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Cripp Oct 2015
They say love is bloodsport.

We love so much.
we lose so much.

And miss the mark.
Cripp Jun 2015
You can talk your way out
go on, cold shoulders and stony silence
and ***** snow walls
let the current of love flow
avalanches and waterfalls don't just stop
nor do midnight pulses.

Abrupt flood, mountain dreams clouds
not a coward, just afraid
and biding the right time
till we run out, and we will
but meantime, no points for guessing
who cowers in the dark.
Cripp Dec 2014
dreaming a pie slice of life with you, I'll happily plagiarize
inside the stinging bee's nest, nobody dares find it
secret, secret, oh little secret tune
sing the truth on the flute in the willow
who could ever guess who it really is, but you.
Cripp Nov 2014
what beautiful words in a smooth setting, roughing gentle
keep still, it's coming............
Cripp Oct 2014
in came scythes to sheave into bundles, every chance mocked
and death enjoys gawking at our shock
we could have, so easily taken from the train there, the bus over
together we could have done it

the bus rode over a **** and it continued to the wood's end
it's there where your fire's burning huge beacons
it's some work still to find you, hiding in that forest
we could have, we could have.
Cripp Apr 2014
you're not embarrassed by my writing, really
it is me, my presence you can't seem to stand
off I go to some quiet spot where you'll find me, if you care
but I appear to do more harm to you than ever and wonder if it's only me.
when I left I left that place, then you came back.
Cripp Feb 2014
have one VERY dry and coughing throat here

realy miss freedom

here, feel this :o

I'm so taunting time, just to see........argh!

poet missing brilliance

to be open to woken joy!

(domed) structure collapsing.
I miss you and gutterally glad to see your face
make a plan.
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