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If I could, I would hug you everyday
If I could I would drown into your eyes
If I could, I'd escape just to see you
If I could,
If I could say how much I love you
Face to face, I'd be so happy
I want you, I want your arms wrapped around me
Only the opportunity of looking right into your eyes
Would make me happy
But I can't, you're a thousand miles away
It was new for me at first
It hurt, the cat hurt me
It was painful at first
I got used to it
As he kept on doing it
I liked it then

People asked me what were those
I answered the cat.
My sweet cat.

I use to hate my cat.
Now I love my cat.
I know he is no good to me
But he distracts me.
If you didn't quite get it, it's about cutting
What do you do
When you care,
But at the same time you don't;
What do you do
When you want to show emotions
Feel something
Show you care

— The End —