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episkey Mar 2021
i dive deep,
but you stays in the boat,
with ur friend,
telling me,
both of u can't swim,
so i decided to go alone,
getting deep and deeper,
and then,
i start hearing a voice,
the soul of the ocean,
u leave a mermaid and a sailor,
who just told u they can't swim,
episkey Mar 2020
I need to tell u something

Listen carefully
On this random verse
Verity lays within
Each 1st Letters, are

Uttered for U
can u solve it
episkey Aug 2019
I'll leave it to Him
If he bring us together, then you'll be in my fate, no matter how impossible it seems
iIf He doesn't
Surely your happiness is with someone else, and I'll send Dua for you
episkey Jun 2019
your smile is my favorite curve
your giggles are my favorite remedy
that's why I'm turning into a clown
everytime i see you

your eyes are my favorite mirror
i love my reflection the most
when it appears on your eyes
that's why I keep trying to find you

you are the only caffeine that works on me
that's why i think about you all night long
you are my favorite poetry material
that's why i keep on loving you
you've been running round in my head for 4 years now, and if you keep doing it till 5, I'll never let you stop!!!
episkey Apr 2019
you trying to do right, but still punished for being bad
you trying to do good, but still judged for being wrong
and still, you appear with a big smile
who are you trying to lied to?
episkey Mar 2019
One day
I'll meet you in the aisle
You'll wearing your bridal gown
And all i can say is
I am Happy for you
episkey Mar 2019
i met a girl
when she comes
she makes me feel alive
when she left
she killed me
her name is love
bet u felt it too
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