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 Mar 2021
The year I choked on love
The year I swallowed grief and it’s sharp edges
Tore ribbons out of my own throat
A sentimental offering to anyone  brave

enough  to bare their teeth
The year I let the boy hurt me for the last time
The year the boy hurt me, one, last, agonising time

I found out my brain is on fire

No actually medically on fire

The year I tried to juggle all the acts and ran out of hands
Out of hope
Out of rope to give
To tie up my loose ends

Like the four good reasons I listed not to **** my self, how they all had names and faces similar to mine
Like the bottom I didn’t reach
How hard I kicked to stay afloat

I didn’t choke
I didn’t choke
I didn’t choke
 Jan 2021
Third Eye Candy
I was Black yesterday. Blackity, Black, Black, Black…
On my way to work, with my ***** hair stenciled to my Crown.
I was Breathing like Air was a Birthright
And my shoes slapped the concrete
Like a *****.

Because the Rainbow isn’t Suicide Anymore
I tread where my eagles congregate in perpetual sky-
Above the Ghetto of my familiar rivals...
Soaring in the Raiment
Of a Particular Sun that never casts a Shadow
Where my Brown Eyes kneel.
I see the Light… and unleashed, I strut like a phantom-
Your equal in all things…

However suspect,
When bombs go off
at point blank

Invisible to Cabbies.
 Feb 2019
N R Whyte
I knew it wouldn't end in fire;
We burned
Too fast, too enjoyably, to suffocate
In flames.

I found the scab, the source,
Small and round and secret.
Incapable of leaving it to heal, I finger the edges
Nervously until the blood flows
Cold and jealous and foreign and unforgiving and slow.

A tipping point we can't reverse out of,
We're frozen on the event horizon,
Empty like the air in February,
The oxygen burned out from our explosion.

I am only left with regret and this
Sense, clear and dry and freezing, that I've walked
Too far north and lost the sun,
Though clouds still part in the distance and wave
Toward the open spaces
With fingers unfurling in unnatural curls.

I claw back to calm from
Calamity and speak, knowing I have listened
Too deeply to words meant for other ears - words that do not tell
Me what to say in return - I am raw.

I stand at the edge of mercy,
Abrupt in my humanity,
Suddenly losing feeling in my toes.
 Oct 2018
Marsha Singh
and invited the moon into the
room – a stranger, she stole
through the night to our chambers,
a bevy of damsels to carry her candles.
She lit up our eyes; she lit up our skin
like our skin was the sky.
Then she loaned me her robe and she kissed me goodbye.
 Nov 2017
K Balachandran
a blazing eyed girl,
fueled by her love's ardor,
cool it by a smile!
 Nov 2017
K Balachandran
Winter nights are the cruelest,
sound of incessantly falling ice,
disturbs.It accumulates,
on the foliages above,
       and fall
             on the earth
                           with a
   I am sweating tears,
my heart bleeds; a pain-
I can't share with anyone,
as you aren't near.
*My heart develops a hole,
                        I peer inside,
and see you
               sit there perplexed!
 Feb 2017
just live
lie with me
until the moon says it's last goodbye
and the sun peeks his head up
hoping to catch his lover before she leaves
then lie with me longer

kiss me
like the wave kisses the beach
drawing in then drawing out
never ending their dance
then kiss me longer

hold me
as the earth holds the tree
never letting go
even through the roughest storm
then hold me harder

love me
with the passion of a thousand summer thunderstorms
a mix of every emotion
fighting for dominance
then love me *
 Jul 2016
Michael Amery
I have become a man of habits.
Alarms wake me, coffee and toast.
Gym, morning texts,
messages to my monkey.

The crow knows no habits
Hunts and gathers, watches for prey
Does habit call for the roost of murders?
I know less than little.

I have become my habits.
Birds, birds, birds.
I'd do anything for her smile.
Whiskey breath and soft kisses are my
prayers offered to the night,
or day.
Feast solely on the moon and
you will not receive sustenance.  

The past is certain, and so it becomes my future.
So too, is it certain, that I will relive my past mistakes?

Questions without answers.
My habit.
The lord gave me the intellect to question,
but saw fit to withhold the courage needed to answer.
Providence only moves when you do.
 Jun 2016
this manic song
of my feet with your feet
the quest for our names
our bodies without fence
my fingerprints like unburnt stories
on your skin
I have no alibi
you invented my desire

the whale-song of
my shoulder with your shoulder
I'm falling apart in your palms:
I invented your desire
and you have no excuse -
you hold down the night
for the next you, the new me
the unforeseen smile
at the end of the day
 Mar 2016
I want to
      Kiss you the morning
...after bringing you coffee
               ...with loud laughter
   ...and uncontrollable smiles

I want to
      Kiss you the sunlight
...with waves crashing at our ankles
            ...or amidst the clouds on mountaintops
    ...sharing adventure
I want to
      Kiss you
     ...surrounded by trees
      the delight of the wild
   ...and the serennade of birds chirping
                         ...with excitement

I want to
      Kiss you crowds of people
  ...with raindrops falling on our heads
        the musical harmony of life
...and feel your heartbeat

I want to
      Kiss you
     ...alone, beneath the stars
                   ...caressed by the moolight
  ...filled with passion voyeuristic opportunity to the nocturnal

I want to Kiss you when you least expect it
And perfectly timed for when you need it most

I want to
       Kiss you

Every Night


For all time



Then again

                              The next morning

I want to
      Kiss you
With you in mind ❤
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