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Sᴏᴍᴇᴏɴᴇ ᴇʟsᴇ
ᴡᴇ'ʀᴇ ʟᴏᴛs ᴏf ᴛʜɪɴɢs / ɪ ᴡɪsʜ ᴡᴇ ᴡᴇʀᴇ ᴀ ʙᴇɢɪɴɴɪɴɢ
F/Cosmos    My expressions touched & inspired by my invisible Love! My personal journey digging deep within, shoveling layered emotions, letting my self tear apart and bleed ...
AM stardust spirit
20/F    Witchy, writer, leader of my world. I love black cats, the moon, and probably you too. <3
19/F/India    I'm not the person I used to be.
F    the poetry is in the streets
Abraham Esang
M/Nigeria    I just want you to love me. And I promise I will never hurt you.
56/M/Michigan    I live way out in the sticks now, after a long crazy journey called my life!!! ....poem/songs have registered copyright protection Traveler Tim
Karisa Brown
26/F/Charlotte NC   
Nikki the Goddess
33/F    Hello beautiful people. I'm just me..I love people and pretty things.
Katja Pullinen
31/F    Hello Everybody!!! I like write and read poems. Originally I'm from Russia, but live in Finland 6 years. I started writing from my youth. I ...
Alice Ellen
20/F/England    I'm just someone who likes to play with words and observe how others have done the same.
F/California    All original work is my own, and copyrighted by Medusa, and A. Wild. unless otherwise credited.
27/M/Phoenix Arizona    Just a dude trying to find his way
18/F/under the sea    hi i'm misha and i don't exist
Ken Pepiton
70/M/Pine Valley CA    Been there done that, was first said, meaning all it does, in my mortal moment, once upon a time. I went to war, to church, ...
Alexander Foe
22/M    Aspiring poet? I love poetry and stories. English Literature undergraduate. Medievalist. Arthurian/Chaucer enthusiast. Talk literature to me! Favorite writers: James Franco, Jack Kerouac, Coleridge, Philip ...
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