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sand dollars make you crazy
so liquidate your assets
the currency of the ocean
is in the depths of its devotion
and its arrival and return
is the ultimate paradox or koan
i see whales making out with octopuses
sending us their love
from outside their esophaguses
penguins in coattails dream of Spain
while Spanish armadas chase each other's sails
armed insurgencies upon armoires from France
silent eroticisms in the shadows
of daffodils dance
Your eyes remind me of the sunrise
Your lips remind me of how much
I long to touch you
Your hips remind me of a garden
Your fingers teach me about the earth
Pianos sing melodies of water
Hours pass before the earth changes color
We are watered down versions of our ancestors
Messengers speak in fleeting gestures
We harbor gypsies and poets in our ports
To keep them safe we erase their memories
Cancerous conglomerates
Long defy their promises

Blossoms of sound
In the garden of drowning women
Symbols surround our shadows
We make art out of plastic water bottles
Jugs of drinking water
Found along the shore
I swore to keep my promises
If we were alone i’d hold you to my soul
For without a shirt you look like a goddess
I am compromising with my heart
I wish to take you into my arms
And hold you against the wind
Windmills fill our sky-lines
You speak of your hurt and your pain
I write about my vision and my soul
Confused and aroused by women in gowns
I am surrounded by my shadow
Lands of adulation
Flocks of gesticulation
Floods of fornication
From where ever we came from
The return to Now
Still remains the greatest journey
she jumped off a cliff at night and fell into some insight
longing for the wind to carry her towards her inner vision
her darkest demons came to display their fearsome faces
yet despite their frightening efforts they could not dissuade her
she approached her sparkling soul with many expectations
her hopes, desires and dreams she swore she would not forsake them
many tired eyes and hands reached out in vain persuasion
trying to break through the light she had rightfully cultivated
words and forms took on different bodies and danced before her
with her diamond sword she cut off their heads and tore their bodies into pieces
no more could they taunt her with their mellifluous and insidious voices
her mission was to resurrect eden from within this grave of poison
her body's wisdom told her that she was ready
to give birth to a sacred garden
that would become a sanctuary and place of peace for all of Maya’s children

never underestimate the power of the dragon’s tear
it holds the key to harnessing your fear
breathe in this fire and release the siren’s laughter
her necklace is dark and covered with the blackest diamonds
as cumbersome and wicked as her cunning daughters
drunkenly they stumble through the streets of cobblestone
only stopping to spit upon or kick the remains of fallen bones 
how does evil find its way in this world of light and shadow
how does any soul conquer thirst, hunger and desire
first they fight and then they die until all are left asunder
villages are burned and pillaged and all the treasures plundered
are you ever really who or what you think you are
for when all is said and done what is left to be discovered

looking inside I see the light that causes blindness 
in the eyes of old men and women
like fiery emeralds they flash and shine 
but can only reflect back the mind’s madness
dreaming perpetuates the illusion of permanence 
causing them to deny their decline into violence 
walk steadily with rhythmic and righteous cadence 

dance fearlessly upon the spines of enemies 
laugh for they know they cannot evade this
if you learn to jump from cliff to cliff with strength and grace
you shall escape this miserable fate and relate only to your destiny
to be captivated by the sight of the mind’s trickery 
is to sleep restlessly in an eternity of longing
but to recognize your soul and merge with it beyond control
is to paddle your ship upon the surging waves of wonder
until you eventually discover you have again crossed the whole ocean
the hunter and the hunted
the drunken victims
that never last
more than a single evening
how can we break our ties to the past
when all of this reactivity
is only based on circumstance
when lucifer broke the eternal name
he gave a piece of light to his twin flame
she danced upon our streets
covered in his shame
her face never to be
completely portrayed again
in its limitless heat and wonder
feet fade into feathers
streets are named after leather
longing for loops of string
ringtones that dream in desert timing
first rhymes then rhythms
decency gone blind
so we must find our light inside
held in bed against our will
vintage bells dressed in music
goose feathers used for pillows
the west-winds find his lips
respect turns to trust
and kisses your bones
in bird language i speak
tones of glowing stones
roses freeze the afterglow of darkness
dressed in moans and loaning
their hands to anyone that passes
beauty, sweat and love
forever, making fools of us
Sometimes the means justify your eyes.
a child, portable and small
respects the walls that you’ve made
these are not their cage but your shelter
self-culture is affluent not arrogant
sand mandalas are as tall as waterfalls
golden rainbows pour from the faucet in the sky
like mighty images wisdom bridges
the gaps in our imagination
Take a sabbatical from separation
you deserve a rest
no need to protest
that you are blessed or privileged
and that guilt motivates you
we already know this
Thy Will cannot be forced

Are you off course
who knows
show yourself some compassion
by sitting still
or dancing wildly
which ever gives you a thrill
so just chill
and as far as i'm concerned
you can take that pill
or not

How are you going to find your way
if you continually break yourself open every day
if you refuse to listen you won’t hear your heart
and then you won't know where to start
so be smart
and stop this madness
gladness is the antidote
and that’s really all she wrote
so show up
for love
or shove off
if you won’t
two things are important:

1. to know the difference between this world and a cage
2. to dance with the light even when you are overcome by rage
I came to liberate lions from dungeons
I came to share and not stare at you
I came to actualize powers within me
I intend to distribute resources equally
I came to reiterate that all beings are beautiful
I came to make an impact like mountains do
I came to create music with my attitude
I intend that symphonies surround me with their melodies
I intend that children feel safe to open up to me
I came to empower dancers in perpetual motion
I intend to be a witness to the miracles of life’s radiance
I came to scream love songs into forests
I came to hear my own voice echoed by hollow caverns
I intend to create portals that we can travel through
I came to bring back the aurora borealis at all latitudes
With borderline incisions
Listen to the inhibitions you've forgotten
Forms are feelings sealed against themselves
And your breath is reaching astronomic levels
The ceiling lowers itself to your head
You are retired but just might reconsider it
If after all you are whatever you fear the most
Life is just a dance between a ghost and a serpent
Now is the time to settle down and rest in your hurting
history repeats its childhood
and dwells on its faults
in need of psychotherapy
it analyzes its insecurities
and cannot bear to be told what to do
it finds freedom in repetition
like a machine gun against the cold
streams of ****** victims
immediate and visceral
silence overcame our blankets
and wrapped us up in fear
our guardians whispered warnings
that we could never hear
******* before the mirror of your soul
the tired throne of confusion
burns the illusion that we are all alone
what can compare to the hairs of the earth
is it a purse made from old shirts and words
as birds and feathers fled the forest's shelter
the burning embers head west
into the zone of the setting sun's dismemberment
are you perplexed or just scared sacred
death wasted on the fences
you shy away from sentences
that we both know
are just a little too close to home for comfort
i am a lonely poem portrayed
by an infinite number of frames of reference
so i claim my place in the heart of infinite wonder
as the thunder states your name
and screams your secrets into the stars
our hearts were always made from art
and we are being charged with negative ions
like the lions and dinosaurs that have come before us
our women lie freezing in the warmest of holes
so we comb the sand for diamonds
and try to make the land grow again
I am reprimanded for standing on one leg for too long
and begging you to come back home
if you glance towards me i’ll look away
as shade from a tree covers your face
was it a waste of speech
to try and crawl too deeply
into those feelings that you sought to deny
and what if we see each other again someday
will we wait for the other to acknowledge
that i was too much of a coward
to dance in the face of all that abstraction
at the edge of my comfort-zone
love falls into oblivion
a wastrel and a sparrow
as the cantankerous showers
start flowering in our folds
as growth is esteemed
so do we eventually redeem our own soul
Good Food
Good ***
Good Friends
Good Medicine
Good Work
Good Environments
Good Meditation
Good Music
Good Seclusion
Good Education
Good Books
Good Entertainment
I'm a peripatetic napper aka a somnambulant philosopher... who is prone to salubrious somniloquy aka hammock rapping, on a variety of savory subjects such as which parts, leaves, petals, stems, peels or fruit of the lilikoi and guava families make the sweetest and most healing teas... for example, I sense that you can swallow this soporific soliliquy straight or with some surf, salt, sea and sunshine and skip the sleeping pills indefinitely..
looms need fixing
signs need painting
his eyes are fading
his mouth is waiting
for your lips
to take their payments
same love
same amazement
if you wish to hear me out
stay and i won’t need to shout
love is bold
and nomads are sold
to foreigners for gold
and i am told
that you won’t budge
so remove the fudge
from the freezer
and let it melt
upon your tongue
you are a teaser
filled with crumbs
of sugar and butter
i wish i was more
than just a number
to you
**** men burning their bay leaves
in pots of static gardens
underneath all this cement
your past is looking at you indecently
so change the words around you
you can shift their meaning
its all a game and no-one's winning
your tired emotions accent your poetry
umbrellas are scars that carry symphonies in their hearts
you held my hand as we welcomed god back into our skylines
her face is as familiar as the stars
we originated from
with ulcers open in quiet hurting
your youth are wordless and distrustful of angst ridden authority
in unsuspecting situations love’s vacation is ending
her wedding gown got quite *****
since she literally spent her entire honeymoon
wandering idly into banks of muddy water
humanity is worthy of justice and sweaty romance
i breathe your flesh into my bottle
and we take boundless walks upon the clouds
that straddle mountains, graveyards and cemeteries
fresh from wading in the rice fields
i peeled you a ripe banana
under pressure your sweater came off
and revealed a perfect metric for us to emulate
your eye sockets are two umbilical chords
and your voice is a curved sword that cuts through fear
like the moon slices through the sky
i have held all of this inside for far too long
and now it comes shattering forth
spilling itself over every page
every letter an escapade almost as long
as an Eskimo's pilgrimage to safety
magazines and socks are in sync
with furniture and clocks
what has risen from the dead
what has hit you on the head
rest in the autumn light
our feet are warm at night
and you were surely right
that there is no reason to be sad
love is the best thing we ever had
so lend a premonition to the darkness
that day will return before too long
for music is our consequence
when we have strayed too far from home
i wonder if we belong
to strangers, or even to ourselves
how do we expect love to come to us
running from the jungle
or bundled like a baby
boy, we are going crazy tonight
words come together like starlight
and punch through your defenses
i see the edges of your divinity
and simply resist the temptation to fight
lightning may be the brightest
but thunder reaches even blind men
and sunlight is among the best medicine
so cunning is the fox
that it always knows that life
is already bursting from the ground
like a round of fire
or hundreds of fingers lifting you higher
i grasp your hand and demand silence for an hour
a little sass, a hint of attitude
a pinch of kindness, compassion
and a splash of gratitude...
mix well and consume often
i am a renegade rooster
confused by their programming
so many offspring how are we to tell
which is our own and which belongs to another
was it our forefather's fermentation
or the density of transubstantiation
entities dance on liberal paint cans
sandblasted fragments of remaining still
the handstands advanced their own itineraries
and i wonder what literary blunders did you muster today
existential snails dive as deep as whales
and move as swift as Haley’s twin sister Taylor
I'm too hot for you
Said the desert to the sea
I'm too dry for you
Said the salt to the bee
I’ll always be moist for you
Said my love to me
Vast arrays of flora beckon us to their fragrant oases.
Hunters run on the plains. They chase the wild game
that have moved this way forever. We are just like
antelopes. We are determined to chase a memory.
Will we ever settle down or will we stay nomadic?
What is the solution to the neuroses that afflict us?
What is a useful response to tragedy? Should we
laugh or take care of each other? When kindness talks,
does anyone dare listen? Who will interrupt you when
you are speaking truth? I seek the one who knows the essence.
Who can explain a thousand things with a single sentence.
Balancing whispers in our scales
We exhaled our reason
And spent a lifetime
Immersed in a spiral of pleasure
The grass may seem greener
But only in fair weather
And your mind is a heavy sweater
That you wear sparingly
To cover up your bare shoulders
blowing leaves fall far from branches that release them
undulating dreams that quietly seed the seasons
becomes the ground's tightly woven web of meanings
she's returning to a faeries den astride a hive of thieves
to hide the falling leaves and eyes that see them
frequently forgotten in the aging light of evening
our heartbeats combine to produce the sound of dreaming
remember that daily baths of suspicion and treason
suggest that we are all undeniably yearning for this beating
yet, I say untie yourself from these meager meetings
and welcome home the infinite mystery that's greeting
family, friend and foe ensure each other's bleeding
and help to release the pain and sorrow that is no longer needed
she tastes like honey
and she smells like rain
she learned the hard way
about what people say
there are no more lemons
and there are no more limes
only sour apples
and victims of those crimes
where spirits get hurt
and souls decline
oh those lonely lessons
all those lonely times
Multiple timelines recite your name
Drunk on meaning and unable to walk
Give yourself space
For once you’ve tasted grace
Nothing else can ever sate you
she is outspoken and bold
bold like the sun
bolder than an army of boulders
falling from a hillside
she is an avalanche
when there is nowhere left to run
she is despised by some
and others wish to fill her
with some old fashioned whisky
i am sanctified by her ways
and returned to my former glory
as this poem has tasted far better days
she is a morning glory
her eyes are like the petals of a flower
she is the Wordsworth of the decade
a wordsmith dancing in her own decay

i am essentially a target
a lost projectile in the arrow's path
she has coaxed me back to sanity
with her sardonic gestures
and her sarcastic use of wit
i am a nitwit she said
so i laugh and pick the flowers from her hair
slowly and soporifically
i am seaweed adrift in her bonnet
sandpaper scattered along the shoreline
remove the blind spectacles
and eat the lines i’ve written
a poem is just a candle anyway
to spray the eyes of infinity with lightning
mars is retrograde regardless
so i’ll just sit here and pretend
that i’m not too much of a target for her beauty
see me in streams of awareness uninterrupted
how did we get here and why did we come
i see thee in spirals a thousand selves to shine
beautiful dreamer send me your love
ill send you a message on the wings of a dove
several thousand breaths go by
before the winged daughter flies
into nights abode
on horseback you rode *****
i saw your reflection collecting in puddles by a lake
we never knew what’s at stake when we signed up for this life
sever yourself from the stars that decrease your gyrating
keep your hands and arms safely in this vehicle and out of the way of harm
i’ll swerve around the obstacles that block our hearts
and we’ll become as free and wild as tender blades of grass
yet i’ll continue to sharpen my feathers daily on the talon’s edge
for every breath is a dagger and every love is a cage
dragging parts around that should have been left behind
it reminds me of a harmony seen only by blind men
a sign of familiar sameness
the elements are round and famous
fornicating in basements and train stations
i announce my presence after i’ve arrived
in diamond eyes threads of tapestries unwind
come clean and it will all be fine
intelligence is mind
there is no reason behind being
the only sublime understanding is le mort we are mending
souls and bullet holes the size of saturn’s eyes
her-eyes-on the horizon the edge of infinity
her-eyes-on the horizon the skin that holds divinity
her-eyes-on the horizon take those beatings you call living
her-eyes-on the horizon turning ninety degrees and remembering
Self before time and space
the mountains that chased you through mazes and hedges covered in thistles
the briars that stung you like hundreds of needles
the nettles we boiled in kettles for healing the draughts you caught
in rainstorms dancing wild like raindrops striking pavement with bare feet thumping to music of heartbeats breaking
i say forsake the elemental demiurge
and splurge on a thousand year vacation
aristotle’s people
surrounding socrates tried to give the old goat a chance
for once in your life please keep a distance
stop trying to sleep with everyone
yes they are beautiful and so are you
but hunger is a mindset and you are true
humanity is our conquest and restaurants are battlefields
missionary sculptures and aid workers in poor lands
landed aristocracy, troubadours and minstrels
filter synthetic elements from non-essentials

for some its a cop out
for others a coping mechanism
for you it is a way of knowing you are sane
for love is a moment
a million miles wide and unfathomably deep
all of these analogies are cheap
and pointless
unless you feel the point
and hear the music of the chirping crickets
awakening while you sleep
in complete melodies
the frequencies i hear
can not be contained by anything
love is drifting through the hills
and you are home to its trills
she dreams of light, the fire bright
and full of crystal skulls and eyeballs
dozens of monuments are built
just to mark the moments
when we could have said i'm sorry
merge with the mountains
find the source of fountains
shine the diamond compass
if that's what you are really here for

broken dams are our business
feed the swans their luminescent lunch-boxes
duck for cover, its a wonder that we are all together here
that's clearly redundant
the tendency to dream
is the most important human faculty
its a tragedy that the lack of nuclear power
showers the atomic world in rainbows
as forlorn teenagers in the ice-age of America
govern our equipment from their parent's basements
and carouse with comfort upon chairs, cushions and couches

a million times the victory
a million miles of rope to weave
a million are the paths to god
and a million more are the souls
who've learned to cope with tragedy

i come cherishing and bearing gifts
figures of speech are my playthings
i am furniture remodeled daily
and intuitively placed around your home
the finer things in life are free
so see me there upon your television set
i am electromagnetic static
within the black and white of advertisements
i am figures of forgotten speech
so record the unwatched programs
in your mind’s virtual memory
the hard drive of work and play
creates hundreds of new retirees each day
hundreds of haunted expatriates
knuckle-headed people
that couldn't tread lightly
even if they wanted to
so will you please untie me
and remove these binds and chains
it's time to free the lover from the psyche
for that is all she wrote

i am a silent p
i am a violet apogee
i am a cosmic minority
i am a message in your tea leaves

but if you stand too long in my shoes
you’ll likely drown in solitude
Contrasts are meaningful
And so is a wheelbarrow
But of all the imperfect beings in the world
I know that you alone are my equal
Ski-school keeps us cool
Musical lightning
Fills me with power
I utter your oath
In the land of honeydew
She slips silently
Into sordid shadows
Shades of shallow solace
Shapeshift in her periphery
We are each a disguised being
Moved by unseen locomotion
And causative synonymy
see the women who haven’t got a single dollar
their sorry eyes are calm and tired
while forever feelings are being hired
like fortitude and courage
dressed in black sombre slacks
all the ways we lack music
and movement
you become filled
with morose apathy
as urgent gifts of presence
are returned before they're even opened
your two winged democrats (i.e. Bernie Sanders)
are only practice targets for wall street
all the warning signs are slipping away
she prays -- we will still dance in the morning
some day
fragile fingers trace the firmament
while our minds need time to get fermented
there are hundreds of ways to say you're sorry
but nothing is capable of defining you
unless you’ve already given it
the power or permission to
kindness eats
least of all we defeat our enemies cheaply
steep the leaves in hot water gently
keep enemies close to you and weapons even closer
our friends are sunbeams
jump in the water
your sun-burned back is peeling
out loud you reminded me
not to bend down too quickly
he hounds me with his questions
lessons on arithmetic
I’m so sick of it
histrionics and sonic lectures
his tricks are onto it
moronic manic accidents
red lions with long necks
deflect authority and wager on credit
the outcomes are certain
all will fade away indefinitely
understand this and measure your life by breaths and not complexity
densities are hiding in visionary lightning
finding new capacities every moment
i am swift
limitless beauty
refulgent emulsion
immersed in water and poetry
under highest authority
or higher security
under heightened scrutiny
all is being watched
as judges redefine your beauty
if you are truly interested in finding happiness
you must understand
that all magic is abraxas
satisfaction attacks this
as we collapse upon ecstatic languages
absinthe minded
signs of neglect
our leftovers
deviating from
the roads you chose
prior to incarnation
can lead to
runny noses
and sore throats

i salute your course
through the dark wilderness
within your soul
threads are woven into seven braids
**** these ancient ways
religions are false stories of loss and gain
thrones contaminated
by blame and poor government
that is still the same
what art and vision
what trial and treason
what yearning and learning
you remain unchanged
despite lightning's descent
the heavens remain present
and absent forever
What are our accomplishments
When we meet each other’s hearts
I hold you in my embrace
You express grace through your body
I‘d love to absorb your fragrance
And waste the hours of the day
Lying here in bed with you
Conscious of nothing, I feel
We might be onto something
I am a mountain.
Who would dare,
Try to move me?
Buying time is a waste of money...
what a drunken monkey
what a foolish toad
what a silly kitten
carrying this heavy load
what a piece of work
this wonderland it seems is nothing
more than broken half-promises
and half forgotten dreams
it seems we must go on singing
and carrying our swords
we can’t let down our armor
until all the enemies have gone
yes i’m rather paranoid
and scared of my own shadow
so let’s not make it worse
by shooting any arrows
into shattered mirrors
or casting broken spells
for the lady of the house
is not doing all that well
she's gentle as a giant
and kind as a fox
this emancipated lady
truly lives outside the box
sauntering on the alleyway
and running through the snow
amidst the shiny apples
towards the road we go
i break my rhythm
and drop all these pretenses
what good is rhyming
if you still remain in prison
thoughts are all still caged
and real-life is often staged these days
enraged by our shadows
i enter the world silently
and turn these thoughts into gold
forms are empty like feathers
dancing in the fields and snow
go and plant your lilies children
and i will feed you apples
with pancakes and porridge
a life without worry can't be promised
but so many of our problems
come from addictions to our woes
the first cup of steamy coffee
sipped slowly with delight
i am beauty’s after-thought
hardly worth the sight
seven levels to our gardens
seven flights we climb
seven in the morning
and seven more at night
We were born
from the clouds,
and immediately  
you turned me
and started singing
in the shower.

Throw me a line,
if you find the time,
i know i'd really like
to catch up with you.

We are all inclined to wander.
We are all inclined to ponder,

Our origins
or if you must
our source,
but lets try to trust
that we are probably
here for some purpose (or other).

Of course that
may be clear
to some of you;
yet to others
its just a fog,
or an ephemeral haze,
of **** and musty smells.

The lingering pain
that dwells
between these shells,
when we confess our faults.

That we are all just
lonely houses,
built on pools of quick-sand,
with glands and nervous systems
that can no longer bear
to heed the soul's

Why should it make sense,
these feeble attempts
at understanding?

When its all a stance
we take against the odds,
to wager that our lives
were evenly tossed,
like the throwing of darts,
or the casting of dice.

Left spinning on thin ice,
like shopping carts
left in the gap space.

What will take our place
after we face
the ultimate stakes
from synapse to synapse
a synergy of solipsism
the solution to the illusion
is within our inebriated hearts
its ******* traction
in the static electricity
we dance with
alabama vacancy
sages melt honey
on their tongues
and sing songs of wisdom
long hours in meditation
lead to tired bodies
this repetition is our daily duty
lest we come apart
we drag our feet
yet reach the same destination
i am a radio station
singing lets repatriate
this frozen ice-age
from the alabaster nascency
fingers equate to this
we reprimand the lanterns
to find the shining jewel
that hides within our flesh
yet feelings deflect
our sorrow and antipathy
so remain awake
despite the waves
that must take your place
when we all partake
in this mind-field
i am a poet and still
i can’t comprehend these symbols
these missing heartbeats
and hours spent counting thimbles
i am perplexed by love
shall we seek herbs and remedies
lose ourselves in cures and compounds
must our inner territories be colonized
while we remain captivated by inconvenient theories
struck down by doubt and insecurity
the mind wields no ammunition
and yet its cavalry has desecrated the land
without the slightest sign of inhibition
or a trace of empathy, justice or compassion
will we make a new peace treaty
will the blessed earth be forgiven
and can the sweet essence of her children
comprehend the innocence of spring
oh how our hearts yearn for dancing
still you spend your dollars and your pennies
but give your emptiness to the king
i eat oats and honey cooked upon the fire
while you distill golden nectar from the garden of desire
in the ancient inside-out alembic of your will
and imbibe spagyric liquid that eradicates all pride
and confers wisdom, truth, beauty and longevity
upon the already immortal nature of your mind
First you ply me with flirtatious smiles
Then you dry me with a towel
The mundane juxtaposes
With the profane quite nicely
Misguided tangents or misleading angels
Retrograde dancers hit the wall
As I fall at your feet for centuries
But you say you must leave me for the summer
I say come back and be my lawyer or my lover
It's all in the way we blame each other
For true hunger is always a holy rolling
its in your blood the words that flood
but turn to mud when you don’t speak them
surrender outrage and set the stage for your victory
all is well i can tell by the way
you handled yourself in their company
allusions to books make you seem well read
but you can’t fool the intelligent with empty quotes
or exist forever on a leaky boat
the snails tug at our souls and don’t you know
that its as cold as winter in our petticoats
covered in soot and coal with pets around a fire
but grief is hot and so is desire
jealous lovers misconstrue our relationship
they neglect the nature of our friendship
those special words the we have exchanged
what a willing way to spend our days
waiting for the music to sing in our souls
and listening for that longing to belong
his aches are your dreams
while you await the steamy pains of spring
it hurts me to see you like this
are you even able to kiss me anymore
distance yourself from the lakes
smooth out your carpets or take a break
these stakes are as high as the sky
and god is as bright as your eyes
underneath your eyebrows
streaks of music are drifting
like flying kites
retired pilots buy you hot chocolate
you are smart and already got undressed
since you are not protesting
i take it as a sign to go ahead
we lay down in the bed
i am frowning like the sun
the drowning has begun
his hunger is never done
for love is our dinner
and this food is simple
still it gives us nourishment to run
suntan lotion causes cancer
and our barefoot ancestors knew the secrets
they delivered the answers to our teachers
modern day seekers are wearing sneakers
learn to rest and all will happen
stand around or cast your rod
for life is a line that’s best left untangled
stacked at odd angles we rhyme unconsciously
this smacks of tampered evidence
smells of frankincense and i am hesitant again
his newest girlfriend and her oldest lover
love each other properly or part company
make way for Caesar or steer clear of Rome
dowries are no longer proper
even if you're a woman
like an orphan with post-traumatic stress syndrome
its like eating marrow from the bone
if our word is our bond than we'd better get some glue
if revenge is a dish best served cold
i will go and buy some more dry-ice
for drier than a river is a seven headed serpent
and like that dinner where we ate everything
his directions were like a table that remained unclear
to meet her at the train station by six
she waited for an hour and then she departed quickly
god-**** this traffic it never ceases to let up
we must make the most of it or it will break our heart
straps of leather against your chest
i am barely breathing as you direct me to your *******
our vests are tight and we fight like fire
threads are broken from our denial
while smiles deny our ***** fear
allegories are here featuring our deepest longings
all forms are a type of fetish for control of meaning
with symbols beaming from within our beings
why are we still seemingly so ungrateful
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