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Nate ere May 2016
There isn't much reason to write-up a plan
If reasons all fail to explain
That a plan is not a power gate
You did not cause this flood
Of cause itself or any fate
You claim to rein above
Nate ere Dec 2015
I collect roses from up in her head
That is my sacred duty
Botanical gardens of thorn that I tread
To seek forgotten beauty

Stealing bouquets to lay under her bed
That she may find in the morning
She wonders why my hands are bloodied and red
I tell her, "My love, I've been working."
Nate ere Dec 2015
Hello strange moon
With a half-bent eye

Your circling gaze
A tentative sigh

Tired it seems
Of orbiting me

"Let us be one,
Or show me a leave"

Collide and escape
To adventurous fun

Ode to embark
Apart from the sun
Nate ere Nov 2015
My mind is a lightning storm
that's never calm or warm

Whose gale no temperance born
can weather free of harm

Whose rain like panic falls
upon a sinking heart

With weight enough to halt
a worried ships embark

My mind is a lightning storm
that's never calm or warm

Through the eye we man the helm
If peace must be this way:

A biding time between the swells
amid the static fray
Nate ere Sep 2015
cloaked in vague tapestries
woven of light
her eyes hold eternities
deep as the night

her golden harp hair
that sings in the breeze
her symphonic stare
brought the world to its knees

If our dreams were stars
she was the sky
who thought up a cloud
that started to cry

she was the shadow
cast over the day
and she was the wind
that blew her away
Nate ere Jul 2015
Fissure the Mountain looming
His constant reminder too:
"My power is never moving,
I am greater than you"

"Oh what a jaded thing to say
You're just the same as us
For greatness is as swift as day
and life a fleeting gust"

Fissure the Mountain looming
Endure the chasm inside
See that you are both a blink
Beneath a giants eye
Nate ere Jun 2015
He wonder why
She loved him so
And so did she
They couldn't know

He loved her for
The love he'd gained
And that is all
She felt the same

The reason then
For love, we know
A mutual duping
Of the soul
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