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 Sep 2020
Veritia Venandi
Dangling in a thread between darkness and light...

(The heart watches over it's fading memories... )

Drifting clouds play hide and seek in the garden of the crimson sky...

And the shadows wear garments to dance to the melody of the night...

(My mind still juggles the questions to answers and answers to questions it once could not fathom...)

Blackbirds circle the air promising to come back the other day...

The crickets prepare for night gala and the fireflies blow their torches to make less some darkness...

(The spirit inside of me bores over boulevard of the past and future that are a hue of ***** grey)

The setting sun begs me to stop itself from moving away...

And yet...

(My silent unsettling soul ends up settling itself to the impositions of twilight!)
I find something unusual about the twilight hours... Even though the atmosphere is one of beauty... But still it brings me back old memories, deep thoughts, and gloomy feelings...!
Thank you everyone for reading this! :) ❣
 Sep 2020
Carlo C Gomez
The color

To splashdown

Heavy with rheum

Waking to

A vinyl ocean
Of unco adhesion
And snap vacuum

Of youth


As scenes
Of upended worlds

The simple playgrounds
Both remembered
And loved
 Sep 2020
You have one of the most beautiful soul I have ever come across.
Not a single blemish on your body could represent your eternal self.
With eyes that see through, I look upon the beauty of your eternal youth.
See what you may of my surface and wonder of my underneath,
I am but the spring of passions and countless quantum leaps.
Traveler Tim

Blimishless is a new word somewhere
 Aug 2020
Francie Lynch
I cashed in my hard-earned youth
On you.
I'm emotionally bankrupt,
Overdrawn on account of you.
There are insufficient funds in the vault
For future investments.
Besides, you have the combination;
So, I wait for a safe *******
With the velvet touch.
NSF: Non-sufficient funds
 Jul 2020
Sarita Aditya Verma
Ribbons of rains
A translucent sheet
Papery streamers
Down the streets

Children dream
Of castles and moats
To sail their
white paper boats

Yesterday’s flowers
Colour the pathway
For every passerby
As they take a final bow
It’s raining here :)
7th July
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