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Aug 3 · 37
One Work of Poetry Is
To take the unbearable burden of
Precious memory from our hearts
But that all be not forgotten forever
To distill from the passing multi-
Verse just the merest essence of
The life that was  so dear and  so
Plenteous that it all could be borne
Forward and to leave some tincture
To solace the broken hearted that all
Is not lost and that there is yet a key
To times past and of laughter long ago
Jul 30 · 66
Dreaming Now the Dream
Thoughts so wonderful that from one
To he next they cannot be remembered
No nary a word of what I heard.  Twas
An elegy to an old ball player like the
Babe recited by a boy; made him to be
What we all want to be Our truth But I
Cannot remember a word I tell you the
Truth is a dream too wonderful that goes
On and on The long sought dream with
No  end but ever begins again the Truth
To renew   Ah I am old, what answers are
There but to dream better dreams Take it
All leave nothing behind.  Take to the air
Soar in the heavens on the wings of love
Where you are waiting and I am coming

And yes like Peter leaping off the boat I
Walk on the rough water when the Master
Calls- only to sink into the roiling depths
Crying out to my Friend "Save me !" Oh
Ye of little faith" He says. But it is enough.
I shall give Him thanks for my daily bread
Remembering all the good he has given me
Jul 17 · 51
All I Know
If All we had was the Creation
And never was spoke or heard
Of that great Mystery would we
Be better. be more loving, more
Free and so be more obedient to
Our true natures to love one another
The second is like the first a teacher
Once said but if there were only the
One and that there be no other but
What is so wonderfully given..If I
Do not preach would my words be
Better...could I love more...and tell
The truth more sincerely that I am
Believed-I know not.  A poet I hope
Wondering wavering, wandering
Between two shores seeking I know
Not what and in my troubles  I will
Ever seek him  here,my friend and
Comforter in my time of trouble

For my son who has the key
Jul 17 · 80
I remember when
When I was President ...
President of my time with you, I of
The neighborhood boy's club; and
You though I did not know you so
Well then were president of the
Neighborhood girls club.  Say it's
Not so but it's true none the less
It was you who thought the same
As I did way back when we were
All so young my friends. But there
Was no club; No president.  You can
Call me a liar and you be the same
I still think it was better back then an
When there was no club or president
And we were all just boys and girls
When yet we could all be president
Though only so by our heart's  intent
Jul 6 · 175
Siesta Sun
Oh bland and beautiful afternoon sun
Of  days  gone by it seems I see your beauty
Now for the first time  Everything at peace
In the populated village no one is around You
Are the same but I yearn more than ever to
Draw close  To know you better-this time
Jul 5 · 375
The Midnight Star
If your purpose is to seek to disprove
The bad news go not into the darkness
Yet seek the twinkling star that comes
In your darkest hour-the truth does not
Needs proof but only to be itself known
The unknown declared is but our vanity
Discover humility and bless the darkness
That you may love the earth our mother
Jun 27 · 86
Does the beauty in the distance
Beckon?  To what end the way?
What more is there to say?  Are
We not now in the its midst now
Awed?  Is there a wish for more
No it is that this first moment now
Now be sustained:  We are in the
Glory of the mist yet Beholding it-
Only moving on to keep it forever

This is how I remember you Lord
Jun 19 · 80
A Peak at Eternity
Just before departing my former foes
Came to me exacting my promises that
I would do them no harm and ... when
I agreed on my honor that it would be
So  they give me parting gifts, things
Long sought.  We entered a dark tunnel
My friends and my beloved dog also a
Farewell gift.  We were at last heading   
Home- after an indeterminate but brief time
We emerged and as if thru dark clouds we
Were at the end of the journey.  In the
Morning light a corner of my vision was
Lit and there was a shore where children
Were happily jumping up and down in the
Ocean and I knew I was home and that is
Where my memory ended in the place of
My Dreams, my long journey finally over

All I ever lost returned to me many fold...

For My Father
Jun 12 · 72
Glorious Madness
It is madness to smell a
Rose for the first time
You wish you could but
You never can Still you
Try and it seems but oh
Its a glorious madness
Takes you down down
To the roots of your soul
Where you have hidden
Poetry.  a line or two the
Grace of God dropped to
Save you from dispsair-
Give you back what was
Lost The glorious madness
Sanctified for all time. The
Essence of all first love  A
Glorious madness to persu

To all i haved loved in my
youth we shall be together
Again when all is made new
Jun 12 · 57
I Am
A moment ago my Father was
Pushing me now I am swinging
By myself.  
The sky is blue.  The earth is
Green.  The sun is some place
I am swinging by myself.
Jun 10 · 72
If love be only for the perfect it is not for us
For all begin their journey shall fall short still
Love exhorts us to continue for Love is always
A process-who fears falling more than loves to
Walk does not trust that love is kind. But who
Stumbles is told to rise again and to know that
Love is patient and love is kind; and whoever is
in power Let them know how be it this came to
Be.  Say not then: It is only God can Love and  
God forgive  Say yes to me who's fallen. Say
Rise dear friend take my hand for it's been given
Then shall I rise saying only by the grace of God
Am I Living  Oh adfinitum is the Love of God  to
Man; and man to God; so should our kindness be
To one another.  Grant this Oh Lord I still pray...

For my children
I try to remember not to say
It is mine.  We live in between
Never do we possess the gift
But give Thee Thanks knowing
Still and always it is Thine  from
Whom cometh all that we receive
And what is life but  the whispered
Promise of an eternity to come
May 23 · 73
Leaving Home
You spend half a lifetime trying to get away
And all the time have gathered cherished
Memories hardly realizing what will be no
More-Then you fly away -burst forth on the
Journey hardly contemplating any loss. But
There comes a time you know it was your
Home- loveliest of memories and you can
Not go there again only when we visit in
Our dreams; a place most like heaven as a
Remembered sketches of a beach long ago

Long long are the memories  of our youth

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Poem "My Lost Youth"
May 21 · 64
All begins in clarity
Not knowing
Not black versus white
The first step away is
The awakening
Of consciousness; the
The absence of difference
Is not darkness versus light
It is clarity
For there is no near nor far
You know no separation
No self from others
You could call it peace
but it before even such
A knowing of the word
Which ever harkens back to
Our time in the womb of God
May 18 · 19
Know its for the Best
When you gotta take a chance
'n its a matter of life or death 'n
You gotta live 'n to live you've
Gotta take a chance  even if it
Means you gonna die anyway
Then it is after all God's Will
You are his faithful dog even if
Sometimes it is kinda hard to bear
You chose to live 'n always tried
your best  but 'still you died had to.
May you hear at the end: "God
Rest his soul" and know it was for
Your Peace He took you home
Some where I heard it said>"Not
My will but Thy will be done"  And
When the bell tolls for me I will come
Then may I hear welcome home my child

For all who choose to live and
Who fight against the dying the
Apr 24 · 99
Why I Love My Father
My father liked his beer but was
Sober in his soul.  He was brave
Fiercely loyal.  He was quiet but
Loved to laugh; worked hard for
His family.  Showed not all his
Cards but never bragged that he
Always won.  Loved dogs. cats and
All little animals including children
Loved to fish; to be near the water...
Was a  a volunteer life guard all thru
My early youth.  Suffered pain with
Little complaint.  Was a friend of many
But said when I commented on this that
One makes only a few real friends in this
Life.  He let me be excepting for sassing
My mom.  Apologized when he was wrong
Loved great writing but made no pretense of
Intellect,  I see him  now as a child, looking
Out over the Sound at the Westport Beach,
Compo where he lived as a young man....
He is Looking into the far distance at the far
Horizon seemingly searching for Forever
watching for, a drowning child perhaps
My eyesight has never been as keen as his
But as he would say a lot of water has passed
Under the bridge since those times-So many
Memories I cannot tell them all.  In my heart
It seems like it was only yesterday but I know
It was a long time ago but Dad I hope you still
Know I love you

 Till then...

I love you Dad  I hope you know
Apr 24 · 66
Work is prayer
With a little
Mixed in
Apr 22 · 63
You Must Be Born Again
The folly of children is better than the wisdom
Of men.  Be humble.  Lean not unto your own
Understanding but rather travel to Another  place
Innocent beyond all your knowing-beyond your humility
Travel in dreams and revery to your childhood unremembered
Heedless go unasked to that other place of first times-traveling
Until you are born again and you know not what was before
Let go all the pride of knowing for it cannot take you to there

Now turn again to love and to be loved; and crying say I am  And should
A day  far hence come to you bearing too great a burden of pride of knowing Here is How It will end You must be born again for the first and only time.  

For My Mother who sweetly told me
I should not be such a little "know it all"
Dear Mother Happy Mother's Day
Wherever you heart is...
Apr 19 · 32
Give us this Day
Remember to forget
Forget to remember
Eternal life must be
Lived one moment at a time
War Plague Famine The end
Nostradamus be ******
With every happy thought
Every piece of bread that
I hungrily eat.  Thankfully
I praise God for His grace
His goodness His salvation
For the gift  of  life with all
Its promise yet to be; written
In His blood Love's Victory

For Ira a priest of David
My friend  in Berkeley California
From Brooklyn  N. Y; Morning Star
Commune  Long time ago...
Mar 20 · 46
I think we keep each other alive with
just the hope that we will be together
Again-Something to live for; and if it is...
Without resolution that we cannot die
Before we say  hello good bye again
I pray you do not go away; and that I
May live that you may live-  we may
Live that our love may live 'n if only
In that rippling silence of forever. You
Knowing I love you I knowing you love
Me If only that be true it is enough if it
Be Our Father's will Thy will be done
Mar 13 · 237
G..."s Glory
The morning sun in the afternoon is
Transcendent as it bends back time
To the heart's desires to harvest all
The things left undone.  One time
Is not enough for all of God's Glory.

for my daughter bubbling water in the
Spring remember me.....
Mar 6 · 100
The Dance of Life
It is not what you think
It is a new dance,  It happens
In another place.  You see
Something you want but you
Are hurried on.  The song is
Mute, of memories made
No rhyme or reason.  Free.
It cannot be remembered
Grace and perfection are lost
Sought again.  I see a pouting
Face oh so cute-she is calling
Me - says  come you can-
Come and dance with me
Sometimes it seems like I have spent much
Of life searching for the meaning of life-My
Life in particular.  It is somewhat the same as
As digging a grave into the heart of darkness-
Of consciousness as if it were- a well to the Ever-
Lasting Spring-the water of life that is the Love
That was in me that I have for you.  I have never
Found the substance such that I am satisfied. No
Words have I to make you know.  I have nothing
To give you.  I have been foolish and wasted my
Time; confused what should  have been simple-
Trying to understand and failing to just be to be:
Charitable.  I ask God's Grace to climb out of the
Hole and to become whole.  To know it is ever the
Gift not strived for  unearned that you give  So
I plead wretched man that I am that you forgive
As God be as you are let me believe as I receive

For Elizabeth
Feb 14 · 93
You know...
You know you know
You know you do not
Know; and that is all ...
It is enough for now

Love, Yours David
Jan 29 · 243
God is Our Joy
We are pleasing To God
For God has chosen us
To be His children to
Give Him joy and;  that
Joy He gives to us.  In the
Lightness of joy darkness
Is forgotten; sorrow is not
Remembered. In the serene
Light of His contemplations
There are the times of peace

Remembering David
Jan 22 · 122
Like a baby crying in a storm
Not in fear but because it wants
To hear but it is falling asleep
It is a losing battle but we must
Try our best before we rest. Love
Is almost alone I cry To remember
The best that will be no more I must
Relinquish Tomorrow to sleep.  I am
Not afraid to sleep.  Que sera sera
To travel with angel wings though my
Love is gone and there are no yesterdays
What has been will be again in the end
Was it loved denied or love expressed?
I sent you away whom I loved.  I acted.
Perhaps had I waited but I didn't.  Acted
When I did not know.   And now like a
Musical note resonating Still I do not know
Was it for the best.  It was not some trivial
Matter  but a question about love.  What it
Is?  Whether it was in me guiding me? Or
Was I a selfish fool traveling a long lonely
Road  never to know which way love is
Unto silence the tone fades and then it is
Reborn. Without a Knowing: how repent?

As the North posits the South  look Away
Look Away Dixie Land where the past has not
Even passed  Aye there is a Paradox A Paradox the
Molecule from which the Universe is built Look
Away Dixie Land and I shall forget your sins and
You shall rebuild and not know your paradoxes.
Thus speaketh the Lord who is ever merciful

Remembering Casey
Jan 3 · 50
To a God Unknown
If  all the people the Catholic Church
Kicked out The Pope would be left a
Lone idiot raging against the moon
I know I have done so- but kind hands
Saved me. Fallen Catholics most likely
As the man once said there are:  known
Knowns; the known unknowns and the
Unknown Unknowns.  A simple trinity
Would we see our Lord face to face
Like Abraham must we be willing to
Give up our only son-the faith of our
Fathers and become one of rejected for
Not measuring up,  one of the unknown
Unknowns who meet God face to face
Alone yet for a time till our redeemer
Comes in darkness still I will await him
As Abraham we do not  know the end ...

A beautiful thing can in twinkling of an
Eye change  everything  |Praise God!|

For Kelsey
Dec 2021 · 766
i am
Am  i more or less
There is a less that is more
Than I will ever know and
A more that is less than all
i am...So be of Good Cheer
With nothing to fear that will
Not wait till next year that is
Only a thought of  mind walking
Upon a lonely shore thinking of
You again and again. Once more

For Lissa
Sep 2021 · 503
The warriors of the day fight against the
Dying of the the light turning into ghosts
Of remembrance and nothing more. Yet a
A remnant remains .  The warriors of the
Darkness they to must yield to the coming
Morn but a remnant of all remains in our
Memory to foreshadows the knowing that
Nothing is more constant than change and.
All enmity is futile because all that we can-
Will remember wii be the treasures that are
Stored in heaven; and when we clearly see
The tales told by an idiot we will laugh like
The lover who watches his children play and
Would see them playon forever in his sight.r days
So at the end of our days we shall see God  even
As He now sees us.  With Love in all our ways
Sep 2021 · 45
I Write
For the one who has guessed I do not know
Know who I am   Who am I.He asks me and
Reads into my writing the answer-Discovers
The Truth that is found only by the One
The One that knows not the answer to the
Question :Who Am I.  May we be alike
Sep 2021 · 117
Sepia is that burnt orange color of old
Postcards;  Of things remembered and
Still treasures of memories fading and
Almost forgotten that once were in a
Now exhuberant, that could not imagine
That it was was passing.passing before
Our eyes.  Even nowing into darkness
Where all of our treasures are buried
May 2021 · 110
A child is gone...
My child your child
Is gone to  another place
Where we cannot go 
As has been said; "Life
Changes us more than
Death" and death maybe
Kinder than life without
A love that one  never forgets-
A sister of the church once
Spoke to God and said " Lord
I have given up everything but
My Faith in Thee what more can
I do?  The Lord said then Sister
Give up your your Faith . Sister
Theresa Cried because it was all she  
Had and it was the hardest to let go of
But the end of  Faith is ever obedience.
If it be so  then death where is thy sting?
Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in
Heaven Thy will be done. Ojala!  Ojala!
Where neither  moth nor rust corrupt and
Where born again all  to Love are restored.

For my parents who gave Kahliil Gibran's "The Prophet"
as a graduation present and
Who spoke more eloquently than I  can about losing children
Because they are God's Arrows and go where we cannot follow
en give up
Apr 2021 · 110
Now I like all rain but one the best
When upon a fair day the sun's face
Is hid behind a paltry veil and for a
Moment lets it be known she also
Weeps for the beauty of all that is
Lets fall for a moment with her  veil
Her tears so little just enough to let it
Be known that what she feels is  real
As a child feels no harm is  meant
But with the passing of this time are
Both joy and sorrow co mingled.  It
Is her childhood passing before your
Eyes.  God's grace you were given
Notice, The small rain down can rain
....God"s promises kept with a memory
Wrapped in a bow.   this love will be now
and Forever the times we were together

"Westenr Wynde" 16th century poem

Western Wynde
When wilt thou blow
The small raine down. can raine
Cryste that my love were in my arms
And I in my bed again


A c
Apr 2021 · 697
The Dawn of Now
Is Always the Presence for which there is no need of proof
The past and future are speculative.  What can we know of
Unremembered times-surely we shall not find proof there--
Theories theories why should we place in any of these rather
God is or is not known to be by our experience of Him Now.

Have you ever lost someone you loved who was  such a constant
Like water likedair that you took them for granted,  What a loss
It is.  The heart cries out this cannot be but there it is great grief.

Think on this now -this constant now this always now this all now.
We take for granted that we will always wake up to it and so can
Accept the gift of sleep that it will be there for us upon awakening.

Is this now so humble not our experience  and proof of God.
Is not other and it is the beginning and the end all our knowing.

Watch a silver dolphin leap from the sea like the first word
The it plunges back into the water with barely splash The
Alpa and the Omega.  Duration  Time and Space are now in
The One  A pod surfaces leaps and reveals a language  that
Is music and  ist he song  that bridges time and place making
One a diversity that is present - is again dissolved again into ...

NOW The N is silent ..The O is silent ...the W is silent...
Apr 2021 · 104
Going South
They say in the south the past is
Not dead it is not even over-So
Where do you go when you are
Seeking where the ghosts of the
Past still live-Take your Dreams
South.  Say to the conductor do
Not stop till I am in the Land of
Where I left my true love so long
Long ago.  She was little then and
She used to tease me so till I said
You are going to make me love ya
Till   I am dead  till I am dead and
Gone  Going to where all my life
Is past and done on the Old Bard
Line lighting fools their way to dusty
Death Come to life again-Heading out
Way down South  I'm Coming Home to
Zippity do da Zippity aye My Oh My
What a wonderful Day it will be On the
Old Bard  Line When  all my yesterdays
Light my way to where My love and I
Were in bygone days so bright of yore

For Lissy

The coincidence of two worlds
Each an affirmation of the other.
Apr 2021 · 174
Love and ...
My life has been so  conditioned by
Absence a longed for presence that I
Know no other and so by forfeit this
Unworthy life has shamefully become
My wretched blanket that I cling to in
Like a child standing before the storm
What is dearest is the least,and the last
Apr 2021 · 65
The Truth
Tell the truth.  Nothing changes
But you may see it better.
Tell the truth.  Nothing changes
But you may hear it better
Be in silence
Hear the still small voice
That is always speaking to
Your heart.
Apr 2021 · 161
Living in the Clouds
We ask and the answer is maybe
Yes or No.  We ask because we
Do not know .and the answer is
Maybe...Maybe yes and maybe
No.  Maybe time will tell,  This
I know.  I must  live in the cloud
Make peace with the cloud find
Therein  my daily bread and give
Thanks for it and for every kindly
Thing each day brings; and if my
Cup runneth over to share my joys
With  all others  By this my life is
Blessed more blessed than by any
Other answer.  For of even  sweet
Lies the truth  better. I  live in the
The Great cloud of unknowing. It
Is from that post I sometimes see the
Sun and am sometimes soaked by rain
Sometimes from my summit thunder
And lightening make me tremble but
When it passes sometimes I see the
Most beautiful rainbow that tells me
Not to suffer any more .God is good
And all is right in heaven and on earth
It is but a  passing  thought.  Not a fact
But I know that I will cherish it until
Death do us part Till then I love you  
I love you It is is  a whimsy. I suppose
Forgive me for I do  what  I know not

For my Mother
Mar 2021 · 126
The Angel
You are on a short board that does not span the deep canyon
A mad crowd a murdererous horde is close -is chasing you.
You run to the
End of the board .
The pitiless mob are screaming
For your blood- are closing in
You see in the void  before
An angel beckoning you to
Come!  Leap into the empty
Space  You have never believed in
Angels.  Will  you  now?
What do you have to lose?  To gain?
But there  is no weigh things
For prudent measure You must act
Know  now with your whole heart
You choose!

"The Winter of Despair The Spring of Hope*
Charles Dickens "A Tale of Two Cities"
Mar 2021 · 48
Return Voyage
Have you lost the one you love?
Does it seem she is not there and
Will not be where you are waiting
Then you are dreaming  Dreaming
Years So Many years it seems it is
Unreal.  Where was it that you lost
Her before the dream began.  It is
There you will find her waiting still
As she was.  Time has not  taken a
jot from her beauty She still waits
For your love.  Take now your Ship
Of dreams cross over thru the seas-
Pass again into the darkest night of-
Of despair till you reach the farther
Shore that was once your Fatherland
Where Love Lives and never dies. Raise
Up your heart like a flag on the fated ship
Let the winds of time take you back to
Land from which you came away- where
Love is real and Truth  is beauty and as the
Poet said: That is all ye needwonderful to know but
Yet know this too you will arrive home again
In this life.  Have So soon the journey,s over
In the blink of an eye you will know it all
Has been a dream that  your love was gone
And night is as good as day til the morning

Remembering Now
"An Occurrence  at Owl Creek" by
Ambrose Bierce
Mar 2021 · 118
Show Me Love
We were walking in a an enchanted place
A great Cathedral like Notre Dame in its midst a
A Renaissance fair played all about us.  Crafts
People were making beautiful artizan glassware
I wanted show her all the beauty of this world but
She kept disappearing and I feared I would not
Be able to finder her but then she would reappear
Again I would try to get her to take an interest in the
Magnificent creations.  But when she looked they all
Would turne to dross.  Then she would go again I knew
Not where and my heart ached so terrible was it to lose
Her.  Then she returned the final time and I pressed  her
Beneath me and breathlessly said I Love You-  It Was
Said without aforethought from the depths of my soul.
tt was thus  I understood that My Love,is the Lord my
God  was a jealous God who was saying show Me: Your
Love.  Put no treasures before m eand I will be yours -
But lest you misunderstand it was sweet and playful to
                               The End
Mar 2021 · 373
Like a Bellows
Like a bellow pulsating anxiety fans
the fires of love for only what is lost
Can tell the full story of what is priceless
While Love itself be  stable it  only when
It is wrenched away- when the whale that
Is in the seas leaps from the them that its
Self  is fully felt as the heart of life itself
Feb 2021 · 73
The End of Envy
Just in case you feel envious of the famous
Remember this when you or I die it will not
Be int he news or on the the telly Why?  you
Know  why because there will be no news at
The end of the world if my love not rise again
Feb 2021 · 99
Where your Treasure is
There is much that you see that you
Do not yet know that you Love  All
that is old and familiar and is rundown
Now parting.  That old man with the
Cane soon you will not see him any
More.  The cobbled streets the broken
Down shanties, the old tresste over the
River.  Shame shame how much you
Disliked and looked  down on it all:
The streets of your home town now only
Memory -the abandoned houses on the great
Estates that you snuck into they had treasures
Of another time always  now-then if you  See
The passing glory of it all is that it is not lasting
As the little prince said you only truly see when
See with the heart with your heart breaking.

To the  old man in the shabby   store who
who sold me penny on the way home from
Feb 2021 · 845
Love is Forever
In the timeless dark waiting
One awakes and His first wish
To know the kind king who rules
Where he may reside where love
Is Sovereign over all.  He sees it
Not nor yet feels only that it is true
A skeleton of logic, a tautology of
Being that where he is all is good
The seed of imdination that even if
Forget still is.and still lives in the
Light that which only perceives its
Shadow. Have you not heard spoken
The Word: "Forgive them they know
not what they do"  For there is beneath
The very beast the child that was and
Still is.  More than this I say that if the
Great world be evil it is but a sham and
Illusion that perishes before the Truth
Feb 2021 · 81
Pretentions of knowing are the first signs of a growing
maturity but to be fair it begins innocently enough.
In the evening twilight the  sounds of the
Village are heard from far and wide as echoes
Of an  eternal yesterday fragments of  play at
At the end of a day.  Like sparks before the
Coming dark so clear so faraway speaking to
The Heart of a forever loneliness for what was
Golden-now  has passed; a child's summers day

For my sister Sue Eileen on her birthday with  Love
Jan 2021 · 116
The Valley and the Hills
From the green valley I see the lumbering hills
Of darker green are the forests that like a shawt
Are draped  over a beautiful stranger who's face
You cannot  see but  who beckons you to come.
You know you cannot get there because what you
See will not be there.  It is so with so much that is
Desired.  You cannot always come to what can only
Be seen at a distance; you know this but still you go
When you are young and when old long to return to
The valley where the faithful hills still stand guard
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