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Burning stars,
set ablaze
according to teary eyes.

Discordant echoes,
spoken voiceless
by the void between them -
almost incoherent.

They must coalesce…

For there are whispers
of peace in unity,
and oneness…

There is promise
of balance in cohesion.
And subsequent tomorrows.

These notions,
scattered morsels,

they must coalesce…


must coalesce.

Bent to a slouch,

That we walk
never unladen.

And perhaps only later,
by the wreaths
around our necks.
We hadn’t realised…

That we spoke of love
that was enshrouded
by child-like naïveté.

We had then,
fire in our hearts,
sparks in our eyes
and clouds in our heads


marbles in our mouths.
In the sandbox of my memory
reasons come and go
Castles worn in corners scorned
left without a moat

Granulated laughter
idle unreleased
Waiting for a last return
covered over deep

The jungle gym sits dormant
a mass of rusted links
One ring missing ladder gone
the rope swing short and kinked

The teeter totter frozen
its pivot rusted tight
The sliding board a one-way trip
fading into night

The sandbox of my memory
where feelings go to die
My childhood friends whose echo’s rend
timeless bye and bye

Still one last voice is buried
deep within the grains
The one I shunted until now
—calling out my name

(The New Room: August, 2022)
We must be living in the future
As far as the future goes
The beginning of the end
Of all that we have ever known

All of the past memories
We crammed in our heads
If it were up to me
I believe we should have kept

Instead of this Artificial Intelligence

We shot ourselves in the foot
Instead of for the moon
Not sure why we hired these cooks
Spinning crazy spoons

If we keep this madness up
There won't be much of nothing left
We've learned to trust the science
Just not the scientists

And their Artificial Intelligence

Break the beaker Brandon
We'll take it from here
Changing definitions
Won't make it any clearer

They keep on pushing buttons
Hoping for the best
Hold tight to your muffins
They're cooking up a mess

With this Artificial Intelligence
Lily pollens glow
rain of tears drops though it rained
petals glow
lily gleam and glow through it reverses time
night crickets chitter in joy
clock hand reverse twelve
midnight bell rings
willow leaves raddle like reindeer bells
pasture sound chitters and shallow
river flow down the stream fast
the wind made tree leaves raddle
so quick time stopped beneath my feet.
there are many dots
to connect in the world
but not everything can be a constellation.
She said to me,
your forehead looks
very red to me,
I replied,
I've been thinking,

She said,
don't do it again
it looks painful.
To never change a mind that’s closed
or stroke the lion’s mane
With fate embedded, etched in stone
you’re left with what remains
In tunnels dark and burrowed deep
you hide from nature’s wrath
Whose last denial, truth reviled
—reseeds the garden path

(The New Room: July, 2022)
Little breeze toing and froing
Little girl dancing with the leaves
Sunlight flitting thro’ the trees
Chestnuts falling
Ploughboys reaping
Hedgerows sleeping
Night owl calling
Grass so still
It’s as if it’s lost the will
To keep growing

Days and nights changing
Dappled shadows rearranging
Dance is slowing down, down
Little girl is going
When the summer slows
Farmer is reaping
Autumn shades deepening
Grass so still
As if it’s lost the will
To keep growing
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