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The black hole was discovered
And we uncovered our faith
Today we unraveled the whole escapade
The world has finally decided
That the galaxy was made from nothing
But the universe (herself) wouldn't smile
For she was afraid of taking up too much space
So she dressed as something that she's not
And thought that she ought to consider
Hiding for awhile, at least in plain sight of day
In hopes that we'd forget her nakedness
For like every other Goddess in existence
She only wished her name to be kept safe
Remove my clothes
Take the dirt off my bones
And place it on an altar
I wish to speak to you
In undertones of sadness
As you caress my head
We begin to make love again
For the third time today
We are dead to the world already

A pair of outsiders on a youthful escape
So we partake in ***** escapades
And swim in the ocean till we turn blue
While some are glued to the television
We are now fresh and new
Free to resume our sacred fires
And sing our songs all night beside them
Performances are frightening
So I grind my teeth at night
We are waiting for surprises
Arising like triads of consciousness
Fences are fanatically fantastic
So please keep speaking to me now
Don’t close your mouth
Like lost children we are trusted
By the tremors beneath our hearts
Your art is lost in the wind
For there is a lack of static in our souls
We must make holes first and foremost
And then make stories in order to fill them
You became a poem
We were made from music
And breath is a feeling that bridges
The magic and the mayhem sandwiched
Between our staircases and basements
23h · 27
What are our accomplishments
When we meet each other’s hearts
I hold you in my embrace
You express grace through your body
I‘d love to absorb your fragrance
And waste the hours of the day
Lying here in bed with you
Conscious of nothing, I feel
We might finally be onto something
23h · 25
Undress before the mirror
Stay away from the theater
Our lives are all veneer and no substance
She whispers fragments
Of her dreams into my ears
Before I've fully awakened to my senses
Yet it seems despite these fleeting memories
That they're never really here to begin with
First you ply me with flirtatious smiles
Then you dry me with a towel
The mundane juxtaposes
With the profane quite nicely
Misguided tangents or misleading angels
Retrograde dancers hit the wall
As I fall at your feet for centuries
But you say you must leave me for the summer
I say come back and be my lawyer or my lover
It's all in the way we blame each other
For true hunger is always a holy rolling
1d · 29
Houses take you prisoner
In sinister cul-de-sacs
We exist only for the winter
1d · 23
Lands of adulation
Flocks of gesticulation
Floods of fornication
From where ever we came from
The return to Now
Still remains the greatest journey
1d · 90
went away
Ugliness is commonplace these days
So we save the best for later
Last night you went away
And i stayed awake for a thousand centuries
And prayed to all the gods that i could name
That maybe you'd return to me eventually
1d · 13
Tenderness is well spent
Like well earned money
Your deadly sins once again
Win you the royal treatment
Her eyes make me cry
For i am softer inside
Than her ******* ever were
Sad as a melancholy dream
We are collecting lies
And returning them to their mothers
What are we here to expect
When all we see is neglected
You hesitate to drift
Into a hypnagogic verisimilitude
Reality is the only food
Worth feeding to the moon
So keep using your heart to speak
Just check in with me please
Before you are ready to leave
Letting go we drift into snow covered hills
And why do we need
These lonely thrills in order to speak
Her kindness breaks down
Underneath she is angry as a cow
Like a bull in heat
You sweep through the streets
Like cattle in the marketplace
Faced with death or destiny
Instead you choose to rest indefinitely
Among the vicissitudes
Of hatred, apathy and infinite perplexity
Some people live by toil
Others by *******
Some people live by intellect
Others by being spoiled
Some people are romantic
Others are quite cold
Some people are histrionic
Others are quite bold
Some people are quite affable
Others are more laughable
Some people are not quite like
Whatever Other people seem to think
Balancing whispers in our scales
We exhaled our reason
And spent a lifetime
Immersed in a spiral of pleasure
The grass may seem greener
But only in fair weather
And your mind is a heavy sweater
That you wear sparingly
To cover up your bare shoulders
Your eyes remind me of the sunrise
Your lips remind me of how much
I long to touch you
Your hips remind me of a garden
Your fingers teach me about the earth
Pianos sing melodies of water
Hours pass before the earth changes color
We are watered down versions of our ancestors
Messengers speak in fleeting gestures
We harbor gypsies and poets in our ports
To keep them safe we erase their memories
Cancerous conglomerates
Long defy their promises

Blossoms of sound
In the garden of drowning women
Symbols surround our shadows
We make art out of plastic water bottles
Jugs of drinking water
Found along the shore
I swore to keep my promises
If we were alone i’d hold you to my soul
For without a shirt you look like a goddess
I am compromising with my heart
I wish to take you into my arms
And hold you against the wind
Windmills fill our sky-lines
You speak of your hurt and your pain
I write about my vision and my soul
Confused and aroused by women in gowns
I am surrounded by my shadow
Lands of adulation
Flocks of gesticulation
Floods of fornication
From where ever we came from
The return to Now
Still remains the greatest journey
Apr 15 · 93
in your shoes
The first thing i would do,
If i was ever in your shoes,
Is I’d walk backwards, through this room
I’d walk barefoot, through these woods
And then I’d buy you,
A brand new pair of shoes.
Apr 15 · 62
run on haiku
Destiny waits for
You. Love will surely follow
Breathe and all will come
Apr 14 · 49
a rom(an) com-promise
I'm too hot for you
Said the desert to the sea
I'm too dry for you
Said the salt to the bee
I’ll always be moist for you
Said my love to me
Will you show me your beauty,
In very ordinary things?
I trust the universe
Not sure what i am doing
But i know there is a reason
We heal through connection
We are each a whole universe
Without movement
We become depressed and hollow
We forget about our soul

I am a magician
I see unseen universes
Before they appear or happen
We are all intuitive
But often we pretend
That we cannot hear
The secrets that are whispered
Through the silence
Whenever we are together
And yet somehow still alone

To love is the medicine
To heal is to be whole
To make whole is to feel and know
To feel and know is to discern
To touch, to taste, to smell, to wander
To journey into forbidden territory
To become inspired
I am seeking your heartbeat
I want to know your dreams
Will you show me your beauty
In very ordinary things

It's a beautiful bargain
The world is full of jargon
We came from a garden
And eventually we'll return
Or perhaps perpetually
To our hearts yet again
Apr 14 · 26
strange dreams
Defenses broken, my heart is beating fast
Cast off these shackles and let’s die with dignity
Situations suggest necromancy and magic
I call your bluff and you fade into a panic
Saddled with guilt you ride to the edge of a forest
A leaf falls softly and you hear it's message calling you
Breathe and all will follow
Your time will surely come
For it's written on the arrow
Cartilage tears and our joints are weakened
Bones are ground to dust before she awakens
Hatred is heresy so you juggle our legacy
We undress ourselves by the stream
And drink our fill of clean water
Along the road we become like monsters
Sons to our mothers and daughters to our fathers
Let’s pretend we are not lost
And follow the sun all the way through the desert
We are the actors and we are the audience
Birds sing all of our choruses
We need have no fear as we are safe here
There is a shadow above us
The clouds protect us and give us shelter
We are held in the embrace of love
Grief is strong along the roads of the nomads
We danced and fought to the best of our ability
But we are now older and more tired than before
We must make way for our children
To lead us towards the faithful fire of tomorrow
I conspire to write visions of virtuous rainbows
And take these prisoners home to their gardens and lovers
Plagiarism is creative
Grief is constructive
Vision is reductive
Forget everything you know
Balance vice and virtue
Tumultuous teenagers
Escape their lonely cages
Burning with desire
I borrowed nothing from you
Apr 14 · 45
the little life
i see tremendous beauty
in the smallest beings
in hummingbird wings
and tiny seeds planted
beneath your fertile soil
Apr 14 · 33
next to me
Are you hysterical
In the truest sense of the word
What is a ****
But a place to keep your bird
A nest for some feathers
A place to rest and sleep
What is a sparrow
But another part of me
You are awake
While i dream of inspiration
You are awake
While i breathe into our arrangement
Commitment seeks misery
And places duty in our hearts
We each keep a piece of innocence
And hide it where no one ever looks
Blessed infatuation
I am intoxicated by your touch
Come and spend a moment here
Beside the rushing river’s grace
I keep traces of your journey
In my heart where they'll be safe
Groundless spires
Of tremendous yearning
Turning inside out
Rolling around
On groundless foliage
We are nearsighted
A shirtless spectacle
These shadows are introverted
One word, one sentence
Is all you need
When the action is imminent
It is fiery indeed
Retired captains
And airline stewardesses
Diners and laundromats
Incense and artifacts
Green or orange socks
We match our articles
And sever particles from our souls
These overgrown undulations
Are apparently eager to be known
Apr 14 · 178
trading places
There was a time when lovers
Sent each other poetry
Now they send **** pictures virtually
What a transition we've made
In a transitory world we are called to surrender
Burn the rubber and head towards the water
We are burdened by a clarity of awareness
You bless the elves that drown in your sorrows
Borrowed hearts that are used up too quickly
Then discarded like an empty pack of cigarettes
Apr 14 · 31
spread yourself thin
Fallow fields never heal
We are ready to depart
So start spreading the wine and cheese
Affix your mind to the divine
Many are the ways we’ve declined
Since televisions became commonplace
So let’s deny our limits
Communicate our victories
Perhaps we will find our salvation
Amidst the flowers of agitation
Apr 6 · 66
define gravity
Step back
and place your hands on the ground
where i can see them

We end the way we begin
our lessons are set to renew themselves
to diversify we must try something new

Reuse and relearn
our outlook is our own to play with

Let's defy gravity
smile at our insanity
remedy our insoluble arguments

Dance in the cloak of darkness
superhuman struggles
like finding love
among the muggles
Apr 6 · 72
dangerous territory
funerals and fire pits
give evidence of life and liberty
we seek each other's company
to find solace and fortitude
to put love to good use
we have bodies and minds
so let's remind each other
how to use them
temperaments are busted
blunt instruments rusted
art is symbolic
and we have combusted
we choose our path
through dangerous territory
we make each other laugh
despite a lack of repertory
Apr 5 · 36
concrete forms
Bees fly in the periphery of my vision
Friends smoke DMT
To get higher than their prisons
Perhaps there are no solutions at all
There is nothing to solve
And language probably can’t fix it
It will all dissolve
So just relax and appreciate
The beauty that awaits you
For all the pain
There is perhaps an equal amount of virtue
Concrete forms
May take the world by storm
But they do nothing to tempt me
For once you see truth all becomes relative
And if everything is changing
Then we must learn to change too
I have a mission
It's been here since the beginning
If i finish it i will leave blissfully
All's well that is tended to
All is safe in the space of love
So come reach for my heart
All is a part of the whole Earth
And we are beyond your control
And punishment never seems to works too well
See the moon light up the night
Feel these words become a rope
And climb them
Spend time in the water
Keep your mind free from drama
Love is a head of lettuce
Waiting for you to pull it from the wet earth
Don’t curse the land that you stand on
When you don't know what you stand for
Are we furniture or appliances
Are we murdered by our silences
Confide in the smiling arrow
Break out of the cage of harrowed thoughts
You meander timelessly upon wild prairies
And dance wildly in the wind
Images precede words
Symbols are not the signified
We are absolved of our faults
And tossed into the forest alone
Apr 5 · 33
sweet dreams parvati
Are we rainbows
Drawn by delicate fingers
Are we rubies forged in a volcano
Are we diamonds blind as a tornado
Are we sirens
Or are we symphonies
Sung underneath the sea
You are a part of everything
You are a part of me
In watermelon kisses and ocean breeze
I hear you moaning
Whistling through the trees
I see your vision and taste your forbidden flavor
I am bound to find you if I look long enough
All of our fears are poor company indeed
So i say sweet dreams and need to take a shower
Apr 5 · 17
a ghost and a serpent
With borderline incisions
Listen to the inhibitions you've forgotten
Forms are feelings sealed against themselves
And your breath is reaching astronomic levels
The ceiling lowers itself to your head
You are retired but just might reconsider it
If after all you are whatever you fear the most
Life is just a dance between a ghost and a serpent
Now is the time to settle down and rest in your hurting
Apr 5 · 24
never equal
How can we explain the abundance of talent?
So diverse yet never equal.
Spread out over billions of people.
Are we adapting to our environments?
Night after night,
Do we dream the same themes,
Forgetting their secret meanings?
Humans dig deep holes,
And then fill them to make stories.
Apr 5 · 54
lips are sealed
At your own defenses
Open the hips
And keep the lips sealed
Lives alone tonight
On tones of running water
Apr 5 · 50
in solitude's company
Satisfaction is agony
So we learn to swim, willingly
We take part in a midnight circus
Words might pierce her heart
But we are only here
For a moment of eternity
No more need to hide
Lets exhibit our minds
Like statues of the divine
Composed in solitude’s company
Young eyes are watery
Could we hold hands
For a momentary heartbeat
In a corporeal reality
Your frail negligee
Makes me want to beg for mercy
Kind ones weep and keep
Their feet as clean as pure water
Instead you puff on a carrot
And write recipes for prosperous people
Juniper moans and shadows groan
For we haven't yet outgrown our love
We scrape the barrel daily
What are these strange strategies
To keep our minds embodied
Can we depend on people
Who are barely willing
To stand against the tide
I replied, undress your heart
And start kissing me
Silently, this instant
For I would happily die
Waiting for you to comply
With all of this uncertainty
Apr 5 · 46
i digress
Making the most of life’s mystery
It marks a tragic collapse
Into laziness and lethargy
Like a folded sweatshirt
Love is answered
In the fire and the snow
So we gather firewood
And pretend to confess our sins
Are you serious or do you jest
Artisans arrested my heart
One handful of garlic
Can contain up to twenty cloves
I was concussed
Is that what you suggested
Tenement masters
Impressed upon our bones
So he followed her down the stairs
You were a submarine and i was a diver
Did I follow too closely
We might never know
You were thirty years old
In dinner dress she spoke
You know that sometimes
Even great performances can
Make you feel more alone
Apr 5 · 28
water lily eyes
Settle down and rest in your hurting
Speak of singular beings
Falling into infatuations
Failure to surrender
Is not a failure to comply
The water lilies are wild
And so are your eyes

Whoever designed the rose
must innately know
the secrets of my heart
Apr 5 · 57
ready for love
Artisan’s arrest
Complex pleasure chests
Treasure sets
Dense as lead
We sink to the sound of silence
Back arched mouth open
Ready for love
She jumps out the window
He follows her down the stairs
Too late she got there first
He was waiting in the bushes
All her love was coerced
He undressed and took off his shirt
So she started punching him
Right where it already hurt
Apr 5 · 24
mean girls
Come break my heart again
I’m attracted to mean girls with high heels
And an attitude of entitlement
With hearts of steel they bend men
Like aluminum fences to their will
The angels never dabble in our business
But compassionate liars are harder to find
And it's rare that you end up seated
With two of them at the same table
Apr 5 · 32
Surrounded by insanity we wander idly by
On islands of discovery we try to catch flies
Distances decline as we move beyond our minds
And find ourselves better off
Without the gadgets most people buy
Apr 3 · 116
High intensity is not likely,
to cause any serious problems,
But a lack of integrity, definitely will.
Apr 3 · 59
Liquid Haiku
Shells of joy open
To reveal pearls of sorrow
Formed from sands of truth
Apr 3 · 77
mom jokes
What does a hippy/shaman wear to a sleepover?
In sweet water
we fish and swim
When we are finished
We give it back
To Pachamama
This music is good
And hunger is our attitude
Diagonal winds
Further our stories
Hundreds of copies
Are made each day
Before we've awakened
Cities taste like fried rice
And we wait on lines
For cokes and coffees
Relativity tries to explain
What it can't deny
That we are unstable and often high
You are gullible like the night sky
As single women
Drift along your incision
It's a mission to not hunt them all at once
Juggle the waterfall and pay for her dinner
Gifts are abundant
And some are seeking you too
Kindred spirits kindle our fire
As tired hands hug their mother
Love is burning with desire
Cool down and we can begin to dig
Listen to the sounds that are far away
Beyond your mansions
Into the woods
We drove for days
And still no one
Understood our need for silence
And sometimes our dramas
We were in need of laughter
So i attached a pair
Of jumper cables
To the inside of your pajamas
Apr 3 · 27
naked and unabashed
I'm awake and aware
But at this hour it's only fair
To assume that we are crazy
Love is waiting in our apartment complexes
Sinister judges take your collateral
And watch you fall down without their council
Pounds of chocolate offered to the gods
As if we should be honored by their presence
The heat and steam rose from the ashes
And you were ***** and unabashed
Money never gave you anything for good
Those streets were composites of our memories
And real neighborhoods are deserted like cemeteries
You swaddle the baby in ceremonial blankets
And remove the furniture from your living rooms
Return to movement innocent like a child
We are wild like the buffalo, in summer's heat
Grown men fall to their knees and beg you for your beauty
We have grown our healing herbs in buckets
And lost our minds in raging rivers
And gathered colorful flowers in vibrant fields
Amidst the most luxurious company of equals
Apr 3 · 51
crescent eyes
I sold my rope to a dreamer
Her crescent eyes held fast to signs of hope
You removed your clothes and found my sleepy soul
And consoled me for nothing
When did we get hunted
Hungry wolves ripped off our clothes
I suppose you were waiting for something
Or someone new to come along
Sunlight always sparkles
At the first ***** of dawn
Apr 3 · 26
turtles sparkle
A poem is a wave.
Love is a feather.
Send me your heart in a letter.
I will read it by the ocean.
Movement is denial.
You lied through your smile.
I can see your insides.
Buying out the real estate.
Poetry made you soft.
Feelings are lost in your basement.
Sands shift and apples fall from our treetops.
I am bottomless.
We read the newspaper,
To find the flavors we savor,
In morning’s fragile kitchen.

Pale blue water
Turtles sparkle
Reefs made of diamonds
Lungs topple tyrants
Relatives and root canals
Police the equator
Fake staircases
Leading everywhere
Apr 2 · 82
self evidence
Poetry is not pretentious
Love is not defensive
God is not a sentence
I refuse to be your invention
Apr 2 · 44
Grief rings
Sun showers and baths in cold water
We have fallen angels in our bones
Our eyes have seen the ancient roads
So we wash our minds in paleolithic streams
And wander these streets in turbulent need of comfort
Hands tied I waste time burying my feelings
Grief rings a bell and all who hear it
Must eventually heed it's warning
So long architecture
If all the falling buildings finally crumbled
Then would you break free
Like an old violin at a tired symphony
The sound of rain falling from the Pleiades
Pouring down from heaven
While seven sisters dance
Wildly beneath the oak tree
Mar 27 · 116
wandering overboard
Dance on the water,
Love is the wind that guides our ships.
Paddle boarding in this river is rare,
She says, no need to worry,
For I've come well equipped.
Mar 27 · 72
on a tightrope
Nuzzle me with your fingers
Sting my eyes with your soap
Your truces are so dangerous
And poets need more than hope
I rest in embraces too complicated to utter,
Isolated mono-crops will never control our hunger.
Mar 27 · 61
Are you in need of anything peculiar?
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