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Jamie Rose Oct 2017
You will be hurt
You will cry over boys that don't even deserve a glance from you
At some points, you'll wonder why you're still alive
You'll lose friends you thought were going to stay forever
You're going to try to push everyone away and only the people who really love you will stay
You're going to go through hell and back
You'll fall in love with people who leave
You'll break hearts
You will find you are so much stronger than you or anyone thought
You'll have amazing experiences
You'll become friends with the best people in the world
You'll be glad you survived everything you have
I promise its worth it and I wouldn't change a thing
Your prayer wheel spinning
is an axis of hope
Radiating energy to every
corner of the Universe
Nothing can hide
from the Mani wheel
My metal cannot bend
Nor oil be my blood
to the spiritual pump
living within
The bond  by distance
cannot be severed
by timeless E-longings
with the whirl of constant emptiness
filling/feeding a mechanical pump
that has pace maker rthyms
of endowment
Let your axis of hope
your mani
breathe in life ,
the spiritual Ghost
chiefy mann Mar 2015
I've never felt like myself, I've always felt like someone else. I don't know what has happened to me, I don't know if I'll ever be back. I'm just a shell of what used to be a person. Chasing down hells dreams.
Will you wear a mask for them? A painted plastic shell for them? The ones that bid you no farewell and sent you sugar while you fell, so far. Deeper than Yggdrasil's roots, farther than forever. Wear your Other proudly now, no man is your brother.
Just a little thingymabob I wrote... blabbed? Jottered? It ended up in text so no worries in any case. Burly Meatballs for all.

— The End —