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 Apr 2021
Doy A
Soak me in the honey
of your *****
I want you to come
here with me
I want to drown in your sweetness
and look up at the stars
see the miracle you are

Let me hold you down
as you pull me in
Partake in this sin
with me

Baby, you and I
our universes collide
one big explosion
maybe two
maybe more

When you retire
I'll keep you in this bed
of our love and our sweat
let you catch your breath
before I dive in again
and again
and again

You are soft and warm
and wet
I don't want to end this yet
Insatiable, relentless
Breathless, helpless

Your legs around mine
Your back on my chest
Maybe this is the best
night of your life
until tomorrow comes
 Apr 2021
Francie Lynch
I was told if I ate worms,
I could fly.
Ever since, I've stepped over sun-baked sidewalk worms.
I recall eating an orchard apple from the ground.
That didn't end well.
Rockwell suggested frying them.
Hamlet punned about worms travelling through a King.
Don't be called a worm.
Don't worm your way in,
You'll likely find a hook.
I'm forever grounded.
The worm hasn't turned.
Thomas Rockwell wrote How to Eat Fried Worms.
 Nov 2017
S Smoothie
Sleeping satellites hide their threats in their lazy orbital drift
Winking charmingly  disarming
Oblivious to the fact that one small change in trajectory
Will bring catastrophic catacylism
Hypnotically the thought drifts away as quickly as it came
Back to oblivion.
Barely concious
 Mar 2017
In between stolen kisses
and longing glances,
we've hidden inside the covers
of our borrowed moments.
They say the nights are for lovers
but we're playing with those letters
and their meanings.
Making puns of what is to love
and to make peace with war.
Sharing skin, never staying too long
for a goodnight kiss;
we leave before the heat of our touch
cools down,
this our caricature of a romance.

We're making love with the dark,
sharing dreams with the stars,
its all make believe, playing house,
but who can stop us from daydreaming
inside this room with some numbers.

We lay awake counting sheep until
too soon; the sun is breathing down our necks,
we've drawn the blinds and shut the door
stealing daylights hours to save one last
 Jan 2017
S Smoothie
She fell hard
He softened
Time was not kind
Neither was serendipity
They clasped hands and lips
And said the longest goodbye.
 Jan 2017
S Smoothie

Love spins tangled webs
Truth sets free the unwilling
Trapping the blind ones


Voices unwelcome;
Torture rings through delusion-
Comfortably numb.


The dark of sky falls
Stars struggle to shine through it
As hope does when lost


To find a sweet bird
To sing the sweetest soul song
But not to your soul


A passion called forth
So clawed in and smothering
The light left her eyes


Grim thoughts pull tightly
Red lines flow in a river  
The last cut, deepest.


Petals of thought fall
The wind scatters emotions
To the ends of earth
 Nov 2016
Amber Blank
You are my very existence.
You hold my beating, throbbing, mangled heart in your hands.
I am in constant awareness of your absence when your body is not with mine.
I ache for your touch
I hold my breathe between the moments of communication between us
You are my breathe
You are my eternity, you are my dreams and wishes
You represent everything good in this world to me.
I know at times I get lost in my own head, my thoughts seem to gravitate to the worst possible conclusion of every issue.
I know I can be short, and seem cruel or unfeeling
My greatest weakness is not thinking before I speak
But my greatest strength is having you to understand me and love me anyway.
You give me a power unlike anything I have ever felt
The ability to not apologize for being me, the removal of expectation, the freedom and support to follow my heart.
Knowing you are standing beside me, makes me invincible, immortal
For every characteristic I lack you possess
For every attribute I fail to express, you are there to show me how
My teacher, my protector, my lover, my best friend, my confidant, my heart, my soulmate, my fate, my faith, my hope, my partner.
 Aug 2016
Amber Blank
This soul is experiencing an awakening like never before
Years of straining to please the masses
Decades of being lost in the world of judging eyes
Condemned by every heart she had allowed close
Driven insane by the words that replayed every minute of every day
Relentless scratching on this chalk board of reality
Torture that seemed to be her eternity.

Rescued by the sun
A simple caress of her cheek , the sweet sound
the vibration of his voice
So easily untied the ropes of life that had strangled her soul
Strange stillness has replaced the chaos of her mind
Tranquility washes over her

Peace settles in to take root
As she watches as if she is a by stander to her own life
Watches every inhibition
every fear, every thought of failure
fall away like magic

He is her missing puzzle piece
He is her balance
He is her dream
He is so unlike any before him

She catches her breathe at every encounter
In awe of the man standing before her
Amazed by the serenity he provides
Which to her is the greatest gift in the world
 Aug 2016
Amber Blank
Pure joyful intoxication
In the presence of his body and soul
There I have found my paradise
Giddy and full of anticipation
Every nerve, every sense is stimulated
Blissful, in complete surrender to his commands

Playful yet purposeful
Jovial yet sincere
Ecstasy and intimacy like never before
His touch starts a fire burning deep in my soul
through every motion, every sweet yet sensual kiss
Brings this scarred spirit to life

Indulging in the flesh
Deeper than any connection in history
Addicted to this euphoria
Craving more and more
Wanting to revel in the feeling of two bodies becoming one
Drunk with desire
Hungry to experience all that he has to offer
Desperate to remain in this embrace
Unable to wipe this foolish smile from my face
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