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My song slips from my heart into the words on this paper
You start to unfurl them like threads curling around your ego
Dreams drift from pages into eyelids
Taking their time to remind us that we are impermanent visions
We enter and rise to the sound of a fire burning
Turning morning into night and lightning into thunder
In slumber we shudder at the angels that take no prisoners
Gifts and poison all have their reasons as everything is a part of every other being
i invite the autocracy of super-natural love to gather fierce strength
and dare you to stare at the apocalyptic face
and wipe the smirk off its mouth, as faith will erase
all shadows of doubt that are foolish enough to stand in our way
Oct 8 · 66
conspiracy leery
It's far easier to blame
It all on alien activity
Than dare to take
Some personal responsibility
Don’t underestimate the mind
Or any of it's unseen capabilities
Whether idle or benign
Who can afford to entertain
Such dangerous curiosities
Oct 8 · 158
reality bites
Despite the lies told on instagram and face book,
A solid day of work is rarely as exciting,
As a public hanging or a professional sporting event.
Oct 8 · 59
A digital age of destructive defiance
Categorized by idle compliance
Reliant on a new virtual technical ideology
Approaching a singularity of apathy and commerce
Towards a rapid extinction of personal privacy
A digital age of destructive defiance and sophistry
Categorized by idle compliance to AI's dependency
Completely reliant on fully disembodied virtual reality
Every day a new technological/ideological imperative
Approaching a singularity of apathy and commerce
Towards a real-time extinction of the idea of privacy
Oct 8 · 38
hidden codex
"...the circle of fifths, that ancient music wheel, that indeed has no beginning or ending, it's deeper meaning no longer to be revealed by human lips, who have too long grown accustomed to pretending..."
We are shrouds of starlight
Shining like the most illuminated sunset
We are somewhat functional in our conditioning
With hundreds of moving pieces to contend with
We are examples of million dollar architecture
Manicured lawns and poolside furniture
We are fantasies of the suburbs
Disposable diapers always readily waiting
Like soldiers in times of need or war
We have become triumphantly stupider
Bored of reading and taking time to reflect
And it appears we are not yet collectively ready
To rebel against the swelling tides of tyranny

I wonder if she was asleep when i walked into her room
Or if she could hear me speaking to her
While she waits and dreams of millions of sparrows
Butterflies grace her eyelids with hidden sight
We sink deep into radical islands of beauty
And make noises despite our empty lungs
We speak for the lack of honesty
Large houses distract you from the edges
Of sorrow and grief
Please feel free to erupt into a million pieces
Do not stand idly by while corruption waits out on the street
We are shedding our soldiers and stories
From weeping eyes of brown caramel
And like your daughters we are ***** and distrustful
And a boiling *** of water knows no mercy, child
We now must face the test of our temperaments
As if the increasing tropical heat is only a mild, and subtle
Warning of the inherent need for all beings to remain wild
Dancing naked
Upon piles of discarded costumes
I consume music
You consume useful bruises
We shoot music from our fingertips
Should we keep it sacred
Or are we better off staying naked
We are faking it and still nobody notices
We are chasing our own tornadoes
And letting go of our false personas
It's a column
It's a cylinder
It's a spiral
It's a child
It's a whale
And it's a dolphin
And we are never going to stop trying
For our humor is always laughing
And our sisters are always dancing
We attract respectable artists
And find a silence between the starlets
We are advocates of activating our own consciousness
Money is a burden so don’t bother acquiring it
Fun is abundant
And who dares say that love is redundant
So let's examine our motives for giving
We are shivering with excitement
Because I have been invited to tell you the truth
Long ago i was amused
By strategies and complicated offerings
But since i’ve met you i’ve become less disquieted
And abide in the comfort of silent blessings
Still freedom is a dressing
That we might need awhile to get used to
You learned to give
We learned to die
You learn too quick
We learned to cry
We learned to trust
You turned to rust
Now i am i
And you are your love
We are frozen offerings
In the cold night’s rain
We are the shattering of idols
On an altar of pain
We are the sacrifice
And we are the knife
We are the intervening angels
Who strangle your sight
We are the blood
And we are the flood
We are the fire
We are the love
We are the noises you make in the dark
One more cup of coffee
And we'll be back on the rug
Singing history is a liar
And for now dancing is our drug
Oct 8 · 30
just as we are
It's a symphony of harmonics
Flowers are the architects of desire
We are longing for a multitude of wisdom
So simply listen and all will be sung
An offering among the rosebuds
A little gift from the dandelions
A poem and a portrait of the moon
Hung against the memory
Of our fragile blossoming
We are apparitions
Appearing and disappearing too soon
We fear the indestructible
Has become one more puzzle
For you to unlock
But i am not a part of that prison system
I give my spark and my soul to god
We are forever
And just as we are
We all must eventually come
To touch the gardener’s heart
With our fingers and linger
In the sound of leaves
Rustling to the heartbeat of the wind
We are turning into tulips and hyacinths
We are shining sylphs
Making funny sounds with our mouths
We are lovers entwined
Like deadly vines in your backyard
We are the seeds of the new earth
And we have been reborn
From the chaos of hurt
That was sprinkled
Like compost over everything
Oct 8 · 27
Move interact connect

These are our weapons and our defenses
Against the tyranny of sedentary stagnation

Are you willing to die
In order to come alive


Can you muster up meaning and intelligence
If you can then what is stopping you
From being the man or woman
You choose to see in the world

With a heart of gold
And a mind capable of subtle reflection
With smooth contours
And unalterable parameters
That original nature of mind
Right now can be ours

This earth is a perfect mirror
A mundane amphitheater
Or a sacred playhouse

You are about to find out
For any minute now
Here comes the sun
And I am already dancing

Life is running towards your open arms

With love’s promises
We will stand in a field of flowers and music
We will see strands of numbers
And garlands of figures
Tied in rhythms bound solely
To our inner visions
We are newly discovered obsidian daggers
Covered in obscene diamonds
We had a great time in our scabbards
Until your archaeologists came and found us
We are accents of rhythm
Extracted from a linguists’ worst nightmare
We are apparently humid if not quite human
Ruminating on our naked dysfunctions
We are content to being secret agents
Masters of arguments in surreptitious suspense
We are sweat and salt upon naked backs
That attract you like the golden hues of slumber
The ochre of the jungle is crisper than a hundred dollar bill
Life-force fueled by something new and leguminous
Quetzals bluer than a waterfall or the sky above an igloo
I chased you to the bottom of a cup of coffee
To overcome the fear of drowning in a melancholy mood
Oct 8 · 26
Groucho Marxism
When did fifty shades of grey,
become an accurate description of my face?
We are unstoppable cooperatives
In a house of philanthropic mistrust
Oct 8 · 35
new itineraries
Words have a way of speaking to you
As if you could create meaning from objects
That fall like feathers from the tops of buildings
Could we collect the silence and place it in our bodies
Subjective fingers are bringing you eager categories
And seekers of feeling harbor no jealousy
We are those treetops in need of new itineraries
When our airline tickets fit together quite easily
Could you believe the world is made from mind
While the majority of beings remain hungry
For the shining light which binds us to our spines
Without rhyme we’d all be lost
And rhythm is the cost of our consciousness
But first we must fatten our ducks and turkeys
And take the dog for a good long walk
We saw more than we could ever hope to talk about
And I hear the sound of ambulances and police sirens
Chasing angels through these forests
We seem to always forget who we are
And every time we talk too much about anything  
The world becomes just a little bit more lonely
We speak in riddles
With rhythms so ancient
You can’t tell where it begins
Or if it will it ever end
You wonder wisely
If perhaps this is where
It all starts over again
Perpetually reoccurring
Like dreams and nightmares
Or perhaps you might get lucky
Though it's highly unlikely
Unless you are a descendant
Of amorous deserts
And lonely riverbeds
So now we take our siestas
In the oasis of the heart
In a garden of short skirts
And even shorter circuitry
We perfected our learning
Yet even in our hurting
Hundreds of huddled soldiers
With tightly folded souls
And bullets embedded
In disincorporated bodies
Must tirelessly move onward
For you to grieve the leaves
Of yesterday’s disadvantaged
Oct 6 · 50
the biosphere blues
Some philosophers assume, that
Life is just a shallow shell of heaven
Encasing a subterranean deviled egg

This leads me to inevitably conclude
That mayonnaise, vinegar and mustard
Must be God's idea of culinary abuse
Oct 6 · 61
models of complexity
the american dream (or so it appears lately)
seems to be founded on,
the same untrustworthy premises,
as the oldest confidence schemes,
first recorded in the libraries of history.
Oct 6 · 53
tasteless affection
she disappeared from our sight,
like a child or a timid tornado,
chasing a windy tail into the night,
without any concern for the turmoil,
that nature ordained must surely follow
Betwixt is a word that only poets may use.
We are among the unlucky ones
Abundant silence siphons your soul
In slow-motion we roll on the pavement
Making snow-angels on the concrete
The heat of day gives way to icy treats
We buy them with money from your pocketbook
You are confused by this corruption
Its controlling our moods and our mouths
Until we see sparrows come out of them
I am half asleep in your window sill
Please shut me out and i’ll return with music and vinegar
We are the rolling hips of Elvis’ illegitimate children
You shook me to my soul until i needed a vacation
We are all born chasing spiders
Into the heartbeat of deceit's oblivion
Oct 4 · 43
co-opted optics
Somebody is looking for validation
In valuable places we have faced
The untouchable edges of our latency
Have you come for inspiration, only
To be irritated by your co-dependency
Oct 4 · 32
We are crazy to be innocent but crazier not too wait
For love to break out of it's eternal cage
And deny the rage we placed there in it's place
A fate too hard to comprehend lest we go insane in vain
We remain sitting on the ground of approximations
Fascinated with form as lovers long to warm their bodies
And practice turning symbolic apples into complicated stories
Meaning is inundated with quaint and complex things
We feel hesitant so we shake in the shoes worn by our shadows
The mood is ruined so now we must defend our happy endings
Never minding the unwinding of our bodies in the dawn
We are formed from stolen letters torn from pages of your magazines
And sworn to secrecy about our unholy beginnings
Lest we reveal the form of magic that’s transparent
And bears not a trace of wasted resemblance to our fathers
We were placed safely in our feelings which alone makes us worthy of our innocence
Oct 4 · 47
anima complex
Subservient nymphs
Wrapped around my hips
Servile sylphs and nubile lips
Used to keep me dazed
And drowning in confusion
But once i tasted your kiss
There was no other lover
That could ever again aspire
To water down this fire
We are alienated by our namesakes
Yet we can’t complain about our problems
We make mistakes and if it's painful, maybe
One day, we'll learn another way to say I'm sorry
Oct 4 · 19
piranhas of culture
I'd hate to arrest you for treason
But it is the season for grieving
And me in my innocence
Likes to fall asleep on your sofa
But before I met you
I'd often lie awake for hours
Rolling on my living room floor
I'd trace the waterfall's indiscretions
Now I compose poems made of fire
And we make love on a pyre
And even though I'm not a pirate
I’d steal your heart in a second
Though I know that you've had mine
From the moment I first saw you smiling
Oct 4 · 36
You bring me to my knees
Humbly speaking of course
Could I have some more please
You ask inquiring meekly
I think you already know what i need
Or is it a bit too cheeky of me to presume
And what shall we do with all this heat
And the energy that moves between us
Oct 4 · 93
a complete invective
Why are we so afraid to say no
When it's all we ever need to know

Our body is a genius
At keeping us in business

And we are all accountable to the
Struggles of our familiars

Yet the failures of our teachers
Must never be confused with our own
Oct 4 · 40
buyer beware
The mountains are using you
To become conscious too
We are overly optimistic
Of our own accomplishments
So we pretend to make a difference
Would it be any better
If we divided it all by two
And fit more people into this apartment
We'd have room for all our arguments
Though money can never buy you happiness
It can sometimes buy you the truth
Oct 4 · 31
the rules
We are trembling again and again
Women are rarely triumphant
Against their own demands
And men never truly understand
What it is they must defend
We are negligent and foolish at best
Yet its better to laugh than to pretend
That we think we know what’s best
We are really not fooling ourselves
But we are making fools of our self
Whenever we are not singing
Or even listening to
The Rules
Of our
Fingers and feet
For they already know
Exactly how to dance
To the Beat of these diseases
Come look in the mirror
Or would you rather drift
Into sepia-toned syndicates
And lose it all again
Many have come
And many have fallen
Only one has ever
Truly faced the longing
Of all the men and women
Worshiping oneself
Is never a great idea
Especially if you can’t
Even tell the difference
Between yellow mustard
And an abandoned green field
Never swallow anything
Without first asking what it is
Or chewing quite carefully
To at least see if it is Real
Oct 3 · 36
Placid hands
Of adulation
Salivate and stir
We are stunned
By strumpets
And their iridescent
Alabaster labium
Oct 3 · 29
lonely nests
We are diamonds dining
On time and space
Making pathways
Through the grey skies and the grace
What path is our own you ask
For that is our predicament
To find it and walk through the fire
Please forget safety and harbor your haste
We are painting the places
We have yet to wander in
Lost hours of loneliness
Can never be salvaged
It's a promise you make to the creator
To wake and make wonder
Company can also be lonely
So we take walks in the countryside
We hike through the empty hours
And sleep in the dawn's embrace
All our hands are getting stronger
All our minds are getting longer
Extending beyond the earth
We fought for this moment
To bring form to the lonely
And songs to the lucid
We are confusing
Our consciousness with our intellect
For whomever the bell tolls
You alone must answer
When it calls you to connect
Oct 3 · 27
You are a diamond made
From dirt, stars and time
I am an island made
From music, song and rhyme
We are all half-mortal
And some claim half-divine
A concussion of stories
And disturbing images
A cacophony of women
And a touch of wildlight
Oct 3 · 42
crossing fences
We are but tiny stars
Burning in our own galaxies
Fantasies part ways
And we dry our tears
On our own paper napkins
We are carrying cards
And crossing fences
That are too big
For our human minds
To ever fully comprehend
Oct 3 · 34
Bless her hands which hold no evil
Bless her eyes which see the truth
Bless her ears which have heard of all your failures
And bless her heart which has no use for them tonight
I wonder if we'll ever learn to make love to our sorrow?
Oct 3 · 44
No more prisoners
My song slips from my heart into the words on this paper
You start to unfurl them like threads curling around your ego
Dreams drift from pages into eyelids
Taking their time to remind us
That we are all just impermanent visitors here
We enter and rise to the sound of a fire burning
Turning morning into night and lightning into thunder
In slumber we shudder at the angels that take no prisoners
Gifts and poison all have their reasons
As everything is a part of every other being
Sep 28 · 53
America's saviors
There can be no end
To writing essays
And correspondences
Despite categorical imperatives
To create a viable alternative
To the inexorable premises
When contemporary narratives
Are chronologically irrelevant
When erudition is neglected
And ambitions are deflected
Masterful articulations
Of our feelings and emotions
Are often generally neglected
And somehow the most
Outrageously bad behaviors
Are ubiquitously imitated
Sep 28 · 25
a simple choice
Whose arms are in your reach
Whose eyes do you believe in
Whose hands do you feel the safest in
Whose kisses make you want to listen
Whose words make you feel the greatest
I don't know what you need from me
Or where we’d end up tonight
If we tried to go out dancing
But I’m hoping that you wouldn’t mind
If i kissed you with every inch of my being
Sep 28 · 67
complex equations
There can be no end
To writing essays
And correspondences
Despite categorical imperatives
To produce an archive
Of the mind is already
Chronologically irrelevant
When erudition is neglected
And ambitions are deflected
Masterful articulations
Of our feelings and emotions
Are often generally equated
With only the most
Outlandish of suggestions
Sep 28 · 27
Fancy a little danger
We are all a part of this one heart
Love is a future and a new start
At something older than the sun
So stay open to the left-handed savior
Who asks if you fancy a little danger
Tonight we are chasing financial targets
And recycling our milk cartons in the yard
But in the morning its back to the office
To accept our roles in something
That's probably not even worth naming
Sep 28 · 32
Ageless angels
Won’t live forever
Despite the fables
And the myths
We are equipped
With unstable bodies
And invisible images
Longing to become
Meaningful secrets
Sealed within our lips
Sep 27 · 46
haiku raku
You take breaks from fire
And remake our desire
Into something new
You’ve tormented my taste-buds for way too long
And i am stronger now than ever
Like unhatched eggs born without nests to catch them
Or online influencers who resent their followers
We are artifacts of impregnation
Being imprisoned in our heads for so many hours a day
Creates stagnation and mental *******
We face the estrangement of our bodies
In mental institutions the solutions are still waiting
To be discovered in the ovens of our saviors
Do we bake bread or attest to our failures
Salivating women make me envision
That discipline and discernment are not easily corrupted
I am equipped with innumerable capabilities
Swift and full of inhibitions we are suddenly tripping
Walking on balance beams down halls of stereophonic wisdom
Sep 26 · 52
Liquid polyamory
No matter how much i'd like to take our relationship to the next level,
The ocean reminds me softly that we are just barely friends with benefits.
Sep 23 · 59
night vision googles
What if we were a pair of old barn owls
Born to bloom posthumously
In this post-mortem moonlight
These are our fumigated farmhouses
And landscapes among the stars
Where celebrities with hardened hearts
And star-beings who only come alive at night 
Are trying to write sermons in the dark
While we sit here with ceremonies in our hearts
Wondering why confused human beings
Always try to deify the colors of the rainbow
Sep 23 · 41
a lost art
In libraries of desire and shadow
I show you my true face
Can we ever escape these paintings
And portraits of our pain
We are occupied tonight
With inflations of divine importance
Hundreds of soldiers
Dream of sleeping in the park
Making their beds on cartridges of lost art
While former lovers harvest our scars
And make silent movies in the dark
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