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Love is more like a cone
than a cube
two rounded tops
curved like a tube
steeping down to a peak
soft like ice-cream sweet
and smooth

Love is more like two spheres
than a flat crest
beautifully moulded
and rounded
like a woman’s breast
perfectly placed here
(pointing to my chest)

Love is more like a triangle
than a square
sharp at a point
then curves from there
ends at a downward angle
then circles to the start
It’s symmetrical, identical
made of two equal parts

love is more like
the shape of my heart
 Jan 2022 Cynthia Jean
am i ee
stepped out
bare footed

left prints
in falling snow
 Jan 2022 Cynthia Jean
Pain doesn't leave you
till it teaches the lesson.

Pain doesn't leave you
till it makes you an artist.

Pain doesn't leave you
till it provokes wisdom.
Pain is a wise man's teacher.
Thanks to everyone for another amazing year of incredible poetry !
You ask me
”do you love me?”
I reply
“would you like that I do?”

I ask
”do you love me?”
You say
”would you want me to?”

We wait for the sunset
silently we stare out to the sea
and I’m thinking just how much

I love you

and only if you knew
A blind woman gave birth
to the most beautiful girl
on earth

She could feel her heart beat
but could never see her face

She could touch her hand
but never saw her
eyes of grace

She could smell her skin
but never seen
her smiling

a beautiful blind woman bore
the most beautiful woman on earth
who saw her mother more

than just with eyes and all their worth
It became more and more
There was a storm inside her

growing ever stronger

and she sought
to terminate it
before it was too late

It's arguably more difficult to
terminate such storms
when you're fifteen
and still living with your parents

so she decided not to
share her struggle
with them
and reached inside her
for the eye of the storm
with a steel wire she'd kept in
a bottle of hand sanitizer for a day
and a night

Yes, the first raindrops painted the
white of the bathtub

they were crimson
and salty

like her tears
The world was growing colder
because the weather
was akin
to people’s hearts,
he was told

in a dream

The people had denied him
the world
and he was left with the backstreet
And he had to share the
backstreet dumpster with the dogs
Or rather the dogs had to share
it with him

they agreed

and at least this corner of
the world
was a little warmer
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