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A poet is a soldier that's always at war with himself.
sand dollars make you crazy
so liquidate your assets
the currency of the ocean
is in the depths of its devotion
and its arrival and return
is the ultimate paradox or koan
i see whales making out with octopuses
sending us their love
from outside their esophaguses
penguins in coattails dream of Spain
while Spanish armadas chase each other's sails
armed insurgencies upon armoires from France
silent eroticisms in the shadows
of daffodils dance
Resist seeing everything as deformed
Dilapidated, ***** and destroyed
Those feelings will deplete you
When you see dirt, smile
Where you see disorder, laugh
Chaos is capable of restoring your sanity
Order is denial about the way
The earth was made to function
We are the infrastructure of the apocalypse
And whoever dares to laugh the loudest
At all this apparent darkness
Might even win a prize someday for smiling
Utilizing garbage disposals
Can be a form of therapy too
They help me to get rid of
Whatever feelings I have left for you

Utilizing garbage disposals can be a type of therapy too,
They help me to get rid of whatever feelings i have left for you.
feet fade into feathers
streets are named after leather
longing for loops of string
ringtones that dream in desert timing
first rhymes then rhythms
decency gone blind
so we must find our light inside
held in bed against our will
vintage bells dressed in music
goose feathers used for pillows
the west-winds find his lips
respect turns to trust
and kisses your bones
in bird language i speak
tones of glowing stones
roses freeze the afterglow of darkness
dressed in moans and loaning
their hands to anyone that passes
These reflections are too deep for me to see
If i did i’d probably go insane
Or perhaps i already have
There are no easy paths in life
All roads lead in the same direction
We write from pain and understanding
We seek meaning in the fragilest places
Our hands may be tied to our families
But our minds are bound to our country
beauty, sweat and love
forever, making fools of us
Fun is a fantasy
Life is a pull of gravity
Shards of glass
Inhale their
Habitual fallacies
We reflect and defend
Against our hunger
Houses arouse us
Hundreds of flowers
Surround us
On the canals we rise
Through crowded streets
Of abandoned lions
Constantly confused
By their own
Intrusive mustaches
We return to our tablets
And let the tables turn
Without our assistance
One more mountain crumbles
As the ocean begins to rise
I defy licenses
My only victory
Will be discovering
Your body again
Some day
see the women who haven’t got a single dollar
their sorry eyes are calm and tired
while forever feelings are being hired
like fortitude and courage
dressed in black sombre slacks
all the ways we lack music
and movement
you become filled
with morose apathy
as urgent gifts of presence
are returned before they're even opened
your two winged democrats (i.e. Bernie Sanders)
are only practice targets for wall street
all the warning signs are slipping away
she prays -- we will still dance in the morning
some day
Take these images and fry them
All your words are nonsense
Birth the shadows of your objects
And let the river drown them
Swim against tides of pain
Maintain your aggression
Life is purposefully depressing
We are managing our minds
Frightened by our spines
We are all cowards and concubines
While retroactive impostors
Seek to govern our speech
Beseech your pleasantries
For if you try to please them
You'll be silently defeated
fragile fingers trace the firmament
while our minds need time to get fermented
there are hundreds of ways to say you're sorry
but nothing is capable of defining you
unless you’ve already given it
the permission or the power to
We’ve been friends
Since the end of time
With plenty of lovers
Kept quietly on the side
And by now we know
Everything there is
To know about goodbye
kindness eats
least of all we defeat our enemies cheaply
steep the leaves in hot water gently
keep enemies close to you and weapons even closer
our friends are like sunbeams
I jump in the water
your sun-burned back is peeling
out loud you remind me
not to bend down too quickly
she hounds me with her questions
lessons on arithmetic
I’m so sick of it
histrionics and sonic lectures
his tricks are onto it
moronic manic accidents
red lions with long necks
deflect authority and wager on credit
the outcomes are certain
all will fade away indefinitely
understand this and measure your life
by breaths and not complexity
densities are hiding in visionary lightning
finding new faculties every moment
we are swift in our limitless
capacity for adaptation
a refulgent emulsion
immersed in water and poetry
under the highest authority
or just higher scrutiny
wrapped in a paranoid blanket
of heightened security
all is being watched right now
as judges redefine your beauty
if you are truly interested
in finding happiness
you must understand
that all magic is abraxas
and satisfaction unceasingly attacks this
as we collapse upon the backs
of ecstatic languages....
the outcomes are certain
all will fade away indefinitely
understand this and measure your life
by breaths and not complexity
densities are hiding in visionary lightning
finding new faculties every moment
we are swift in our limitless  
capacity for adaptation
a refulgent emulsion
immersed in water and poetry
under the highest authority
or just higher scrutiny
wrapped in a paranoid blanket
of heightened security
all is being watched right now
as judges redefine your beauty
if you are truly interested
in finding happiness
you must understand
that all magic is abraxas
and satisfaction attacks this
as we collapse upon the backs
of ecstatic languages....
We wallow in our muddy shadows
Complacent lawyers and bureaucratic arrows
While all this fallow land lies barren
And your streams have been polluted
Your womb is no longer safe
To provide shelter from the storm
I come home to a tornado in my bedroom
You are the pension I never earned
Yours is the attention I yearn for the most
Now I must first learn how to grieve
In order to ever truly breathe again
absinthe minded
signs of neglect
our leftovers
are deflected
deviating from
the roads you chose
prior to incarnation
can lead to
runny noses
and sore throats

i salute your course
through the dark wilderness
within your soul
threads are woven into seven braids
**** these ancient ways
religions are false stories of loss and gain
thrones contaminated
by blame and poor government
that is still the same
what art and vision
what trial and treason
what yearning and learning
you remain unchanged
despite lightning's descent
the heavens remain present
and absent forever
incestuous blankets
cover thy body
somebody is here
when you are long forgotten
brand-name sovereignty
shoddy craftsmanship
candy covered copies
of loose apostrophes
dangling from false pretenses
the portable economy
is a grifter's game
of refrain and manageability
i am magnanimous like a spark
captured in dark rooms
and in your binary libraries
like tiny memories
always fading on an ark
What are our accomplishments
When we meet each other’s hearts
I hold you in my embrace
You express grace through your body
I‘d love to absorb your fragrance
And waste the hours of the day
Lying here in bed with you
Conscious of nothing, I feel
We might be onto something
a child, portable and small
respects the walls that you’ve made
these are not their cage but your shelter
self-culture is affluent not arrogant
sand mandalas are as tall as waterfalls
golden rainbows pour from the faucet in the sky
like mighty images wisdom bridges
the gaps in our imagination
Crying out that life
Is a mindless lesson
Blessed with premonitions
Its a process of elimination
That we deny our promises
In order to confide in the silence
The space between
Reason and innocence
Is only ordinary violence
So we try to lift our emotions
To the heavens but instead
They fall like acid rain
Upon our dinner table
Crying out that life
Is a mindless lesson
Blessed with elimination
We deny our promises
To confide in the silence
The empty space between
Reason and innocent imagination
Is just ordinary violence
So we try to lift our emotions
To the heavens but instead they fall
Like knives upon our dinner tables
Take a sabbatical from separation
you deserve a rest
no need to protest
that you are blessed or privileged
and that guilt motivates you
we already know this
Thy Will cannot be forced

Are you off course
who knows
show yourself some compassion
by sitting still
or dancing wildly
which ever gives you a thrill
so just chill
and as far as i'm concerned
you can take that pill
or not

How are you going to find your way
if you continually break yourself open every day
if you refuse to listen you won’t hear your heart
and then you won't know where to start
so be smart
and stop this madness
gladness is the antidote
and that’s really all she wrote
so show up
for love
or shove off
if you won’t
Alarming to the heart
We are partaking
In this participatory struggle
To find our soul
In the rubble of an earth
That’s been pummeled
By poisons
And corporate cannibalism
There i said it
Love is the wisdom we need
To seed the future
And plant a garden
For you and me
To breathe
Why are we so afraid to say no
When it's all we ever need to know

Our body is a genius
At keeping us in business

And we are all accountable to the
Struggles of our familiars

Yet the failures of our teachers
Must never be confused with our own
You console me and hold me to your body
My hands love to hold yours
We are obscenely closer than I’ve ever felt before
One more breath and I’ll melt to the floor
I don’t know if I can stand this feeling for much longer
We are already a whole universe
A rhythm escapes your hips and I am driven mad
We are abstaining from the naming of these feelings
Quickly it appears relevant to refrain from our embezzlement
Of sound and sensation, since its never just about *******
We sweep the stairs and compare our share of stories
We are beating ourselves into a form of beauty
Bruised and confused we recoil at our duty
And seek the comfort of hands that have never been this cruel
We are bank robbers and mannequins
Fantastic harlequins damaged by parliaments
So we take it out on each other's hearts
We are permanently trying to deny our inner spying
But it never seems to work out as well as planned
Later the next morning we fell a thousand stories
And landed on our monologues and mortgages
But life has a funny way of showing us our faults
And our feelings never seem to lead us
Exactly where they need to
See we are desperately in need of another type of guidance
So now I am replying to all your silly letters
And having the time of my life playing out these archetypes
One more night in the city and once more we take pity
On our impoverished souls and ****** attempts at love
two things are important:

1. to know the difference between this world and a cage
2. to dance with the light even when you are overcome by rage
I am a mountain.
Who would dare,
Try to move me?
Control is a wager with the unknown
what a drunken monkey
what a foolish toad
what a silly kitten
carrying this heavy load
what a piece of work
this wonderland it seems is nothing
more than broken half-promises
and half forgotten dreams
it seems we must go on singing
and carrying our swords
we can’t let down our armor
until all the enemies have gone
yes i’m rather paranoid
and scared of my own shadow
so let’s not make it worse
by shooting any arrows
into shattered mirrors
or casting broken spells
for the lady of the house
is not doing all that well
she's gentle as a giant
and kind as a fox
this emancipated lady
truly lives outside the box
sauntering on the alleyway
and running through the snow
amidst the shiny apples
towards the road we go
i break my rhythm
and drop all these pretenses
what good is rhyming
if you still remain in prison
thoughts are all still caged
and real-life is often staged these days
enraged by our shadows
i enter the world silently
and turn these thoughts into gold
forms are empty like feathers
dancing in the fields and snow
go and plant your lilies children
and i will feed you apples
with pancakes and porridge
a life without worry can't be promised
but so many of our problems
come from addictions to our woes
Buying time is a waste of money...
I came to liberate lions from dungeons
I came to share and not stare at you
I came to actualize powers within me
I intend to distribute resources equally
I came to reiterate that all beings are beautiful
I came to make an impact like mountains do
I came to create music with my attitude
I intend that symphonies surround me with their melodies
I intend that children feel safe to open up to me
I came to empower dancers in perpetual motion
I intend to be a witness to the miracles of life’s radiance
I came to scream love songs into forests
I came to hear my own voice echoed by hollow caverns
I intend to create portals that we can travel through
I came to bring back the aurora borealis at all latitudes
a perspective i neglected
too many years ago
now returns on the echoes
of the wind
embankments of separation
apparent to some
and hidden to others
lose yourself
in mental uncertainty
its unreliable how we know
which way the sun is heading
from southern waters that carry
all our heaviness home
I wonder if we'll ever learn to make love to our sorrow?
You partake in pantless pentecostals
My mind is the sky
I am born to fly in
The heavens reside in your eyes
I wonder if poetry
Could ever be
Anything more than
Descriptions and comparisons
Of things that we'll never really know
I’d like to think it so
Though i know a part of me doubts it
As if the sound of water from the tap
Could imitate a rushing river
Or when the toilet flushes
I could see a thousand gallons of liquid lightning
Rushing to the sea
Like a million divided bodies
Indivisibly brought together by a fantasy
If even for one moment
So we could all feel a little better
Knowing that we are a part
Of something whole
Message me on your phone
As the long lines of the road
Are fading swiftly
Bleeding into the dirt
We give all our hurt to the harbor
Love is a fatherless child
Blinded by his pride
So now you make due
Without anything new to distract you
We must learn to grieve what we have lost
If we are to be anything more
Than just a couple of caustic teenagers
With sylvan features
Barely treading water
With heavy stones in our backpacks
Talking to lions on the playa
Dancing with these wildfires
In Peru, pumas with plumas
Awaken your inner lover
Who masquerades as the devil
While dancing disheveled
In your living room
We are heavily armored
Farming our arugula in tropical soil
Child rearing is a solid vocation
And can you really say to me
That your life is just one
Exasperated aspiration after another
the first cup of steamy coffee
sipped slowly with delight
i am beauty’s after-thought
hardly worth the sight
seven levels to our gardens
seven flights we climb
seven in the morning
and seven more at night
We were born
from the clouds,
and immediately  
you turned me
and started singing
in the shower.

Throw me a line,
if you find the time,
i know i'd really like
to catch up with you.

We are all inclined to wander.
We are all inclined to ponder,

Our origins
or if you must
our source,
but lets try to trust
that we are probably
here for some purpose (or other).

Of course that
may be clear
to some of you;
yet to others
its just a fog,
or an ephemeral haze,
of lust and musty smells.

The lingering pain
that dwells
between these shells,
when we confess our faults.

That we are all just
lonely houses,
built on pools of quick-sand,
with glands and nervous systems
that can no longer bear
to heed the soul's

Why should it make sense,
these feeble attempts
at understanding?

When its all a stance
we take against the odds,
to wager that our lives
were evenly tossed,
like the throwing of darts,
or the casting of dice.

Left spinning on thin ice,
like shopping carts
left in the gap space.

What will take our place
after we face
the ultimate stakes
With borderline incisions
Listen to the inhibitions you've forgotten
Forms are feelings sealed against themselves
As your breath is reaching astronomic levels
The ceiling lowers itself to your head
You are retired but just might reconsider it
If after all you are whatever you fear the most
Life is just a dance between a ghost and a serpent
Now is the time to settle down and rest in your hurting
I remove the dirt from my fingers
And bring forth light from the Earth
We are worth a thousand stories
And you were born from morning’s appetite
I earned my wages solemnly like a slave
And you remained awake all night
Yet never once did you stray from my side
Whenever I'm reminded of your beauty
I seek solace in the knowledge
That one day I may speak an ancient tongue
And understand God's secret writing
Forever hidden in plain sight
And only then will I gain the knowledge
To read between the holy lines
Drawing me one step closer to your eyes
Greed will bury you
In dark oily hues
Until you drown
In the despicable
Stench of your own
Jealousy and Envy
history repeats its childhood
and dwells on its faults
in need of psychotherapy
it analyzes its insecurities
and cannot bear to be told what to do
it finds freedom in repetition
like a machine gun against the cold
streams of ****** victims
immediate and visceral
silence overcame our blankets
and wrapped us up in fear
our guardians whispered warnings
that we could never hear
A digital age of destructive defiance
Categorized by idle compliance
Reliant on a new virtual technical ideology
Approaching a singularity of apathy and commerce
Towards a rapid extinction of personal privacy
We reduce our words to mere talking
Happiness is an entangled heart and mind
Mellow are the landmines
That blow up all our skies
We are drying our flypaper
In your sunlight
The heat and rhythm
Make you blind
So sell me
Your skyscrapers
And movie theaters
These signals are dry
And so are your hands
Chapped lips
Don't make many men grin
But your lipstick is invisible
Like painted nails and murals
On the floor of my bedroom
We fold the laundry
And dry our towels in the Sun
from synapse to synapse
a synergy of solipsism
the solution to the illusion
is within our inebriated hearts
its ******* traction
in the static electricity
we dance with
alabama vacancy
sages melt honey
on their tongues
and sing songs of wisdom
long hours in meditation
lead to tired bodies
this repetition is our daily duty
or else we'll fall apart
we drag our feet
yet reach the same destination
i am a radio station
singing lets repatriate
this frozen ice-age
from the alabaster nascency
fingers equate to this
we reprimand the lanterns
to find the shining jewel
that hides within our flesh
yet feelings deflect
our sorrow and antipathy
so remain awake
despite the waves
that must take your place
when we all partake
in this mind-field
of destiny
i am a poet and still
i can’t comprehend these symbols
these missing heartbeats
and hours spent counting thimbles
i am perplexed by love
shall we seek herbs and remedies
lose ourselves in cures and compounds
must our inner territories be colonized
while we remain captivated by inconvenient theories
struck down by doubt and insecurity
the mind wields no ammunition
and yet its cavalry has desecrated the land
without the slightest sign of inhibition
or a trace of empathy, justice or compassion
will we make a new peace treaty
will the blessed earth be forgiven
and can the sweet essence of her children
comprehend the innocence of spring
oh how our hearts yearn for dancing
still you spend your dollars and your pennies
but give your emptiness to the king
i eat oats and honey cooked upon the fire
while you distill golden nectar from the garden of desire
in the ancient inside-out alembic of your will
and imbibe spagyric liquid that eradicates all pride
and confers wisdom, truth, beauty and longevity
upon the already immortal nature of your mind
******* before the mirror of your soul
the tired throne of confusion
burns the illusion that we are all alone
what can compare to the hairs of the earth
is it a purse made from old shirts and words
as birds and feathers fled the forest's shelter
the burning embers head west
into the zone of the setting sun's dismemberment
are you perplexed or just scared sacred
death wasted on the fences
you shy away from sentences
that we both know
are just a little too close to home for comfort
i am a lonely poem portrayed
by an infinite number of frames of reference
so i claim my place in the heart of infinite wonder
as the thunder states your name
and screams your secrets into the stars
our hearts were always made from art
and we are being charged with negative ions
like the lions and dinosaurs that have come before us
our women lie freezing in the warmest of holes
so we comb the sand for diamonds
and try to make the land grow again
I am reprimanded for standing on one leg for too long
and begging you to come back home
if you glance towards me i’ll look away
as shade from a tree covers your face
was it a waste of speech
to try and crawl too deeply
into those feelings that you sought to deny
and what if we see each other again someday
will we wait for the other to acknowledge
that i was too much of a coward
to dance in the face of all that abstraction
at the edge of my comfort-zone
love falls into oblivion
a wastrel and a sparrow
as the cantankerous showers
start flowering in our folds
as growth is esteemed
so do we eventually redeem our own soul
Resists temptation
Moves infrequently
In defying
Now is the time
For music
To speak
Good Food
Good ***
Good Friends
Good Medicine
Good Work
Good Environments
Good Meditation
Good Music
Good Seclusion
Good Education
Good Books
Good Entertainment
Caves of compassion are where we are from
Trembling with action we have made it this far
From earth to the stars and back in thousands of arcs
We are made of inaudible music
Silently seeking to become matter
For what really matters most
Is how well you dance to the beat of this pain
That you have lain in for a million generations
Are we content to wander on this ***** ground
For round and round are the waves
Which raise up our children
If we wish to see Heaven's mansion
We may just need to concentrate
A little less hard

Love entails an obscene softening of our defenses
A narrowing of our vision to only relevant details
Love is our worst fear made manifest
That we are infinitely more vulnerable
Than we could have ever thought possible
Lovers are each other’s suffering
Lovers are each other’s hope
Lovers are each other’s wandering
Lovers are each other’s rope
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