob I wrote... blabbed? Jottered? It ended up in text so no worries in any case. Burly Meatballs for all.
  Jan 2015 Gregorius Evyrian
Everyone craves perfection. But do you realize what is more perfect that perfection? Those beautiful imperfections of you. Living with them. Embracing them. Admiring them. And most importantly, being happy and contented with them. To me, this is more beautiful, this is more perfect and this is more YOU.
This one is for YOU! I know you are reading this and I just want to let you know that you are worth it. You are deserve all the happiness and love in the world. You are imperfect and trust me, I mean that as a compliment. Your imperfections make YOU. And that YOU is important, more real and more perfect.You are not alone.
Another book,
Another broken heart...
My veins bleeding black ink.
Another life,
Another library...
Taking away a need to think.
And we find solace in cities
That will never exist.
Taking heart in heroines
And a fated plot twist.
And they captivate,
And keep us...
And give us one last
Look into someone's unorthodox past
To learn from them
To love them...
As much as ourselves.
Before forgetting them,
Forever fading on shelves.
Until one day,
A new soul throws open its pages...
And discovers a journey
That will take them through ages.

-the end-
I'm so anxious to go away.
A never attempted journey.

I'm so anxious to stay.
                                To stay!
In my eyes
There are apples
In your company
The sweetest things
On mountaintops
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