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Apr 13 · 14
No Not One
As the Lord hath said:" There is none without sin.
No not one!"  Who then can condemn?  Who can
Judge?  The judged and the condemned who can
With honesty claim that they have been defamed
By all who dishonestly proclaim that they have the
Right to judge. But who has never made that claim.
No not one.  Lord holy is your silence; Blameless.
"Be still and know the Lord your God."  Then may
You  say you joyfully know He has heard my prayer
Apr 7 · 47
Who's on First
The wise old oowl told me long ago
God's nane but I did not understand
It was not a question but the answer
God's name is"Who" Who Knows I
Am not sure if my knowing this will
Make any difference.  Who can tell.
Who art in heaven is the only One.
The only One that knows but yet I
Sometimes I wh feel so awful close
To that Who "s on first that like one
Who just got the joke I laugh and like
A small child I feel like I 'm on First.

What a giddy feeling it is till someone
Yells " Your Out" What a spoil sport
II  I had to guess Its envy making up
The rules, but I know it's Who's rules
That all  the children know happiness
It slipped ghost like over  the eye of my conscience
A thief in the night it came unseen and took my truth
How many times I have repented even now so many
Years afterwards.  I do believe God forgave me but
I do not forgive myself for the callous act.  That I can
Not just accept the grace given so freely from my Lord
Is it that I do not  believe as I tell myself not to forget
Saying again and again Never again, Never again as if
That were some voodoo charm with power over all evil
There is still a scar over my third eye that keeps  me
Remembering what I would not have ever done if only
I  had but been true to myself.  Is it my pride that still tells
Me I could never fall prey to that silent ghostly film that
Passed between my soul' and and muted the voice of my
God.  Why should there ever be an eclipse of the sun; and
When it passes and sky is bright blue again why return to
Thoughts of darkness always asking why -Why me?
I who would be with you in heaven still cannot accept
My childhood-that you understood and still loved me
Even when I feet so bad about being bad I do not know
What to do or the reason why ...
Still  I am a child of God and Lord
I need you to tell me again and
Again  that you still love me. 
Again and Again that you Love
Me,   Amen

For all Gods Creatures: May we always show them kindness and be thankful.
Mar 18 · 120
Love Song
Modest is but to shield the eyes from the
Bright Star that is our innocence that we
Might not be blinded by the  of the light
With the all consuming desire to claim it
Drawn like a moth to the flame.  Seeking
Seeking the light that seeks us.  Surely this
Is a happy death.  We are drawn to Love- A
Consuming Love is to be together at last the
Dream fulfilled; to be together.  To be  One
With our hearts desire: Innocent forever We
Are but God;s Love Song.  Rising to heaven
As the smoke of prayers  is writhing upward
Returning to Him the gift of our Innocence
Feb 7 · 100
The Old Apple Tree
Back when I was young and The Village
Was new there was an old and broken apple
Tree just over a little hill  
Less than a hundred yards or so from my
Backdoor.  It was small, a crab apple I think
But I do not ever seeing any apples.  It was squat
Almost split down the middle of its short trunk.
Probably struck by lightening.
Still in the Spring every year it produced the most
Beautiful white blossoms.  No one seemed to notice
Its been more than 70 years since we moved in there and
Almost as many since I left.  I understand that the Village
Goes on but it seems impossible that the old apple tree
Still lives but in my memory it will always be part of me.
After my time there my life changed 'n when I I came back
I was married.  Now I too am broken but still I try to live
Putting out little blossoms from time to time and though
There are few I know who take notice some will think
Back on their youth and  will remember I was part of it

For my sister Sue; and for all my and her old friends,
some remembered some gone but still remembered from
The Village.
Feb 3 · 287
The Gift of God
Is it that thou should be considered great; famous; rich ;powerful?
Here on earth?  In Heaven?  Become as little children for theirs is
The supreme gift. Life eternal in the Kingdom belonging to all of
The children of God.  At the end of this mortal life  who would not
Forsake all earthly glory to know that that child'd place had been
Given.   To play forever  happy  content at the feet of  the Lord..
Remember this My brothers and sisters that Day of the Lord is ,,,
Therefore be as you will be knowing from God Our Father we are
Jan 21 · 101
It is Spring My Love
Having loved thru the darkest night
Loved the night and even then knew
The Star of a love that over came to
Believe and know you would return
I loved you all in all.  Whole  you are
All your parts I adore the more not to
Reject anyone Love abides and is One.
Jan 17 · 559
When I am gone
What I would not give to see you
One more time just as you were
In Berkeley but we both know
That would not be enough.
Play the flute for me when
I  Am gone

For Elizabeth
Jan 11 · 138
The Old Real
What could be more real
Than the old real..;  than
Dying Old...A rear guard
Action.  Who's only Raison
De etre is to delay the advance;
To allow the Retreating a bit
Of time to escape from the
Inevitable,  Between the now
And then...  A  time to live
Jan 10 · 135
Los Tres Pairs
Do you want a pear
No I need but one
Do you want a pear
No I prefer one
Do you want a pair
No I already have one.

For Ed Ross, Dream Librarian,
My First friend in the Golden State
In the Golden State
Dec 2023 · 98
Riley's Farm Rhymes
I read them as a child.  Sentimental for a far off time
Softened by the long passage  areseen thru the mists
Longing for a lost innocence.  Now that time of my
Youth is as far a way as the time of Riley's old farm
Tales was from him-and it kind of seems they rest in
A place where we are forever young that we loved-
But never quite knew how much until they are gone
Calling forth tears to make glisten all our memories

A tribute to James Whitcomb Riley, The "Indiana Bard"
Dec 2023 · 80
The Mystery
The philosophers have told us
Know thy self.. But how.? Always you
Have known Knowing and not Knowing
Ask yourself what is the difference. Can
It  too  be known  now you are approaching
The Heart of the mystery-where you will find
The Way that is the Mystery of knowing your
Self. and is the Mystery that exists but cannot
Be solved but lives on without denying death but
Is their coincidence each an affirmation of the
Other. The Mystery lives and it is the Love of
Truth and the Truth of Love and it is always
One  and iis both known and not known.  On
Earth as it is n heaven.  But how can that Be?
Oct 2023 · 247
The Best of Times
In general I have found that it is best
To make the best of things until the
Best of things is made for you too

Have faith and let the truth always be
With you...It is a gift from our Creator
Sep 2023 · 68
Birds in the Forest
The sovereignty of now so quickly passes
Gone on to the stillness of the time before
Where in  peace reigns in the silence sung
All is one  All is one; and  so unfathomable
Sep 2023 · 229
On a Summers Eve
I hear the children playing; their laughter most of all. and
Why am I here alone in my bedroom listening.  I too am young
I should be with them but I am not.  So long ago I  hear their cries
Their song so beautiful as the sun goes down and I in my room
Alone -so long ago a witteness still to this memory of my youth
Aug 2023 · 281
Hear: I Am
Here everything Blends
Everything separates
It is wonderful and it is
The blinding sun, the pitch of
Nothing and everything:
Mortal time and eternity
I am and I am not
I am that I am
Thus my Father spoke to me
The eloquence of the broken is
Incredibly eloquent; Hard men
Do cry when the truth is spoken
Time is once we were young; now
We are young still;  that is why we
Cry.  Then and now are One but are
Broken into past and present and our
Heart in two; our soul is given words
That pulse from our wounds like blood

For Barbara remembering you on one starry night; and
||PBS story about young people  going to Casa Susanna
Apr 2023 · 128
Joy is a many splendored being
In joy we forget all our grievances
Hope appears as a bright star in our
Darkest moments to say: I am truth
Joy will come again.  Remember:
Joy in deepest grief.  Do not cease
To believe.  Do not forget Joy.  Know
You will rise again as He has promised
That the sons of man   they shall know
His Love for then is without end. So I
Say to you again Believe and Remember
Where is the Kingdom?  When is the Kingdom?
Sometimes it seem it is not here; not now and we
We just do not know and maybe never shall.  This
Is the dark night of the soul when it seems God does
Not hear our prayers and we left with only our own
Will to survive or not. Resigned or not we endure to
The end. Imagine the Lord on the Cross.  Is not this
Will to survive God  Himself in ours Self? Or not?

Yet there are moments when we realize the Kingdom
Here and now is ever with us .  We believe it is Eternal
That we are Immortal.  When this knowing passes we are
Left with Faith and hope waiting to know Love again.
We do not alway see clearly but as the Apostle said: "but as
Thru a glass darkly"  So much of what we learn of in our
Life : history,  the daily news, and even science  does seem
Antithetical to our belief.  Tells us there is another truth that
Refutes and denies all that we would believe about  Our's
Only the blissfully ignorant are unaffected but even our
Children soon suffer from the their parent's acculturation
To a prideful knowing. Remember it has been said: that the
Foolishness of God is better than the wisdom of man- But
We are not wholly lost to the Kingdom.  We know joy.  We
Know love.  We  are awed by the beauty of the Creation.  
Still we Know what we Know.  Ours spirit, our soul does not
Ever totally abandon its roots in all that's holy.  There are holes
In the dark glass-moments when we see and know the truth
The other more glorious Truth,  The Kingdom is here now on
Mother Earth not to come but always was  is and always shall be
Revealing itself in so many ways.  There is a riddle here an enigma  
There is somethings prevent our constant joyful knowing; that keeps
Strangers, mere visitors to the Kingdom.  Imperfect beings
. A paradox.  Yes and no.  One We are the children of God ever
On the way.  Between zero and One there is nothing.  God has
Forgotten all our misdeeds in the Kingdom.  He who makes all
Things new means that the Divine must constantly be  be discovered.
Perpetually wonderful requires a constant rebirth from the womb
Of darkness.  The time between the darkness and the Light is no time
Thus we are given the Forever.  We are Forever on the Way and
The Way is a constant Revelation  there is no difference between
The way and the Destination are One.  God is Love and our  Father
In us.  Who ever reads this message will be heavily burdened until
He passes it on.  Soon, even now my burden is lite  because I do
This.  Christ said: "It is finished..."  So be it done unto you.  All of
You, my friends  - Each in your own Way.  It is finished.

Happy Easter
Mar 2023 · 283
The Sun at Twilight
Does the setting sun look back upon the
Day and blame those who upon its rising
Were filled with hope; and at its zenith in
The sky did cheer the glory of it's throne
Welcomed it and gradually forsook it for
The coming night think that it is a betrayal,
A fickle love that lasted for so short a time.
Are these the thought of the sun at twilight?
To seek revenge is that its mood in the azure
Rose at the day's end.  Would be a foolish sun
That rues the past or would **** the time to
Come.  Know all it seeks to share with us it's
Peace-Proclaim to all all who have faith to rest
Believing that it will rise again on it' s forever
Journey toward the Kingdom to come till all be
On earth as it is in heaven-Father make us know
Make us know the way is love.  Bring us home.

In memory of my old friend Jimmy Birdsong who
took me from Bend to visit his family and on to the
Orchards of Washington state and back to Bend...
Feb 2023 · 168
In Brief
It is the poets objective to make
The longest waits short; to sum up
History; the whole from its ending
To its beginning, distilling the truth
In its essence and to leave the  chaff
To fall away  So we can get on with it
Let the glory be, to go on and on. On earth
As it is in heaven  Praise and Joy without
End,  It is the least we can do for whom the
Bell tolls that we may tell God we know.
That It is now Now that you are with us.
Feb 2023 · 245
Every Moment
Every moment is a poem
Now or was or will never be
So much it says that among
Them all you have chosen me
I am not that special; plain as
Plain could be,  almost generic
I would say of all that is special.

An old man; a penny candy store
That is no more yet I remember He
Saw me and I saw him.  In my eyes
He saw his youth of days gone bye
And I saw in him the times long ago.

All is poetry as many poems as stars
In the sky- as there moments that can
Be remembered.  Now or Will Be...
Each is special the more so that you
Chose me and I chose you with me
Such is the power of the command to love even
If it be from a God unknown.  Even if if we are
Bidden to take forbidden fruit what are these if
God asks for our love we will give it.  Know it as
The gift, the greatest gift there is.  In it all our  
Transgressions are forgiven and the supremest of
Our sins forgotten and this is the unknown God we
Worship The known and unknown God the One we
Obey. Forever and a day a call to love so wonderful
Jan 2023 · 120
Slow Change
Like an animated picture the long
Blond afternoon stretches far out.
The signs of humanity are all about
But there is no one around-all is still
Then a lone car passes then nothing
Again.  The tableau is lonely as it is
Lovely.  I do not want to change it
I cannot.  I am alone and must be ...
Grateful; and Sad.  Slow change like
A picture is all I have  No more to
Hope for so I must save all I  have
While now whispers with long agos
And everything slowly turns golden

For Bren
Jan 2023 · 121
Truth in The Twilight Zone
There is the truth we know and the truth that we
Know we do not know and then there is the Truth                                    wdo We do not know that we not know and that makes
all the difference.*  
We search for the truth and by definition it makes no
Difference  defines what already is true whether
We know it or not and que sera sera but there is the
Other Truth that is and is not that may be the source
Of the miraculous; the magical that exists between
Zero and One.  The time between Consciousness to
Unconsciousness to consciousness again.  A time of
The merest moment or eternity We do not know and
We cannot even know we do not know until we do.
May the Force be with you and may God bless you.
*A paraphrase of our former Secretary of Defence
Dec 2022 · 130
The Jester
If the fabric of my semi pleasant semi-
Bland reality were suddenly to be ripped
Open who would be there beckoning me
A demon or a friend most likely a jester and
Would I go with him?  I do not know but if
Not would I regret it to my dying day? For
This I am certain he will not come back to
Invite me again and dear heart already I am
Torn that I a child must part my with love of
Folly.  Go knowing the folly of God is better
Than the wisdom of men and  I am growing old
What is the advantage of staying here if you are
Still young and fair and foolish elsewhere?
I had just begun reading the preface of  William Makepeace Thackeray's "Vanity Fair"  when it came upon me to write this poem.  I now shall read further and see if  he also felt perplexed and whether he chose to accept the jester invitation.
Nov 2022 · 157
My little girl
My love slips away.
Through my fingers
Around corners and
I do not see her.  Can
Not find her anymore
I cannot control my
Dreams but she will
Always be there to hear
Hear me say once again
I love you. Just things
You cannot control and
Things she cannot do Be
In the big world where she
Will always be my little
Girl.  She was there with
Me in my dream last night
Will she come again tonight
So I can tell her I love her still
I do not know but I know I will
Love her always. Till my dreaming
Stops and we are together again.

For Lis
Nov 2022 · 168
Wake No More
With  the sun overhead till in the dusk it
Descends and here is plenty good and fruitful
Are you are ready for your rest- now come
To the table of the family that you love.  Give
Thanks.  Then wake no more for the dream
You lost begins now again. You have come
Come home.
At last.   You could dream of flying but now
You have done that and other wonders too. So
Quickly the light fantastic loses it's attraction
But to have your love in your arms that is all
Of heaven.  Who could ask for anything more?
Wake no more.  Stay with me.  No need to travel
Higher  Dreams in search of dreams are done. The
Lord says now that you  are here "stay with me. Do
Not go.  Hear me" says the Lord of all that is
Stay don't you know there is no where better to be
I am the Western* wind that you have so long sought
Wake no more for I am with thee the alpha /omega
One Forever and eternity till the cows come home.
Hear me and wake no more. I pray to be where I am
Who I am and with who I love and who loves me
To  dream a better dream and wake no more.
*Google "Oh Western Wind When Wilt Thou Blow" a geat anonymous poem from the middle ages you may not know.
Nov 2022 · 149
Another Place
Fame; Riches; Great Ability
Why would anyone leave all
These behind? Such is the final
Journey.  To what end?  To no
End. Of such dreams are made
There must be Another place.
And those who are poor;  un-
Known; with no greatness of
Ability nor distinction of birth
Who die in their youth are given
A head start -and those so loved
Oft go before us on the greatest
Journey all--To Another place
Where life may pause but never
Ends. All the promises of God
Not yet here are  fully realized.

Where you have gone
I will follow. For Olde
Lange Syne
But I do  not think all our yesterdays light the way to dusty death
But rather so great is the scroll of life that we are in great awe So
Many memories like as there are stars in the night sky of all God
Has done
Done for us  0h such a mighty work . How great Thou art
to have forgiven
Given us so many treasured memories. It is but a..
  A glimpse of a measureless Love.   In eternity
we  now live and believe and...that this should be

Our hearts overflowing with tears of joy and songs of praise

For Barbara
Nov 2022 · 81
The Eyes of God
Behind the eyes of God there are
Many Sovereign Dreamers; and no
Common vision would we know but
Love restrain wild excess for in other
Sovereign worlds live those we love
More than our liberty and thus it is by
Compromise we come to live in this
Our oft jaded reality. Oft rebelling till
Reminded that God is Love and One
Sovereign yet understands our reasonable
Dissatisfaction with this mundane world
We are compelled to live in So shews us
Great mercy- kind understanding toward
Our rebellion reminds us that the bonds of
Love shall free as is promised in the end

(So we wake to yet slog on for yet a while)
Oh to lose the one you love - a flash of light as of the great bomb
A loss so great, a sorrow unfathomable my eyes release a torrent
of tears   Knowing you were gone forever All I' ve lost  All that I am
Nov 2022 · 63
The Eyes of God
Behind the eyes of God there are
Many Sovereign Dreamers; and no
Common vision would we know but
Love restrain wild excess; for in other
Sovereign worlds live those we love
More than our liberty and thus it is by
Compromise we come to live in this
Our oft jaded reality. Oft rebelling till
Reminded that God is Love and One
Sovereign yet understands all reasonable
Dissatisfaction with the mundane world
We are compelled to live with. So shows
Us mercy and kind understanding toward
Our rebellion remind us that the bonds of
Love shall free as is promised in the end
Oh to lose the one you love - a flash of light asof the great bomb
A loss so great , a sorrow unfathomable my eyes release a torrent
of tears and I knew you were gone forever.
Oct 2022 · 148
An Unknown Professor
I walked along Morningside Heights to
the place where the road ended.  I was
on my way home from The Free School
which my children attend on my way to
my apartment on West 121St. where our
apartment courtesy of Teachers College
was.  It was late afternoon in Spring and
I was feeling blue but that is another story
Just as  I was about to turn West I saw on the
sidewalk a bunch of  household trash seeming
remnants of a move.  I looked closer and
saw three framed degrees from long ago
The last was a doctoral degree.  It was then
I realized that it probably belonged to some
old Columbia professor who had died- out
living anyone who cared.  Sad but New York
Is full of sadness and the ambitions of a life
are realized and expire and there is no one to
know what was achieved now worthless to all
who come after.  Life is like a war with so many
unknown soldiers who's glory if any
was never here, never here forever
But I suppose we all secretly know
We live lives as mysterious strangers
Known in this world known but to God

Children's Free School A parent Coop back in the 70s
Oct 2022 · 159
A Sweet Sad Song
Tells the story of the heart grown heavy
Knowing all this sweetness would not last
Soon would be memory.  The great hopes
We had would become a life long ago. Yes
We know always knew it would end but still
For that alone we threw our whole selves; all
Our youth into a sweet sad song of our time
As precious as it was mortal.  Famous long ago
Yes we knew still know it could not last..
Such a sweet refrain was our time Too beautiful
To be.  The best of times; the worst it was our
Time.  A time like all times a sweet sad song

For You My Beloved
It is quiet now My father speaks: tells me
It is his good time.  I do not answer only
Remember; and think now about the end
As one who cannot know I do believe that
Though I would it not I shall say to all: "not
My will but Thy will be done. Though I die
My duty's done and the evening like morning
Like one then our will shall in eternity be and
I shall again hear your voice telling me: You are
In Heaven with me now; and now is my best time
Sep 2022 · 166
Of Dreams Uncertain
Ah there are other dreams than this
Some better Some worse
We seek a place to settle but are only
Adventurers exploring the wilderness
Looking for that other place called
Home that seems we left so long ago
Forgotten  now is the way back to the
Long ago.  In dreams we seek to know
A Way that is neither good nor bad,  We
Would not if there was another better but
All we know is that we cannot stay in this
Flawed and mortal place forever.  Still we
Loved and cannot leave until all the golden
Links of all that was and will be are One and
Nothing is lost that is saved to us in heaven.
We cannot leave here yet and so we wake and
The devil we  know  will not let us go till we
Know this too is on the the beloved way.  So  
We wait upon the Lord  Soon we will be home
The journey is not over Some dreams are bad
Some dreams are good.   To each a purpose

Dear one perhaps tonight I may catch the golden
Ring and you will be with me in my last dream
Labor Day2022
Aug 2022 · 64
What music is this
What music is this
Seems like only yesterday
The happiest of times
Now Again but a memory
A revery that has stayed
With me the longest time
Never again yet I hear it
Now.  What music is this?
Aug 2022 · 126
Gathering Up
In the brief life of our mistakes
The Lord has given us our eternity
In what was never meant to last
here there was yet justification and if
It endureth even the briefest moment
Immortal; Eternal.  Minimal yet
So plenteous they are  they that is
Sufficient to life everlasting; and as
The memory of our mistakes blazes
Unto the unremembered ashes

As by the light of the sun are we given
All of our days on earth as in heaven
For the One who made us is merciful
For by Love all that is made to endures
Endures while what passes away leaves
Us with the gift of  its time  Our time
Be merciful and thank the Lord for the
Gift of what is gone while we yet love

Strange what is heard forever echoing down
The corridors of time is the children's laughter
and a still small voice saying: Come play with
me  Come play with me again One more time".
Aug 2022 · 61
One Work of Poetry Is
To take the unbearable burden of
Precious memory from our hearts
But that all be not forgotten forever
To distill from the passing multi-
Verse just the merest essence of
The life that was  so dear and  so
Plenteous that it all could be borne
Forward and to leave some tincture
To solace the broken hearted that all
Is not lost and that there is yet a key
To times past and of laughter long ago
Jul 2022 · 116
Dreaming Now the Dream
Thoughts so wonderful that from one
To he next they cannot be remembered
No nary a word of what I heard.  Twas
An elegy to an old ball player like the
Babe recited by a boy; made him to be
What we all want to be Our truth But I
Cannot remember a word I tell you the
Truth is a dream too wonderful that goes
On and on The long sought dream with
No  end but ever begins again the Truth
To renew   Ah I am old, what answers are
There but to dream better dreams Take it
All leave nothing behind.  Take to the air
Soar in the heavens on the wings of love
Where you are waiting and I am coming

And yes like Peter leaping off the boat I
Walk on the rough water when the Master
Calls- only to sink into the roiling depths
Crying out to my Friend "Save me !" Oh
Ye of little faith" He says. But it is enough.
I shall give Him thanks for my daily bread
Remembering all the good he has given me
Jul 2022 · 81
All I Know
If All we had was the Creation
And never was spoke or heard
Of that great Mystery would we
Be better. be more loving, more
Free and so be more obedient to
Our true natures to love one another
The second is like the first a teacher
Once said but if there were only the
One and that there be no other but
What is so wonderfully given..If I
Do not preach would my words be
Better...could I love more...and tell
The truth more sincerely that I am
Believed-I know not.  A poet I hope
Wondering wavering, wandering
Between two shores seeking I know
Not what and in my troubles  I will
Ever seek him  here,my friend and
Comforter in my time of trouble

For my son who has the key
Jul 2022 · 130
I remember when
When I was President ...
President of my time with you, I of
The neighborhood boy's club; and
You though I did not know you so
Well then were president of the
Neighborhood girls club.  Say it's
Not so but it's true none the less
It was you who thought the same
As I did way back when we were
All so young my friends. But there
Was no club; No president.  You can
Call me a liar and you be the same
I still think it was better back then an
When there was no club or president
And we were all just boys and girls
When yet we could all be president
Though only so by our heart's  intent
Jul 2022 · 256
Siesta Sun
Oh bland and beautiful afternoon sun
Of  days  gone by it seems I see your beauty
Now for the first time  Everything at peace
In the populated village no one is around You
Are the same but I yearn more than ever to
Draw close  To know you better-this time
Jul 2022 · 467
The Midnight Star
If your purpose is to seek to disprove
The bad news go not into the darkness
Yet seek the twinkling star that comes
In your darkest hour-the truth does not
Needs proof but only to be itself known
The unknown declared is but our vanity
Discover humility and bless the darkness
That you may love the earth our mother
Jun 2022 · 162
Does the beauty in the distance
Beckon?  To what end the way?
What more is there to say?  Are
We not now in the its midst now
Awed?  Is there a wish for more
No it is that this first moment now
Now be sustained:  We are in the
Glory of the mist yet Beholding it-
Only moving on to keep it forever

This is how I remember you Lord
Jun 2022 · 155
A Peak at Eternity
Just before departing my former foes
Came to me exacting my promises that
I would do them no harm and ... when
I agreed on my honor that it would be
So  they give me parting gifts, things
Long sought.  We entered a dark tunnel
My friends and my beloved dog also a
Farewell gift.  We were at last heading   
Home- after an indeterminate but brief time
We emerged and as if thru dark clouds we
Were at the end of the journey.  In the
Morning light a corner of my vision was
Lit and there was a shore where children
Were happily jumping up and down in the
Ocean and I knew I was home and that is
Where my memory ended in the place of
My Dreams, my long journey finally over

All I ever lost returned to me many fold...

For My Father
Jun 2022 · 149
Glorious Madness
It is madness to smell a
Rose for the first time
You wish you could but
You never can Still you
Try and it seems but oh
Its a glorious madness
Takes you down down
To the roots of your soul
Where you have hidden
Poetry.  a line or two the
Grace of God dropped to
Save you from dispsair-
Give you back what was
Lost The glorious madness
Sanctified for all time. The
Essence of all first love  A
Glorious madness to persu

To all i haved loved in my
youth we shall be together
Again when all is made new
Jun 2022 · 84
I Am
A moment ago my Father was
Pushing me now I am swinging
By myself.  
The sky is blue.  The earth is
Green.  The sun is some place
I am swinging by myself.
Jun 2022 · 144
If love be only for the perfect it is not for us
For all begin their journey shall fall short still
Love exhorts us to continue for Love is always
A process-who fears falling more than loves to
Walk does not trust that love is kind. But who
Stumbles is told to rise again and to know that
Love is patient and love is kind; and whoever is
in power Let them know how be it this came to
Be.  Say not then: It is only God can Love and  
God forgive  Say yes to me who's fallen. Say
Rise dear friend take my hand for it's been given
Then shall I rise saying only by the grace of God
Am I Living  Oh adfinitum is the Love of God  to
Man; and man to God; so should our kindness be
To one another.  Grant this Oh Lord I still pray...

For my children
I try to remember not to say
It is mine.  We live in between
Never do we possess the gift
But give Thee Thanks knowing
Still and always it is Thine  from
Whom cometh all that we receive
And what is life but  the whispered
Promise of an eternity to come
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