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Elliot A Nov 2015
When did the soil give birth to ideologies of hate?
Floating thoughts taking hold of tempestuous souls
To wreak destitution and abject destruction upon City slabs
Intangible ideas, not to be grasped, squeeze hard
On curled metal, give birth to flying shells

Hit ******* soft targets
Stories held within forms, never known to thy perpetrator
Indiscriminate fury built upon muddled theory

How powerful a virulent ideology
Minds clash in spoken wars, yet the earth does recoil
As fragile limbs confronted by flying shells
Limp, lifeless hand stretched forth
Pleading for continuation of a life not contemplated to end
Not here, in this way
Crudely broken by the stench of decay
I remember when Friday night was for play

Humanities throat pressed upon not by religion
Knife drawn not by capitalism
Shots fired not by secularism
Yet a common strain persists in all
That of power seeking
Corrupting hearts, dividing parts uneven, the spread obscene

Impose a will on another
Crush fledging life pursuing what is best to you
Oh! The clouds I plead beneath pass me by
Your ‘best’ is but yours, permit me to fly by
Elliot A Jun 2014
A solitary bird does sing its song to be heard
Above the cacophony of others
Its song is the only song
The one all others should sing along to
Moving from perch to perch
A different audience it attempts to convert

Sing my song for you will prosper
With the dulcet tones I create for you to replicate
Nothing will stop this beautiful melody
A flying march upon those inferior drones

Leaving the nest in search of home
Swapping warmth for self-worth
They must hear me sing, my song is all
All they must hear, for it is truth
A simple beautiful truth

Those who deny my song
Resign them to the winds
Let them fall from their flight up high
To hit the ground and silence their malevolent grins
Elliot A Feb 2014
Laugh with the one you are with
Care for the feelings shared
Run fingers over that beautiful form
Guard careless words from causing harm

Look into her eyes, deeply
Stare adamantly through her soul
Take her up, spin her round
Wrap her tight to never let go

Say all the things you forget to say
Do not leave to regret when she has gone
Embrace all that she is
But most of all give her room to grow

Make that pledge to kiss her head every air filled day
Leave nothing where nothing resides
Make her know of secure love
The one that you dream of
Elliot A Jan 2014
We come together in this swirling mass
You participate in an endless flow of energy, from one movement to the next
You kiss, feel, touch, love, care, hug
You believe, think, have faith, gesture
You hate, renounce, decry, hurt, break
Played out on a stage, a life led as so many millions before
Things you will never know are never known
The knowledge you do know cherished
The love you felt and feel embellished across a chest
What note will you have left?
A salutary glance, paragraph or a punctuation mark?
You are sustained by all that ever passed before
Those scraping bodies across floors to those elevated in thought
From slaves and ******
To intellects and emperors
Each a fully breathing entitled human being
No more, no less
No more, no less
A mother, a father, a sister, a brother
Related are all, blood tied and adored
Taken away in time, eroded into the winds and forgotten for ever more
Let the stars glare upon this blue orb
Reflecting the dreams of those inhabiting it
To never be known, secrets drowned in space
What say you to heavenly bodies on deepest, darkest nights?
Utterances trembling from unsure lips
I love
I hope
Humanity built on feeling. For we must feel our way.
We must feel our way.
Elliot A Nov 2013
Come darling, emit your sweet scent
Entice me around your flowing stem
Permit me to nestle upon your soft verges
To run hands through your vibrant colours
To dance, embraced as one, we blur
Spinning our deathly spin
Drowning in glorious, lustful sin

Come darling, reveal all you hide
Your vulnerable side
Shed that hard exterior shell
Fill my senses until overwhelmed

We waltz to the tune played
Many times before, oh how it has played!
Resting our heads on shoulders ledge
With a supple movement so slight

We swirl lightly, ever so slightly
Headed down to rest
Until the sun does rise again
And we repeat, nay, we play our lovers rhythm again
Elliot A Oct 2013
Shall we hide, behind this door?
Or what about this wall?
Stronger and taller than the door
It does not open, there is no handle
Only we know what happens behind the wall
Too vulnerable to emerge, so we won’t
Keep hidden, it is safer, easier
Than to expose ourselves, to feel

I despise this wall, trapped behind
I long for a door, to welcome you in
To open up, have you stay a while
Not fear rejection of who we are
But bask in a glow of acceptance

Stay still, for a cold chill blows this way
We laugh for we are safe
Behind this wall
Indifferent and cool to emotional pangs
They leave us be
Nothing to see

Have they gone? Are we alone?
Retreated behind this wall again
A habit that needs to break
We begin small, as a crack penetrates the wall
Until finally a space shaped door
Elliot A Oct 2013
Eyes full of the unknown
We slowly came to know
Of each other, nervous but excited

Feeling around in the dark what was to become so familiar
Months past in your arms
Years next to your lips
Arguments set in, thunder storms

We fought to make up and made up to fight
There was life in it still
Two strong characters of will

Impassioned lust laid across covers of trust
My beautiful vision of you and I
Too perfect you did decry

Infected by resentment, my heart shrank
You were to endure words so utterly fraught with cold
As though fashioned in the North Pole

Yet your love remained bound tightly to me
We would rise high above common ground
Soaring amongst the clouds, our love not to be touched
Until crashing down we fell into boundless hell

Picking at faults we should have forgiven
Too long they haunted our position
“You need to change” we both declared

Attempts were made in vein
So simple it all seems now
To have simply kissed your furrowed brow
Taken your hand and reassured you of my love
Apologised for any wrong made in haste

Sadly it was too late; you took matters into your own hands
Feeling away from me into foreign lands
To where I could not reach you
I went mad with pain of missing you

My utmost did I try to show my change
The man I had renounced stood no longer in me
I only wished for your return
To rekindle the fire that had died in my heart
I would rise born again a better man
With you to guide my unsteady hand

The fire remains quelled ever since you came back
To see and feel for me so differently
Our bond lay broken, dashed aside
Relinquished our tie, let loose against the tide

I now struggle out at sea, wave’s crash over me
Waiting, hoping for you to rescue me
It never came
Memories seemingly held you back
Of torment, tears rolled by

So your love drowned
Letting it go gladly, almost a relief
I now sit alone
Wet and full of regret, on a vast sandy beach.
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