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Aidan May 2020
It’s the place where we float in the sky
Feel free from all the worries
Feel free from the burdens life has set
It’s the place where we can let go,
Fall from the cliff
Spread our wings
Soar far and wide.

It’s where eternal happiness resides,
Where nothing is everything and
Everything is nothing
Then the long awaited reunion can finally happen that has been years in the making.

Joy radiates from you and them and it seems unattainable but it’s a matter of believing you can.
You now can relive what has lost
You now can rejoice in talking to those once lost.

This is the place where the shadows can no longer hold power over you,
For they have disintegrated from existence.
For they have submitted the themselves to the light of a new day.

This is a place of dreams.
It truly feels like heaven to me.
Aidan Feb 2020
Not again!
Don’t let her near me again!
This happens every time.
I just want a break from her
What do I have to do to get a day off.

My friend is right next to me!
Why can’t you just go for her.
No! Please!
Have some mercy woman.

My friend is right next to me
Why don’t you go bug her huh!
I have to deal with this 24/7
And she’s sitting pretty.
No way!
Not gonna happen.

I ask for a week off
It’s a simple ask
Yet I’m still on the clock.

What do I have to do to get away from you?!
I didn’t ask for this
I didn’t want to to be with you

But I’m still here
Serving your needs hand and foot.
The servant to the master

The shoe to the foot...
Aidan Feb 2020
It’s coming!
Closer and closer
It’s coming for all of us.

The walls are closing in,
Oozing the jelly from its victims.
That’s how a loving in made now
Take the people,
Sell the remains.

Oh no.

It’s here,
Am I next or are you?
Not sure.
We’re standing side by side
Two peas in a pod
And now they have come for us.

The walls of October.
They aren’t as nice as they appear.
Aidan Feb 2020
Here I am
Writing to you
Writing to someone that will never respond
Talking to a brick wall
Yet here I am
Still making the attempt

What can I do?
Is there something I can do to change this dynamic,
It has been years.
Years since my heart last skipped.

What can I do to make it leap once more?
To feel again what it is like for you to look my way.
To feel again what it is like to be cared for.

So here I am,
Writing to you.
My lifeline being tossed out,
In hopes that you will come to rescue me.
First loveish themed poem
Aidan Feb 2020
Where am I?
Please can someone tell me
Where am I?
I’m lost and confused
Can someone please be my guide?

It’s dark and cold
I’ve already ran into something twice
I’ve lost my mind 5 years ago
I think I saw it here

Can someone help me?
Tell me where I am

Someone is here
They are coming
Can someone help me?

They are here for me
They are here to take what I only have
They are waiting
They are watching

Help me please!
I’m lost in the forest of my mind.
Aidan Jan 2020
They’re coming
Hear them roar
They’re coming
Hear their battle cry

Out for blood
Out for revenge

They’re coming
And there is nothing you can do

You invited them
You used them
You gave them all of this power

Now it’s time to bow down
Time to surrender
Time to put your life in their hands

They’re the pots and pans
And they dictate your future
Aidan Dec 2019
Can someone hear me?
Can someone hear me?

It’s so dark in here.
So many days, so many nights

Can someone hear me?

Set me free
Anyone! Someone!

I’ve been in here for a decade!
I hear growling,
I’m scared.

I’m in over my head,
The liquid!
It’s going over my head.

Help me please!
I’m stuck in the bottle
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