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 Sep 2018
Ryan Clark
It was long ago
and much has changed
but, it wont let me go
the feelings remain the same.

Walking down that wall
distant as it were.
Still hearing the call
of someone who isn't there at all

I can't remember why
We were in that awful place
the memory still haunts my mind
demons I refuse to face

How were we to know
just what we'd see
how were we to hold
onto our sanity

I see them still
lurking behind every door
like I'm still in that hell
even though I've left its shores

I feel like life's a dream
taking me away
from my true reality
how can things ever be the same

I'm sorry my brother
I didn't mean to cause you pain
please don't bother
I need to be taken away

And now that I'm gone
you don't have to worry
I'm at peace and moved on
I'm not in that hell any more
I turned this into a song. Check it out at Writer search Ryan Clark
 Sep 2018
Ryan Clark
Cherry Blossoms bloom
Their new
found love, breaks my heart
I leave her for War
 Sep 2018
Ryan Clark
I am a hawk without wings
flying above  trees.
Salty wind hits my face;
I smile.

The land beneath me sings
bounty and beautiful scenes.
I gaze
It passes me by.

I am left to stare.
No thoughts to spare
by my haste.

My smile fades,
the time is neigh.
I descend
and clear my mind.

The helicopter hits
I feel the thud
First our packs
Then our guns

The roar amplifies
then fades away.
No longer am I a hawk.
Now I am a snake.
Hey guys it has been a hot minute since I last wrote a poem. Its been a crazy and hectic 2 years for me and I have accomplished alot, however it has not left me alot of time to think. I'm not really feeling the flow like I use to but I'm sure I'll warm back up once I pop a few more of these out and pick it back up... needless to say... I'm BACK (-&
 Sep 2018
Ryan Clark
I am the sacrificial lamb
To your Jihad
You are the target
To my warpath;
If we should never
cross paths in battle
Let there be no animosity
between us
Let us meet
In Valhalla
No anger, just business.
 Sep 2018
Ryan Clark
Sumer, Winter
shine, or rain,
Doesn't matter
its all the same.
Miles are miles.
They have nothing to say.
Littered with sweat;
Haunted by pain

Our backs are broken
Knees begin to give out
Blister upon blister;
yet none fall out
We are to tired to gripe,
so onward we  roam
into the night.

For all of our troubles;
all of our plight
Its just another day
that burdens no ones mind.
Thankless tasks
that consume our lives
If only we knew
When we signed those lines.

Turkey dinner,
and funerals
replaced by miles,
burnt out bodies,
and restless hearts

For What?

We stare at other soldiers
and wonder why,
we alone
are bastardized.
After all,
does god not love the Infantry?  
****** fools are we

It will never change.
It is
as it always will be.
A few good men
straight to the butcher.
like cattle.

Its funny though.
Given a second chance
I'd still wear my blue chord
Standing again an Infantryman.
For all of the ****,
For all of the take
I'd rather be a broken *******
than a *****.
I had some time today and came up with this. Please dont be offended by the last line, its a very common Infantry mentality that I wished to  emphasize. If you don't under stand try not to give it much though and pass this poem up.
 Sep 2018
Ryan Clark
These moments are hard to come by
       A pack traded for a pack
         A gun traded for a guitar
            A company traded for companions
I wear the same boots
          And yet
I wear a different life
The burden of my pack
By the bounty of experience
I am born a new
   My life
       This road
           These moments
From an extinguished heart
Passion begins ablaze
A fiery spirit
Burning through the skies
Illuminating the night
I fly through the cosmos
       As free bird
          As a new being
              As the Phoenix
May come back to this one
 Sep 2018
Ryan Clark
I stare into a mid day sky
yet there is no sun in sight.
The canopy hides all from us
except the heat burning our hides.
Our clothes are four days soggy;
Our stomachs cry out in pain
despite a bounty of subsistence
for hunger yields to impending danger.

There be dragons in this Jungle after all.
Agents of evil working in the dark
hunting us as we hunt them.
We forgo the beauty of this scene.
Ignore the music playing amongst the trees,
a joyous festival not meant for us
the tensions are high
the path rough

Suddenly the carnival is silenced
a covenant broken by a single crash.
Commemorated by a yellow white flash
T'is a still moment illuminated in time.
A searing pain blowing through my mind;
I am reclaimed by the land I've fallen upon.
Back home my young wife cries.
My only question... Why?
 Sep 2018
Ryan Clark
Drip Drop
Drip Drop
The Petals
The Metal
The Clouds

Drip Drop
Drip Drop
The Sweat
The Threat
The Sound

Drip Drop
Drip Drop
The Flash
The Crash
The Howl

Drip Drop
Drip Drop*
The Blood
The Tears
The... Ground
My Saloon poem was a draft for the past year, and I came up with this when I couldn't sleep. IDK how I like it in comparison, but its interesting.

— The End —