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Disclosed Dec 2015
You weren't a waste of time
You showed me that what we had was possible
You showed me that this feeling is out there

I refuse to settle
I've touched gold
I will no longer settle
for slate
Disclosed Dec 2015
I am not god fearing
I am not one to condemn others to hell
Nor flirt with angels

there's something about us
something that I cannot describe

ever since the first night we've met

Fate is all I can think about
Disclosed Dec 2015
I was never one to look past flaws
and many have come before you

you were different
you weren't perfect
you swore
you snored
you weren't always nice

I would take 100 bad days with you
over 1 good day with anyone else
Disclosed Dec 2015
Never feeling
is not hard
Never loving
is not hard

But when the corners of his lips smiled
my world fell from those lips

is hard
is hard

I am
not easy
are not the sun

But together
we are the whole **** universe
Disclosed Sep 2014
Our paths have crossed
but not for long

for our time has not yet come

The oceans have converged between us
and I no longer remember your voice

but I know for certain

that we will meet again
under the hanging gardens
of Babylon
Disclosed Sep 2014
When he looks at you
with his big blue eyes
filled empty horizons

and tells you he is



and don't come back

because a year later
he will put his hands on you once more
Disclosed Sep 2014
I emptied my entire being into your soul
hoping to fill a part of you long left barren

I watered your mind with my tears
hoping to grow a garden

Yet when spring came along
and the flowers had bloomed
and your soul had blossomed

I was left
nothing more
than forgotten
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