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You smile over
your cup, the liquid
filled to the brim.
My smile has no
power against
that look; the way
your eyes lock so
beautifully with mine.
Overflowing with
reminiscing thoughts
of our lust-filled
night. The way
we hold onto
each other as
if we were made
for the other.
i have
six burns on my hands and wrists
that i am dealing with and
healing with
all on my hands and wrists.

it doesn't hurt anymore.
i used to be afraid of fire
like i was scared of thunder
kicking at my windowsill
at night when i was six.

now i can sleep with
both laying calmly at my feet
nothing scares me.

nothing hurts me like before
i am always the one asking for more
and i do it so it feels real.
i do it so i feel.
As for the world
I can't withstand

the cumbering days
try my shrunken self

Until at last we finally can
Hide our souls in each others hands
You scream what you know
They want to hear
But I know your whispering
Something else..

Throw your hands up
So they see surrender
Written on your palms
But I know you have a message
On the other side..

A knife. Cold on your wrist.
Crossing out the words
But I know your hoping they'll
Pick though the fragments left behind..
Help me
When we're old
The world will
Taste sweeter

When we're old
We can share
The sunrise

While we're young
The world is sour
And sweet, candy

While we're young
We'll share an argument
And a kiss
 Nov 2014 Georgia Williams
what beautiful words in a smooth setting, roughing gentle
keep still, it's coming............
 Nov 2014 Georgia Williams
two hundred and eighty seven hours
i have two hundred and eighty seven hours and one minute
to convince myself to open my mouth and mind
because i was not going to let myself lose an opportunity  
which is what i do as often as the sun sets

the only thing i can think of is how the first time i saw you
i remember thinking that maybe the cliche stories of love at first sight (that were as believable as a man claiming he has never sinned) were actually true.
the smoke rises and the lights come out and the vibrations in the room raise and all i want is for you to hold me like the girl that is in your hands right now
and all i get from you is a step on my jazz shoe and a look on your face that speaks "i'm sorry" and then a smile of 100 watt light bulbs

and i think about how light bulbs come in different shapes in sizes, and we are both the curly q bulbs with twists and turns and heads of curls
but we never were too daring with using too much energy and didn't make much noise

i needed to know you like the man needed to reach the moon
like the woman needed to find a perfect shoe
(unnecessary in reality, but extremely important in their mind)

now there's two hundred and eight six hours and forty three minutes
until the wattage dies and the sun will set
things change so quickly
the wattage died
and the interest did too
I've climbed these hills
With sorrow in my heart
But -oh! What wild thrills
That soon I reach the top
Still there lie another after
And never will it stop
How agony is bliss
When with you
Our love a simple kiss

— The End —