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Haloed harlot in the midnight moonlight
      To dance beside your spectral grace
      The fluid motions of your body so tight
      Together we will set the pace

      Misty shadows of towering mountains
      Lakes and streams cool waters flow
      Towards the oceans like shining fountains
      And beauties we’ll forever know
Strange as it might seem this is about the martial arts warrior's stance.
 Mar 2021
Ignatius Hosiana
The soul will wake you

the mind implore you,

the heart will guide you,

as Sunset reminds you

that the road will take you

but only home will embrace you...


Essence will stir you

thoughts will dare you

nature will prompt you

to the journey that inspires you

but only love will ****** you...


 Birth will awaken you

Family will shelter you

as friends motivate you

growth will tempt you

to ventures that will have you

yet ultimately death will take you...
 Feb 2021
Sarita Aditya Verma

The sadness you see
On the walls
Painted in different hues
Unblemished sans the happy shade
It’s not the colour blue
Primarily it never could blend
Faded away
Under layers
The colour of no origin
Unblemished by the happy shade
Leaves a permanent stain
On the walls
Unedited thoughts
 Nov 2020
I do believe I can relate...

As waves
Crashing the shores

As leaves
Wilted and torn

As wings
Caught in wind

As child
Without end

Yes I do believe
I get it..

A persona of nature
An animation
An approximation
A mirror subjective fixation

Pure aesthetic genius
Creativity in motion
Jamadhi Veres‘
Bottomless oceans
Traveler Tim

She rarely reads me either 💤
 Oct 2020
You took my sunshine with you
that dark and mournful day.
Turning my world around me
Into the color gray.

Your voice was like concrete
that I learned to lean upon.
When times got cold and hard,
I turned you up and sang along.

Now my lovely days are broken,
scattered in the breeze.
A song I’ll keep repeating
to set my soul at ease.

Farewell Mr. Withers,
your memory will stay.
I’ll keep your rhyme within me
as I walk on life’s pathway.
Alas poor Bill, I knew him Horatio

“Ain’t  no sunshine when she's gone
It's not warm when she's away
Ain't no sunshine when she's gone
And she's always gone too long
Anytime she goes away” - Bill Withers, Ain’t No Sunshine
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