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Hi It's Haliyah Jul 2019
i can’t i believe i let you crawl inside my bones,
let you make a home
out of splintering self-worth and shaky breaths.
i let you take me over like a fire.
burn up my words before you even listen.
use me up until there’s nothing left, just fuel for your addiction.
still i know i’m the sick one,
cause my hands are always shaking,
and i’ve got kaleidoscope vision.
cause sometimes i miss you for hours
and i replay every kiss, every lie,
until they start to taste the same.
cause it’s been a month, and i’m losing everything.
i think my keys are still in the door,
and i think i left my heart on your floor.
and i’m not saying i want you back, i’m just saying
i was doing fine with the wool over my eyes.
but you laid this house of suspicion on top of your lies,
built me in with no way out,
cause you’re a fire,
and my soul is only free once you burn it down.
Hi It's Haliyah Jul 2019
You pulled out my tongue to garnish the dinner plate of lies
you liked to tell when we were drunk,
but I guess I was an aftertaste you couldn’t stomach.
And maybe I’m a little tired of it,
but it’s not the kind of thing I like to admit-
that I’ve been pulling my guts out,
like some kind of magic trick.
They’re strewn all around this home we share
like an art installation-
serpentine and ****** they coat the walls,
vines and rotten fruit,
a pulpous stump in the center of the room.
Hi It's Haliyah Mar 2016
I was not
insecure, fragile, forgotten.
They said I was
confident, kind, happy.
I was not
my mistakes, my shortcomings.
They'd never forgive
the people who hurt me.
They were my friends.

They were my friends,
the people who hurt me.
They'd never forgive
my mistakes, my shortcomings.
I was not
confident, kind, happy.
They said I was
insecure, fragile, forgotten.
I was not
Hi It's Haliyah Mar 2016
I'm just a whisper now,
just a thought hovering above the piano key,
just small smile before the bow.
Oh but the encore! Oh the glee!

I think maybe when I'm forty-
when my smile sets in-
I'll be old then.
But not now. For now I'm a song of freedom
from a choir of rebels. For now I am a symphony.

Today I am eighty. I am old again,
just a breath away from a hollow lung,
just a chip away from a smile set in stone.
How unfair, to be young once but old twice.
How disconcerting the down fall
after the curtain call.
Hi It's Haliyah Mar 2016
to this pit of stars
you call the universe.
I call the bottom rim
crushed beneath the weight
of a black, breathless bag.

Now forgotten
under the dead and the days,
left in a landfill with
open eyes and outstretched palms.
Gotten over past pains
because they lie
like the dirt on top of you.
Hi It's Haliyah Mar 2016
My fingertips are frayed
like my favorite pair of jeans.
My hair is grey
like the faded pencil marks
in my old diary, my book of dying dreams.
My back is bent
like the crook in my couch
where I used to read a stack of books.

My mind
is missing like the word in an
Hi It's Haliyah Mar 2016
5 minutes
and maybe 30 seconds
until the world explodes,
until we run, like mice in maze, to the next place,
and the next, and the next...

5 minutes
and maybe 30 seconds
until second period.

Wrote this before second period the other day,
idk just something I felt was worth saving somewhere, like a lucky penny tucked inside your pocket.
Love ya :)
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