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Mayra Jun 2019
I was yours
You were mine
At one point in time
Our lives intersected
I loved you once
I still think of you
Go through all the memories
I wish I could have froze time
Because then I was yours and you were mine

  Nov 2015 Mayra
Acidic Moon
Underneath the stars at night,
I lie awake and think of you.
I think of all the things we use to do,
Oh how I miss you..
I miss all our memories..
All the things you said to me.
I miss your voice,
I miss your laugh..
I miss you..

As I lie awake,
Tears run down my face.
When I think of you,
This is what I do.
You broke me,
I'm so sorry..
I loved you,
But you lied to me.
You never loved me..
You never missed me..
And here I am, crying.
And trying.
To be the person I was before you came into my life.
But you've changed me,
And now I'm nothing more..
Than a broken girl..
And you were my whole world.
  Nov 2015 Mayra
i miss you
     and everything we talked about.
i miss you
     and everything we were.
i miss you
     and everything you said to me.
i miss you
     and the way you said my name.
i miss you
     and the way you laughed at my stupid jokes.
i miss you
     and your smile.
i miss you
     and how you'd call me at midnight because you knew i was awake.
i miss you
     and the way you said, "i love you" before you'd say goodbye.
i miss you
     and your laugh.
i miss you
     and everything you promised.
i miss you
     and all of our inside jokes.
i miss you
     and how you made me feel.
i miss you
     and how happy you made me.
but most of all

I never thought I'd miss you like this...
  Nov 2015 Mayra
feed me poison,
watch me die,
savour while I struggle.

stab me with knives,
hear me cry,
make my screams your favourite song.

cut me up,
bleed me dry,
swim in my tears.

let me go through hell,
in beds of fire, lie
make castles of my ashes.

leave me behind,
and say goodbye,
carry with you a piece of me.

but please.. don't say you love me
only to lie.
Mayra Nov 2015
Forget who I was with
The past doesn't matter anymore
The only person I want to be is with you
You're the person that I want to be with now is you
With all of your flaws I still want **you
  Nov 2015 Mayra
Remember the nights
And the teary eyes
Remember the day
When we had first met
Don’t you remember?
The way we quarreled
My eyes are still crying
Coz beneath the heart
You are still there
Feeding me off, still loving
Oh dear! Where are you now?
You moved on swiftly;
May I know how?
Please remember me once more
Call me again when am gone
I need you back now
Or else I’ll die you don’t know how
I apologize for anything
And beg you for everything
You showed me what life is
I learnt with you what love is;
See now I am smiling
The way you want
Remember the way I cried
And you always gave a taunt
So please remember me once more
And call me again when am gone
Mayra Nov 2015
I found myself by losing you. My heart doesn't stop cause we're not together anymore. Losing you was the worst thing that happened to me, but at the same time it was the beginning of a journey of finding who I really was. All these past years of searching who I was I found it when I lost you. I had to learn to live without you and start living for me. I don't need anyone but myself. I might have lost you, but in the process I found myself.
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