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Jan 2 · 46
resume the music
We are flowers blooming
In drunken apartment buildings
Millions of angels sing of your disembodiment
We are shivering in between twilight’s towers
While the dancing sunlight sparkles  
We wade naked in the forthcoming moonlight
Until these fragile articles descend
Disguised as candid footsteps and listless fingers
That linger softly upon the ground of our communion
Dec 2019 · 157
inertia i.e.
Inertia is always the last man standing. Its also the last person to leave the table and the last person that you say goodbye to at a party. Inertia never hurries and always arrives with a sense of gravity.
Dec 2019 · 103
Hesitant Hummingbirds
We agree only
When its necessary
And if it pleases you
To touch yourself
Then make love
To me immediately
Like only the desert
Knows your destiny
Hesitant to hum
Your tongue lingered
On my mouth for centuries
These monetary arrangements
Were supposed to be
Finished and done with
But you’re not over them completely
For there is far more worthy things
To be spoken about
Than clowns growing frowns
On their abnormally long faces
So lets replace them all
With unknown saving graces
And in our hasty laziness
We shall eat up all our lovers
Like mothers of tyranny
And dynasties of desire
That keep their fireplaces
Filled with honey, money
And cinnamon
Until you inhale the scent
Of cedar, pine and sage
And tell me to get ready
For the better part of the evening
Dec 2019 · 112
Occipital Relationships
From above or below what can you observe
It all disappears completely whenever you bat an eyelash
So tonight we are dynamically opposed at this table
While I survey the silence and relinquish my eyesight
You inherently abide in dynamic meditations
And heuristic assignations of the unconscious
I will follow my passions and my suppositions
As windows of impermanence invite our participation
Dec 2019 · 84
dead skin
We remake our shadows
To represent the arrow's path
Through straight lines and war cries
We reclaim whatever can't be defended
The rest has all been said before
The dying father begets the son
A lesson of love and tenderness
In order to begin again we must now
Brush away this dead skin
And shift into a much deeper
Place of resonance and understanding
Dec 2019 · 66
intimate resistances
Teeth clatter against the cold
We stole all the fire we could ever own
If you’re apprehensive
Please know that I feel you in my bones
If you’re ready to begin trying
We’ll soon be warm enough to fly
This listening is abundant
As a river flowing home
Back on its own trajectory
We shake like melancholy and grapes
Hanging from vines of redolent wisdom
Vineyards define our vision
Like snowy hillsides in autumn
We are those blue skies left to dry
On the tired old clotheslines
Of our most intimate images
Dec 2019 · 403
complicated innocence
I am so often offended
By the brokenness of men
So let's resume the music
Clueless of the evidence
Of our improbable evolution
Mention my name to the same old songs
We are stronger now than we were then
Are we to blame for the way we came here
Standing on our innocence
Lest we defy the painter’s faith
The same old shapes are whispering again
That I am the sound that never gets found
And how can we be proud of our too loud relatives
Whenever jilted lovers become our mothers
In their pain and their nakedness
We forget ourselves completely
Dec 2019 · 81
Confucius Whispers
A lot of water on Earth never gets cold enough to freeze
We are lightning’s dreams divided into thirty beings
The Gods created an immediate opening inside your head
But who can decide why we are afraid to fly
When magic is alive and trying to escape from it's cage
We are in denial of the rage we have yet to face
So you break free of icy bars that keep you chained to your nemeses
We need sunlight and kindness like a child needs it's mother
You were found lying down upon the daisies
Making our love seem as fresh as all these raindrops
Whatever kindness you can imagine
Someone may try to explain away the beauty of it, eventually
But right now I need life to refrain from tantalizing me too frequently
So open my mind for you are already a part of the divine collective
That reminds me to breathe whenever I can't see what's happening in front of me
Or the sparkle of that infinite sky within me
Its true that your lips speak the tenderest of music
But still I choose to remain appreciative of this confusion
Dec 2019 · 69
Life is a short story.
Lips speak tender music
We choose to remain
Appreciative of our confusion
Many reprimanded children
Cry for those who misuse them
Dec 2019 · 163
pretentious and pretending
Manic hands that hold you only in the morning
Soaring above the bed we pretended
That we could fly on the edges of our feet
So we led our lives with crazy abandonment
As if hope was an old friend that would pretend
Not to know the meaning of these endings
But you are better off than me at a million different things
But still I think the way you said, goodbye
Was just a little too insensitive
Dec 2019 · 274
Do you think it's a mistake if i stay here all alone
With you tonight and we end up naked in your bed
Can we pretend like we never asked for this to happen
Some people think that you and I were meant to be
But I think it's all just a story in need of a brand new ending
Maybe if we were to fall asleep at the wheel of all our feelings
We would wake up tomorrow in the ER in need of some recovery
Resist seeing everything as deformed
Dilapidated, ***** and destroyed
Those feelings will deplete you
When you see dirt, smile
Where you see disorder, laugh
Chaos is capable of restoring your sanity
Order is denial about the way
The earth was made to function
We are the infrastructure of the apocalypse
And whoever dares to laugh the loudest
At all this apparent darkness
Might even win a prize someday for smiling
Dec 2019 · 57
the vice-principle
While the embers of everything
Have just barely finished burning
You’ve got a blender full of bruises
And a pile of bandages in your bedroom
Your refrigerator is an ambulance
And your microwave's a dancer
But there's something to this music
That grabs me like a vice
So go on and tell your daughters
I’ve got nothing left for them tonight
Dec 2019 · 74
acid rain ver 2
Crying out that life
Is a mindless lesson
Blessed with elimination
We deny our promises
To confide in the silence
The empty space between
Reason and innocent imagination
Is just ordinary violence
So we try to lift our emotions
To the heavens but instead they fall
Like knives upon our dinner tables
Dec 2019 · 57
acid rain
Crying out that life
Is a mindless lesson
Blessed with premonitions
Its a process of elimination
That we deny our promises
In order to confide in the silence
The space between
Reason and innocence
Is only ordinary violence
So we try to lift our emotions
To the heavens but instead
They fall like acid rain
Upon our dinner table
Dec 2019 · 54
from a woman
God is greedy for your touch
Your tongue and your love
Are already interwoven
Spoken into being
You make the earth wet
As if all life could only
Flow inside a woman
Dec 2019 · 53
about goodbye
We’ve been friends
Since the end of time
With plenty of lovers
Kept quietly on the side
And by now we know
Everything there is
To know about goodbye
Dec 2019 · 61
Blend all the elements
Including the oil and the salt
We are forming music in our mouths
And bucketing out our intuitions
We are frozen dancers masterfully
Balancing on our ageless appendages
Representing history is no easy gesture
It resembles splendor and spare apricots
Shared with our neighbors across fences
With our fingers we reach out
For our prejudices to touch gently
I am elegantly amused
At all your beautiful reductions
How were you so easily deconstructed
Into a web of beauty and butterflies
You may be used to this situation
But it's probably worth mentioning
That no matter how hard we try
We're all going to lose someone eventually
So let's play this time for keeps
Until we can ****** ourselves into letting go
I fold my hands and return to the snow
Long ago from the stars beyond our reach
We inhaled and drew our first breath
From the heart of the darkness
We made our pledge that life
Shall always be a bargain against death
So now we take our chances
With some depth and determination
I am returning to my origins
Along the road to our sovereignty
I am as red as an active volcano
And we are bred to behave like family
In rows along the edges of our insanity
I digress and repress memory and emotion
So many are left and we don't know
Exactly where we’re going
So we collapse space into shapes
That are worth carefully observing
Let's blend our blood and our breath
And trust in the graceful scent of roses
We will make mistakes filled with yearning
Collecting learning like seashells
Along the shoreline of the morning
That we are born triumphantly blinded
As a reminder of neurological divergence
we were pretending
to run beyond the edges
of our wilderness
Dec 2019 · 96
ashamed to breathe
You make me feel
Ashamed to breathe
You see me
In my denial
And my childlike freedom
I am asleep
Breaking into
The pentagon’s cathedral
Sheet metal and rust
Fall from our farmhouses
Who can we trust
When all is abolished
In the dust and the turmoil
Dec 2019 · 91
waterfalls of reflection
You are trudging towards the waterfall
But hidden underneath the lettuce patch is a dream
A carved image in the center of your delicate being
Life is as fragile as any other shallow pool of water seems
Your bedtime stories were always found to be a little boring
Until the moment you turned around in your mother’s belly
And made the most out of something everyone else had forgotten
You were cast out from the hallways of your family
Haunted beauties and lonely human beings
Making rules only for the ruling
Our truest places always remain facing north
For when we are young we seem strong, thin and determined
And women often argue with each other to begin anything
So please agree to go deep within your body
And make space for these lasting visions
If we are awakened to our feelings
Than someday we might know how to obey them
Dec 2019 · 39
sheaths of my life
A language without rhythm is like a sword without a scabbard.
Dec 2019 · 66
from beginning to end
I miss seeing you inside me
Jumping off imaginary bridges
And swimming in twisted circles
Beside the daffodil hillside
Hunger is your watermark
We are chartering new territory
Aboard a cruise-ship of lies
Are we full of awesome communion
Or just jumping to conclusions
A good old fashioned melodrama
Is cushioning your exoskeleton tonight
If money is the root of all confusion
Are we a pair of treacherous blemishes
Full of empty threats begging for reunion
And is this silent treatment for our fear
Or are we weary of steering towards the wind
In a wilderness of new beginnings
And a plethora of intangible endings
To once again contend with
Dec 2019 · 82
no one left to argue with
Gone ******* tumbling over torpid waters
Turning inside out and bottomless
You float for a second before sinking
Into the opposite of weightlessness
It's imperative that we digress
And witness feathers in a headband
We are the lead singers of tomorrow’s epiphanies
We are the band and the audience members simultaneously
Everything is blessed and made to wander equally
We are tiny strings attached to the fragilest parts
Of every person’s heartbeat
We are the insurmountable struggles that inspire your art
We are the feelings you embody in the night’s soft atrophy
We are the appetites we repress
When there’s no one left to buy you dinner
We seek new meanings in beauty
And in the mind of each new lover we take
Our own image remains engraved photographically
Steadfast and permanent we laugh at our innocence
On the road to invisibility we take the first exit we can find
Laughing is sublime only as often as you can bear to really die
We shine like silhouettes behind the curtains of our memories
We are embracing magic in our uncertainty and living
Amidst and between, boundaries of ancient diseases and new discoveries
The pathway of apologies is not a road you can navigate intuitively
We are obviously hollower than a pair of five gallon drums
For when the rain comes we take the opportunity
To fill our towers, tanks and reservoirs; as if beauty was just a bargain
That we made when there was no one left to argue with
Dec 2019 · 72
chaos theory
Too much order is the infrastructure of disaster.
Dec 2019 · 105
real life
If life was a magazine,
You'd make the images speak.
Dec 2019 · 41
pitfalls of praxis
This is just a sampling of our regrets
To be the best at anything is to protest
That our attachment theories
Are merely empirical strategies
And praxis slips out of my mouth
Like dancing dragons
We climb to the top of Everest
Faster than you can say lightning
Mightier than a sword
Your words stand taller than an evergreen
Pinecones maneuver in the winds of destiny
A painter’s son takes lessons from the master’s failures
Congratulations on lying in your bed again
I befriend the endings so I can begin refreshed
And bed the brides at their commencement ceremonies
How are we so good at pretending
That it's always been alright to ask questions
When we already know better
Than to laugh at these humble representatives
Of our own defenselessness
The mad November rain
As dizzy as the days ahead of us
How can we confess to nothing
And own our mistrust of the morning
Our comfort is our coffee
Forecasting tomorrow’s meridians
We are abbreviated dictionaries
Silenced before the skies
Of never-ending opinions
We are the unstrung troubadour
Mourning all his categories
Lies are told endlessly
Begging questions and memories
More often than is really necessary
Dec 2019 · 52
The animals that came before you
What right have we to claim their territory
The souls that walked this land for centuries
Can you hear them dancing in eternity
Are we brave enough to steal fire
From each other instead of the gods
Do we know the repercussions
Of all this karmic plundering
Are we ****** or determined
Are we ***** or just thirty
Why must we always be inspired
To find our lovers
On the other side of town
Your animus is a clown
And my anima likes to drown me
She stands along the banks of reason
And compels me towards her nakedly
Crawling on tired knees until I’m bleeding
Only then does she promise me
Her guidance and her safety
Dec 2019 · 56
mistakes are easy
The anima drifts freely
Like a leaf in the wind
Blending soul and sulphur
The spirit is salty and combustible
We are trusting our reason
For its our feelings that lead us astray
We never say i’m sorry
Until its a little bit too late
For once something's happened
If we are truly apprehensive
We will often make mistakes
Dec 2019 · 64
each spring
I see you in the sky
Hammering your one glass eye
And trading stories with the wind
We fit in wherever
Feelings are placed timidly
Back in their cupboards
Libraries of humbleness
Mumbling in their dreams
We’ve barely remembered
That the embers are still burning
Hymns of confession
Each have a story to tell
So we teach it to the children
By the rivers of yesterday
We trust our bodies to fight disease
And drink from streams of light
To see the sky can be insightful
When longing to stay
Becomes more practical
Then running away again each spring
It means belonging to the daylight
Though before you've arrived it seems
That you’ve already learned
How to stay awake
Until it speaks to you in your dreams
And according to her
We are unconsciously treading
On the seams of everything
Dec 2019 · 34
the making of mankind
In musty attics
With dust mites dancing
We defy the violence
With sympathy and compassion
Humanity's words
Are working daily to break free
We are ancient trajectories
Of Japanese action sequences
Happy to breathe sequentially
And see the sky's reflection
Shimmering softly in a fountain
Like water off a mountain we run free
To the breaking point
For the taking and the making
Is all we ever really need
When you think you can
See through these illusions
But you only hear
Your own perspective
You are still just the same
Mainstream mundane
Meaningless pain
In the ***
That you've always been
As fast as a fault-line
You break down into fits of meanness
And attack packages and canvases
Art is your nemesis
And you are left alone in your pain
Fancy a walk in the dark
Through tree-lined streets
Where winter leaves it's mark
On every single fallen leaf
We are frightened of the emptiness
Messing with our souls
It often seems to me
The more people play games
The more they remain
The same similar creeps
Dec 2019 · 22
air freshener
We reduce our words to mere talking
Happiness is an entangled heart and mind
Mellow are the landmines
That blow up all our skies
We are drying our flypaper
In your sunlight
The heat and rhythm
Make you blind
So sell me
Your skyscrapers
And movie theaters
These signals are dry
And so are your hands
Chapped lips
Don't make many men grin
But your lipstick is invisible
Like painted nails and murals
On the floor of my bedroom
We fold the laundry
And dry our towels in the air
Nov 2019 · 31
no brexit?
How can there be thirteen windows in a house but never a door when you need one?
What is your weapon of choice
Go on you can tell me
I really don’t need to defend myself
Are you ready for a fight
Or a father figure to come rescue you
From tonight’s estranged entanglement
We shared our stories with the lightning
Broadcast on your stereos
The radio beckons us to listen
We are shifting into higher definition
Our ancestors bellow across the airwaves
We were framed and failed to recognize
The actual price we paid for our freedom
It's irrelevant and not reverential
To deny the light it's own fantasy of vision
We are deterred by sedentary slaves
Afraid of falling into better circumstances
Inertia is always the last man standing
I confess my ignorance to you again
It's a gamble or a preamble waiting to happen
Can you really imagine me taking your examples for granted
Taking time to untangle my differences
In atavistic states of participation mystique
And undifferentiated ecstasy
Mistakes are made too easily
At what cost are we lost to our friends and families
I believe in love at first grip
When your lips ripped me open
I instantly slipped into the hands
Of your embezzlement
Nov 2019 · 46
just above our heads
This is a new document
I hesitate to efface it with words
Life is like a blank slate
Obscured before it is ever even spoken
It's a clean start to a ***** finish
What we begin has already ended
Yet it lives inside of us waiting to be reborn
Tonight we reside in flaming letters
Comfort is a breath away from being broken
So hold me and observe me in my shyness
We fit together like crying children
This symmetry is obviously oblivious
But we'll miss the bus if we keep talking
Sometimes we take our silence a bit too seriously
And you are always free to agree to anything
But plausible denial is usually above our paygrade
Nov 2019 · 87
another i; in lakesch
the higher you rise
the softer it feels
to share the same sky
with your "I"
or your other
Nov 2019 · 74
Love is a burning feeling in my gut
Besieged by fear and retribution
We reduced ourselves to ashes
We are accents and accidents
Rented by teenage time-travelers
On the lonely road to happiness
We are shattered tornadoes
And bruised background checks
We are appetites of coercion
In the hands of any man with a cigarette
We are assassins in the making
And there are always lawyers for the taking
We are the dragons teeth
Eating our own weaknesses
We are revealing images of infinite healing
Hungry for your eyes and immune to stealing
We are sheets of paper baked in an oven
We are the numberless occupants
Of another abandoned apartment building
We are shouting matches and fireplaces
Lit with nimble little fingers
When your hands have become eyes
You are slower to lift them to the sky
So you cover up your secrets
With the fabric of space and time
We shine our strength and our sorrow
When all of it's the same
Both yesterday and tomorrow
Tonight we are appointed
To watch over these sacred grounds
For nothing shall ever happen
If we don't speak it from our mouth
And love is only music
Using language to find it's sound
We are dominant-handed people
Who know too much about your scorn
We are contacts covering translucent corneas
Petrified with doubt and looking inside out
We are always a little troubled
By the thought of being left out
Nov 2019 · 46
I hear music as i'm drifting in and out of consciousness
We are all lotus flowers in denial of our fingerprints
Nov 2019 · 117
perfumed fingers
We are estuaries
And governments
Surfing in the shadows
Of an unknown ocean
Life is a poem
Perfectly spoken
Stolen from antiquity
And woven
Silently on a loom
At the pinnacle
Of one of the earth's
Tallest mountains
Nov 2019 · 82
op-oed(ipus) pieces
Subtle apostrophes seeking apologies
For being seen naked
These commas indeed are angry
Do you fancy delivering me some verbiage
Confessions are standard
And punctuated sentences are evidence
Of the contrarian tendencies you embody
It's a hobby being copied
Making friends with dungaree clad daughters
And seeking sunshine from beneath the cover
Of a worn down copy of someone else's obituary column
Humble hearts leave trails
Of burning arcs
Whenever they pass you by
When time is borrowed
From the present
It's a gift from heaven
If we are born unperturbed
Then how do we learn
To become so boring
After we have grown

If you have it then you’ll know it
For once it comes it's ever showing
Humble hearts are made for rowing
These boats back home again

Come close and sit by the phone
Waiting for the dial tone to call you collect
There are many benefits to a relationship
Like love with tenderness,
Arguments and sweet caresses

Bless the ligaments and the tenements
With tender fingers and ten toes
We've climbed up and over
Reaching further and deeper below
And above all we've rubbed
The words from the pages
That we drew our first breaths upon
And later lined our nests with
The fragilest of exhalations

We are each a painting
Taken from the hall of some old relative
We are fancy felons finding heaven in our theft
We are sheets of cotton rubbing against our bottoms
As feelings flicker like candle flames
Our souls remain nameless and stainless
Against the testaments of yesterday
Nov 2019 · 51
relationships at sea
I sweep the patriotic streets
In need of beauty and feeling
History has a way of dealing with people like us
That can be rough and kind of cruel
His story wavers like a lonely old man
Savoring a cup of coffee in the morning
Or some soup in the middle of the day
We pay attention to the attitudes of companionship
We find memories change course along the way
Our journey meanders but we are safe
To raise our voices in dismay
Whenever I feel we’ve gone astray
You slip your fingers into mine
And say, I'll see you in my dreams
Again someday
Nov 2019 · 36
old loves
Humble hearts leave trails
Of burning arcs
Whenever they pass you by
When time is borrowed
From the present
It's a gift from heaven
If we are born unperturbed
Then how is it we learn
To act as if we are too old
To receive their love again
Nov 2019 · 143
sunrise in my eyes
I love the smell of coriander
And cardamom roasting in the morning
Coffee and cinnamon scattered on the floor
We share our laughter with the water
These plants are tender
As your fingers gather medicine
From the yard
We tie them up and bring back art
From its repository
We are sharpening our hearts like knives
And watering our minds
Gardens pop up everywhere she walks
Humble hearts make
Burning arcs throughout the sky
Nov 2019 · 67
apart from the crowd
We try to remain conscious but it never helps
So we fall into suspicious company
The water is steady
And everything is ready to break
This is the last stop
Before the station takes you dancing again
Fancy hunters fumble for their suppers
Funneling their drinks into liquor baskets
We stand apart from the others
Farther off there is a shoreline
But you can barely see the land from here
Hummingbirds fly in candle light
While girls perform handstands on fire
Hulls of shells scattered like sand
Until we stand in the correct posture
Four arms are better than none
And numbers have relatively little use here
So we each tear another tired piece
From the fraying cloth of wakefulness
Please don't mention my name again to the same people
For just as you found me there can truly be no equal
And your health depends on just as many elements
Mental, biological and spiritual
Nov 2019 · 38
you constantly bless  
the ******* who deny you  
your beauty and grace
Nov 2019 · 61
all bystanders please  
stand by, love is on the rise
tonight and always

bystanders please stand
by, for love is on the rise
tonight and always
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